Best Women's Golf Shoes

6 Best Women’s Golf Shoes (2024 Top Picks)

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A pair of good golf shoes is essential, and it adds value when you need stability and proper grip to maximize your swing and improve your skill level. There are various golf shoe brands, and some have brilliant golf footwear for women. Whether you need something light and durable or want something classic, there is a golf shoe that will suit your particular requirements.

Here are the six of the best women’s golf shoes available:

  • Best Footjoy golf shoe for women:  Footjoy Stratos
  • Best Nike golf shoe for women: Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2
  • Best ECCO golf shoe for women: ECCO Biom H4
  • Best value golf shoe for women: ASICS Gel Course Ace
  • Best waterproof golf shoe for women: Adidas CodeChaos 22
  • Best women’s golf shoe overall: Adidas ZG21

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Best Footjoy Golf Shoe For Women

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Footjoy Stratos is the best golf shoe if you are looking for quality, great looks, and comfort. It also has great golf shoe reviews, confirming its high performance on the golf course. Because it is waterproof, you can expect it to withstand harsh weather and give you stability and traction to perform at your best.

Footjoy Stratos is an all-purpose golf shoe that will help improve your skills on the course and make you look great at the same time.

The Footjoy Stratos Fit

Best Footjoy Golf Shoe For Women
Source: mygolfspy

Having enough space for your toes is one future that every golfer wants, and the Footjoy Stratos Lane Last provides more than enough room for the toes to spread comfortably. StratoFoam is another brilliant addition that improves the shoe’s comfort, returns energy with every step, and helps reduce tired feet. 

The Footjoy Stratos Traction

VersaTrax+ is one of Footjoy golf shoes’ best and most innovative ideas to date. Engineered for its outsole, VersaTrax+ provides the best grip for muddy, wet, and all-terrain conditions. Its impressive grip has left many golfers surprised and excited at the same time, especially because it is a spikeless golf shoe.

No matter the difficulty or angle of your lie, this amazing grip technology will ensure that you do not slip. The traction will help you to confidently hit every ball, even in wet and slippery conditions. To add to its amazing spikeless sole, the designers considered how it would perform on the course, and those who tested it are happy to report it felt great walking anywhere.

The Footjoy Stratos Durability

Most golf shoe manufacturers work hard to produce durable golf shoes. Still, Footjoy Stratos takes it very seriously and knows that durable, waterproof golf shoes are one of the most important aspects. The brand uses premium materials and high manufacturing standards to produce durable golf shoes.

With its NappaLuxe leather that adds to its amazing waterproof ability, there is no doubt that Footjoy Stratos is one of the leaders in waterproof footwear. Even in heavy rain and water puddles, the treated material held up and impressed every aspect, including the fact that it cleans easily.

The Footjoy Stratos Look

Because the Footjoy Stratos is such a beautiful golf shoe, it would be a pity if you could only wear them on the golf course. Luckily the Stratos works just as well for the course and screams class, elegance, and style, with some even wearing it to business meetings. The upper, made from NappaLuxe leather, compliments the golf shoe and gives it a luxurious and eye-catching look.

Negative Features Of The Footjoy Stratos

Every golf shoe has a flaw, and finding one with the Footjoy Stratos is tough. One shortcoming is that it is a bit noisy when you walk, and like most other spike-less golf shoes, mud and dirt stick to the outsole. But even with the dirt sticking to the outsole, it does not affect the grip.

If you play a lot of golf and sometimes work in an extra 18 holes, love a good-looking shoe, and prefer to wear a reputable golf brand, Footjoy Stratos is not just the best but the only choice.

Best Nike Golf Shoe For Women

Best Nike Golf Shoe For Women
Source: golfmonthly

The Victory Tour 2 is the follow-up design of the Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour, and you know when champion Rory McIlroy has a hand in the design, it is spectacular.

This amazing golf shoe comes with all the benefits and quality you expect from a golf shoe, and the Victory Tour 2 does not disappoint.

The Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 Fit

Nike is synonymous with comfort, and the Victory Tour 2’s dual cushioning technology takes that comfort to a new level. Once again, Nike shows why they are one of the top golf shoe brands in the golf arena with Air Zoom that reacts as you walk, giving and responding to every step. Normally dual cushioning is set into the foam, but Nike sewed it into the shoe’s upper.

