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The best sand wedge for bunkers has the perfect combination of:

  1. Weight
  2. Size
  3. Price
  4. Set
  5. Experience

Most golfers truly struggle with hitting their ball out of the sand, so if you're that person who struggles too, you're not alone.

Technique plays a big role in getting your golf ball out the sand, but so is having the right sand wedge.

We will be covering some of the best sand wedge for bunkers, but first, here is a quick glance at some of our favorites.

Top 5 Golf Sand Wedges

  1. Wilson Harmonized Golf Sand Wedge (Best Value)
  2. Cleveland Golf RTX-3 VMG Cavity Back Sand Wedge
  3. Cleveland Golf CBX Sand Wedge (Top Performer)
  4. Cleveland Golf RTX-3 VMG Sand Wedge (Best All Rounder)
  5. Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedges (Best Premium)

Are You In A Hurry? Our Test Winner After 35 + Hours Of Research:

Wilson Harmonized Wedge Review

Our Honest Star Rating

Why is it the BEST?

  • One of the best spin wedges on the market.
  • The design makes it ideal for flop shots.
  • It's temper steel design makes it very durable.
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Featured Recommendations

Best Sand Wedges 2023

best sand wedges 2023

1. Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

Wilson Harmonized Wedge Review

Our Honest Star Rating

Wilson requires no introduction, as the brand is one of the most popular throughout the golfing world.

While it is the top choice for professional golfers, many people starting out prefer to use them as well.

This it our TOP PICK.

It’s one of the best sand wedges available because it’s durable and made of True Temper steel iron, which helps it and you have better performance.

It also offers a grind sole, which can help you get more accurate shots. Along with such, the aggressive grooves in the wedge help you achieve a maximum spin on the ball.

It’s important to note that the shape of the blade also provides a modified bounce angle to help boost the spin of the ball.

While the temper steel iron does give better performance, it doesn’t necessarily give you more control.

However, for a wedge, it does its job nicely. The Wilson brand is always focused on improving its products, so you know the wedge is highly functional. The shaft is made of stainless steel and features a regular flex.

Altogether, it is 35 inches long. The steel shaft also ensures that you get a stiffer and better rotational axis.

Because it improves performance and takes your golf game to the next level, it works well for professionals, beginners, and intermediate players.

Another excellent feature is the amazing grip. You can get a boost of confidence because you’re going to have a better chance of hitting the ball and getting that positive feeling.

Along with such, the sole grind allows golfers to open their club face. You can hit higher shots and gain better precision, improving performance and helping you feel better about yourself and your game.

While prices shouldn’t be the main factor for choosing anything, you can find this wedge golf club for a reasonable price. Therefore, it is suitable for beginners because you won’t be overspending on a club you may graduate from in the future.

Depending on where you buy it, you can get a loft of 60, 56, or 52 degrees. Prices can vary based on the degree loft you choose.


  • High polish finish
  • Classic and charming blade style
  • Durable
  • Better performance
  • Grind sole gives accurate shots through the clubface opening
  • Modified bounce angles offer dead-stop spin
  • Angle versatility for sand, rough, and fairway
  • Aggressive wedge grooves give maximum ball spin
  • Reasonably priced


  • Sand-blast finish can scratch balls

2. Cleveland Golf RTX-3 VMG Men’s Cavity Back Wedge

Cleveland Golf Mens RTX-3 VMG Cavity Back Wedge

Our Honest Star Rating

Cleveland always ranks well among manufacturers, and it is highly popular with both beginners and professionals.

Having a good wedge makes a significant difference for golfers that find themselves in the rough.

It’s one of those types of clubs that can turn an awkward or bad situation into less of a mess.

It’s always essential to choose a high-quality product, like the Cleveland Golf RTX-3 VMG Men’s Cavity Back Wedge.

The wedge itself is a clean-looking style with a classic shape, giving it some amazing features. The features include feel-balance technology, V Sole Grinds, and a larger profile.

The feel balance technology is a unique technology used on this wedge, and there is a patent pending, which shows you that the technology is impressive and is much more likely to improve your game.

The focus was to take about nine grams of mass from the rest of the product and redistribute it into the wedge head so that the COG is closer to its impact zone.

The larger profile is also helpful, and the RTX-3 is the only club from the Cleveland brand to have a larger profile overall.

Therefore, the golfer has more confidence and can create forgiving faces because there is a larger area of contact for the face.

The V sole grinds can offer better control and shot consistency. Along with such, the tour-proven grinds helps you get more turf interaction for a consistent club performance and crisper feeling.

The Rotex face is another impressive technology and only available right now on this club. It offers a more refined shape for the groove, as well as a micro-milling pattern to help optimize spin and make sure that you get consistent spins.

Along with such, the finish and look helps you impress your friends while golfing.

The wedge offers a cleaner style than others, but it still provides the classic shape you’ve come to appreciate from the Cleveland brand.

