best winter golf glove

Best Winter Golf Glove

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Hey there winter golfer! If you fit into one of these categories, you have to check out our best winter golf glove list!

Maybe you're...

1. One of the wise players that prepare for the cold before it hits you out on the course.

2. Perhaps you're like the rest of us. Having spent a day struggling with your grip out on the golf course you know you need to fix the problem before winter really bites.

Whatever your reason(s), we've handpicked our favorite winter golf gloves available today so you can buy with confidence and extend your season of play.

In A Hurry?

No one wants to be reading while their hands are freezing. You may just want to go ahead and order your gloves right away. Desperate situations do call for desperate measures.

We are at your service.

Out of the 5 gloves that we picked, we chose the one that we thought was a cut above the rest!

In this case, it is the [amazon link="B00A8ZAWDC" title="HJ Glove Winter Performance Golf Glove" /]

This glove provides you with comfort through the use of Cabretta leather. It is widely considered the best golf glove due to its durability, comfort, and excellent grip.

And more importantly, they were designed to take on the harsh winter.

You will find a more detailed review below...

Our Test Winner After 40 + Hours Of Research:

HJ Glove Winter Performance Golf Glove

Our Honest Star Rating

Why is it the BEST?

  • They are a sleekly designed pair of gloves
  • They are good quite durable
  • They are winter resistant
  • Made out of high-quality material
  • The terry wrist band provides added durability
  • Adjustable Velcro closure for comfort fit
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Best Winter Golf Gloves 2024

Speaking from having experienced the harsh cold out on the golf course without the right can really affect your game, and your score!

Don't let this continue, relish the winter conditions with your new winter golf gloves.

1. HJ Glove Winter Performance Golf Glove - TOP PICK

HJ Glove Winter Performance Golf Glove

Our Honest Star Rating

If you are a golfer who loves to improve their skills even in cold weather, then you cannot go wrong with HJ golf gloves.

Read a ton more about these gloves below:

The gloves offer ultimate warmth and comfort that help the golfer to improve the level of performance during cold weather. The warmth facilitates excellent grip, stance and overall focus, which make you stand out from others.

The exterior design of the gloves tends to be extremely durable and comfortable. The soft Cabretta leather palm is highly flexible and offers maximum grip to the shaft.

Cabretta leather ensures the gloves can withstand wear and tear during the long period of cold spells. However, these gloves are not for anything rather than a winter golf game.

If you are planning to use them for a casual walk, then be sure that you will not get ultimate protection from cold. The interior material is made from a well-structured thermal design that provides warmth to the hands and fingers.

The thermal fleeces are quite soft, and they allow the fingers as well as palm to retain the warmth throughout the game. Let’s talk about the cost.

The price of the gloves varies depending on the size although they are worth the value of your money. If you think about the warmth and durability feature that comes with these gloves, then you will know the high amount of your money.

The only issue with the gloves is that they will not remove cold in an extremely cold or harsh weather environment. However, they are known to offer quality warmth and grip.

Another drawback is that the gloves are not waterproof if you are looking for something waterproof then not this one since it is only meant for the cold-weather game.

Besides that, the gloves tend to have beautiful stitches that also foster their durability and excellent grip while holding the shaft.


  • They are a sleekly designed pair of gloves
  • They are good quite durable
  • They are winter resistant
  • Made out of high-quality material
  • The terry wrist band provides added durability
  • Adjustable Velcro closure for comfort fit


  • Thump area is too small for large hands

2. FootJoy Women's WinterSof Golf Gloves

FootJoy Womens 2017 WinterSof Golf Gloves

Our Honest Star Rating

FootJoy brand is among the top leading companies in the production of high-quality golf gloves.

The appealing design and quality material make them outstanding when compared to others.

The company has been in the industry for over some decades, and they know what the winter golfers need. If you are among the avid winter golfers, you cannot go wrong with choosing FootJoy wintersof golf gloves.

The gloves are made from a high-end suede material, which has a luxurious design, and they are capable of lasting for a couple of years. The sure-grip auto-suede technology ensures the palm experience quality grip and durability over a long time of cold weather golf game.

