How Do Golf Memberships Work

How Do Golf Memberships Work?

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Joining a golf membership is like shifting from a casual affair with the game into a more committed relationship. But since every golf country club is a private organization, it’s inevitable to pay for membership.

Perhaps you’ve seen characters in movies at golf clubs, or you’re just plain sick of waiting in line to pay each time you go to the club. If you’re looking for an alternative, you could search for golf courses near me to explore other options.

Whatever the reason, you need first to determine if golf memberships are worth it. 

For any regular golf player, golf membership is worth it. But it’s vital to consider how often you play, the playing rights offered at the course, and what you can afford before joining a golf club. If you play at least once a week, a membership may be a huge money saver and great long-term value.

This piece outlines some of the perks of holding a golf membership and whether it is wise to join a club. 

Things To Consider Before Joining Golf Club

Things To Consider Before Joining Golf Club

Whether or not to join a golf club requires many ticking and cross-checking before taking the dip and signing up for a membership. Let’s see them below. 


Golf clubs’ membership ranges from a couple of hundred bucks to several thousand, depending on the prestige, location, and facilities. For an average working person, the yearly cost of about $2000 may seem too high. 

So, to determine whether it is worth paying, it is crucial to know the frequency of your trips to the golf club. Calculate the yearly cost of each round you play and determine whether it is cheaper than the membership fee. 


Apart from the costs, a golf membership allows you to head straight to the first tee without paying at the pro shop. You don’t have to argue with your buddies about where to play during the next play. The joy of being a golf club member is the ability to access all areas without questions or doubt. You can pop in any time of the day, especially during summer. 


While golf clubs do not encourage any form of snobbery, it is crucial to understand that playing golf can sometimes be an indicator of success, and some would do anything to get the creme de la creme. 

Some of the top courses can demand as much as $10,000 in a year, so you better be raking in a lot of money if you feel this price is worth the salt. 


While fairways and greens are essential considerations, there is more to consider when choosing a golf membership. Golf courses have plenty of elements and facilities- access to gyms, coaching, member exclusives, practice ranges, etc. 

Ensure that you thoroughly research the golf club and see which ones offer suitable facilities so that you don’t miss out on basics like food and beverage credit or pro shop deals. 

Golf Handicap

A golf handicap is like an Elo rating in chess, and it is the magical number that defines your ability and skills. Any golf membership should allow you to improve your handicap- if you have one. If your golf course charges a reasonable membership fee, they should allow you to have a handicap and enter competitive golf. 

You can ask for apps the golf club may use, such as MiScore, which provides detailed data on every round. 


The friendliness of the golf members is another key component of your golf club membership. You need to play in a calm environment without yelling or unnecessary arguments. You may want to play a few times at the golf club and chat with members before signing up. 

If they’re friendly and have a positive vibe, you can consider locking yourself in. If you notice a group of old-timers hurdling up the green and not interested in a new player or acting rudely, then maybe it’s best to look elsewhere. 


Lastly, you want a club with memberships for driving range access and the full seven-day playing rights. Read the membership information or brochure to check all options and see if it fits your schedule. 

If you must play during weekends, your only option is the seven-day plan. But if you can sneak in during mid-week, the club will have other membership options to help save on cost. 

What Are The Perks Of Joining A Golf Club?

What Are The Perks Of Joining A Golf Club

Once you’ve considered the above factors and are satisfied that the club has plenty of value, you can expect massive benefits over the year. Let’s look at some of these benefits. 

Unlimited golf

One of the main reasons to sign up for golf membership is to play as often as you like. If you only play three times a week, the $2,000 a year membership equates to less than $15 a round plus competition fees, usually $5-$10. This can save you lots of money each year compared to playing as a non-member. 

Handicaps And Competitions

Most courses offer competitions throughout the week, and for a small fee, you can join any of them and win prizes or vouchers to spend in the clubhouse. These competitions affect your handicap, and you need to bring your A-game. 

The course will manage for you the handicap once you submit three 18-hole cards signed by any handicap holder. 

Special events

Golf clubs run Ambrose competitions, matchplay championships, Masters morning breakfast, and plenty of events. These events give you the chance to experience fine dining or socialization on a different level. As long as your club is lively, the events will keep on rolling in. 

Direct debit

Clubs might have discounts for upfront payments and sometimes handling fees for monthly installments. If you don’t have cash at your disposal, the club can offer you to pay via direct debit each month. 


Becoming a member at any golf club gives you access to convenience as you can walk into the green. Sometimes you may have to book in advance if the course is too busy. Otherwise, you can head to the first tee with ease on a quiet afternoon. 

Can I Join More Than One Golf Club?

Can I Join More Than One Golf Club

If you have the financial capability to become a member of two golf clubs, go ahead! Nothing is holding you from signing up for a golf club near home and another near work; it is all up to you. 

As long as you can afford it, the convenience of having more than one golf club may come in handy. Remember, one club has to be chosen as the ‘home club’ where you do your handicaps.