Do Golf Courses Close for the Winter 

Do Golf Courses Close for the Winter? 

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Almost every sport closes up shop for the winter unless they are an ice-based game like hockey. Golf is no exception to this rule. But why can’t golf courses stay open for all the brave souls who enjoy the cold weather?

Golf courses close for the winter in regions of the world where the temperature goes well below freezing. Golf courses usually stay open all year in warm regions, such as the Southern United States.

Golf courses close in cold regions to preserve the turf, prevent topsoil damage, and save money. 

If you’re looking for advice on where to book your next golfing winter vacation, you’ve come to the right place! Or, if you’re simply wondering how you can continue playing the coldest parts, you’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading to learn all you need to know. 

What Do Golf Courses Do in the Winter?

What Do Golf Courses Do in the Winter 

Depending upon the location, golf courses may close for a few months during the very cold winter months. Typically this means shutting down the course, winter-proofing it, and preparing for the next season. However, this is very circumstantial and based on location. 

Most golf courses located in the northern parts of the USA and Canada are not open all year round.

Due to the cold weather and frozen ground, they close as soon as frost starts to hit the ground and only reopen after the final frost of the season. 

The time also allows the ground to sit fallow and rest until the warmth of spring sets in. Due to potential damage to the grass, the courses do not allow players to golf during the off-season. If you’re looking to play golf, you might want to search for the “best golf courses near me” to plan your next game.

Some golf courses do remain open at this time, however. They may operate as a country club, hosting parties, gatherings, and fundraisers for private groups. Additionally, some people rent them for weddings, but this is uncommon.

Most golf courses just stay closed to save on costs. 

What Are the Seasons for Golf? 

What Are the Seasons for Golf 

Every region of the world has a different golfing season. However, most northern regions operate between April to October.

Southern regions above the Equator tend to operate between March and November. Any regions at the Equator or even a little above can operate all year. 

Golf is a sport played all over the world, but especially in regions previously colonized by England and France. The sport has been popular in much of Asia, including Thailand, thanks to international tourism, since the 1920s

Although, this article will primarily focus on North and South America and Canada. Below is a seasonal guide for North America, South America, and Canada.

RegionMonths of operation
Ottawa and Toronto CanadaLate April to Early October or Late September
British Columbia and Nova ScotiaEarly April to Early November or Late October
Southern region of the USAAll Year
North East and North WestLate March to early November
MidwestLate April to Mid October

Parts of Cananda have extremely cold temperatures, but many overlook their more seasonably warm regions. Granted, none of their provinces come close to the Southern region of North America. However, sometimes British Columbia is warm enough to maintain gold all year. 

Can You Play Golf in the Winter? 

Can You Play Golf in the Winter 

You can play golf in the cold regions of the world if they are indoor courses. These aren’t usually as enjoyable or as large as outdoor facilities, but they are useful for those seeking to preserve their skills.

Otherwise, you may be able to play at specific courses that set up areas for winter golfing. 

The good news is that if you’re an avid golfer, you don’t need to have a golf course to play. Many golfers in the midwest use farming fields that are fallow for the winter or local parks.

Many believe this is one of the best times to practice their long distance.

You will need to be accustomed to not operating with a distinguished hole or putting greens. But, if you want to ensure you don’t lose your touch in the cold months, this is the way to go. 

Does it Damage a Golf Course to Play in Winter?

Does it Damage a Golf Course to Play in Winter 

Playing golf In the Winter causes significant damage to the grass and ground. The pressure from club and ball causes this, but most significantly, from people walking and driving over it.

For these reasons, golf courses usually close during cold seasons, saving them money

Unlike other sports, golf has not adopted artificial turf for its courses. Rather, most courses are composed primarily of authentic turf, which is easily damaged when it is cold and brittle. 

Additionally, it is much easier for the roots of the grass to damage when it’s cold. This is true for almost all grass, including lawns and parks, not just golf courses. 

Grass easily breaks when it is frozen. When the stems break, ice crystals enter the stalk and disrupt its structural integrity. This causes the roots to receive a shock and gradually break down and die. 

Is it Difficult to Play Golf in the winter? 

Is it Difficult to Play Golf in the winter 

Playing golf can be difficult in the winter, but many avid players find it useful for maintaining their skills. You just need to be cautious about where you choose to play and what products you use.

Sometimes the ground can get very hard, so make sure you swing correctly to avoid damaging your driver

Also, remember that grass gets easily damaged in the winter when it’s walked on or utilized. If you have grazing lands, you may want to be careful about which areas you use. Selecting a primary spot so only certain areas suffer is your best option. 

Last, golfing in the winter can be cold and somewhat lonely. Many golfers recommend listening to a podcast or other thought-provoking material to help you focus on the game rather than the cold air.