Nike’s innovative design, placing the reacting foam under the heel of the shoe, is responsible for the amazing soft feeling that every golfer gets with the Air Zoom Victory Tour 2.

The Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 Durability

With a record that speaks for itself, Nike has made some of the best, strongest, and most lasting golf shoes you can buy over the years. The Victory tour plus takes Nike’s already impressive record to a new level of quality. The design, manufacturing quality, and material used to produce Nike’s Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 are graded as exceptional, and they will last many games.

To prove the durability of the Victory 2, Nike gives a 2-year waterproof warranty, ensuring that it will hold up in wet conditions, whether playing in heavy rain or going through puddles.

The Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 Traction

Stability is another area of design that Nike shows their superiority because they know that if you a sure-footed during a swing, you will produce great shots from beginning to end. The Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 has seven spikes that can be removed and replaced if necessary, and it is strategically placed for optimal traction.

Nike continuously collects data to better their product, and when they designed the Tour two’s outsole, they incorporated all that data into the cleats to provide maximum grip. With a strap design inside the shoe that stretches across the foot and a molded heel cup, including a plate under the Air unit, you can expect great stability and a locked-in feeling.

The Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 Look

If you want to know what works in a golf shoe, the best data source is a golfing professional, and who better to collaborate with than Rory McIlroy? The four-time champion helped design a classic-looking golf shoe that has simplicity yet a timeless look but continues with the quality of the first Air Zoom Victory Tour.

The Victory Tour 2 has all the technology of Nike’s modern golf shoes but still delivers the classic aesthetics that have made the Nike brand a legend on the golf course. 

Negative Features Of The Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2

Because of its waterproof technology, every golf shoe has some drawbacks, and the Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 lacks breathability and suits colder wet weather. If you play in warmer weather, you may experience moisture building inside the shoe. Replacing the cleats for the Victory Tour 2 is another problem but most likely something Nike will address.

The Victory Tour 2 covers every aspect of the perfect golf shoe, and users can expect a stable, comfortable, and waterproof shoe that is timeless. All the benefits outshine the few small drawbacks, and Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 is a serious contender in the market and will make an excellent addition to your golf gear.

Best ECCO Golf Shoe For Women

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With the sleek and modern [amazon link=”B08B1L5DWT” title=”Biom H4″ /], Ecco, a company recognized for its traditional, upmarket style, is appealing to younger customers. The brand-new BOA option for women sets the standard for comfort with its eye-catching dial, lace, and guide design.

The company is happy to present the remarkable BOA lacing system, which enables you to fine-tune the fit and refine your golfing experience.

The Ecco Biom H4 Fit

The interior of the Biom H4 does not disappoint, providing more room up front for your toes while guaranteeing a snug fit for the rear. Golfers should be able to move freely to achieve better grip and stability while being fixed in position. The emphasis is still on how fantastic the BOA lacing system is and how it enhances functionality while maintaining aesthetics on top of the tongue.

The spikeless shoe isn’t the comfiest underfoot, but there are circumstances when you would not want your golf shoes to feel too soft. There is enough give in the golf shoe to provide a light feeling when you walk while it simultaneously delivers a sturdy foundation for your swing.

The Ecco Biom H4 Traction

The Biom H4 offers comprehensive traction from the outsole, and this is the main reason you need a decent golf shoe. Wear it confidently even though mud may accumulate in the deep channels when it rains because it won’t affect your ability to keep traction.

The Ecco Biom H4 Durability

The Biom H4’s sole will remain steady during 18 holes, and its Gore-Tex membrane will keep you dry if you get caught in a passing shower. The H4’s stylish yet minimalistic fabric makes it more suitable for wearing off the course. The softer area around the ankle makes it possible to wear these shoes without socks if you prefer.

The Ecco Biom H4 Look

With this superb golf shoe, the Biom H4 surpasses all stylistic expectations, and thanks to its neutrality, you will find it flattering and adaptive.

The Biom H4 women’s golf shoe shines thanks to its vibrant accents, embossed leather upper, and brown leather patch on the tongue. There are several choices with four color variations, and it nails the perfect balance between being visually stunning without being too over the top. The shoe is still more matched for summer weather.

