Best Online Golf Lessons ([year] Top 10)

Best Online Golf Lessons (2024 Top 10)

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If you want to improve your golf skills, you no longer need to pony up for one-on-one lessons that cost a fortune. Why? Because you can find anything golf-related online, including some exceptional online lessons.

Many pro golfers have started YouTube channels and coaching platforms to help golfers improve their golf game, and while some of these lessons you’ll need to pay for (some even offer free golf lessons online).

The best online golf lessons include Swing Man Golf by Jaacob Bowden, Rotary Swing, Rebellion Golf, Alex Eliott Golf, Top Speed Golf, and Me And My Golf.

These online golf lessons target golfers looking to improve their skills and learn more about golf

Online golf lessons can be anything from a few tips on YouTube to a monthly subscription of video lessons to a private one-on-one session. There are many options for online golf lessons, and picking the right one can be challenging.

Luckily we’ve got a list of the 10 best online golf lessons to help you become a pro in no time.

1. Swingman Golf

Getting the perfect swing isn’t easy, and besides taking time and practice to perfect your swing, you also want to hit further. The Swingman golf course is designed to help you improve the distance of your swing.

AKA, your own golf swing coach, online.

They also offer a swing speed trainer certification.

This skill is tricky to learn but even more challenging to teach. Swingman golf is an online course by Jaacob Bowden and features instructional videos, e-books, and pictures.

The combination of these three types of learning tools makes it easy to learn how to improve your swing no matter what learning style you have.

Although numerous courses and private golf instructors offer lessons to improve your swing, none deliver like Swingman golf. However, most of the content is refreshing and introduces new concepts, strategies, and drills you’ve probably never used before.

Considering you put consistent time and effort into practicing the techniques outlined in this course, you can easily increase your swing by 10-15 mph in just a month. 

The only downside to this course is this training is not downloadable in video format; everything is only accessible online. The e-book is downloadable, but for those who want to access the content from anywhere at any time, it’s not possible. Additionally, you’ll need a radar to measure your swing speed, and although Swingman sells this, it isn’t included in the course.

This is not an online course for beginners; you must be a seasoned golfer to benefit from the course content.

Best For:

Seasoned golfers looking to increase their swing speed.

What you’ll be getting out of this course:

  • Professional tips on improving your swing
  • Techniques, drills, and step-by-step methodology on how to increase the speed of your swing
  • Expert golf coaching
  • Access to a unique golf community offering videos, blog posts, printable downloads, and more
  • A how-to guide on adding distance to your driver and lowering your handicap

Who this course isn’t suitable for:

  • Golfers that aren’t interested in putting in consistent effort to see results
  • Those who prefer a more practical learning approach
  • Those who don’t want to adapt their current swing
  • Beginners with little experience in golfing

2. Rotary Swing

Rotary Swing

Chuck Quinton is one of the best online golf instructors and the founder of Rotary Swing and the rotary swing concept. This learning program is focused on their swing philosophy and consists of many drill-based exercises. It is not only a well-established program but an entire community with about 350,000 members.

Besides a dedicated site full of different online golf courses, Chuck is one of the best YouTube golf instructors because he offers excellent free content to help you improve your golfing skills.

So what’s so great about Rotary Swing anyway?

Well, it teaches you a simple method to improve your swing, focusing on movements that are fundamental in improving your golf swing technique. This online golf course focuses on critical elements like pulling vs. pushing. And moves that use specific muscle groups, and other technical elements involving posture and positions you can use to hit.

Rotary Swing has two membership options: a paid plan and a free one. Yep, free online golf lessons!

The free program gives you access to restricted content like videos which you can cover in a short space of time. However, this content doesn’t give you much insight into what you could get in the paid membership and is only a teaser or incentive to sign up for the paid membership.

The paid membership focuses on three critical areas: the Dead Drill, Axiom, and RST system. Each of these is focused on improving your skills and easily follow one another. The biggest downside to this program is you need to be prepared to work through many drills to improve your swing. While this isn’t necessarily bad, it is not for everyone.

Best For: Anyone looking to get more consistent in their swing and adopt the biomechanics of the rotary swing in their existing swing.

What you’ll be getting out of this course:

  • Proven results in improving your swing
  • Swing methodology that helps prevent injury
  • Drills that focus on a biomechanical approach to swinging
  • Reduced pain from golf injuries by implementing the proper swinging techniques

Who this course isn’t suitable for:

  • Golfers who do not like a constant drill to improve their golfing skills
  • Those looking for a once off course 
  • Those who prefer a holistic approach to a golf swing

3. Rebellion Golf

Rebellion Golf

Coach Monte Scheinblub, a former World long-drive champion, runs Rebellion Golf. Unlike many other online golf coaches, Monte offers one-on-one coaching, online lessons, live instructionals, and videos.

Rebellion Golf’s YouTube channel offers excellent tips and tricks on many golf-related questions. In addition, the rebellion program has multiple ways to learn, different courses, and attractive pricing, making it ideal for beginner golfers.

Rebellion Golf’s approach to learning gives you a 360-degree comprehensive guide to improving your golf game. You can watch the online lessons, work on the things you need to improve on, and then attend one of the clinics or book a one-on-one live session to ensure you’re on track and get more advice on improving your skills.

