Bag Boy Express DLX Pro Push Cart Review

Bag Boy Express DLX Pro Push Cart Review

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The majority of golfers prefer a three-wheeled golf push cart than pull carts as they are less strenuous and requires less energy to push (obviously). That leads us to this Bag Boy Express Dlx Pro Push Cart review.

Now, if you remember, we have included Express DLX in our best golf push carts for sale review!

The Bag Boy Express DLX Pro Push Golf Cart is lightweight enabling you to push your cart easily and it also comes with a sturdy frame to hold any kind of weights on them! It is equipped with a cool and easy push braking system.

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Bag Boy Express DLX Pro Push Cart, Matte Black

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Bag Boy Express Dlx Pro Push

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  • It has an integrated golf-ball and smartphone holder.
  • Super easy and comfortable push on/off braking system.
  • Quick and simple two-step fold design.
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Bag Boy Express Dlx Pro Push Cart Review

Bag Boy Express DLX Pro Push Cart, Matte Black

Our Honest Star Rating

Let’s have a quick look at the features of this Bag Boy Dlx in this section of the Bag Boy Express Dlx Pro Push Cart review!

Features Of The Bag Boy Express Dlx Pro Push Cart

Adjustable Handle (4 Height Options)

With four adjustable height options, the bag boy express dlx push cart suits everyone, as you can adjust the height of the cart to your requirements.  These handles are designed with a unique quick-release option so that you don’t need to remove a screw or bolt to adjust the height.

Just press the lever to adjust the handle. These adjustable height options prove handy for people of varying heights and if you can’t adjust the height, you may end up holding the handle at an uncomfortable height, which may result in more stress and pain along your shoulders and your elbows. Most of the golfers prefer to only strain their body only while playing the game and not while pushing the carts along the course, as they may cause stiffness and soreness in your body and the end result is gameplay being affected to a great extent.

Inbuilt Mobile Phone Holder

The bag boy express dlx push cart also features one important feature that everyone needs as it is equipped with an integrated smartphone holder to hold your mobile phone securely in the push cart. You cannot have your phones in your pockets as it may be a disturbance while swinging your golf club or may fall down when you constantly bend down to pick your golf balls. You cannot even keep it inside your golf bags, as you may not hear the phone sound when a call comes in. Hence, the best option is to securely place it in the push cart and the bag boy express dlx push cart does a very good job in providing a great option at the top of the pushcart to place your smartphone on an angle that you can read your emails and messages while trudging along the golf course.

Excellent Storage Facilities

When you move around in the golf course, the things you carry is not only your golf bags with golf clubs, but you also carry along various accessories like a scorecard holder to record your scores during the day and a pencil to mark the scores and also tees, golf balls, and other things. The bag boy express dlx push cart is equipped with a great scorecard holder to hold your scoring sheets and also a small opening to hold your pencil to mark your scores.

A small storage compartment is also provided to hold other accessories that you may carry along with you during the game like your watch, wallet or anything. You also have a separate holder to store your water bottles or any beverage bottle and can be grabbed quickly to quench your thirst along the way. You can’t always store your accessories inside your golf bags, as you may need to open and close it every time when you are in need of any accessory. It also comes with a pouch that is placed within the wheels to carry large water cans.

Simple Two-Step Fold

One of the important features of a golf cart is that it should be easily foldable and compact enough to carry in the trunk of your car. You can still have golf bag attached to the push cart even after it is folded, as the fold is towards the front wheel and the hence the golf bag can stay put in the cart. Hence, you don’t need to remove the cart while storing in the trunk of your car and place both the cart and the bag in the same place providing more space in the trunk for storing more items if needed.

Strong and Sturdy Tires

The main aspect of any golf push cart is the wheels and only of the wheels are strong and sturdy, will it allow the push cart to move freely across any terrain without providing any stress to the golfer. The foot brake is placed in a comfortable position to stop your push cart instantly whenever you need. With strong wheels and a sturdy frame, the bag boy express dlx pro push cart will last for several seasons to come.


  • Quick and simple two-step fold.
  • Integrated golf-ball and smartphone holder.
  • Easy and comfortable push on/off braking system.
  • Equipped with a storage compartment and a pouch to store all your golfing accessories.
  • Strong and sturdy maintenance free tires.


  • The bottle holder is smaller in size and cannot hold your normal water bottles.

Final Words

So that was our Bag Boy Express Dlx Pro Push Cart Review. How was it?

When you are looking for golf carts, the push carts are a great choice. The Bag Boy is renowned for making some of the excellent and long lasting golf carts and is one of the most sought after golf push cart companies. This one is definitely a good option to go for! It has satisfied a ton of golfers and there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be too!

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