How to Tell if Your Golf Clubs are Too Long

How to Tell if Your Golf Clubs Are Too Long

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The last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your golf clubs are too long. After all, golf clubs are one of the most important pieces of equipment to own during gameplay. If they’re too long, it can really disrupt your final score. That said, it’s important to know how to tell if your golf clubs are too long.

Here’s how to tell if your golf clubs are too long:

  • Completely upright posture
  • Improper golf swing
  • Odd ball flight
  • Feels cumbersome and unmanageable
  • Shaft feels weak
  • Consistency hitting with the toe
  • The measurements are wrong

If you think that your “off” gameplay is associated with too-long golf clubs, then you need to know the signs. This article shares how you can know when your golf clubs are too long and how it significantly impairs your gameplay. If you’re still unsure, consider a golf club fitting.

How to Tell if Your Golf Clubs Are Too Long

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If you’re thinking that clubs that are too long are affecting your performance, you need to know how to spot it so you can end the curse. Luckily, with the help of the best golf brand, there are many ways to tell if they’re too long, and you can find the right club length to fit your game and playing style. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Completely Upright Posture

A good golfing posture is one of the keys to success during gameplay. But with golf clubs that are far too long, it is impossible to achieve good posture.

When a golf club is too long, you will need to stand in an entirely upright position. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it will harm your golf swing (and final score).

2. Improper Golf Swing

Just as posture is important, so is a proper golf swing. A golf swing engages the lower body. When you’re struggling with a golf club that’s too long, you will not be able to perform the essential swinging mechanics. Therefore, you’re more likely to lose the game.

3. Odd Ball Flight

While there are a slew of other reasons why your ball might not fly the way it should, it can also be an indicator that you’re struggling with too-long golf clubs. Typically, when golf clubs are to blame, the ball will fly far too high and steer off to the left. 

4. Feels Cumbersome and Unmanageable

Sure, it can take a while to get used to the hang of things when it comes to golfing. But it shouldn’t feel like there is an unmanageable weight dangling beneath you. Golf clubs should be comfortable and easy to swing. If yours feel like they are far too heavy and challenging to manage, it is likely too long.

5. Shaft Feels Weak

At the same time, the shaft can feel weaker than it is supposed to. 

6. Consistently Hitting With the Toe

When your golf club is too long, you cannot get close to the ball in a proper golf stance. Therefore, you may notice that you are only hitting with the toe of the golf club. In turn, you’re not getting the distance necessary to land the shot, which ultimately affects your overall gameplay and score. 

7. The Measurements Are Wrong

You can also compare measurements of your height and the club length. To measure your height, focus on length from wrist to floor rather than head to toe. From there, you can clearly see if you’re dealing with clubs that are too long, too short, or just right.

Correct Golf Club Length for Height (The “How Long Should My Golf Clubs be?” Chart)

The easiest way to get the right-sized golf clubs is to go to a professional store and get measured.

However, if you don’t have a similar store nearby or simply don’t want to deal with professional measurements, here is a basic “how long should my golf clubs be” chart:

6.6” ++2 Inches to Standard Lengths
6.5”+1 ½ inches to Standard Lengths
6.3”-6.5”+1 Inch to Standard Lengths
5.10”-6.2”+½ inch to Standard Lengths

How do you determine the proper length of a golf club?

When having professional measurements taken for golf clubs, a lot more goes into it than just the length from wrist to the floor. Although that is a major consideration for proper golf club length, professionals will also note the overall height, arm length, and swing posture.

Does the length of golf clubs matter?

The length of golf clubs matters 100%. The length of your golf clubs can easily make it or break it for your gameplay. Being too long or too short can have devastating impacts on how you play and how well you do. Not only is it uncomfortable and can cause pain, but it will also result in fewer shots and a lower score.

What happens when golf clubs are too short?

Golf clubs that are too short are also not ideal and can hinder gameplay. With too-short golf clubs, you’re looking at issues with the swing path, posture, tempo, and distance, all of which are important while playing golf.

Is it OK to choke up on golf club?

If you know how to do it properly, then choking up on a golf club can be referred to by some as their “secret weapon”. Choking up on a golf club can result in better control. In turn, the golfer achieves better ball flight and more consistency. It can also create more shots in the bag.

Conclusion: How to Tell if My Golf Clubs are Too Long?

When golf clubs are too long, they can damage one’s golf game significantly. Not only will the golfer have an uncomfortable upright posture with a weakened golf swing, but they may also suffer from odd ball flight and consistently hitting with the toe. The best thing to do is to take measurements and get the right size.