6 Best Women's Golf Bags ([year] Guide)

6 Best Women’s Golf Bags (2024 Guide)

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Every woman dreams of a functional golf bag that matches their personality. But with so many options available, selecting a stylish one with the essential features for your game can be challenging. That’s especially true if you have a budget to stick to when buying a golf bag. These are the best women’s golf bags in 2024:

The best women’s golf bag is [amazon link=”B081W3Z95T” title=”Izzo Ultra Lite Cart Bag” /]. It’s a compact, lightweight bag made from durable, high-strength 4200 polyester fabric. It features 14 padded full-length dividers for better organization and six pockets, including a waterproof compartment for storing delicates.

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This article reviews the six best women’s golf bags and the best golf bag you should consider.

Best Overall Golf Bag for Women: Izzo Ultra Lite Cart Bag

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[amazon link=”B081W3Z95T” title=”Izzo Ultra Lite Cart Bag” /] is one of the most stylish and durable women’s golf bags on the market. It’s made of high-strength 4200 polyester fabric and measures 35 x 14 x 11 inches (89 x 36 x 28 cm).

This bag has 14 full-length dividers, which makes organizing your clubs a breeze. It also includes six zippered pockets for storing all your gear, including a waterproof one where you can keep your phone. 

Lastly, the Izzo Ultra Lite Cart Bag is easy to move around as you go about your business on the golf course. It weighs 3.8 lbs (1.72 kg), which won’t add much bulk to your golf essentials package. It also has a single adjustable strap plus a padded handle carrying cushion for comfort.


  • It has premium features. Apart from the many zippered pockets and dividers, the bag also has a rain hood, towel clip, umbrella holder, and glove holder. These features ensure your golf gear remains safe always.
  • It has a SmartGrip at the bottom. This ensures the bag holds firmly onto a surface to prevent damage to your items should the bag slip off your fingers.
  • It’s comfortable to carry around. The bag is lightweight and has padded carrying cushions. Also, its compartments ensure proper gear organization, making it easy to find your clubs and other items.


  • Unremovable stains. The outer material stains easily. Sadly, the stains don’t wash out with water and soap. You have to be more careful where you place your bag.
  • The lightweight impacts durability. Though the polyester material is durable, making it too light can make the bag wear out fast if you consistently load it with more than 6.35 lbs. (2.88 kg). 

Most Stylish Women’s Golf Bag: iBella Ladies Golf Cart Bag

[amazon box = “B074HMNND7″ template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

[amazon link=”B074HMNND7″ title=”The iBella Ladies Golf Cart Bag” /] is one of the best choices for fashion-conscious ladies. It incorporates the latest material and fashion in the women’s market by featuring a tan quilted leather-like polyurethane fabric and timeless colors and patterns. 

The bag measures 36.1 x 12.4 x 11.18 inches (92 x 32 x 30 cm) and accommodates 14 interior dividers and eight zippered pockets. The zippered pockets include a waterproof velour-lined valuables pocket and an insulated bottle compartment for keeping your drinks cool. 

For ease of carrying, the bag has rubberized dual side handles. It also has a padded rear strap with sleeves for securing it when not in use. 


  • It’s stylish. The bag has a flashy style with matching accessories, including a set of matching head covers with a butterfly motif and iBella script. 
  • It comes with convenient extras. There are special compartments for things like your gloves, towels, umbrella, and a scorecard. A rain hood cover is also part of the package in case the weather suddenly changes while you’re still on the course.
  • Ample storage with specialized protection for all your golf essentials. There’s enough storage for all your clubs and other golf essentials, a waterproof valuables pocket, and an insulated pouch for your water bottle.


  • It’s not the most rugged bag you can get. If you don’t handle it carefully, you might break the zippers or peel off the leather. These parts of the bag aren’t designed for rough handling. However, it’s worth noting that this is often the case for bags in iBella Ladies Golf Cart Bag’s price range, especially ones designed with a special focus on style.
  • Non-full-length dividers. The dividers don’t reach the bottom of the bag, which causes them to bang into one another as you fetch for them. This can cause you to spend much time grappling with your clubs.

Best Height: Sun Mountain Ladies 4.5 Ls Stand Bag

[amazon box = “B07GFTQ8KP” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

The [amazon link=”B07GFTQ8KP” title=”Sun Mountain Ladies 4.5 Ls Stand Bag” /] is truly feminine. It’s deliberately designed shorter an inch or two shorter than men’s golf bags, creating a snug fit for ladies’ golf clubs.

Other convenient features include:

  • Several golf accessories pockets. One of these is water-resistant and velour-lined, making it ideal for keeping items prone to scratching and water damage.
  • A spacious dedicated compartment for all your golf equipment. 
  • A drinks pouch.
  • A rain hood.

The carrying cushions include adjustable shoulder straps made of three-layer fabrics and grab loops for comfort. There’s also a sturdy panel on the lower part of the bag that makes lifting easier. This might not seem like a big deal, but it’s handy when your bag is packed full and difficult to move.


