Why do Golf Clubs Have Covers (are they necessary)

Why do Golf Clubs Have Covers? (are they necessary?)

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You may have seen golfers use golf club head covers and wonder “why do golf clubs have covers?”. They pick their golf club of choice, take off the cover, hit the golf ball, and then put it back in the bag and put the cover back on? Seems like a waste of energy and time, not to mention… they’re just going to use the club again!

So why do golf clubs have covers? Golf clubs have covers for a variety of reasons: Most of all, for protection, but golf clubhead covers also help with accessibility, identification, and add a little pizazz to your golf bag. Many serious golfers or those with custom-fit clubs use covers on their golf clubs to keep the clubs in good working order.

When it comes to deciding to use golf club head covers, it’s up to personal preference. They are spendy, and that can scare some infrequent or seasonal golfers away. But there are more advantages to using them, despite the overhead cost at the beginning. And sometimes, they can come in handy and save you a lot of money to buy a new golf club, especially when you can find the best deals on golf clubs and headcovers.

1. Protection

The most obvious answer to why golfers use golf club covers is to protect their clubs.

Most often, covers are used on two types of clubs: woods (hybrids included) and putters.

The tradition of the wood golf club getting a cover is because the heads were once upon a time made of wood, and covers would protect them. Same thing today, despite the change in material. Putters can also be covered, which is rarer, but it isn’t completely unheard of.

The clubhead covers protect against dings, chips, inclement weather, nicks, and just damage in general. Or if you live in a place where golf is only seasonal due to weather, covers keep your clubs safe in storage from dust, damage, and preying creatures.

Paying for covers is relatively cheap if your other option was a whole new fairway wood.

And there is also a practical reason some golfers use covers–the noise. The clattering of the clubs from hole to hole can get on some people’s nerves, so covers keep them sane.

2. Accessibility

When it comes time to hit, it can make it really easy to distinguish between clubs if they have covers on them–and it can make for a quick way to get the club you’re looking for.

Some golfers like to carry different versions of the same club, depending on the course, weather conditions, and sometimes personal preference.  If they use golf club head covers, it makes for an efficient way to differentiate between similar clubs.

3. Identification

When you are playing with someone else, it can be a lot easier to only carry one bag. Or if there’s a couple’s tournament or paired tournament, one bag can save a lot of hassle.

And if you have a cover on your golf clubs, it can make for easy identification when it’s your turn to swing. That way you avoid the unfortunate luck of using the wrong club and making a mistake or damaging someone else’s property on accident.

Either way, it is handy to keep golf club head covers to easily signify what clubs belong to what golfer.

4. Personality

Tiger Woods, sporting the cheeky “tiger” golf club cover

Think of golf club head covers as a form of self-expression. Some golfers prefer more sleek and polished covers, while others want to show off their cartoon collection or favorite sports team.

With customizable options, some will even make special covers for an event, team, or person.

Whatever the reason some people choose to be reserved or zany with their covers, there is some bit of truth to what they present. And it can be quite the statement on the course.

Conclusion: Why do Golf Clubs Have Covers?

So there you have it– why golf clubs have covers.

When it comes to the basics, it’s all about protection. Especially if the clubs are custom-fit or were handed down, you want to keep them pristine.

But covers help golfers to quickly grab their putter or wood or hybrid club for use because of its cover.

And when you’re playing with other people, covers can be used to identify who’s club is whose.

Not to mention, they’re a mode for golfers to express themselves on the course. Either way, there are a lot of good reasons to buy golf club head covers.