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5 Best BagBoy Push Carts (2024 Rankings)

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Wondering “which BagBoy push cart should I buy”? Looking for the best BagBoy push cart? Pushcarts are handy when playing golf since they ensure you don’t have to carry your heavy golf bag around the course, depleting your energy. BagBoy golf pushcarts are known for their durability and quality.

The Bagboy Nitron Auto Open pushcart is the best push cart Bagboy offers. When comparing Bagboy pushcarts, you must consider several factors, such as ease of use, maneuverability, and weight. Personal preference also plays a significant role in which pushcart you consider to be the best.

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Despite being one of the leading producers of best golf push carts, not all of BagBoy’s pushcarts are equal. There are also various factors to consider when choosing the best BagBoy pushcart.

Weight (lbs)ManeuverabilityEase of UsePrice RangeSize (inches)
Nitron Auto Open16.75XX$250+19×13.5×22
TriSwivel II16X$300+23.5x13x24
Quad XL14.2XX$250+24x17x16
Compact 313.5X< $25021.5x13x18
Spartan XL16XX$250+18x17x23

So if you’re interested in knowing which BagBoy pushcart you should buy, stick around, because…we teed up the answer as part of the annual Honest Golfers golf push cart reviews series!

The Best Bagboy Pushcart

The Best Bagboy Pushcart

We must consider several factors when determining which Bagboy pushcart is best. Of course, you could simply look at the top-selling pushcart and settle on that one, but it might not be the best one for you. Bagboy currently has six pushcarts on the market, each with its own pros and cons that make it unique. 

But what should you look for when buying a Bagboy pushcart? Aside from buying the pushcart that looks the best, you must also consider its weight, maneuverability, ease of use, price, and size. 

These things will help you determine which Bagboy golf pushcart is best and which you should buy. So why should you consider these factors when buying a Bagboy pushcart?

The pushcart’s weight is an essential consideration since this is the weight you will be pushing around on the golf course. A pushcart that is too heavy may be challenging to move around, while a pushcart that is too light may topple over when you remove your clubs.

The maneuverability of the pushcart is also crucial since you must be able to move it around the golf course easily. Consider how many wheels the pushcart has and how these wheels can rotate to make the pushcart more maneuverable. 

Regarding ease of use, you must consider the previous sections and how easy it is to assemble the pushcart. Fortunately, most pushcarts fold down to make them smaller while traveling. 

Still, it takes more effort with some pushcarts to get them from the car into their ready position. Consider how much effort goes into preparing the pushcart before you are ready to play golf.

The price of the pushcart is, of course, also a great consideration. Pushcarts aren’t as expensive as electric carts. But you can still buy some Bagboy pushcarts for less than others, which might sway your opinion. 

Finally, the size of the pushcart is also an important consideration. If you have a hatchback car or compact SUV, you might not have space for the biggest Bagboy pushcart on the market. Consider what size pushcart you need before settling on one. 

Almost all Bagboy pushcarts are sold regularly. There are currently six on the market, with one being a junior pushcart. To help you determine which pushcart is best for your needs, we will compare the top 5 Bagboy pushcarts in terms of their weight, maneuverability, ease of use, price, and size. 

Before we break down each pushcart in more detail, let’s consider how they compare on these aspects, so you have a general idea of what you are looking for. 

Choosing Which Bagboy Pushcart Is Best

Choosing Which Bagboy Pushcart Is Best

Knowing how these Bagboy pushcarts compare to each other is useful if you want to select the right one. Let’s now consider each pushcart in more detail to give you a better idea of the perfect one to buy. Here is a detailed description of the pros and cons of each of the 5 Bagboy pushcarts. 

1. Nitron Auto-Open Push Cart

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The [amazon link=”B07NDWN2NX” title=”Nitron Auto Open /] pushcart is one of Bagboy’s best sellers.

This pushcart is so convenient because it has nitrogen canisters that unlock the pistons to set up the pushcart. When you arrive at the golf course, simply push a button to release the front wheel, and the golf pushcart is ready. 

