Do You Tip Golf Instructors ([year] Update)

Do You Tip Golf Instructors? (2024 Update)

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Golf can be a frustrating game, especially when you have no idea how to improve your game. That is why many golfers seek assistance from a professional golf instructor.

Most golf instructors are professional players who provide the service of teaching you the game and helping you become better. It is customary to give tips in any service industry but does this include your golf instructor?

So, should you tip golf instructors?

You can voluntarily decide to tip your golf instructor to show appreciation. However, most do not expect it. A golf instructor is similar to a teacher or lawyer.

They all provide a service, but they do not expect a tip from their students or clients. Additionally, a golf instructor earns a good sum of money per hour, so they usually do not need tips.

There are different golf coaches, some are independent contractors, and some come as a package deal with your club membership. Independent contractors usually get to pocket their full fees.

Instructors who work for the club might have to pay a percentage of their fee. Either way, both professionals earn a significant amount of money.

Of course, earning a good salary is not a reason for you not to tip your golf instructor if you see the value of their service to you. Keep reading because you don’t want to miss out on a few of the finer nuances before you tip your golf coach.

Additionally, it’s worth considering golf instruction online as a convenient and effective way to receive guidance and improve your game.

When Should You Tip Your Golf Instructor? (3 Scenarios)

When Should You Tip Your Golf Instructor (3 Scenarios)

Remember, it is not customary to tip your golf instructor, but here are some situations that might move you to show gratuity.

Performance Based: When You are Impressed by Your Progress

YouTube videos and watching several golf games sometimes are not enough to improve your game. You have to be on the ground with a professional to practice the various techniques of the game.

If you are a beginner and working with an instructor has helped better your form and understand the game, it is okay to tip your golf instructor. 

Like a teacher, golf instructors also enjoy seeing their students do better and become better and professional players of the game.

If the Club or Golf Course Management Allows it

Some golf clubs have a strict no-tipping policy to ensure consistency of service to their club members.

Although people in the service industry are trained to give everyone excellent service regardless of how much they tip, members who tip more will likely get better service than those who tip less. 

Therefore, it is crucial to know your club’s rules and any course you play about tipping. If the club allows you to tip all the staff and you are impressed by your instructor’s service, by all means, reach for your wallet.

When They Go the Extra Mile to Help You

Sometimes athletes go through a rut, and they feel they need to do a complete overhaul of their game. If you have been working with an instructor for a while, they might take a keen interest in this and take the time to give you as much insight as possible.

They can decide to work extra hours with you as they support you through the process. 

In such situations, when an instructor is genuinely interested in helping you become a better golfer, it makes sense to tip them. These instructors usually put in more of their time simply to see you win.

How Much Should You Tip Your Golf Instructor?

How Much Should You Tip Your Golf Instructor

When it comes to voluntarily showing gratitude, it is hard to put a number or limit. Consider rounding up on you golf instructor’s fees to include the tip for their instructors. For example, if you pay $60 for a lesson, you can add $10-$20 as a tip.

Note that pro golf instructors earn more than assistant golf instructors, so the amount can change because the tip improves their finances.

Other Ways to Appreciate Your Golf Instructor

Other Ways to Appreciate Your Golf Instructor

So far, you have learned that tips might lead to awkward interactions if it is not allowed by management and that it is not customary or expected of you to tip your instructor. Fortunately, there are other ways you can thank your instructor.

1. Refer Your Golf Instructor to Other Golfers

The best way to thank your golf instructor is by helping them make more money by introducing them to potential clients. Start with the crowd you play with. If everyone comments about how good your game is, drop in your instructor’s name and contact.

You do not have to spend any money with word of mouth, but it goes a long way in helping increase your instructor’s client pool. In addition, this will show your golf instructor that you appreciate their service and like them. 

Another way to spread the word about your golf instructor is to leave good reviews and testimonials on their personal or club website. When writing the review, ensure to put their name as a club can have more than one instructor.

2. Invite Them to a Golf Game

Golf instructors spend most of their time on the course teaching other players. Sometimes they want to enjoy playing the game, and they can when you invite them to a game. They will enjoy the game more if it is on a new course, one that they don’t teach. 

Golf game invitations are a special way to thank your instructor for working with you. It is best not to ask questions about your golf game during these invitations as it might ruin the mood. Instead, let your instructor enjoy the game and get to know them better.

3. Invite Them to Social Events

Some golf instructors have relocated to work on a particular course. Inviting them to social events is a great way for them to socialize and network with other golfers. Such opportunities are worth more than the $10 tip you will give them after a lesson. 

As a golfer, you know that there are more people working on the golf course besides golf instructors. The staff you are likely to encounter at a golf course include;

  • Bag drop or valet staff
  • Locker room attendants
  • Caddies
  • Forecaddies
  • Starters
  • Rangers
  • Beverage cart attendants

The staff listed above are the ones you will encounter the most, and some will impress you enough to want to leave a tip. Therefore, do not hesitate to carry some extra cash with you as you visit the golf course.

4. Leave Your Golf Instructor a 5-Star Review Online

Online 5-star reviews are the new currency, and many service providers actually prefer it to tips.

Here are 5 platforms that you can leave your golf instructor a review instead of (or in addition to) a tip:

  • Google My Business
  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • Thumbtack