Ways to Hit a Golf Ball Farther

7 Ways to Hit a Golf Ball Farther in 2024

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Getting more distance is a great, never-ending quest for golfers of all levels. From weekenders to pros, every player looks for ways to add those few extra yards to their shots. When it comes to adding yardage, there are some simple and basic guidelines you can use right now to hit a golf ball further.

You can hit a golf ball further by using the right ball, getting fitted properly, using the right shafts, going to the gym, working on your swing sequence and tempo, increasing your swing speed, and getting more sweet spot contact.

Letโ€™s look at each of these in more detail so you can understand the role each plays in getting your golf ball to go further off the tee and the fairway!

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1. Use The Right Ball For More Distance 

Use The Right Ball For More Distanceย 

Over the last ten years, the technology and understanding of golf ball design and materials have led to players achieving ridiculous distances on the course, so much so that there have been calls to change the balls so that golf courses are not overwhelmed by long hitters.

But nothing has happened there, so youโ€™re in luck! Modern golf balls are designed to work with the playerโ€™s swing speed to optimize distance and control, so using the right ball for your swing speed is a great place to start.

To know which ball is best for you, you need to know your swing speed, and the table below shows what balls are optimal for the different swing speeds.

Driver Swing Speed (Mph)Golf Ball Compression RatingGolf Ball Options
85 mph or lessLow and mid compression Callay Chrome Soft & SuperSoft; Bridgestone Lady Precept
85 mph to 105 mphMid Compression Rating Srixon Soft Feel; Pro V1x ; Bridgestone E6 & Tour B330 RX
105mph + High Compression rating Pro V1; Bridgestone E7; Callaway Hex Chrome ; Bridgestone Tour B330

There are plenty of different golf balls available for each type of swing speed, and these are just a few examples of balls that are compatible with the various swing speeds โ€“ get your swing speed measured and find the right ball for more distance.

2. Get Properly Fitted For More Distance

Get Properly Fitted For More Distance

To optimize your swing and distance, invest in a club fitting. This simple process will allow a pro fitter to match your clubs with your swing, optimizing your power and improving contact with all your clubs.

Having the right lie angles and grip will increase your ball striking quality and consistency, getting you more yardage on the course.

3. Hit The Golf Ball Further With The Right Shafts

Hit The Golf Ball Further With The Right Shafts

Because all golfers are different, club manufacturers have created a vast selection of shafts that match the swing speed, allowing every player to get more distance from their shots.

Having shafts that are too flexible or, conversely, too stiff will adversely affect your ability to bring the clubface back square to the ball at contact and affect your distance and consistency.

This aspect ties in with swing speed and club fitting, and once your swing speed and swing type are analyzed, the club fitter will make recommendations as to which shafts would be best for your swing.

Plus, they will usually have clubs with those shafts available to test on the launch monitors- so you can see and feel the results before you buy!

4. Get Stronger To Hit The Ball Further

Get Stronger To Hit The Ball Further

As understanding the golf swing and the mechanics involved have advanced, most pros are investing in getting stronger by going to the gym. 

But going to the gym is not only about strength; itโ€™s also about flexibility and recovery, improving your stamina, and reducing the risk of injury.

Having a stronger body and core means you can swing faster and harder. Judging from the results of players like De Chambeau, Woods, and others, getting more physically powerful means you can generate more swing speed and power and hit the ball further.

5. Improve Your Swing Sequence And Tempo

Improve Your Swing Sequence And Tempo

From a technical perspective, having a faster tempo and improving your swing sequence will improve your ball striking consistency and quality โ€“ meaning you hit the sweet spot more often and with more power, and that translates to more yardage!

With the tempo, you need to try and achieve a backswing-to-downswing tempo of 3:1, meaning your backswing should be three times longer than your downswing – if your backswing takes 3 seconds, your downswing should take one second.

Devices like DeWiz are great for measuring and training this particular element of your swing; consistently achieving this ratio will give you more distance.

Increasing your swing tempo will help you get more yardage. Golf ball distance is only about one thing: ball speed off the club face โ€“ the faster the rate, the further the ball goes.

Increasing your swing tempo on the backswing and downswing means increased clubhead speed and more distance!

The main difference between pro golfers and amateurs is the swing sequence. With the lower body (below the waist) being 1, upper body as 2, arms as 3, and club as 4, pro golfers have a 1-2-3-4 sequence, while many players who struggle have a 4-3-2-1 sequence.

Achieving a proper sequence will take work, but it will help you hit the golf ball farther!

6. Increase Your Swing Speed To Hit A Golf Ball Farther 

Increase Your Swing Speed To Hit A Golf Ball Fartherย 

Following on from tempo and sequencing, the primary goal of going to the gym and working on your tempo and sequence is to generate more clubhead speed at the point of impact.

The faster your clubhead travels at impact, the more energy you impart to the ball; this creates greater compression, which leads to more distance.

By working with your various clubs and swinging faster, you can add yards to your distance in small increments, and over time you could build up to a length more space on each club.

A small increase in swing speed of 2-4mph can mean a 4-10 yard increase in distance and combining this with the proper ball, shafts, and club fitting can easily translate into more distance quickly.

To achieve more swing speed, you can work with a coach or utilize training devices to build up swing speed, but you need to be patient and not overexert yourself and swing too hard, or you risk injury.

Remember that as you exert more power through your body, your muscles and joints need to be conditioned to deal with this, so using the gym and improving your flexibility and core is a critical aspect of safely increasing swing speed.

7. Hit The Sweet Spot More To Get More Distance

Hit The Sweet Spot More To Get More Distance

Improving your swing mechanics to hit the sweet spot more is a great way to hit the ball farther. Start with your clubs and check that they are matched to your game. If you are a 20 handicap, using semi-blade or blades is not going to work, and vice-versa.

Matching your clubs to your skill level and using game improvement irons will help you hit the sweet spot more often. Modern sweet spots are larger and easier to hit consistently, and they offer more forgiveness on off-center strikes.

Donโ€™t be afraid to start with clubs designed to help your game; once you build up confidence and consistency, you can upgrade your clubs to match. In the meantime, take advantage of the available technology, hit the sweet spot more often, and watch that ball fly!

Conclusion: How to Hit a Golf Ball Farther

How to Hit a Golf Ball Farther

Hitting the ball further can be achieved relatively easily, but you will need to work and assess your current clubs, shafts, and golf balls to ensure they are matched to your swing and your game.

Using these seven tips and doing the work to get stronger, fitter, and improving your mechanics will get you hitting your golf ball further, and nothing is more satisfying than watching that little white ball fly high and far into the blue yonder!