Best Value Golf Shoe For Women: Asics Gel Course Ace

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When Srixon and ASICS decided to put their heads together and design the Gel Course Ace, everyone knew that it would produce a golf shoe performing well on the golf course.

It looks like a running shoe, but it features all the other benefits like grip, comfort, and durability that every golfer needs to perform at their best.

The ASICS Gel Course Ace Fit 

If you want a light and comfortable golf shoe, you should look no further than the ASICS Gel Course Ace. The collaborative design combines the expertise of Srixon and ASICS, and you know, with these two pairing up, this golf shoe will fit and wear like a glove.

A combination of FLYTEFOAM and GEL technology incorporated in the ASICS Gel Course Ace provides comfort and flex that will make 18 holes on the golf course a breeze. The Ortholite insole provides extra cushioning and adds ventilation to keep your feet cool in the summer. 

The air mesh between the toe cap and the throat line offers additional breathability and an integrated quarter panel offers support for a comfortable yet stable fit. To improve movement and support, the ASICS Gel Course Ace has extra ankle padding and a heel counter molded on the inside. All the technology incorporated into this golf shoe is to give golfers a very comfortable experience.

The ASICS Gel Course Ace Traction 

Every golfer knows that to achieve success; you must have a consistent swing and accuracy; without stability, it cannot be achieved.

The ASICS Gel Course Ace supportive paneling in the middle of the foot and heel counter molded inside provide exactly the stability you need. The spiked insole pattern grips onto wet and muddy terrain and gives you the confidence to let it rip.

The ASICS Gel Course Ace gives you that needed stability and a comfortable walk on the fairway, and even if you find yourself on a slippery path, its superb traction will get you safely to the next hole.

The ASICS Gel Course Ace has rearfoot cushioning to reduce impact shock when you walk and lateral wraps to give you support and balance throughout your golf swing.

The ASICS Gel Course Ace Durability

The ASICS Gel Course Ace’s upper keeps water from getting into the golf shoe, and a few who tested it say that it holds up in wet conditions. Some say that the side of the shoe needs extra protection, but overall, it provides some water-resistant’s, and with its excellent breathability, you can comfortably take it out on the golf course. 

The ASICS Gel Course Ace’s waterproof ability is not weak because its design mainly focuses on hot sunny days.

The ASICS Gel Course Ace Look

The ASICS Gel Course Ace looks like a good running shoe, and many golfers enjoy that casual esthetic vibe. ASICS’ iconic lining on the sides of their running shoes is one of their trademarks and is incorporated into their golf shoes. The breathable mesh normally seen on running shoes gives the ASICS Gel Course Ace the same aesthetics, and if you are a traditional golfer, you may find it a bit modern.

Overall, the ASICS Gel Course Ace is a golf shoe that is as comfortable and light as it looks, with beautiful lines that compliment its appearance, and goes well with a casual golfer outfit.

Negative Features Of The ASICS Gel Course Ace

The ASICS Gel Course Ace centric outsole is stiff, and you will feel it walking on the golf course sidewalks and clubhouse floor. Its lack of waterproofness and the stiff outsole is the only negative features, but it still is a valued golf shoe, especially because of its lightweight and comfort.

Best Waterproof Golf Shoe For Women: Adidas Codechaos

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Adidas gave its designers creative freedom, creating the eye-catching spikeless Adidas Codechaos golf shoe. Based on some of their best innovations, the CodeChaos brand-new wraparound outsole makes it unique and an excellent addition to their existing golf shoe collection.

With seven colors to choose from, the CodeChaos distinctive aesthetics fits any outfit, but it also has significant performance benefits. The CodeChaos is a stable spike-less golf shoe, especially in the region around the balls of your feet. The extra traction on the sides of your feet is noticeable, providing stability to make walking 18 holes effortless.

The Adidas CodeChaos Fit

Best Waterproof Golf Shoe For Women
Source: mygolfspy

The Codechaos competes with top golf shoe brands regarding its comfort, support, and grip, and you will find that it comes with a distinctive light yet durable feeling.