You get a tour-satin finish that is always impressive and always stands apart from the crowd.


  • Unique technology for feel balancing
  • Better and consistent control grinds
  • Optimized and increased spin performance
  • Improved turf interactions
  • Improved stability
  • A big confidence boost and more forgiving profile
  • Classic shape and clean look


  • Takes some time to get used to it
  • Product could have been a little lighter

3. Cleveland Golf Men’s CBX Wedge

Cleveland Golf 2018 Mens CBX Wedge

Our Honest Star Rating

Everyone knows that the brand, Cleveland, is synonymous with excellent wedge design and manufacturing.

The company has an envious reputation.

The Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s CBX Wedge is suitable for people with mid-level and high handicaps because it can help with your short game.

There are a few things you need to know about this wedge. For one, the cavity-back design pulls off the face a little lower down, which can match game improvements and give you the forgiveness you need by pulling more weight off and down a bit.

Along with such, the wedge has innovative Rotex grooves. It’s similar milling that you see on all wedges that the Cleveland brand products.

The company isn’t going to change that because it’s a signature look and style for the company. Plus, there is no reason for the company to change it because the Rotex technology gives you more control and a professional level spin.

The company claims that the design and technology prevent debris and dirt from getting on the face, ensuring that you get more solid shots regardless of where you’re hitting.

The Dual V sole is also impressive. You can see that little ridge the designers put on the club. This gives you much more versatility, allowing you to lay it open or close it.

Plus, you still have all the workability that you’ve been craving in a wedge.

Plus, the CBX has feel-balance technology built directly into the club. In short, the hosel is shorter, which moves the center of gravity a tad toward the face’s middle.

Since you have a cavity back and more gravity in the face middle, you have much more forgiveness, which can be highly beneficial to you.

The Cleveland brand spent many years researching weight and size to ensure that the CBX wedge was a perfect partner for your cavity back irons.

The wedges blend seamlessly with the cavity-back irons to ensure you have a dynamic duo while on the course. Weight transition is smooth, which means you get consistent performance.


  • Packed with technology (Dual-V sole, Rotex groves)
  • Gives more grip to the ball
  • Gives extra control you want all around the green
  • Ball goes wherever you want it to go
  • Feels like a professional
  • Excellent look
  • Satin finish is beautiful


  • Not the most innovative design

4. Cleveland Golf Men’s RTX-3 VMG Wedge

Cleveland Golf Mens RTX-3 VMG Wedge

Our Honest Star Rating

The Cleveland RTX series is highly successful, with over 10 million clubs being sold since its invention in 1988.

The latest addition, the RTX-3, is superseded in popularity to the RTX 2.0, so you’re sure to expect many excellent things from this particular wedge.

“RTX” stands for Rotex face. This is the process of micro-milling the face, which creates a little more roughness between its grooves, creating more forgiveness and grip.

You can find a variety of loft angles available, including 48 degrees and 60 degrees, as well as many in between. The bounce angle for the VMG has a medium bounce angle.

For those familiar with the RTX 2.0 version, you’ll note that the RTX 3’s grind has been significantly changed to what the brand is now calling the V-Sole Grind.

The grind is much narrower than before, and it is actually narrower than many other wedges available on the market, which allows you more versatility and makes it easier to go through the thick turf.

The company claimed that you lose 23 percent less of the speed with the V-Sole on every impact, which is highly significant.

Sand wedges are usually considered those with loft angles of between 54 and 60 degrees. With this brand, the V-Sole is notably wider, though it’s called the V-FG and wasn’t part of this review.

One thing you should be aware of is that the RTX-3 uses a blade on the wedge, which is slightly less forgiving.

However, it’s a sacrifice worth considering because you get more versatility and control. However, you should also note that the rougher Rotex face compromises that forgiveness, making it one of the easiest wedges to use, even with the tightest lies.

If you require more forgiveness and you already know this, a cavity-back model is available, as well.

The center of gravity is located more towards the heel, but it is close to the center, especially when compared to the RTX-2.

This new approach makes the RTX-3 feel on-point and balanced, which can drastically improve accuracy.


  • Lower flight than other wedges because of center of gravity position, natural feel, overall design
  • Provides many spins for backspin stops and shot shapes
  • Easy to control/judge distance
  • Rotex face gives soft impact, excellent feel
  • Rotex face has plenty of roughness; gives sufficient feedback regardless of strike location
  • V-Sole design helps wedge slide through tight turf and lies
  • Great feeling
  • Boosts confidence


  • Less aggressive compared to other wedges
  • More versatility with mid-bounce version
  • Wedge not built for distance (but it’s consistent)

5. VOKEY SM7 Wedges

VOKEY SM7 Wedges

Our Honest Star Rating

In 2017, Bob Vokey, the company behind VOKEY SM7 Wedges, unveiled the latest product and the clubs immediately replaced the SM6 versions as one of the best. 