Best For: 

All golfers who want to improve a specific aspect of their swing.

What you’ll be getting out of this course:

  • Feedback and suggestions on how to improve your current swing through a one-on-one online session
  • An array of different formatted lessons
  • Access to clinics and in-person lessons
  • Lessons suitable to any golfer

Who this course isn’t suitable for:

  • Those who prefer a course that builds on different lessons

4. Shawn Clement

Shawn Clement

Shawn Clement is a YouTube golfing influencer whose channel has a dedicated following. Shawn has over 35 years of experience in teaching golf, and his wisdom in golf lessons focuses on giving you a natural golf swing without overreactions, overthinking, and fear of making a mistake or messing it up.

His approach is perfect for beginners, seasoned golfers, and anyone looking for a teaching approach to golf that isn’t wholly technical based. The selling point to this course is that Shaun offers and teaches a relaxed, engaging, and rhythmic way of playing golf, which sets his online lessons apart from many other golf coaches.

Golf Wisdom offers online video-based lessons and one-on-one golf lessons with Shawn Clement. The online classes are subscription-based, and members can choose between 3 subscription plans, including the par, eagle, and eagle plus. Each of these is suitable for different budgets and is available in multiple languages.

For those more serious about improving their skills, the Eagle series takes you through several lessons as if you were a PGA tour player to reach beyond your golfing potential, but be prepared to pay a bit more for this content!

Shawn Clement covers all the bases in his teaching techniques, the way he communicates with his students, and his approach to teaching golf. Many argue that a “natural” approach to golfing doesn’t exist, and you need specific techniques to ace your swing. Shawn Clement focuses on a mindset shift; many find this more liberating than traditional teaching methods.

Best For: 

Golfers who struggle to make contact, golfers with an early release, and those who want to work the ball both ways.

What you’ll be getting out of this course:

  • Simple, not heavily technical-based approach to becoming a better golfer
  • Guide to working the ball both ways
  • A personal analysis of your swing by Shawn Clement
  • Video content, membership plan, and skype lessons

Who this course isn’t suitable for:

  • Golfers Looking To Learn Positions Instead Of Adapting Natural Movement
  • Those Who Prefer A More Technical Based Approach To Improve Their Swing And Skills

5. Alex Elliot Golf

Alex Elliot Golf

Alex Elliot is an award-winning PGA golf professional who offers one-on-one personal coaching and online lessons. His golf lessons include the latest equipment, products, techniques, and customized coaching plans to help you reach your goals.

His lessons range from a 2-hour face-to-face golf lesson to an on-course lesson and a full day of one-on-one coaching. If you prefer, you could opt for a three-week short game master course with Alex Elliot.

His Youtube channel covers everything golf related and has some excellent videos for those who want to improve their golf game.

There is so much content on Alex Elliot’s youtube channel that the online paid lessons don’t seem worthwhile except for those one-on-one lessons.

Best For: 

Golfers with a small budget looking to improve their golf experience through free content.

What you’ll be getting out of this course:

  • Lots of golf-related tips and tricks
  • One on one coaching
  • One course golf lesson
  • Coaching plan

Who this course isn’t suitable for:

  • Golfers that want a step-by-step course 
  • Those with a budget to invest in a paid membership
  • Golfers that want to improve on a specific area of their golfing

6. Me And My Golf

Me And My Golf

Me And My Golf is one of the best golf memberships around. Me And My Golf have one goal in mind, and that is to help golfers all over the world to become better players.

This program has two PGA founders, Piers Ward, and Andy Proudman. It has made a massive impact on the online golfing community.

Their youtube channel has an impressive number of followers, and there are many videos on how to become a better golfer. We’re talking about videos that help improve your swing, grip changes, beginner golfing basics, and even a series of golfing plans.

What’s even better is that most of this content is free, so you don’t have to purchase a membership to help improve your golfing skills.

Me And My Golf membership plan comes in two packages, the lite membership, and the premium membership, and gives you unlimited access t coaching plans, membership challenges, video library, access to Me And My Golf’s community, and more. Even better, they offer a seven-day trial, so you can try out their membership before committing to join.

With Me And My Golf, you’re spoilt with content, and there is little that you could complain about. However, with the amount of content available, some may find it hard to navigate and work on specific faults.

The user interface can also be tricky to navigate, and the membership can be costly for those who don’t have the budget for a monthly membership.

Best For:

Beginners, intermediate and advanced golfers 

What you’ll be getting out of this course:

  • Access to lots of content guaranteed to improve your golfing
  • Monthly membership, including online lessons and access to an online community
  • Long-lasting results and more consistent golf

Who this course isn’t suitable for:

  • Golfers looking for a once-off course
  • Those who feel they wouldn’t benefit from an online community-based plan

7. Top Speed Golf

Top Speed Golf

Top Speed Golf focuses on your overall golf game and your swing philosophy. Top Speed Golf is run by Clay Ballard, who has two resources that offer golf lessons, his youtube channel and the golf lesson membership.

