Kirkland Signature Golf Balls Review

Kirkland Signature Golf Balls Review

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Golf balls cost money; and if it’s a premium, tour level ball, it's going to cost you ALOT of money! Are you tired of paying premium prices for golf balls you end up losing each round? (Basically throwing money in the lake...or the trees)


What if we told you the Kirkland Signature Golf Ball could solve these problems for you...

Imagine the number of balls you lose: it's a SIGNIFICANT loss of money over time....over multiple rounds of golf.

If we told you switching to a lower cost golf ball could save you HUNDREDS of $'s a year! 

What would you do?

Save the money with a fantastic alternative like the Kirkland OR continue to hit serious money into the woods?

It's true - especially the more you play, and the more balls you lose!

What if one magic golf ball, cost WAY less while performing the same as the leading golf balls which cost you a fortune? 

Golfers would go CRAZY to get their hands on them. 

Well, wait no longer because we've found the SECRET for you. 

And here it is....the Kirkland Signature golf ball.

Psst...Don't forget....Read to the bottom of the page to find out about our great offer you can't afford to miss!

In A Hurry? 

Our Top 3 Reasons To Buy...

Kirkland Signature Golf Balls Review

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Our Honest Star Rating

Kirkland Signature Golf Balls

Why is it better?

  • Incredible performance - comparable to leading golf balls.
  • Great spin, distance, energy transfer and feel on the greens.
  • Amazing value for money.
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The Important Bits:


Value for Money


Energy Transfer


Kirkland Signature Golf Balls Review

Kirkland Signature Golf Balls Review

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Our Honest Star Rating

Having a good golf ball can make the difference between a good player and an amazing player.

That's why at Honest Golfers, we believe you should carefully consider your choices.

Read on to discover why we recommend Kirkland Signature's for almost ALL players.

Four Piece Urethane Goodness

First off, the Kirkland ball cover is made from Urethane, soft and premium, just the same as the material used in almost all premium balls. 

A softer outer covering makes balls susceptible to cuts and scuffs lowering consecutive performance.

But luckily this isn't a problem for balls made from a  Urethane covering like on the Kirklands.

No problems with scuff marks here.

Zero, zilch, nada...

The exterior of the ball is a 360 dimpled design greatly improving the balls trajectory, grip off the club face and spin rate.

The inner core of the ball is rubber providing you with a soft like butter feel around the greens.


The large core of the Kirkland ball maximizes velocity when it hits the club face also ensuring good levels of efficient energy transfer.

The softness of the core ensures maximum compression meaning big KA-OONA drives off the tee for you.

The BEST Ball For Beginners But... 

We'll make a promise to you, right here and right now...

If you're a Professional or highly skilled golfer, who consistently shoots well in 18 rounds (under 18 handicap), you'll be hitting the Kirkland ball like a dream.

It's soft like butter around the green and goes like a missile through the air.

And to be honest, it's the same for beginners too, this ball has something for every golfer. If you're looking for the best golf balls for the money, you might want to give this one a try.

This ball just works, whatever your skills and ability with a club in your hand.

Are you a senior player?


Then you need to check out our best golf balls for senior players, where we review our top 3 picks for players with a wise head for the game and little smoother club head speed.

How's The Kirkland Compare?

Don’t let the low price point fool you into thinking that the balls lag behind in performance.

On the contrary, they perform just about as good as the leading, best selling golf ball in our opinion.

Any review of this incredible value golf ball (the one creating huge hype and ripple is incomplete without actually comparing it to the golf ball kings...

When you look at the Kirkland versus say, the Titleist Pro V1, the two balls perform remarkably similar.

We'll let you into a little secret... 

We think it'd take a very skilled player to spot the slight performance difference between the two.

For driver shots, the Kirkland appeared in tests to have a lower spin while not quite travelling quite as far the ProV1.

Hardly a significant problem for over 50% less cost!

For iron shots, it's great too, with almost the same spin and flying distance as the best balls on the market.

For wedge shots, there may be a little or negligible difference.

It may be slightly less appealing and less responsive in the greens but this is hardly noticeable either.

Spin rates are consistent while control was pretty decent.

Value For Money

Costco manufactured Kirkland Signature balls really cheap!

Like, really, really cheap....

And since they sell out fast like thunder, they are almost always unavailable, and out of stock.

*sad face*

They often have an INSANELY good offer on 2 dozen balls, which is mind-blowing for a ball which performs so well at almost a half the price of high-end premium golf balls.

It's the value for money that helps these balls sell (plus the high quality).

There’s always a crazy stampede to get them and a lot of disappointed golfers return empty- handed, so make sure to grab them when they are actually in stock.

Also, the 2017 version may be inherently different from its 2016 original counterparts due to some controversies it got embroiled in: all the balls were out of stock literally as soon as they were available, resulting in Costco apologizing for being under stocked!


The ball has all the durability qualities of it's high end's a win win for us. 

Want to save money but also play with an amazingly well performing ball, this ones for you my friend. 


  • Great performance - comparable to leading golf balls.
  • Great spin, distance, energy transfer and feel on the greens.
  • Amazing value for money.


  • Minor performance lacking - only noticed by very skilled players.
  • Prone to yellowing of the Urethene due to exposure to the sun.

Our Conclusion

To sum it up, the Kirkland Signature lives up to the hype.

This ball performs just as well, if not better, than the Titleist ProV1 or other premium balls in the market during our testing, whether it be an iron, a wedge, a driver or a putt shot.

If this wasn't enough, with the Kirkland balls costing a fraction of the premium ball cost, it's always wise to stock up on them whenever they are available (early 2024 update: they were out of stock when we checked).

All in all this ball offers great performance at a INCREDIBLE price. If you're a player looking to save money on your golfing hobby.

The Kirkland Signature is the golf ball for you!

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