Vokey designed six different grinds with an array of loft and bounce options so that amateurs can find the wedge that best suits them based on spin, touch, and distance control.

With so many options to choose from, it’s a little challenging to know where to start. Therefore, many reviewers claim that the VOKEY wedge may not be the most suitable option for beginners.

However, you can still try them and learn more about them so that you can master them and have a full set of wedges available for any situation.

It’s important to understand a little more about the key features, such as a varied CG, varied groove design, and more.

For example, the spin mill process is unique for the VOKEY products, so that with each loft and finish, you’re given the most consistent and sharpest groove edges.

The parallel face texture is also a highlight because it’s geared to improving your tight-shot dispersion, which maximizes spin, as well. The varied groove design is also featured on the SM7 series.

For example, the low lofts (46 to 54) have deeper, narrower grooves while the higher lofts (56 to 62) have shallower, wider grooves. Therefore, you can choose the option that fits your needs based on where you’re playing.

The center of gravity will also vary based on the type of loft. The CG is higher with the higher lofted wedge options and lower with the lower loft wedges.

The results of all these features are that you get better control and spin on all of your wedge shots. Along with such, the clubs all undergo a proprietary heat treatment processing, which produces better in-groove durability.

It can be confusing if you’re a beginner, to know what bounce means. The bounce is primarily the difference between the angles of the trailing edge and leading edge.

Bounce, in a sense, affects how the golf club interacts with turf. Lower bounce wedges are better for firm fairways while higher bounce wedges are perfect for wet or soft conditions.


  • Bounce, grind, loft options aren’t found elsewhere
  • Better feel and spin for every shot
  • Beautiful and innovative design


  • Many options available; harder to determine what you need

6. Callaway Golf Men’s Chrome Mach Daddy 4

Callaway Golf Mens Chrome Mach Daddy 4

Our Honest Star Rating

Most people instantly know the name Callaway and that it is synonymous with golf wedges.

The Mack Daddy 4 was introduced in 2018 and provides pitching, sand, lob, and approach/gap wedges.

You can find loft sizes available from 46 through 64 degrees, as well as various bounce angles (8, 10, and 12 degrees).

New for the 2018 year is also the choice of four different grinds, including the much-anticipated “X” grind. The Mach Daddy 4 product also gives buyers 21 different grind/bounce/loft configurations from which to choose.

The loft value is an essential number to consider, but so is the bounce. Club-makers get the bounce number using the angle formed from the bottom of the ground, as well as the club while it is at address.

It’s a little confusing, but you can understand bounce property easier by remembering that the higher bounce ratings indicate that there is a wider angle formed between the sole and club face.

Wider angles allow the club to power through soft turf and sand while low bounce wedges work well on hard sand and firm ground.

Grind is also important to consider. Most modern wedges, with the Callaway Mach Daddy 4 a part, have a grind value included on the head of the club. In the past, players customized the clubs by grinding down various parts of the sole.

The modified sole could help them close and open the club-face without affecting bounce properties. Manufacturers recognized that need and started offering wedges with many different grind options.

The trouble is that the arbitrary letters assigned to the club are proprietary to the club maker and nowhere else.

Getting back to the review, the Mach Daddy 4 offers groove-in-groove technology, which is the Callaway brand’s pattern of using small, large, and micro-grooves throughout the head, giving you more control and enhanced spin with every situation. You get 84 contact points for plenty of spin.

You also have four sole grinds. The “C” and “X” grinds work well for golfers that want to play many shots (square, closed, and club-face open) or want to play a course with many ground conditions.

Golfers who prefer a square face may find the “S” or “W” grind more likable.

You’ll also notice there are four CG weight ports, which allowed the club’s center of gravity to move upward while loft increases to deliver a solid feel and sound with every shot.


  • Many lofts available (two-degree increments) from 46-60
  • Men’s right hand 64-degree lob wedge available
  • 21 different bounce/loft combination
  • Exceptional spin and control
  • Four grinds available
  • True Temper Dynamic Gold Shafts


  • Limited availability for left-handed people

7. Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 3 Wedge S

Cleveland Golf Mens Smart Sole 3 Wedge S

Our Honest Star Rating

While many golfers want to talk about sub-460cc drivers and blades, most of them want to buy the Cleveland Smart Sole wedges.

For the last couple of years, these clubs have been the best for simplifying a golfer’s short game.

The third generation (3S) is the latest to be released.

The Smart Sole 3S wedge looks very different from others at address. It has a larger, round wedge, with a round toe and curved leading edge.

Along with such, it hides the sole at address. You will also love the satin chrome finish.

The feel and sound of the Smart Sole 3S wedge is another step in the right direction for the product.

You’ll notice a satisfying and solid impact feel when you hit on the center. The sound makes a dull thud, which isn’t the same as the original Smart Sole products that had a ‘click’ noise.

The feedback on mishits is primarily through the hands, so experienced players aren’t likely to have issues distinguishing a good contact.

