Do Golf Clubs Come in Different Lengths in [year]

Do Golf Clubs Come in Different Lengths in 2024?

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Part of what makes a good golfer is understanding their tools, including golf clubs. Making a good shot requires more than a good technique. You need the right golf club to achieve the desired outcome on the green. The right golf club, in this case, should be suited to your height. So, does this mean that golf clubs come in different lengths?

Do golf clubs come in different lengths, or are they all made the same size? Generally speaking, golf clubs are made to fit standard lengths. This also applies to golf club sets for kids. However, the standard-length size differs per manufacturer, so it is safe to say that golf clubs come in different lengths. Still, there are golf clubs of the same length.

What does standard length size mean in this case?

Standard golf club length size is usually based on statistics. These statistics are the average height of men and women. For example,…

The average height of a male in the U.S is 5’10,” and the average height of a woman is 5’5″.

Most manufacturers use the length factor to differentiate the lengths between men’s and women’s golf clubs. The length factor is a 1″ difference in length between men and women’s clubs. This means that for every 5″ or 6″ of height difference, a golf club should be 1″ shorter or longer.

As mentioned earlier, the standard size of golf clubs will differ for every manufacturer. However, the above system is what many use to determine the various lengths of their golf club sets.

I bet you are now curious to know why golf clubs come in different lengths and why it is essential to test golf clubs before purchasing. So let’s keep learning.

Why do Golf Clubs Come in Different Lengths?

Why do Golf Clubs Come in Different Lengths

There are various reasons why clubs come in different lengths:

1. Golf Club Length is Related to the Distance a Ball Travels

Two main things affect the distance the ball will travel. These are:

  1. Golf club loft
  2. Golf club length

The lower the club’s loft, the further the ball will travel, and the longer and lighter the club, the further the ball will go after solid contact.

On the other hand, shorter golf clubs are made for accuracy and precision, making them the best for close shots. In addition, a shorter club will give you more control over your movements.

2. Golf Club Length is Made to Suit a Golfer’s Height

Golf club manufacturers use the same logic as shoe companies. Both understand that people are different, so they make products that will suit most, if not all, their consumers. A custom option is available for people taller than average or larger than average feet.

With golf clubs, it’s not as simple as a shoe size. Regarding how the game is played, a golfer’s height changes during the game because of their stance. That includes how much a player’s body tilts at the waist, the distance between their feet, how much they bend their knees, and how far their arms are from the body while making a shot.

As mentioned earlier, manufacturers use the average size or height for both women and men to determine the final length of their golf club sets. Therefore, every player should buy a set of golf clubs that feels comfortable and that will improve their game.

But how do you arrive at this decision?

4 Tips to Choose the Best Golf Club Length for Your Game

4 Tips to Choose the Best Golf Club Length for Your Game

Using golf clubs fitted for length could be detrimental to your game because you will make subconscious adjustments while playing.

For example, if you use a shorter golf club, you will bend lower than usual, and a longer golf club will make you stand too erect. Both situations are likely to affect your swing motion, negatively impacting your overall game.

To avoid this below is a simple guide to help you choose the right golf club length.

1. Know Your Overall Height Measurement

Your overall height measurement is the first and most basic method of finding the right golf club length for you. However, it is not the only information you need to arrive at the best and final decision.

Below is a table to guide you on the best golf club length to choose if you decide to go by your height alone. 

Height (Feet-Inches)Length Factor
6-9 to 7-0Add 2”
6-6 to 6-9Add 1.5”
6-3 to 6-6Add 1”
6-0 to 6-3Add 0.5”
5-9 to 6-0Standard size
5-6 to 5-9Subtract 0.5”
5-3 to 5-6Subtract 1”
5-0 to 5-3Subtract 1.5”
4-9 to 5-0Subtract 2”

2. Wrist to Floor Measurement (WTF)

Wrist-to-floor measurement considers a player’s arms and legs lengths, which differ among all human beings. This means that two players with the same height can have different wrist-to-floor measurements. Your WTF measurement will help you pick a more accurate golf club length.

To get this measurement, you will need help from a friend. First, make sure you wear regular sneakers or street shoes to avoid impacting your height measurement. Next, stand straight on a hard floor with your arms hanging down at your sides. 

Maintain this position as your friend uses a tape measure to get your WTF measurement in inches.

Ensure that they get this measurement from the floor to the crease to your waist. Then, with both your overall height and WTF measurements, use the table below to choose the right golf club length.

HeightWrist-To-Floor (WTF) MeasurementLength Factor
6’8’’ +>42”Add 2”
6’6” to 6’8”41” to 42”Add 1.5”
6’4” to 6’6”40” to 41”Add 1”
6’2” to 6’4”38.5” to 40”Add 0.5”
6’1” to 6’2”37” to 38.5”Add 0.25”
5’7” to 6’1”34” to 37”Standard length
5”4” to 5’7”32” to 34”Subtract 0.25”
5’2” to 5’4”29” to 34”Subtract 0.5”
5’0” to 5’2”27” to29”Subtract 1”
4’10” to 5’0”25” to 27”Subtract 1.5”
<4’10”<25”Subtract 2”

Note that WTF and overall height measurements are also known as static measurements because they are taken when the player is standing still. However, pro club fitters go a step further and factor in dynamic fittings like the one discussed below.

3. In-Swing Considerations

This is where a club-fitter looks at a player’s swing motion. This means that you will have to hit some balls for the fitter to observe your swing movements.

While hitting the balls, a fitter can tell if you have issues with your stance and if the issue can be solved by adjusting your current golf club length.

Another thing the fitter will observe is your swing speed and lie angle. These measurements will help you make the required modifications and choose the right club length.

Choosing the best golf club length for your game will require assistance from a professional club fitter. This is because it is impossible to get accurate measurements by yourself in some of the processes described above.