Best Budget Golf Clubs ([year] Update)

Best Budget Golf Clubs (2024 Update)

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Golf is expensive. So expensive that it deters people from picking up the game and carries a stuffy reputation amongst the masses. Golf knows this and is working on it. Part of the efforts? Producing high quality clubs and equipment that won’t break the bank. But what does that mean?

It means that buying used clubs isn’t the best way to go anymore and the best affordable golf clubs are the best bang for your buck.

Save your money for lessons instead. Spending a couple hundred dollars on those will benefit you more and leave way longer of a lasting imprint on your game than if you used that money to buy more expensive clubs. Buy the best cheap golf clubs you can find (in this article.) We did our homework. You don’t have to.

best cheap golf clubs

What Does a Complete Set of Golf Clubs Include?

The best affordable golf clubs from a store or online retailer will contain most, but not all, of the things you need to visit your local course and tee it up. Purchasing one of the sets we highlight in the article below means purchasing a:

  • Golf bag—not all sets will have one, but most do.
  • Driver
  • Putter
  • Wood and/or hybrid(s)
  • Irons
  • Wedges

Each option we profile contains a different combination of clubs. While there is no perfect combination, they all get you ready to play your next round and you will adapt to what’s in your bag over time. But it’s always a good idea to carefully examine this part of each listing.

You don’t want to miss something you think of as essential, such as multiple hybrids or a sand wedge, and was available in other sets but not yours.

What Does a Complete Golf Club Set NOT Include?

These are things that you should get before playing, and after buying some of the best affordable golf clubs listed in the article below.

  • Golf balls. This is the most obvious item. You can’t play without golf balls, but you also don’t need to break the bank. Go with an affordable option.
  • Tees. These fall under the category of a necessity as you cannot use your driver without them.
  • Ball marker. For picking up your ball and lining it up on the green before a putt. Most golfers have a handful in their bag. Just ask a friend if you don’t want to spend the couple dollars it costs for a new one.
  • Divot tool. For fixing the green after you hit your ball onto it. Buy one. Watch videos on how to use it properly. Never stop using it.
  • Golf Towel. For cleaning your clubs and balls. Even the best budget golf clubs get dirty. Keeping them dry and debris-free will extend their life.

Additionally, there are some other things that are nice to have, but not are completely necessary.

  • Golf shoes. Sneakers will work just fine, but not great. Like the best cheap golf clubs, an inexpensive pair will be good quality and durable.
  • Valuables pouches. Golf bags hold a lot of things. With their deep pockets, it’s not always easy to find what you’re looking for. Early on, plastic bags will do. But as you realize how quickly tees break through those, you’ll want to invest in some nicer vessels for holding your stuff.
  • Rangefinder. This is a device that measures distance and its place at the bottom of our list is completely on purpose. They are useful, but a complete luxury.

Why You Should Trust Our Golf Club Recommendations

Around the time of COVID, golf experienced a resurgence. People were unable to do their favorite activities and searching for a safe hobby. They found golf; a game played outside where there was a moderate level of comfort in a time of uncertainty.

Around the same time, people such as myself who had been playing for their entire lives began fielding questions from friends, acquaintances, and people they hadn’t talked to in years, but knew them as golfers. One thing led to another, and my knowledge of the basics was rejuvenated. I wasn’t going to give my friends bad advice and wanted to see them succeed. After all, what’s better than more people you like to play with?

While we do receive a small commission for items purchased using the links in our articles, clubs are chosen based on their quality. After all, this is an article on the best cheap golf clubs—not the most expensive.

One of the biggest reasons we update our articles on a yearly basis is that new equipment comes out every year and what was the best 12 months ago may no longer be the best today. While the clubs from a couple years ago are still good, you’re leaving yardage, forgiveness, and accuracy on the table by ignoring the latest and greatest models. Think about it. If pro golfers kept playing balls from 15 years ago, they’d still be playing good balls. But because they’re playing the latest models, where there’s been 15 years of improvements, they’re having to rollback the technology because it’s gotten so good.

Let’s dig into this year’s best-budget golf clubs.