The Nitron Auto Open pushcart is straightforward and takes little to no time to set up. In addition, this pushcart has three wheels for maximum stability, a phone and beverage holder, and an umbrella holder. These additions ensure that the Nitron Auto Open is a convenient pushcart. 

The Nitron Auto Open is also the most highly-rated pushcart on Amazon and has many happy customers. When choosing a Nitron Auto Open pushcart, you also have many color options. So, what are the downsides of this pushcart?

The first drawback is that the Nitron Auto Open pushcart is quite heavy. It is the heaviest of all Bagboy’s pushcarts and, therefore, may become taxing if you push it around on the golf course all day. This is also one of the more expensive pushcarts on Bagboy’s website, coming in at $270. 

Because of the plastic components of this pushcart, one may also worry about its longevity. There is a bit of play on the brake handle, which may cause it to break prematurely. If your number one concern is to have a pushcart that will last for an eternity, the Nitro Auto Open may not be the best one for you. 

2. TriSwivel II Pushcart 

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Another one of Bagboy’s best-selling pushcarts is the [amazon link=”B017DIZ7G8″ title=”TriSwivel II” /]. As the name suggests, the TriSwivel pushcart has three wheels, and the front wheel can spin 360°, making it easier to push and move around.

The TriSwivel has an adjustable handle to make it more convenient for taller (or shorter) players to move around.

The TriSwivel also includes a beverage storage container, golf ball storage space, and an umbrella holder. This makes the pushcart more convenient and improves its user-friendliness.

The TriSwivel is the top-selling pushcart on Bagboy’s website, and it’s easy to see why. However, there are also some unfortunate downsides to this pushcart.

The biggest con of the TriSwivel pushcart is that it is the most expensive one on Bagboy’s website, costing you $300. This is quite expensive for a pushcart in general.

The TriSwivel also requires three steps to set up once removing it from your car, which means that it takes longer to set up than the Nitron. 

The TriSwivel pushcart is also harder to locate. Because it is so popular, it is often sold out on Amazon and Bagboy’s websites. You may have to wait sometime before you can purchase it. You may also have a limited color option.

Furthermore, The TriSwivel pushcart is larger than most other pushcarts sold by Bagboy. As a result, you may have trouble fitting it into a smaller space for transport and storage. 

3. Quad XL Push Cart 

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Moving on to Bagboy’s larger pushcarts for sale, we have the [amazon link=”B07G3GVHZW” title=”Quad XL” /]. The Quad XL pushcart has four wheels that help to secure the pushcart and increase its stability. The Quad XL pushcart has a beverage holder, golf ball storage, phone storage holder, and a sizeable accessory bag. 

Despite having so many additional compartments, it only takes two steps to unlock the pushcart, and it is ready for use. The Quad XL is also a bit lighter than the other pushcarts, making it easier to push around the course. And there are many color options to choose from when selecting one of these pushcarts.

Unfortunately, the handle doesn’t feel too secure, even in its locked position. This has us wondering how long the pin will last before the handle comes loose. There have also been some complaints about the wheels breaking within a few months of having it, though this has not been our experience with the Quad XL.

Overall, the Quad XL is a sturdy pushcart with ample space. Unfortunately, the pushcart’s ample space also requires more space in the car. This pushcart is quite large, and you might encounter some trouble when trying to fit it into your hatchback. 

Still, if ease of use and plenty of storage space is at the top of your list, the Quad XL might be the perfect pushcart for you. 

4. Compact 3 Pushcart

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Next, we have the [amazon link=”B01CADKPHW” title=”Compact 3″ /]pushcart. Unlike the Quad XL, the compact 3’s biggest selling point is that it is small and compact. The compact 3 pushcart comes with an umbrella holder and storage container. 

It also has a braking mechanism on the handle, making it more convenient to move the pushcart around. But, of course, the biggest pro of the Compact 3 is that it is small and lightweight. 

Weighing only 13.5 pounds, this pushcart is easy to push and won’t deplete your energy while moving around the course. It is also compact enough to fit into the tiniest of cars and won’t take up any space when storing it in your home. 