  • The CodeChaos has Adidas’ Boost technology, a key component of the brand’s golf shoes.
  • According to Adidas, the Codechaos break in rapidly, and the Boost midsole offers immediate comfort.
  • Walking 18 holes leaves little foot tiredness because the midsole gives the impression that your arches are slightly lifted.
  • The Adidas CodeChaos offers a similar experience to the Skechers Go Golf Drive 5, which distributes your foot weight more evenly and reduces foot fatigue.
  • Its breathability is top-notch, especially for a non-leather upper, and it keeps your feet cool even in hot weather, which you don’t frequently get from a synthetic upper.

The Adidas Codechaos Traction

Traction on wet and muddy terrain is another area where Codechaos shines. Spike-less footwear from Adidas is getting better at navigating slick surfaces, and this golf shoe is no exception. Despite being a fair-season shoe, you can wear it confidently in any weather.

The Adidas Codechaos Durability

The greatest golf shoes on the market are those made by Adidas, and the CodeChaos is evidence that the company’s manufacturing standards have a high priority on endurance.

If you are wearing this golf shoe during the winter, you can be assured that the material on the top is surprisingly easy to clean and that there is a one-year waterproof guarantee. Significantly the company’s End Plastic Waste initiative uses 50% recycled material to show that they are a brand that cares about the environment.

The Adidas Codechaos Look

Adidas is known for producing exquisite golf shoes, and each color available for the CodeChaos 2022 has a glimmering appearance that will undoubtedly add some glitz to your golf ensemble.

While its shape resembles the original Codechoas from 2020, the outsole’s characteristics have been moved to its side. The Codechaos is a top-notch product from Adidas, and despite its dazzling design, it performs quietly and effectively as you go around the golf course.

Best Women’s Golf Shoe Overall: Adidas ZG21

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Adidas did a superb job of integrating the lightweight advantages and comfort of a spikeless shoe with the stability and performance of a regular spiked golf shoe.

Golf shoes with spikes are typically a little heavier and less comfortable than golf shoes without spikes, but the ZG21 effectively eliminated the difference. 

It is a spiked golf shoe that is fashionable, comfortable, waterproof, lightweight, flexible, and well-cushioned.

The Adidas ZG21 Fit

The Adidas ZG21 is 20% lighter than anything else Adidas has manufactured for golf and feels light and weightless when you put them on. They weigh only 13 ounces. Lightstrike cushioning dissipates shock and recovers quickly throughout the golf swing since it is 40% lighter than any EVA foam on the market today.

Adidas uses Lightstrike cushioning with Boost technology in the heel to great effect with their other sports footwear. The end product is unequaled comfort in the heel area.

The Adidas ZG21 Traction

The ZG 21 boasts a revolutionary, strong, and lightweight stability fin. Increased stability during the swing is produced by a TPU insert in the lateral sidewall, and the six plastic spikes on the ultra-thin TPU outsole are specifically made not to clog. The design guarantees no permanent damage to the greens while delivering the optimum grip.

The sole is tougher in certain locations and more flexible in others to provide the most traction where it is most needed.

The Adidas ZG21 Durability

The Sprintskin tech is a lightweight, four-layer waterproof upper featured on the Adidas ZG 21 golf shoe. It is based on cutting-edge fabrics and polyurethane films. The company provides a one-year warranty for added assurance and to support the ZG 21’s waterproof capabilities.

The Adidas ZG21 Look

The ZG 21 delivers the best of both worlds by fusing a modern lightweight trainer design with a classic golf shoe appearance. While the upper is light and fashionable, and the sole is extremely basic, the shoe looks fabulous.

The color combination and contrast created by the Swingplane traction zone make the sole very noticeable. 

In addition to providing more support, the Stability Fin vastly enhances the shoe’s visual appeal. It’s absolutely a gorgeous golf shoe.

Conclusion: Best Golf Shoes for Women in 2024

Conclusion Best Women's Golf Shoes

With big names like Adidas, Nike, and ASICS competing to produce and design the next top golf shoe for women, you can be sure that all the golf shoe brands bring their A-game.

With all the brands fighting to create the best durable, comfortable, and gripping women’s golf shoes, women golfers have a variety to pick from, and there are some good-looking shoes on the market today.