Besides that, the material offers an excellent soft feel that matches perfectly with the fit and secure grip strap.

Besides, the exterior shield cuff design allows you to have a better shielding against cold weather by keeping your hands warm. The incredible thing about the gloves is that they are waterproof.

This is to ensure the hands can retain warmth and resist both cold air and temperatures. You will also have an opportunity to play golf even during windy and cold weather without compromising the performance.

Let’s talk about the cost. When comparing the price of the gloves with all that it comes with, then you will realize it is quite less. These gloves offer great value for your money.

Above all, the gloves come in different sizes, which are labelled so that you can make the right choice. The only issue that comes with the gloves is that they do shrink after washing, and this can profoundly affect the performance of your game.

Boost lots of praises from Facebook groups and golf forums. The internal insulation layer prevents the fingers from freezing even the temperatures are harsh.

If you are a golf lover who would love to compete in cold weather tournament, then we recommend FootJoy wintersof golf gloves.


  • They offer secured and quality grip
  • The gloves are proven to be waterproof
  • They enable hands to retain warmth and protect them from cold
  • They are made from high-quality material


  • Tend to shrink after washing

3. Callaway Golf Men's Thermal Grip

Callaway Golf Mens Thermal Grip

Our Honest Star Rating

Callaway is a well-known brand that provides golf gloves that not only ensure comfort but also keep the hand warm throughout the cold season.

Read more below:

The gloves are made from high-end materials that give it a long-lasting feature. These gloves ideally tend to be durable when compared to other ordinary winter golf gloves.

The exterior design of the gloves is made of leather material which ensures quality grip and comfort. They are also waterproof to prevent the entry of water and cold from reaching their fingers.

The interior design is well fleeced to offer ultimate protection and warm retention by the fingers. If you are busy looking for gloves that are a great deal for playing during winter then go with Callaway thermal grip gloves.

The insulation brought about these gloves are top level. The Opti-therm thermal fleece is stitched well inside the gloves, making them withstand the tear and wear while playing.

Besides that, the digitized synthetic leather palm helps to improve grip, especially during the wet winter season. This helps the golfer maintain focus and hit the target.

One thing that amazes many is the Opti-shield microfiber outer shell that can repel water, thus help maintain the warmth on the hands and fingers. Also, the gloves have Opti fit adjustable closure that is thin, lightweight and secure fit with some perforation to enhance breathability.

But that’s not all.

Differentiating the gloves either for men or female is quite easy. The fingers of the gloves meant for men are short and broad in diameter as compared to those of female fingers.

The company behind these gloves has a strong brand in the industry, and this is the reason why all their new brand gloves are of high quality. Unfortunately, the price of the gloves keeps on varying depending on the finger and palm orientation.

However, quality is never compromised, and this is the reason why it is worth the value of your money.


  • The thermal fleece offers maximum comfort to the hands.
  • There is an adjustable closure fit that ensures maximum security.
  • The digitise palm leather provides a comfortable and quality grip.
  • They repel water and protect the hand skin from harsh weather.


  • Threads need some improvement

4. Nike Men's Cold Weather Winter Gloves

New Nike Mens Cold Weather Winter Gloves

Our Honest Star Rating

Looking for a comfortable wear pair of gloves that will protect your hands from cold weather?

Well, look no further as new Nike cold weather winter gloves are what you are searching for.

The gloves are designed in a way that they can trap body warmth and reduce heat loss via the fingers. Besides that, they offer a snug fit to allow your hands and fingers to move quickly.

The adjustable wrist strap ensures they fit snug and provide the required comfort.

The gloves come in a sleek design, and the material is of high quality, making it have the ability to last for a couple of years.

Besides, the materials used to design the gloves are lightweight but quite effective in protecting the hands from cold runs. The layers of insulation inside the gloves offer the excellent grip of the hands and fingers; hence, there is no chance of losing the grip and control while wearing the gloves.

The incredible thing is that the gloves are not bulky, and this renders the hand useful for driving or engaging in many outdoor activities.

If you are a person who loves to runner despite the cold weather, the gloves are weather-resistant, and they can offer maximum protection to your hands. The texture of the gloves will allow you to use your smartphone since the screen will still be able to sense the touch with ease.