Best Overall: Callaway Edge Set

[amazon box = “B07CSGKMC4″ template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

Why the Callaway Edge 10-Piece Set?

  • Odyssey White Hot putters are the type of club you can use forever, and you don’t usually see such high-quality putters in the full sets.
  • 10 clubs are enough to cover all your distances, but four below the limit so you can add where you like.
  • Buying all these clubs individually would cost considerably more than the price of the set.

An outstanding set of golf clubs at a reasonable price, the [amazon link=”B07CSGKMC4″ title=”Callaway Edge set” /] is the best option for most golfers. 

With a complete set of irons, an excellent driver, two hybrid clubs, and a mind-blowing Odyssey White Hot Pro putter, the Edge Golf set is considered one of the best set of golf clubs to take your game to a whole new level.

There are 4 irons in the bag that perform with pro-like consistency, from the 6 iron up to the 9 iron. The great thing about these irons is that they go just as far as a normal set of golf clubs and they’re designed for you to swing them with as little effort as possible. 

This means that once you get a smooth rhythm going, you’ll be hitting pure, consistent iron shots with ease. They are also very forgiving and can be used to shape the ball around quite easily.

The two wedges are the Pitching wedge and the Sand wedge. Both of these clubs provide consistent performances, although the Sand wedge might not have as much loft as one would like. 

However, it works great for a standard 80-yard shot into the green. If you like playing higher shots or struggle to get out of bunkers, you may need to get a 60-degree wedge separately.

The two-hybrid clubs are the 5 hybrid and the 3 wood. These are two of the best clubs in the bag, as they provide greater control from longer distances, which is what most beginners and even middle-handicapped golfers struggle with. 

The 5 hybrid provides a very consistent, high-ball flight and has a slight draw bias, which means that it will go right to the left most of the time. This is great for you if you want to be able to get a long shot to sit quickly on the green and if you struggle with a slice. 

The 3 wood is probably the second-best club in the whole set, as it’s a great club to use off the tee if your driver isn’t performing, and it travels like a rocket. Many customers have rated it as the best wood they’ve ever played with.

The driver has a very large face that provides insane forgiveness when you catch the ball off-center. It also travels just as far as normal drivers and is only 10-15 yards behind the top-range drivers. There are many similar drivers that have very similar performance to the Callaway Edge Driver, which would cost more than the whole set combined!

Last, but certainly not least, the best club in the bag is the Odyssey White Hot Pro putter. This is arguably one of the best putters ever produced by Odyssey regarding consistency and distance control. This club itself could be with more than what the whole set costs combined. 


  • Complete golf set: From the driver to the putter, this golf set has everything you need to get you playing well.
  • Great consistency: The consistency and accuracy are what makes these clubs stand youtube from the rest.
  • Trusted brand: Callaway is a very trusted brand in the golf equipment scene, and its reputation for quality is well known. Tour players like Jon Rahm even use Callaway clubs.
  • Easiest to use: This set of clubs was designed to help the average golfer hit the ball better, and it does its job well.
  • Great cost savings: There isn’t a set of clubs that can compete with the level of performance, as well as the price of the Edge set.


  • Light shafts: One issue with this set is that all the clubs have very light shafts, and although they work well for golfers with slower swing speeds, golfers with faster swings will struggle.
  • Lack of loft: The sand wedge is the most lofted club in the bag, but it can be argued that the loft just isn’t enough to help out in bunkers and around the green.

Most Forgiving Set: Strata Men’s Golf Package Set 

[amazon box = “B07H2HQJR5″ template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

Why the Strata Complete Golf Set?

  •  A variety of packages lets you pick the number of clubs and the price you want to pay.
  • The bag is a nice in-between size for walkers and cart-riders alike. Enough room to carry all of your stuff, but not too bulky to walk 18 with.
  • Comes in left and right-handed—a rarity among the best affordable golf clubs which typically cater to righties only.

We all know that one of the best ways to lower your score on the course is to hit the ball as straight as possible and reduce the severity of the bad shots. If you have a frustrating pull or slice going, and you just want a golf set that will assist you in limiting those really bad shots, then this golf set is for you. 