Still, despite the ease of use, the Compact 3 is a sturdy pushcart, and it doesn’t feel flimsy while handling. When considering the flaws of Compact 3, the first thing to consider is how small the wheels are. The small wheels make pushing the cart through taller grass and sand more challenging. 

This pushcart also tends to be top-heavy, making it more prone to toppling over. This can be expected, though, as it isn’t as sturdy as the bigger models. But despite the small size and relatively simple design, the Compact 3 pushcart is only $10 cheaper than the Quad XL. 

This makes one wonder if buying the smallest one is the best option – especially if you have some space to spare. 

5. Spartan XL Pushcart

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The final pushcart Bagboy has is the[amazon link=”B08QSJJ22Y” title=”Spartan XL” /] pushcart. Thanks to its size, this pushcart has more in common with the Quad XL. The Spartan XL pushcart has an umbrella holder and storage compartment so you can keep your belongings safe. 

Unlike the other pushcarts, the Spartan has a foot break, which is more convenient while pushing the cart. It also comes with an adjustable handle to make it more convenient for golfers of different sizes. The Spartan golf cart is smaller than the Quad XL, which makes traveling with it and storing it more convenient. 

The Spartan retails for the same price as the Quad XL, so it is a fair comparison. The Spartan is easy to set up, with a two-step opening process before it is ready for use on the course.

One drawback of the Spartan is that some components (including the handle) seem flimsy. Its durability is therefore brought into question. 

Given its size, it is to be expected that the Spartan XL is on the heavier side. It weighs the same as the TriSwivel 3, which is heavy enough that you will feel the weight after pushing it around all day. Although the spartan has many of the same features as the other Bagboy pushcarts, it isn’t as popular. 

This should be another warning that it isn’t quite as nice as some of the other carts, but we suggest you consider both the Spartan and the Quad XL when looking for a larger pushcart that has ample space. 

Which Bagboy Pushcart Should You Buy?

Which Bagboy Pushcart Should You Buy

Understanding the pros and cons of each pushcart will make it easier for you to buy one. But it still doesn’t give you the answer you are looking for. That is, what is the best Bagboy pushcart? Choosing only one pushcart and calling it “is best” isn’t possible, as each pushcart has some drawbacks. 

But you can determine which pushcart is best in terms of one of the aspects we used to grade them. So, let’s see which pushcart is the best in terms of weight, maneuverability, ease of use, price, and size. 

Best Bagboy Pushcart – Weight

If you are looking for the lightest Bagboy pushcart, you cannot compete with the Compact 3. This pushcart is a fair bit lighter than any others, and it isn’t only light but also sturdy enough that it doesn’t feel flimsy. 

Best Bagboy Pushcart – Maneuverability

In terms of maneuverability, the best Bagboy pushcart is the TriSwivel. As expected, the front wheel with a 360° swivel makes it much easier to push the cart through any terrain. It is easier to move around and more convenient than any other pushcart.

Best Bagboy Pushcart – Ease Of Use

If you are in a hurry to set up your pushcart at the golf course, you must consider the Nitron Auto Open as your winner. It takes only one step to open this pushcart, and the fact that it isn’t too big ensures that you won’t have trouble storing it. 

Best Bagboy Pushcart – Price

Although the Compact 3 is the cheapest pushcart, we’d consider the Quad XL the best value-for-money pushcart. Given the ample space it has and the fact that it is only $10 more expensive than the smallest pushcart available, the Quad XL is a great deal. 

Best Bagboy Pushcart – Size

If you’re looking for a pushcart with ample packing space and won’t take up the entire boot of your car, you will have a hard time doing better than the Nitron Auto Open. Although this pushcart isn’t the smallest Bagboy has to offer, it still isn’t too big, and the space it has for all your belongings makes it worthwhile. 

Conclusion: Best Bagboy Pushcart

Conclusion Best Bagboy Pushcart

It is impossible to choose only one Bagboy pushcart as the best since all the pushcarts have flaws. The TriSwivel pushcart may be the best all-rounder since it has sufficient space and is super maneuverable. Still, it is also the most expensive pushcart, another thing to consider.