Legacy Golf Balls Review

Legacy Golf Balls Review

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As a golf product review website geared toward game improvement, who also strives to find the best deals for our customers, we were stoked to be introduced to Legacy Golf.  We’d heard of Legacy and knew they were already starting to make a name for themselves in the marketplace.

The golf ball industry has long been dominated by Titleist, known for producing some of the best balls in golf. However, other brands such as Callaway, TaylorMade, and Srixon have begun to take on portions of the market share. So when we were asked to review the Legacy Premier, Prestige, and Prestige X golf balls, we said game on.

Legacy Golf Balls Review: From Tee to Green, Legacy Golf Balls are Making their Mark

April in Colorado…the spring weather hasn’t exactly lent itself to many golf days, alas, ski season is still upon us. But my 8-year-old son and I found a recent 60+ degree Tuesday afternoon to squeeze in nine holes.

legacy golf balls unboxing

On the first hole, and as a player with a very high swing speed, I chose the four-layer core Legacy Prestige X golf ball for the round, as it is designed for players who want to swing at full strength while still controlling flight path.

Right off the bat, I was pleased with the lower trajectory I noticed with a long iron.

I tend to hit my irons much higher than my playing partners, which can have positives and negatives, but on a day like Tuesday afternoon with wind gusts in the 20-30 mph range, it was definitely a negative. As such, the lower flight path was a welcome sight.  The next thing I noticed was the spin around the greens.

Although they had recently been aerated, so spin was a bit tougher to gauge, the second bounce on my chip shots with the Legacy Prestige X golf ball, checked very nicely, arguably with more gripping power than the normal golf ball I play, either the Titleist Pro-V1x or Callaway Chromesoft.

Next, the Prestige X’s durability held up very well throughout the round.

While I didn’t have any 300+ yard carry drives off the cart path to really put the Prestige X to the test, I did push a 6-iron into a pine tree, and hit another iron shot off a dirt/rock patch in the rough.

After review of the ball post-round, I found no scuffs, scratches, or gouges that would prevent me from playing the ball for another round.

Overall, the Legacy Prestige X golf ball performance was eye-opening.

– Honest Golfers

At $32.99 per case versus $55.99 per case for Titleist Pro V1 golf balls, this is a no-brainer for me. The Prestige X performs, it plays well, and it saves the everyday golfer a substantial amount of money.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention one thing…Legacy is sustainable, which no other golf ball I’ve played can claim.

They use recyclable and biodegradable material in the production of all their packaging.  Props to Legacy in their mission, we’re glad to be a small part of it.

Real-World Legacy Golf Balls Review #2: A Senior Golfer

See what Honest Golfer’s loyal fanbase are saying about Legacy Golf balls:

“I am a senior golfer with a 14 handicap who plays three to four times a week in the spring and summer.

Due to advertising dollars from work with a company logo, I play the Titleist Pro-V1 golf ball.  This is too much ball for my club head and swing speed, but the price is right.

I had the opportunity to try the new golf ball from Legacy. I should have hit their two-piece ball which would match up better with my golf swing, but I opted for the Prestige three-piece ball with a urethane cover for a better comparison with the Titleist Pro-V1 ball.

I wanted to play an 18-hole round, but due to 10 inches of new snow, I went to a buddy’s house who is in my regular foursome and owns a golf simulator.

After a warmup period, I hit numerous shots with my Callaway Rogue ST max oversized 7-iron with a 65-gram regular flex shaft. I also hit multiple shots with my four-year-old Callaway Rogue Driver with a 40-gram regular flex shaft.

The feel and sound of both balls were similar to me. Launch angle, backspin, and side spin results were also very similar.

With my 7-iron, I averaged 3.2 yards farther with the Titleist golf ball.  However, interestingly enough, I hit the Legacy Prestige golf ball an average of 3.8 yards farther with my Driver.

Clearly, there are variables that affect these numbers for a higher handicap senior player, but given the difference in price between the two balls, a golfer should absolutely give the Legacy golf balls a try, as they performed well and there are three options to match up with their golf swing.”