This [amazon link=”B07H2HQJR5″ title=”11-piece Strata set” /] gives you excellent control and forgiveness and is great value for money. In this set, there’s a driver, 3-wood, 4-hybrid, 5-hybrid, and a set of six irons from 6-Sand Wedge. You also get a 35-inch (88.9 cm), blade putter, as a bonus. This complete set of golf clubs will help you if you’re a beginner, as it covers all distances well. 

The irons are the highlight of the set, as they provide accuracy and forgiveness to the average golfer that struggles with mishits and shanks. They have a large topline on them which provides a better look and feel, and the more comfortable one is over the ball, the better. 

This set also has regular flex shafts, which aid in helping you swing more smoothly but may hamper golfers with faster swings. A downside to these irons is that they may not last as long as some other sets.

The driver and the 3-wood, 4-hybrid, and 5-hybrid all have decent performance ratings and great forgiveness. The driver, for example, provides the most forgiveness after the irons and is pleasant to look at behind the ball. All of these clubs provide a beautiful ball flight and sound amazing when struck.

The 35-inch (88.9 cm) putter is the only thing that lets this golf set down, as it has very little forgiveness on off-center hits and no markings to let you know where the center of the clubface is. However, this golf set is mainly based on the forgiveness of the irons and the driver, so even if you have to put a new putter in the bag, this set still makes sense.


  • Great forgiveness: The Strata Men’s Golf Package Set is the set that provides the most forgiveness throughout the range of clubs.
  • Good beginner set: Having a set that you can improve with is what all new golfers need, and this set does just that. It is forgiving and easy to use at first, but you’ll find that it shapes the ball really well too.
  • Amazing feel: The feel and sound that is produced when you hit a shot are simply amazing.


  • Not great durability: The irons seem to get scuffed quickly, and the set doesn’t seem to be as durable as many other clubs on the market. This may affect your decision about which clubs to buy, especially if you want a longer-lasting set.
  • Only available in regular flex: The Strata Package set only comes with regular flex shafts, which will negatively affect your ball striking if you have a faster swing speed than normal.

Best for Your Budget: MacGregor CG3000 Set

[amazon box = “B09MHWS7QW” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

Why the Macgregor CG3000 Set?

  • The option to choose steel or graphite shafts is a major plus. Slow swingers need graphite. Hard swingers need steel.
  • A13-degree driver is a great option for beginners and those who struggle to launch the ball off the tee.
  • Internal weighting of the irons make them very forgiving, even when your contact is not great.

If you’re on a really tight budget and don’t know whether or not you can even afford a decent set of clubs, then look no further than [amazon link=”B09MHWS7QW” title=”the MacGregor CG3000 set” /]. MacGregor has made a name for itself in the golf accessories market by offering good quality products at a very competitive price point, and this golf set is no different.

The MacGregor CG3000 Set is a complete set and it is very reasonable for the mid $300’s. The set includes a driver, a hybrid, a six/seven iron, an eight/nine iron, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, and a putter. 

You also get a bag and stand that can take you around a course reasonably well. This set is designed for beginners, but the price won’t do justice to how well they perform. 

All of the clubs make good contact with the ball and travel their intended distances consistently. The irons have the best consistency and feel amongst the clubs in the set, as they are good behind the ball. The driver has a good sound and feel to it, and even though the distances are quite consistent, they aren’t very long. 

Another positive about this set is that the putter performs well on the greens, even with its simplistic design.


  • It fits into a budget: This set is unmatched regarding price and performance combined. However, you are paying for a limited set of clubs which balances out the price advantage. 
  • Accurate distance control: The problem with most of the cheapest golf clubs is that the performance isn’t consistent with each shot. However, not only is the MacGregor CG3000 Set the best value for golf clubs there is, it is guaranteed to perform well too.


  • Not a Popular Brand: While MacGregor is a brand with a long history, it’s not as reliable as other more established brands such as Callaway or Nike. 
  • Sub-par driver performance: The driver performance isn’t great, both in terms of distance and control. This could make playing even harder for a beginner since the driver is supposed to be the easiest club to hit. 