The three-tiered sole is a designed that is supposed to forgive more interaction with the sand and turf, and it does what it promises.

Of course, you aren’t likely to notice the three different tiers, but you’ll realize that you rarely hit a bad shot. The sole can bail you out if you hit the turf too early.

The Smart Sole 3S wedge also includes the patented feel-balancing technology. It helps to move the sweet spot close to the face’s center, which is helpful for players who strike the ball nearer to the club.

You get a better feel and a shot that is closer to the toe, making it easier to strike the ball where you want it to go.

The wedge can become your best friend because it allows for idiot-proof bunker play.

You just aim the club where you desire the ball to go and hit the sand. You’re not going to have to manipulate your stance or the face; you just have to set it up and swing.

It’s also highly versatile; you can hit pitch shots off tighter lies with no trouble.


  • Feel-balancing technology moves sweet spot
  • Three-tiered sole
  • Two shaft materials
  • Left- and right-hand orientations available


  • Left- and right-hand orientations available
  • Goal to eliminate three clubs isn’t practical for some players

8. Texan Classics Gun Metal Wedge

Texan Classics Gun Metal Wedge

Our Honest Star Rating

If you’re looking for one of the best wedges for high handicappers, the Texan Classics Gun Metal Wedge Set might be the right choice for you.

The gun-metal finish is suitable for experienced and beginning golfers, as they are easy to use and accurate.

You get three wedges with various lofts, but all for the price of a single wedge.

While we don’t regularly talk about price as a selling point because there are so many other factors to consider, it must be said that getting so many wedges for such an affordable price can seem unheard of.

However, the fact that you still get something made of high quality is the primary reason why this set is so popular.

The company prefers to use stainless steel in the head to increase accuracy and spin.

The True Temper steel shaft also ensures that the wedges are high-performing products. The shaft uses a regular flex, which is what many high handicappers prefer to use.

Plus, the gun metal finish is amazing and has the feel of Texas. Of course, the gun metal finish isn’t just about looks. The finish also helps to reduce glare from the sun, making them easy to use regardless of the weather.

The Texan Classics wedge set has a variety of features. For one, the stainless steel head is an impressive feature.

While the stainless steel makes them more durable for any weather, they’re also better performing, and the head has a forged feel. The steel can also increase the accuracy and spin of the wedges.

The club set comes in a progressive loft style, offering 52-, 56-, and 60-degree loft options.

Therefore, they can be highly useful for many shot options, ensuring that you get versatility and the chance to create a personalized golf club set.

The shaft uses True Temper steel, which is a high-quality metal that is durable and gives better performance.

Plus, it comes with a regular flex, which makes it suitable for many types of players.

In short, you get high accuracy, a responsive feel, and a comfortable grip.


  • Forged-feel head gives excellent control
  • Appealing gun-metal finish
  • Set of three clubs
  • Wedge set offers versatile options for various shots
  • All three wedges have all-weather grips
  • True Temper steel shaft enhances performance and increases durability
  • Affordable for a set of three
  • Precise/accurate wedges with responsive feel


  • Lettering paint can chip away after a few months
  • All-weather grip not preferred by all golfers

9. Pinemeadow Golf PGX Wedge

Pinemeadow Golf PGX Wedge

Our Honest Star Rating

If you’re a beginner or just want to get back to the basics, the Pinemeadow Golf PGX Wedge is a suitable option for you.

Of course, the high quality and affordable price are one of the many reasons golfers of all types consider this brand.

The PGX version features a midsize wedge sole and a steel shaft, which ensures accuracy across many lines.

The head has a wide sole from the bottom across to the toe, making the head a forgiving surface from which to hit.

While it may not be as good as similar products, it works well for amateurs, beginners, and those who just want to have a wedge in case they’re asked to play.

These wedges work well for beginners to help you understand heft, weight, and sturdiness of the clubs.

You need something that’s designed to last for many years and build up your confidence while playing.

You need something that gives plenty of forgiveness while allowing you to practice your swing without the frustration and this wedge does all that.

One of the best things about the Pinemeadow Golf wedge is that it is suitable for both right- and left-handed players.

While most sellers list it as a right-handed product, it is likely that you can still use it if you’re a left-handed person or you can find left-handed versions available.

Most people believe that you can’t get affordable golf gear; if you want something decent, you need to spend a ton of money.

The Pinemeadow Golf wedge disproves that theory because it is highly affordable and beginner-friendly.

The 52-inch wedge is suitable for use around the green or on the fairway. It also allows you the ability to hit the lower loft chips, generating more of a roll.

The 56-inch wedge is primarily used as the SW, though some players enjoy chipping with it to give it more loft, generating less roll. It can also be used on the green side bunkers.

The 60-inch wedge is one of the hardest of the three to hit. It’s used around the green to generate the most spin while chipping.

It takes practice to chip using this wedge, but mastering the technique can give you an invaluable tool to help you score.