They also come in different sizes to suit people with different hand size. You can also get a size that will fit your child.

Boasting of lots of praises on golf forums and Facebook groups. The gloves are perfect for playing golf game during the cold season. The colours of the gloves are quite appealing, which make them decent wear even if you are going for official duty.

If you are busy looking for something that will offer warmth and comfort during winter, then the new Nike cold winter gloves will not go wrong for you


  • Offer good grip on palms and fingers
  • They are a snug fit
  • They provide protection from the cold and the wind.


  • Not ideal for extreme temperatures

5. Franklin Sports Golf Glove

Franklin Sports Golf Glove

Our Honest Star Rating

Cabretta leather golf glove is high-quality gloves offered by Franklin sport. The company has the reputation of providing high-quality products to the golfers.

These gloves are made from premium leather material which is highly inspected by experts to ensure it is of high quality, durable and suppleness.

The interior design has some reasonable level of softness that makes the fingers feel nice when on the course of participating in a tournament.

The most beautiful thing is that it has a unique seamless palm design that helps to increase the lifespan of the gloves and also prevent the palm from blistering. But that’s not all.

These gloves are readily available for both left-handed and right-handed individuals, which is something rare in many other types of golf gloves in the market today.

Besides that, it has a magnetic ball marker that provides superior convenience on greenside. It is also removable and durable. Another fantastic thing about Cabretta leather golf glove is that the modern technology used to engineer them so that they can easily fit the human anatomy hand.

This help to reduce bunching and improve fit, feel, and performance.

The finger backs and Knuckle Bridge has perforations that help to enhance breathability to enhance comfortable grip.

Also, the ventilation and moisture management offered by the perforations help to ensure the golfer is comfortable when on course. If you are busy shopping gloves for your next golf tournament, franklin sport gloves are the perfect choice for you.

The company has the reputation of making the best gloves for golf that are ideal for all types of weather climate.

The only significant issue with the gloves is that the perforations may allow entry of water inside making gripping hard. However, they are not suitable for the game during the wet season.

Lastly, the price tag on these gloves is quite affordable, despite the numerous benefits portrayed by them. They offer great value for your money.


  • Quite durable since it is made from premium leather
  • Seamless palm design help prevent blistering
  • Engineered to follow the anatomy of human fingers
  • Has perforation to enhance breathability


  • Slightly reduce the feel
  • Slippery when wet

Best Winter Golf Glove Buyer’s Guide

Having read all 5 reviews you must have some burning questions?

Not to worry.

That is exactly what this buyer’s guide is for. We have gathered up some of the most pressing questions that are often asked regarding golfer’s gloves. 

This is in the hope that the answers will give you the sort of information that will make the decision-making process a little bit easier for you. Some of the information provided will probably just be a great addition to your general knowledge of the game.

Why do golfers use one glove?

Golf gloves are commonly sold in singles. This is mainly because most golfers only use one glove.

This is an interesting phenomenon in comparison to other sports that involve striking a ball.

The closest one to mind at the time of writing is cricket. Cricketers always wear both their gloves. This difference comes back to the purpose of these gloves.

Golfers have two reasons for wearing their gloves. One is to maintain grip when their hands are wet. This can be down to weather conditions or sweaty hands. The second reason for golf gloves is for protection from adverse weather conditions.

The main reason you’ll see one glove is that the issue of grip is the main concern. There is only one had that actually provides the golfer with grip between the club and the palm.

The second hand is only there for the sake of strength and that of direction. That is why golfers wear one glove.

If we took the example back to cricket, we would find that their gloves are there for protection. Both hands are equally in danger. As such, they need to protect them both. The gripping technique also means that both hands have equal involvement for cricketers.

Why do golfers wear a glove on left hand?

Most of the golfers that we see wearing a single glove will have it on their left hand. This is a curious thing until you really think about it. It is a clear reflection of our population.

Only one in 10 people in the population are left-handed. 

The rest are right-handed. Right-handed golfers use their left hand for gripping the golf club. Hence, it is the one that wears the glove. There are some left-handed golfers who wear their glove on the right-hand. The most notable ones include Mike Weir.