The Best Golf Clubs for Beginners: PXG Single Length Iron Set

[amazon box = “B07RF9CV8Y” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

Why the PXG Single Length Iron Set?

  • One-length clubs are easy to learn with because you can replicate your swing more easily than trying to adjust with different length shafts each shot.
  • An irons-only set gives you the freedom to build out the rest of your bag and since these don’t break the bank, you can invest in nice clubs while keeping total cost down.
  • Pinemeadow is celebrated for producing affordable golf clubs at a low cost, and this is their latest model.

If you’re new to the game and are looking to get a new set, but you want the best golf clubs for cheap, then the [amazon link=”B07RF9CV8Y” title=”PXG single length golf irons” /] are a terrific option. 

Unlike most other golf clubs that are marketed for golfers of all experience levels, this set is specifically made for beginners. The clubs in this set are designed to deliver good, accurate shots while boasting a very forgiving design. 

Iron shots and driving are the two areas where beginners struggle the most, and that is why it’s worth getting the PXG irons, even though they aren’t part of a complete set. These irons are specialized to give you the best performance and forgiveness as a beginner. This also allows you to choose your own driver and putter based on what works for you.

However, as you improve your skills, you may find the limited range of clubs problematic and may consider shifting to a complete set. 


  • Great performance: The performance of these irons for beginner golfers is incredible. The forgiveness, ball flight, and consistency are what’ll get beginner golfers hooked on the game.
  • Good value for money: The performance ensures that this iron set is among the best value for money.


  • It isn’t a complete set: This is a big let-down because there are so many full sets that are targeted at beginners because newbies don’t want to go through the hassle of buying clubs separately. It is much more convenient than a complete set.

Best Clubs To Improve Your Game on a Budget: Wilson D9 Golf Irons

[amazon box = “B08SMSQRLJ” template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

Why the Wilson D9 Iron Set?

  • These are the nicest clubs on our best-budget golf clubs list and utilize the most advanced technology—the yardage and accuracy prove it.
  • Steel and graphite shafts and senior, regular, and stiff flexes give you a wide array of options to choose from making this a set for all golfers.
  • A low center of gravity makes it easy to hit each iron high.

If you’ve been playing golf for a while and are looking to upgrade your clubs within a budget in order to improve your game, then I’ve got just the set for you. The [amazon link=”B08SMSQRLJ” title=”Wilson D9 golf irons” /] are here to elevate your game without burning your pocket.

These irons are revolutionary in that they have been designed to improve distance while still providing accuracy and consistency. They have also been designed to provide better launch angles as well as an improved look and feel to the clubs.

The irons are made for high performance on a budget, and the Midsize head helps with confidence over the ball. So, if you’re looking to improve your ball speed in order to increase your distances without having to swing any harder, then the Wilson D9 Golf Irons is for you.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Budget Golf Clubs

Factors to Consider When Choosing Golf Clubs on a Budget

What Do I Need and What Do I Have?

If you’re buying a set of golf clubs, chances are you’re already familiar with the game. Now, are you someone who has only been able to borrow clubs when you’re played or went to the driving range before? Or are you a person that already has a collection of clubs?

If you need everything, a full set that goes from driver to putter is where you should be looking. Already have a driver and putter? Maybe you go with irons only to start. You can always add to your bag, but having too many quality clubs is wasteful.

If you already have clubs, don’t be afraid to ask the person who gave them to you what is worth keeping. That person wants you to like the game and shouldn’t be offended if you ask them.

What Type of Shaft is Best?

A common mistake of beginner golfers is purchasing clubs with the wrong shaft. But what does the wrong shaft really mean? Golf club shafts have different flexes designed to help the player hit the ball as far and as accurately as possible. Using a club that is too stiff or too flexible will prevent you from maximizing your skills. The scale begins with the most flexible, also known as senior, then regular, and the stiffest is, you guessed it, stiff.

If you see reviews of clubs where they break after a few uses, this is typically why. Many full sets are geared towards slow swingers and when someone who swings fast uses them, the impact with the ground makes it easy for them to break.