  • Three degree configurations from which to choose
  • Priced competitively
  • High accuracy
  • Forgiving
  • Suitable for right- and left-handed players


  • No head covers
  • Takes practice to determine which loft degree is required

10. Callaway Golf 2019 PM Grind Wedge

Our Honest Star Rating

The Callaway Golf 2019 PM Grind Wedge was designed by Roger Cleveland and Phil Mickelson to help players hit on three particular shots.

These two people are well-known figures for wedges, so you’re sure to like what you get.

The original PM grind was a one-off prototype that was built for Phil in 2014. It was characterized with a uniquely shaped head and high toe with a more expansive face, which included grooves that spanned the entire face. It was focused on helping Phil hit his “Phlop” shots.

Phil was so satisfied with the prototype that Callaway introduced it to the public in 2015.

For this latest wedge (PM Grind), Phil and Roger started working on ways to improve the new wedge to make it easier to hit those three essential shots that Phil believes every golfer should have.

These include the knockdown, hit and check, and the Phlop. The Knockdown is a high-spinning, low-flying shot suitable for pin attacks while the hit and check is a short pitch, which bounces twice and then stops.

The Phlop is a steep-landing, fast-stopping, high-flying greenside shot that made Phil famous.

The offset groove-in-groove technology has been introduced in a variety of Callaway wedges, but it still makes it one of the best reasons to purchase the brand.

You get four micro-positive ridges that are machined into the flat parts of the face, all parallel to the grooves, thereby giving you 84 contact points with the ball.

The ridges also form a micro-groove between each ridge, which is where it gets its name. For the PM Grind (2019), the micro-grooves are machined into the face at a 20-degree angle, making them almost perpendicular to the target line as you open the face, giving you more spin on your lob shots.

The higher toe and increased offset allow for crisper Knockdown shots. Offset means the distance between the leading edge of your club-face and the front edge of your hosel.

When you increase the offset amount, it allows for easier movement to get the ball into the right stance and position, as well as getting your hands in the right position ahead of the ball, allowing you to hit a knockdown.

The higher toe also pulls the center of gravity upward, allowing a lower trajectory, which also creates more space higher on the face.


  • Groove-in-groove technology for pitch/high-spin shots
  • Higher toe/increased offset for flag-finding, crisp knockdown shots
  • C-grind sole configuration gives crisp contact/broad lies range
  • Left- right-hand orientations available


  • Left- right-hand orientations available

Sand Wedge Buying Guide

We hope that our review has been helpful and at least helped you narrow down your search for the best sand wedge. If we haven’t, then we suggest that you keep reading to get a better idea of how to purchase and select a sand wedge yourself. We’ll give you all the facts you’ll need to become a professional sand wedge chooser and pick one that will help you win your game. So, without further hesitation, let’s get into our sand wedge for bunker buying guide.

3 Questions Before Your Purchase

While it may be tempting to purchase the first sand wedge you see, it’s not always the smartest choice. There are plenty of considerations you should ask yourself before making a hasty purchase. In this section, we’ll be answering a few of the questions we commonly hear from players.

1. Do You Need Multiple Wedges?

The need for multiple wedges is determined by your skill level, current clubs, and playing style. In golf, each person is only allowed to carry a maximum of 14 clubs at a time, which means you’ll have to be smart about the types you carry. Often, you’ll see players settle for a beginner or other pre-made sets. However, we encourage players to try every kind of wedge before building their own collection.

For example, take a closer look at some of the top professionals such as Patrick Reed, Paul Casey, and others. All of these people tend to hold at least one of each type of wedge that way they are prepared for any kind of match. They come ready for the game and intend to use their unique set of clubs to help them win.

Although, choosing your own type of set is never enough. In fact, knowing what type of fields you’ll be playing on ahead of time, you can eliminate what types you may or may not need. As you can imagine, each type of wedge is specially designed for a particular situation. Whereas one club may come in handy, another may hinder you. That’s why it’s best to get a feel for each type and practice on different terrains before you choose your set.

So, where does that leave you? A sand wedge is only useful when you’re playing on or near sand or another soft terrain. Most players tend to recommend up to two sand wedges per set, but only if you know, you’ll be spending more than one turn there.

2. When are Sand Wedges Needed?

A sand wedge is designed to give you a specific bounce angle that helps you get the ball off the soft sand and into other territories. But why is bounce angle needed on sand? For example, imagine yourself with a rubber ball. If you were to throw it on a solid surface, the ball would bounce back up to you. However, if you were to take that same ball and try to throw it on the sand, the ball would likely land inside the sand.

Sand tends to be hard to bounce any object off of, but by using the correct bounce angle, you can produce enough force for the golf ball to bounce off the soft sand at a specific angle. That being said, it can also be used on similar types of land that are soft or have sand-like properties. Some ordinary terrain you’d even use a sand wedge on are mud, tall grass, or smooth gravel.