The Top Speed Golf lessons focus on your golf swing. These online lessons provide insight into the TSG system, which is a step-by-step system to teach you the essential moves in the swing. This focuses on five core moves that golfers like Ben Hogan and Tiger Woods use.

The Top Speed Golf youtube channel has a couple of short videos focusing on drills like the swinging tree drill and the rotation drill and videos on improving your posture, swing, and driver tips.

Top Speed Golf has simple lessons that promise results. The free membership gives you limited access to some content, but the all-access membership features easy-to-understand content that you can go through and practice on the range the same day. These lessons cover the fundamentals, and anyone could benefit from this technique.

The critical area the Top Speed Golf online lessons need to improve is their membership offering. For the content you’re getting, it could be easier compiled into a once-off course. The website is tough to navigate and can be confusing for beginners.

Best For: 

Golfers that struggle with consistency, slicing, or distance or have a swing flaw

What you’ll be getting out of this course:

  • Step-by-step method of improving your swing
  • Simple tips that make playing golf feel more natural
  • Minor adjustments that help avoid injury

Who this course isn’t suitable for:

  • Golfers who aren’t looking for a natural approach to improving their skills
  • Those who don’t want to pay a yearly subscription for online lessons

8. George Gankas

George Gankas

The George Gankas Golf Academy offers a 12-month subscription plan and all access to course content and tools that George uses to train his top students. So essentially, it’s a “be your own coach” approach to improving your golf skills.

This course is only for those who want to pay for professional coaching since it’s expensive.

The lessons provide a complete approach to learning these skills, which makes it perfect for beginners and those who aren’t too familiar with George Gankas.

There’s lots of information in these lessons, and basically, every question you have is answered. George provides clear instructions, and each month builds on skills learned from the first month. The platform is expertly designed, the videos are clear, and constant support is available for members who need it. 

This series of online lessons is nothing short of remarkable. The amount of information provided in the content is excellent, and as you’re working through the lessons and incorporating the different techniques and tweaks into your swing and your game of golf, you notice how much you’re improving. 

The biggest drawback to this incredible membership is that it’s too costly for most beginners and intermediate golfers looking to improve their skills.

Best For: 

Serious golfers who can afford to invest time and money into online lessons

What you’ll be getting out of this course:

  • In-depth online golf lessons
  • Multiple courses, including drills
  • Live Q and A sessions
  • Practice course
  • Custom video feedback
  • Detailed and guided curriculum
  • All aspects of the golf game covered

Who this course isn’t suitable for:

  • Those who prefer free online resources
  • Golfers that aren’t ready to pay for a yearly subscription to improve their skills

9. The Art Of Simple Golf 

The Art Of Simple Golf 

The Art of Simple Golf does what it says: it makes understanding the game of golf simple.

Alex Fortey is the mastermind behind this online series of lessons. He moves away from the positional based instructions most golfers use and takes you on a journey of making golf simple and reaching a goal of shooting lower scores.

The art of simple golf aims to make you play more consistently, hitting longer drivers and helping you enjoy golf. The content in these lessons is categorized for novice, intermediate, and advanced players, so no matter where you are starting from, you’ll benefit from this content.

In this series of online lessons, you’ll learn ball striking, distance and driving, putting, swing fundamentals, short game, and all about equipment and training aids. 

There aren’t many downsides to this course; all the content is well thought out and applicable, and there’s even a money-back guarantee. The only two things that may be a drawback are the membership cost, but there is excellent value for what you pay for.

Best For: 

Frustrated golfers who have tried many courses and are about to give up. It’s also perfect for those who want a simple approach to golf. 

What you’ll be getting out of this course:

  • Over 70 hours of premium content
  • Personalized feedback on your swing technique
  • Live and interactive training sessions
  • Customized lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced golfers

Who this course isn’t suitable for:

  • Golfers that aren’t looking for simple methodology to improve their game

10. Scratch Golf Academy

Scratch Gold Academy

Adam Bazalgette is a three-time SWFL PGA teacher of the year and the founder of Scratch Golf Academy. This online training course is for anyone wanting to improve various game aspects. Training sessions are through their app, with more than 246 video-based lessons to help you improve your golf skills.

It’s relatively affordable, and you can access the content from anywhere since everything is online. There are 25 courses that cover topics like swing workouts, chipping, and every other aspect of the game. The videos are for golfers at all levels, and there are two membership options to choose from: monthly or annual.

Best For: 

Any golfer who wants to improve their skills and learn more about how to play better golf

What you’ll be getting out of this course:

  • Access to golfing app
  • More than 246 video lessons
  • Live training sessions
  • Simple to understand training course

Who this course isn’t suitable for:

  • Those looking for free online memberships

Conclusion: Best Golf Lessons Online in 2024

Conclusion: Best Online Golf Lessons

Online golf lessons make it easy to improve your golf game, and while there are a couple of good options and excellent PGA coaches, none can compare to Swingman golf. Swingman golf offers the best content to improve your swing.

If you’re looking for more all-around content to work on your golf game, then Scratch Golf academy, me and my golf and George Gankas online courses are excellent options.

But definitely try Scratch Golf Academy (there is lots more value based on the cost of their monthly subscription).