Do any pro golfers wear two gloves?

Wearing two golfers is quite rare among golfers. It is so uncommon that the one golfer that comes to mind, in this case, is actually nicknamed “two gloves”.

Do you know who it is?

Tonny Gainey is also known as two gloves. His story has been widely covered across various media outlets.

The explanation for it is actually simple. He used to play baseball. This is where he started wearing two gloves when he batted. When he started playing golf, he carried his tradition over. There is no complex explanation or science to it.

Where should a golf glove wear out?

Most golf gloves will last a long time if taken good care of. As with other gloves wear and tear is inevitable. The more you use them the more worn out they become. Over time this progresses to the point where you will need to replace them.

One way of preserving them is by understanding where the issue originates. This can allow you to watch out for the wear out and nip it in the bud each time. The most commonly affected areas are the ones where there is the greatest amount of pressure during use.

They will start wearing out in:

Between the fingers where there are stitches.

In the palm region

The area between the fingers will wear out due to the expansion and contraction that occurs as you put the gloves on and remove them.

There is also added pressure to these areas when you have the gloves on. When you clench a fist or tighten your grip around a glove club, the stitches will be called on to hold things together.

The palm area gets worn out because of the constant friction that is encountered during use. There is constant friction between the club grip and the glove. When you hold the club to take a shot, the palm is rubbed against the grip. This is something that happens consistently throughout a round of golf.

What is the advantage of wearing a golf glove?

Not all golfer will wear gloves. This is why some people will wonder what the advantages that come with wearing gloves are. We can reverse engineer this question by starting with the issues that those who do not wear gloves are likely to encounter. The first issue is that of grip.

Your palms are not exactly the most abrasive surfaces. This means that you will often have problems with getting a good grip on your golf club. Those who do not wear gloves resolve this by using a towel to dry their hands, and some dust to add a little abrasion.

If you have gloves on, this is not a problem at all. Most of them are designed with rubber added to the palm area as a way to add the grip.

The second reason for wearing golf gloves is protection from the cold. You could always wear other gloves and remove them to take your shot. That is not the smartest way to get around a golf course. Wearing golf gloves would provide you with protection without ever impeding on your performance.

How do you maintain a golf glove?

Golf gloves come in two main variations. They are either made of leather or synthesised. The care that goes into them will depend on the material that they are made out of. The best way to figure this out is by reading the care instructions that are included in the packaging or on a tag that is inserted on the inside of the glove.

The general idea is that you want to keep them clean. This may involve giving them an occasional wipe. Where possible and necessary you could also wash them. You may also want to keep an eye out on the stitching. It would preserve your gloves if you made sure that you restitched them every time that they start to come undone.

What is Cabretta leather?

I cannot say that I was familiar with Cabretta leather before I got into golf. This is the main material that is used in the manufacturing of golfing gloves. Most people do not know what it is or where it comes from. Do you?

Cabretta is leather that is derived from straight-haired sheepskin. Most sheep are curly-haired. They are not the ones that would provide Cabretta leather. The ones that produce this leather are known as Hair Sheep. Their name comes from the fact that they are not sheered for wool, but hair.

An interesting fact that we did not know about their name is that its etymology comes from the Spanish word for goat (Cabra). The look of Hair sheep is more resemblant to that of a goat than it is to the wool sheep. This probably explains the name.

The softness of Cabretta leather is what makes it ideal for making gloves.

Final Words

Now that you know our top 5 picks, you must have at least one favourite. There must be at least one that you feel will make a great addition to your golfing gear in the winter. Each product that we picked has earned its place on our list. To find out how you would only have to read the review that we wrote on each one.

Our buyer’s guide is written to ensure that you do not get into your purchase blindly.

It is packed with information that should aid you in choosing your gloves. It provides you with added information that you could use if you were to ever visit a golf store to buy your gloves. Getting the perfect product is usually tied to asking the right questions.

The ball is now in your court. Compare each of our picks and find the right gloves for yourself. Alternatively, our top pick beacons! Happy Golfing!