3. Are There Any Other Advantages to Sand Wedges?

Sand wedges deliver one of the highest bounces compared to other types of clubs which is why it’s recommended to at least have one on hand at all times. Although, a high rebound can be a considerable advantage for three different reasons.

First, the head of the club is extremely heavier compared to other parts of the golf club. The extra weight enables the head of the club to hit much harder and cause the golf ball to rebound off of the sand and onto other terrains. This additional weight causes a change in the center of gravity which is much better for extra trajectory.

Second, these wedges provide the player a better opportunity to line the golf ball with the middle of the club wedge. The edge is more wide-set than others which enables you to have more flexibility when hitting the ball. Overall, it also helps beginners line up the shot with the club, making for a stronger impact and easy lineup.

Third, the wedge allows you to have the correct angle for the bouncing angle. This helps the club bounce the ball off of the sand without it getting stuck or trapped in other low ground obstacles. The bounce angle makes it perfect for multiple types of terrains or objects that are low to the ground.

Best Golf Clubs For Women

5 Factors To Consider When Buying Sand Wedges For Bunkers

There are five different factors you should always ask yourself before you go out and purchase sand wedges for bunkers. Consider these factors heavily before you go out and purchase yourself sand wedges, as they can help you avoid throwing the game.

1. Weight

The first factor we always tell players to consider is weight. Why? Imagine investing in a majority of heavy set golf clubs and not having a caddy or trolley. You’ll end up having to lug all of the clubs yourself, which can wear down your shoulders, upper and lower back. So, to avoid this, it’s best to pay attention to the weight of the clubs as you’re lining up your set.

Plus, if you’re focusing most of your time trying to carry your clubs rather than play the match, you won’t be as focused. Depending on the field, you could end up walking a mile or two. Add the extra weight of clubs, water bottles, snacks, and other materials, and you’re going to be overloading yourself. You can’t have a good match if you’re focused more on keeping up with your rival.

Sand wedges come in a variety of synthetic, metal, or iron materials and often are the most massive clubs in a players bag. If your whole set is made from metal, you could be looking to carry an extra 35 lbs. or more. Each wedge weighs around 40 ounces or approximately 2.5 lbs. So, if you do end up investing in all metal equipment, we recommend renting a trolley for the day.

2. Size

The size of each club will inherently be different dependent upon the brand, craft, and if it's made for adults or children, so, there’s no one size fits all. That's why it’s always suggested to test out your golf clubs before using them.

If you’re browsing in a store, it’s much easier to test the ones they have out there. These give you a better idea of how big each one will be and maybe you’ll find a brand that suits your body height and playing style.

On the other hand, shopping online can be stressful because you need to read the product dimensions and weight each time and compare it to other golf clubs or your body. Always read the description as it can help you get a better feel for if the wedges are right for you.

3. Price

Price is another factor that many tend to skip because they believe that all golf wedges are created the same. Sadly, golf wedges are beyond different and use various materials, metals, irons, and synthetic materials. These each cause the end result to be a bit different from another.

All of those factors, including brand name, tend to factor into the price of the wedges. So, if you want to be smart about it don’t grab the first one you see. It’s hard not to choose your favorite player's prize set or a sweet bundle that gives you more objects included in the bundle. However, you should aim for a middle ground.

This middle ground should be anywhere from $200 to $400 if you’re purchasing a full set of clubs. Although, you could go a bit lower or higher depending on a few factors, but generally speaking, these are the best in terms of average players.

Higher end and professional sets tend to cost at least $800 at minimum and can continue to climb up to $1,000 for a complete iron set. Most of these sets tend only to be crafted from high-end metals and are name brand.

On the other hand, beginner sets tend to cost anywhere from $300 to $400 depending upon what materials they are made from. These sets are often geared towards beginners or children. Either way, you can find plenty of range to choose from, but you’ll be skipping out on quality the lower you go.

4. Set

Another factor to consider is what comes in your set? Many times sets do not include all 14 wedges, which limits you on use. Plus, you could also get stuck with a set that doesn't even have a driver or a putter. If that’s the case, you’ll find yourself frustrated and want to forfeit as you wouldn’t be able to do much during the match.

So, to avoid this mess, it’s best to check what’s included in a set. If you’re just starting out and you don’t own any previous equipment, then it’s best to find a set that consists of all of the necessary tools to play golf.

Generally, you will need at least a club set, a putter, and wedge. However, beginner sets also will include iron, hybrid, and fairway drivers.

It’s best to think about what type of golf course you’re going to be playing at. As we’ve said earlier, the kind of terrain comes into play with what clubs are going to be useful. That’s why you want to purchase a set that’s compatible with where you’re playing.

If there are a lot of hills, you may want to grab a set that includes lob and pitch wedges because they can help you shoot your golf ball over objects or terrains. On the other hand, if you’re playing on a small mini-golf course that has short holes, then you may want to get a sand or gap wedge.

