How to Polish Golf Clubs

How to Polish Golf Clubs

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What are the best golf clubs? Your club will surely look messy and awful after a vigorous day of swinging, chipping, and putting along the golf course. Whether you like it or not, cleaning your club is part of your game routine, or else, your club will end up in a terrible look. Check these 6 simple tips on how to polish golf clubs:

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1. Mixing up warm water and mild soap

Fill the bucket with a not-so-hot water.  See to it that the water is not very hot, or else it will cause ferrule on the golf club to loosen up and making the headless stable.  A bucket is recommended since it gives you enough space while cleaning the club.  Only submerge the head of the club and see to it that water doesn’t go up until the ferrule.

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2. Submerge the club several times for 5 to 10 minutes

If your club is not that messy, you can submerge the golf club heads for just 5 minutes.  However, if it is really covered with dirt because it is being used in wet season, submerging the head of the club n warm water for 10 minutes is recommended.

3. Remove and scrub the clubheads

After soaking the clubhead in the warm water, gently remove it and begin to scrub the face with thick-bristle brush or a toothbrush.  Important note: do not use wire-bristle for it will damage the face of the club.  A damaged face of a club head may affect its performance.  If the club appears to be very dirty, brush thoroughly until dirt is removed.  Hardened dirt will sometimes lead to rusting.

4. Wash the club with cold water

While washing the club, be sure not to get the ferrules let. If ferrules accidentally get wet, wipe it until it dries up.  After rinsing, dry the club with soft fabric.

5. Apply steel of chrome polish

Using a rag, apply a steel or chrome polish to the club and rub it.  Put a little pressure while making small swirls.  After polishing, let it dry again for few minutes, and rub again with another soft and clean rag.  You’ll see how it becomes shinier.

6. Keep the bag in a safe place

If you have a cabinet used as storage for your clubs, much better.  If there’s none, pub back the golf clubs to its bag, cover with cloth or cellophane.  Keep it in a cool and dry place.