Footjoy Pro SL Review

Footjoy Pro SL Review

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There's immense competition among golf shoe giants today to produce that one shoe which has it all: waterproof, stylish, comfortable, strong and durable; the master of all and a great value for money.

Looking for the ultimate men's golf shoes that can conquer it all and be the unbeaten champion? The Footjoy Pro SL review might give you that answer!

By the look and sound of it, FootJoy’s latest installation – FootJoy Pro/SL Golf Shoe – to its already astounding collection is all set to steal the thunder.

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Footjoy Pro SL

Our Honest Star Rating

Footjoy Pro SL Golf Shoes

Why is it better?

  • Stylish, classy and modern.
  • Great colors in combinations of silver, navy blue, taupe and tan with white.
  • Superb traction with three-part outsole.
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Footjoy Pro SL Golf Shoes Review

Footjoy Pro SL

Our Honest Star Rating

The Footjot is probably one of the most popular golf shoe on the market today.

It is a stylish, improved successor to the hugely popular DryJoy Casuals, a classy spike less beauty.

Features of Footjoy SL

Laser Plus Tech (Good Fit)

The insole is narrower near the heel and with a rounded toe character for the snug fit and increased underfoot cushioning and comfort.

A shoe that fits well is a shoe that is fit for the twists, turns, and graceful swings. The insoles are removable. These are soles that provide you greater mobility, and control during that swing of yours. 

The shoes are molded so that it has a good grip and allows mobility and flexibility.

Chromoskin Leather

The ChromoSkin leather panel near the ankle is not only a stunner but also serves a greater purpose: it provides the much needed tensile strength and structure. It is thin, durable, supple and lightweight.

The leather in the Pro/ SL revamped classy into a modern beauty. The leather also offers greater protection near the ankle and rear regions.

Three Layered Outsole

The three-layered outsole blends comfort with performance. The FTF (FineTunaFoam) white layer provides stability and comfort. The edges are not conventionally aligned to a rigid shape but rather extend at some places for greater lateral stability and graceful swing.

The second layer, peeking in through the white layer, is a softer version of FTF that provides stability.

The colored TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) traction part of the outsole goes spike less, retaining all the goodness of spikes. It provides grip, goes deeper into the grass and does so, without bringing in the damp and the clog.

However, it has quite a high probability of wearing away with continuous use and there is room for improvement of course. The less pointy spikes (some hybrid spike I dare say) don’t feel plastic or traditional and cover the perimeter of the sole for improved traction.


The leather is 100% waterproof with a 2-year warranty (U.S. warranty) that has been tested in heavily dewy to lightly damped courses, without any deterioration in performance and absolutely dry end results.

What it will do in very damp conditions and prolonged exposure to moist conditions has not been documented, sadly.

With or Without Laces

The Pro/SL come with a single pair of white shoelaces, no extra contrasting color ones sorry. But if you want to do away with laces for good, you may opt for a BOA version for about 15 to 20 pounds extra.

All you need to do is spin the dial at the back, for a snug fit.


  • Stylish, classy and modern.
  • Great colors in combinations of silver, navy blue, taupe and tan with white.
  • Comfortable, great performance, structure, and mobility..
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Leather that strengthens and secures the ankle and rear areas.
  • Superb traction with three-part outsole.


  • It has no spikes - however the grip is still great.

FootJoy Pro SL Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Are they worth the money?

Answer: The answer would be Yes & this is the most common question we received once decided to do a Footjoy Pro SL Review! I mean if you have money to spare and you’re eager to experiment with something promising, FootJoy’s newbie wouldn’t disappoint.

Also, if you’ve tried FootJoy before, the Pro/SL would just be a grander upgrade to something you already love.

Q2. Do they fit?

Answer: Yes, and they fit very well. With available size range that runs from 6 to 13, there is a shoe for every pair of feet quite literally. They might seem a bit too tightly fitting initially but they will loosen perfectly with time.

What also is of importance is to know your size before buying and getting your hands on that size (if available).

Q3. Customer Speaks

Answer: FootJoy’s Pro/SL has been well crafted and it is all about numbers for the shoe, with the growing number of patrons and potential patrons for it.

Many professional golfers as well as amateur ones are sporting these shoes and would vouch for its great performance, stability, style, and comfort.

The stylish shoes have graced the feet of big names like Adam Scott, Andrew Johnston, Louis Oosthuizen and numerous other tour players, with so many of them actually shifting from their age-old favorites and absolutely loving the switch.

Final Words

The Pro/SL is a necessary upgrade for every golfer looking for a comfortable, high performing stylish pair of golf shoes. It may seem a bit pricey considering the fact that it is not traditionally spiked.

Nevertheless, it has lived up to its massive hype. The shoes are waterproof and have fared well in moist and damped grounds.

It can be sported both on and off the ground, but beware: the softer FTF outsoles are more inclined to wear and you would want to take care of those shoes of yours! It is comfortable, stable, and well structured.

This shoe is a must-have in your shoe closet if you seek comfort, are willing to experiment and eager to spare a few extra bucks for that premium feel and superior quality shoes that FootJoy has been offering since inception.

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