5. Experience

Our last factor to consider is your player level. You’ll find that if you’re just starting out, it may be challenging to pick up professional styles of playing. The same goes for the type of equipment you invest in. Of course, most of it has to do with practice, but you should still invest in a starting kit if you’re a beginner.

There are intermediate to professional level kits, but at this point, we recommend that you choose each type of wedge and club separately. You’ll likely be playing on different courses which require you to have an extensive collection of wedges.

Select the types of wedges and golf clubs you bring with you by seeing what courses you’re going to be playing on. It depends on what variety of terrains you’ll be playing on, the obstacles, and how far you’ll be golfing.

With more experience, you have a better chance of choosing the correct clubs for the right situation. From there, it just takes practice and patients to see who is going to win. So, hopefully, you understand what to do when you reach a professional level.

Understanding 4 Different Golf Wedge Types

Believe it or not, skill is only part of what it takes to win a golf match. The truth is, understanding the types of wedges and how they interact with your playing style and the surrounding environment is key to your success. In this section, we’ll introduce you to the four different types of wedges you’ll run into and how they can benefit you out on the field.

1. Sand Wedge

A sand wedge features a massive head that is thin enough to glide through sand while still making a large enough impact to toss the ball higher and at a far distance. It’s commonly used in either sand, tall grass, or soft land as the wedge pops the ball into the air, well over any objects that may slow the ball down.

These types of wedges are built with a specific high trajectory that is caused by the bounce angle. Every sand wedge contains a loft range which is between 54-59 degrees and prevents the ball from spinning or landing away from the hole. If you need a high trajectory, short distance, and only plan on hitting minimum 80-100 yards, the sand wedge can help.

2. Pitch Wedge

On the other hand, a pitching wedge is useful for digging underneath the ball and providing a high trajectory. These types of wedges are often the key to traveling far distances or useful for pitching high into the air and landing inside the hole. A pitching wedge is considered the central wedge of golfing, which is why it should be mastered before you throw any of the other wedges into the mix.

The loft range of pitching wedges is anywhere from 44-49 degrees which makes it perfect for traveling 110 to 125 yards. If you’re looking for a reliable method for increasing the distance between you and your opponent, this wedge is definitely helpful.

3. Lob Wedge

The next wedge is the lob wedge, or commonly known as a lofted or L-wedge. They are most used in pitches or runs that require you to shoot over an object. As you can imagine, the lob wedge creates a very high arc, which comes in handy if you’re trying to shoot over water, trees, or bunkers. The loft range of each shot can be approximated at 59-65 degrees, but cannot shoot more than 100 yards.

4. Gap Wedge

The last type of wedge is called a gap wedge, which as you can imagine helps you close the gap between point A and point B. It’s the most used wedge out of all but the most difficult to master. You’ll see that it’s best when you’re caught in a bind and don’t want to swing your pitching wedge lightly but are stuck needing a bit lighter swing than a sand wedge.

The loft range of a gap wedge is between 50-54 degrees and can send the golf ball flying up to 100 yards away.

6 Frequently Asked Questions about Sand Wedges

We often get questions and thought we’d create a FAQs section guiding newer players on the most common questions. If you’re looking to up your game or be informed about what’s important in golf, we can help give you a better idea. Plus, we’ll introduce you to a few questions that can help you improve your golfing over time.

1. Does it Matter Where I’m Playing?

Chances are you already have a golf club in mind. The top players don’t just pick their favorite clubs, but choose them based on the type of area they’re are going to be playing. Selecting the right type of equipment can fundamentally change the outcome of the game and keep you prepared for the correct type of clubs.

As we mentioned earlier, sand clubs are designed for sandy terrain but come in handy for similar types of land. If the golf course you’re planning to play on has a majority of muddy, murky, or sandy fields then you best pack one to two sand wedges.

Yes, it does matter where you’re playing as it will have a massive impact on your game. If your opponent is more prepared than you and knows how to select the right type of wedge, then chances are you might be evenly matched, or they will end up winning.

Luckily, sand wedges are designed to help you get out of a sticky situation by hoisting the ball into an area where you can get a good shot from. If you practice using a sand wedge right, you can quickly outwit your opponent and at least get your ball further towards the hole than them.

2. Will Sand Wedges Fit My Playstyle?

Sand wedges for bunkers tend to produce more bounce, which can be an excellent handicap for beginners. By using the thick sole, a player can use the sand wedge to bounce the ball off of the ground and other soft material to help produce a longer shot.

This is better for players who tend to find themselves digging their clubs into the ground causing milder impact with the golf ball resulting in short distances. So, if your playstyle consists of heavy shots that are being hindered by the surrounding soft ground, you may find it better suited to use a few sand wedges here and there.

Of course, practice does come into play. If you work on your aim and getting the trajectory right, you wouldn’t have a use for sand wedges on different terrains. However, if you’re just starting out or at the intermediate level, we’d say that these are the best for getting ahead from your opponent.