  • Different ways to carry. Apart from the carrying straps, the bag also has cart features, including a cart strap pass-through which allows you to fix the bag onto the cart without blocking the pockets, a cart-friendly bottom, and a leg-lock system.
  • A badass camo print. The digital camo print on the side and top certainly adds personality to the bag. 
  • The zippers are durable. They are all double stitched with large pulls, making it easy to open and close the pockets even when wearing gloves.


  • The camo print isn’t for everyone. Some ladies may not like the digital camo print, but this is more of a preference issue than a design flaw.
  • It’s on the expensive side. The Sun Mountain Ladies 4.5 Ls golf stand bag is one of the more expensive bags on the market.

Most Durable: TaylorMade Select Stand Bag

[amazon box = “B08QSLH1WD” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

The [amazon link=”B08QSLH1WD” title=”TaylorMade Select Stand Bag” /] is a good choice for ladies who play frequently and are looking for a lasting, light, and sturdy option. It’s made of polyester fabric and has a seven-way top divider system to prevent the clubs from jumbling.

The bag measures 36 x 12 x 14 inches (91 x 30 x 36 cm) and has six zippered pockets, including a velour-lined, water-resistant valuables pocket. It also has grab handles on the top cuff and an ergonomic double shoulder strap system.


  • It’s lightweight. The bag only weighs 5 pounds (2.27 kg), making movement around the course easy.
  • It’s comfortable to carry. The shoulder straps are well-padded and positioned to distribute weight evenly.
  • It has a lot of storage: There are six zippered pockets and water-resistant valuables pocket large enough to fit a cell phone or a digital camera.


  • The dividers are not full-length. This causes the clubs to collide with each other when you are walking around.
  • Limited color choices. The bag comes in cool grey and lavender, which may not be ideal for some users. 

Lightest: Glove It Glove It Ladies’ Golf Bag

[amazon box = “B09HKQTNDR” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

The [amazon link=”B09HKQTNDR” title=”Glove It Glove It Ladies’ Golf Bag” /] is all about feminine aesthetics, durability, and a lightweight design. It’s made of top-of-the-line nylon that can withstand regular use, comes with unique custom prints, and weighs only 5.2 pounds (2.4 kg). As for the dimensions, it measures 10 x 36 x 13 inches (25.4 x 91.4 x 33 cm)

This bag also has three lift-assist handles that make it easier for ladies to move around and a 14-way full-length divider system for ultimate organization. Other noteworthy features include a built-in putter well and the standard extras: a rain hood and an umbrella sleeve.

There are up to nine pockets to help with organization, too. The stand-out ones include:

  • An insulated cooler pocket for water and drinks. 
  • A cushioned valuables pocket for your scratch-prone items.
  • A water-resistant pocket for your electronics and anything else you’d like to protect from water.


  • It’s stylish and colorful. The bag comes in a retro palm color, giving it a girlish style without compromising functionality. It can fit all your golf course gear and is light to carry.
  • It’s durable: The bag is made of high-quality nylon material, and the zippers are firm to stabilize your sports apparel.
  • It’s comfortable to carry. The lift handles are well-padded, making it easy to move around the course.


  • It has no shoulder strap. You can only carry the bag using the handle, making it inconvenient if you carry a heavy-weight load.
  • The insulated pocket could be bigger. The compartment cannot fit in a water can or a beverage, which is a downside if you like retreating to a cold drink within the course.

The Latest: Callaway Golf 2022 Fairway 14 Stand Bag

[amazon box = “B09KNTG5RT” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

The [amazon link=”B09KNTG5RT” title=”Callaway Golf 2022 Fairway 14 Stand Bag” /] is the latest women’s golf bag on the market. It has a sleek, feminine design and is available in multiple colors like black and pink camo, Atlantic blue and white, black, red, and royal blue. 

The bag has 14-way top dividers to keep clubs organized and a sturdy stand that you can deploy quickly and easily. There are also six pockets for storing golf balls, tees, and other gear, plus a rain hood to keep everything dry.


  • It has an alloy towel ring. Although most golf bags come with a towel ring, this one is made of alloy, so it will not get rusty easily.
  • The bag has an integrated alignment stick holder. This is helpful for those who like to use an alignment stick while practicing.
  • There’s a putter well large enough to accommodate oversized grips. If you have a big grip, you do not need to worry about it not fitting into the putter well.


  • The bag doesn’t have a water bottle holder. You’ll have to purchase a separate water bottle holder or use one of the pockets to keep your water bottle.
  • The dividers are not full-length. Your clubs will keep colliding with one another when you move.

Final Thoughts: Best Golf Bags for Women 2024

Final Thoughts

When choosing a women’s golf bag, you should not compromise style and functionality. And because there are many options in the market, you should first decide on the features that meet your golf course needs and then incorporate your personality. 

Here are the most crucial features to look for: 

  • A lightweight yet durable design
  • Carrying cushions
  • Dividers
  • Color