Kirkland Signature Golf Balls Review

Kirkland Signature Golf Balls Review (Must Read Before You Buy)

Golf balls cost money; and if it’s a premium, popular Tour level ball, surely it comes with a hefty price tag with each golf ball costing at least £4 or £5.

Imagine the number of balls you lose: that is a loss of the money you invested, which may amount to as much as £600 a year!

What if one magic performer, cost miraculously less while performing the same as the leading golf balls? The golfers and the people would obviously go crazy to get their hands on them. Such is the case of Costco manufactured Kirkland Signature golf balls.

Kirkland Signature Golf Balls Review

Our Kirkland Signature Golf Balls Review

Let’s now dig deep into Kirkland signature golf balls. What do they actually have to offer & is it worth the price? We picked the most important features for you.


Value for Money:


Energy Transfer:




Four Pieces of Goodness

Its cover is Urethane, soft and premium, the same as that used in almost all premium balls. However, a softer outer covering makes it susceptible to cut and scuffs, which is very prominent in this case, lowering consecutive performance. The exterior is a 360 dimpled design that greatly improves the ball trajectory and spin rate. The outer core is a rubber to provide the desired feel.

The large core of the Kirkland ball maximizes the velocity when it hits the club face while ensuring efficient energy transfer. The softness of the core ensures maximum compression. The mantle of the ball is such that it doesn’t feel hard when hit, feels soft upon impact, zips through the wedges with reduced, unnecessary driver spin.

Not For Everyone

These balls are, sadly, not for every golfer out there. Professional or very skilled golfers who consistently shoot well in 18 rounds, have good control, swing very well and are without 14,18 or 19+ handicap will be able to make the ball fly and genuinely be able to handle it.

The rest, disadvantaged players, might just fly to get their hands on it, only to mope about it later. Don’t buy the ball if you’re a mid to high handicapper. All that technology won’t make sense to you. And just because the pros use it, doesn’t mean you must get ’em too. Just use a ball that matches your skills and ability.

Let’s Compare With Other Golf Balls

Don’t let the low price point fool you into thinking that the balls lag behind in performance. On the contrary, they perform just about as good as the leading, most selling golf ball, i.e. Titleist ProV1 balls, coming in close ties to its level of performance. Any review of this gorgeous newbie which is creating all the hype and ripple is incomplete without actually comparing it to the golf ball kings, Titleist ProV1.

The two balls perform like equal and it would take a very skilled player to spot the slight performance lacking of the Kirkland. For driver shots, the Kirkland appeared in tests to have a lower spin and flying further than the ProV1. For iron shots, it almost battles as equals: with almost the same spin and flying distance.

For wedge shots, there may be a little or negligible difference. It may be slightly less appealing and less responsive in the greens but this is hardly noticeable. Spin rates are consistent while control was pretty decent. However, it is ever so slightly less than Titleist ProV1 balls.

Value For Money

Costco manufactured Kirkland Signature balls are really cheap! And since they sell out fast like thunder, they are almost always unavailable, and out of stock. They have this insane offer of 2 dozen balls for just $30, which is mind-blowing for a ball which performs so well and almost a third the price of high-end premium golf balls.

It is the value for money that helps these balls sell. There’s always a crazy stampede to get them and a lot of disappointed golfers return empty- handed, so make sure to grab them when they are actually in stock.

Also, the 2017 version may be inherently different from its 2016 original counterparts due to some controversies it embroiled in: all the balls were out of stock literally as soon as they were available, resulting in Costco apologizing for being under stocked! These balls sell I tell you and not for the wrong reasons of course! With a ball performing so well and costing so little, it doesn’t hurt even if you lose a few balls out on the course.


The ball has the tendency to cut and scuff a lot, on cart paths, trees, etc. and thus lowering its performance and abilities. Durability remains its one and only flaw, making the ball last roughly one round and requiring a replacement soon after a round. Also, a Urethene cover makes golf balls more prone to yellow due to continued exposure to the sun.

Either way, Kirkland balls last less than many high-end balls, including Titleist ProV1.



  • Great performance, comparable to leading golf balls
  • Great spin, distance, energy transfer and feel on the greens
  • Value for money
  • Minor performance lacking, as noticed by very skilled players
  • Less durable: cuts and scuffs more than other premium balls
  • Prone to yellowing of the Urethene due to exposure to the sun
  • Only for very skilled or low handicapped golfers.
  • Verdict

    To sum it up, the Kirkland Signature lives up to is hype and glory. the balls perform just as good, if not better than Titleist ProV1 or other most selling premium balls in the market, whether it be iron, wedge, driver or putt shots (with data to back up claims of course!). And with the balls costing so low, it is always wise to stock up on them whenever they are available (if anytime soon, by the look of it).

    2 thoughts on “Kirkland Signature Golf Balls Review (Must Read Before You Buy)

    1. A spot on review for the 4 piece ball. Note the 3 piece ball is more widely available today and is only $24/dozen. It has 338 dimples rather than 360 and has a more durable cover but overall lower compression. Feels more like the Chrome Soft or AVX to me and considerably cheaper than either

    2. Today, October 16, 2018, I got a hole in one with a Kirkland ball. 107 yard par three (17th hole) at Monarch Bay in San Leandro, Ca

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