Golfers especially beginners imagine oneself to have a great game in the course: good swing; good shots; and hitting the ball straight.  Golf is a game of accuracy and serenity. 

Golfers focus on practicing hard on how to drive the ball straight.  But this is not enough.  Golfers need to find out the things that might cause them to fail at hitting a golf ball straight.  

The following are the things a golfer must look into in order to solve problems on not driving the ball straight:

  • Look into your position.  Your stance while taking a strike plays an important role in hitting the golf straight.  One should look into the exact positioning of the hands and legs, as well as the various tricks of posture in order to get a perfect backswing and downswing.
  • The Driver Matters.  No matter how good your skill is, your type of driver matters too in perfectly getting a ball straight.  What is good news? There are lots of drivers available in the market today that bests for your requirement. Always use a driver that makes you comfortable.  Take a look on the material of the shaft: steel or graphite.  These types are of different in weight, flexibility, and their price. Another thing that your need to look into the driver is of course, the club head.  Some drivers have a huge club head while some are designed with smaller sized ones.  And the loft? Yes, the loft too matters.  There are drivers that have fixed loft while some, especially the modern ones, are designed with adjustable ones.  What makes this adjustable loft great is that, the golfer is able to adjust the weight according to his/her capability.  Hence, it helps a player in making a swing accordingly that helps him/her drive a golf ball straight.
  • The Pitch.  Admit it! It is quite irritating if you’re playing in an awful pitch.  This thing should also be looked into by a player.  It contributes to hitting perfectly the ball golf straight.  If the grass is not trimmed properly, likely it won’t allow your ball to roll over.  The ground should not be too much wet nor too much dry as it affects the rolling of your ball.
  • Placing the Ball in the tee.  One important in achieving success in golf is placing the ball on the tee properly.  Properly placing the ball gives a high chance that you will get the ball driven in a straight line.  And the most important trick?  Keep the tee as high from the ground as possible.  When the tee is kept at a higher range from the ground, the ball eventually sits high, and when you slice, it surely will drive a straight line.
  • Tee Position.  Another trick! Before placing the ball on the tee, see to it that the tee is in its proper position.  It is good that the tee remains aligned to your left leg.  When you stand to keep your toes closed, the ball should be in front of you, and between your toes, aligned with your left leg foot.  This allows you a well position when you’re taking for a backswing.

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