3. Should I Purchase New or Used Sets?

We get this question a lot because players want to save the most money on their beginning set, which is understandable. Purchasing used golf clubs is actually quite normal and doesn't hinder your game at all. It’s not like other sports where you might wear down your gear and cause an accident, or it may not work correctly. Instead, you can safely purchase and reuse wedges from other players.

Although, there’s nothing wrong with trying to save some money by buying from other players. In fact, you should be keeping your money to invest in better quality wedges and clubs that way you have a high-quality set ready to go once you’ve mastered the basics.

We don’t want to see our audience being taken advantage of, so just make sure to inspect each element of the set before you purchase a used set from another player. It’s not uncommon that used sets will have wear and tear damage, along with a few dents and scratches. These are likely due to long-term use, but they can affect your ability to play the game.

Carefully inspect the wedges for the right degree for which type of wedge it is. Refer to our wedge guide for better instructions on what kind of wedge should have which angles. Besides that, look for grooves that have been damaged or indentations. You don’t want to purchase any of these because they won’t work in a game.

4. What Are The Best Sand Wedge Brands?

There are plenty of different brands that produce high-quality sand wedges. Although, the most common three are Cleveland CBX, XE1, and Callaway. These brands tend to focus on crafting useable sand wedges that come in various price-points, designs, and styles.

Other off-brands that tend to do well are Wilson Harmonized, Pinemeadow, and Texan Classics. These brands tend to be of lower quality but are excellent for beginners who just want to try out their first clubs. Either way, you can’t go wrong with any of the brands we’ve listed.

5. Are There Any Other Considerations to Keep in Mind?

Are there other considerations besides the ones we’ve mentioned earlier? Well, if you want to make an informed choice, there are more considerations that you can keep an eye on. However, these are mainly dependent upon other factors.

Stroke Style

Stroke style refers to the type of golfer you are. If you tend to dig a lot with your swings, then you may want to switch to golfing with a sand wedge. Of course, you should still practice your other forms, but a sand wedge can help you regulate how you play and beat any beginner games.

Plus, it’s good to leave fewer divots in the course while you’re golfing. The stroke style tends to cause you to dig into the ground and leave some nasty residue on the surface of the field. This makes the golf course look bad and unkept. If you want to reduce this, you can use a sand wedge and learn how to skim the surface when you shoot.

Material and Finishes

The material used to finish your wedge can actually have a massive impact on your performance. Metals and other types of finishes tend to affect how big the club is. If you're not used to a heavy club and you go out and purchase a pure metal sand wedge, you’ll find that your performance will go down.

As much as we’d like to say that the tools are what help you win, it’s also practice that counts. So, be sure that you’re practicing with the same weight sand wedges. If you’re using a 40-ounce sand wedge for training, always use that for your match. It will make a huge difference, and you’ll be less surprised if you mess up.

Golf Course Environment

The environment is also a huge factor in how well you might do out on the course. If you haven’t golfed in rain or wind before, you’d be surprised how much they alter your results. Wet climates also tend to create soft land, which is best for sand wedges. However, hard ground and gravel tend to need pitch wedges.

Always adjust the type of set you’re bringing to the climate and weather of the place you’re golfing. A simple google search can help you determine if there’s going to be rain or shine that day, which gives you a hint on what type of wedges you’ll need to pack.

6. What are Your Goals?

The very last question you should be asking yourself is what type of goals you’re setting for yourself. Some people go out on the field and expect to do their very best. However, we’ve also seen players win and beat themselves up because they didn’t produce the perfect form.

As a golfer, you need to ask yourself what you’re aiming for. If it’s just to learn how to play the game and enjoy the wins and losses, then you may not need all of the sets or wedges. On the other hand, if you’re planning on going professional, then chances are you will need to practice with each type of club and wedge available.

In retrospect, if you’re just looking to take up golfing as a hobby then grab a decent set and head out to the golf course. However, if you’re planning to take up golfing professionally, then you may want to find a suitable brand of metal clubs and wedges and practice on a number of different terrains. Either Way, gaining experience is the most essential factor if you want to win over your opponent.

Final Words

We’ve now gone over the best sand wedges of 2019. We hope that you’ve at least found some insight to select your next sand wedge or if you even need to invest in a sand wedge unit. Of course, we always recommend that you have at least one in your set for good measure.

Besides that, we hope that you enjoyed reading our article and that it’s given you some valuable information pertaining to the world of golf. If you’re still shaky or unsure of how to go about purchasing a sand wedge the best advice we can give you is to check other reviews. Players tend to know what’s best, so checking out what they have to say about a specific product can help you avoid the bad ones.

You’ll find plenty of information which can help you narrow down your search in our article. Of course, we also suggest trying out the sand wedge in person, as this can give you a better feel for the product that online descriptions. Either way, we look forward to seeing from you next time and hope that we’ve helped just a little bit on your journey to find the best sand wedge for bunkers.

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