Why Are Golf Carts So Expensive

Why Are Golf Carts So Expensive?

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Golf began as a gentleman’s game where players would stroll around the terrain as they chased the golf balls. It is considered a rich man’s sport as most amenities are costly, including golf carts. 

But is this assumption what makes golf carts expensive? 

Golf carts attract such high prices because they are made of state-of-the-art materials and technology. These materials are high quality, last for years, and any form of upgrades and modifications increase the costs. 

The golf cart market is so sparse that only three big companies produce about 80 percent of buggies in the world.

With scarcity comes demand and the three companies have a monopoly in pricing, especially for specialized items like 48v golf cart batteries, since there are not enough competitors to match the price range.

Why Are Golf Carts So Expensive?

Why Are Golf Carts So Expensive

Golf carts are generally pricey and even the cost of a used golf cart is still substantial. That’s why it isn’t built for everyone and can be a solution for people with mobility issues or if you don’t have time to walk around from one hole to the other. 

Let’s look at a few reasons why golf carts cost that much.

Niche Market

The majority of people buying golf carts are either rich people or big businesses. It only makes sense why there are only three top manufacturers of golf carts; Yamaha, Club Car, and E-Z-Go.

These companies come up with high prices because they produce quality materials and do not have competitors to lowball their prices. 

Also, golf carts have specific functions and can barely be used for other purposes. It is mainly for transporting people or equipment for a short distance and is not considered street legal.

The closest motor that fits this description is an electric bike (another niche product). 

High-Quality Parts

Manufacturers like EZGo have perfected using high-quality materials with customized upgrades for each buggy release.

While Yamaha produces competitive models in this tier, entry-level golf carts will still cost you around $6000. 

The price is never really exaggerated- it’s just the parts that are not easy to find. For instance, the off-road wheels of a golf cart will cost you around $880 for all four tires.

Seat belts alone cost $200. This is something you should consider, especially if you’re looking to buy a golf cart. 

Customers Can Afford

Sometimes the manufacturer doesn’t need to lower the price if no one is complaining, especially if you’re not a golf player.

On one hand, golf carts are a necessity, but for other buyers, it is a luxury they can afford and indulge in as they race through holes on a sunny weekend. 

Companies purchase these carts by the dozen and charge accordingly to golf members without a hassle.

No wonder golf courses are the largest global customers of golf carts. Since golf carts have an excellent resale value, renting out is more lucrative for golf courses. 

Safety & Custom Upgrades

It is costly to add any upgrades to your buggy. Not all models come with stereos, GPS, off-road wheels, etc.

The upgrades are usually high-quality and can be expensive. The manufacturer can add any safety upgrade upon request if you need more safety features. 

Like custom upgrades, all extra security upgrades are charged separately, and parts like seat belts, turn signals, and brake lights may not come pre-installed. 

Solid Investment

Like a house or a car, a golf cart retains its value over time and has a low deterioration rate.

Most buyers won’t have to consider replacement as the parts are durable, ergonomic, and well designed. 

Plus, golf parts are also readily available- with a high markup. But manufacturers know that they will not get frequent visits or resentment towards the spare parts prices because of quality.

Therefore, most golf carts are considered ‘big ticket’ items. 

Classic Appeal

Though golf carts haven’t been around as long as vehicles have, more people are buying older versions for their historical appeal.

Instead of buying a used buggy as a cheaper alternative, the older models have an interestingly nostalgic appeal to enthusiasts. 

It is no surprise, as we have seen this on motor vehicles when people prefer the classic 1967 Chevrolet Camaro over a newer 2020 model.

It is an art in the making as these older models attract collectors and owners in hopes of a higher price tag. 

So How Much Do Golf Carts Cost?

So How Much Do Golf Carts Cost

Though they are considered expensive, golf carts are flexible in pricing. The luxurious models are at the top of the range costing up to $25,000 while the basic entry-level buggy should be a few thousand dollars. 

Of course, plenty of factors determine this price, with accessories and upgrades having the largest impact.

A $4,000 Yamaha golf cart can go as high as $14,000 when you factor in modifications or upgrades to match current models and technologies. 

Electric golf carts may be cheaper in the long run as they have low maintenance costs and are quieter than gas golf carts. 

Is a Golf Cart Worth Buying?

Is a Golf Cart Worth Buying

Like any investment, golf carts’ worth depends on the use which is going to be put. Golf courses may see it as a necessity as they may impose restrictions on clientele who choose to traverse the course on foot. 

Others buy golf carts as luxury motors and move around with them on and off the course. It can be a status symbol for those who fancy pointers of success and affluence.

That’s why the high-end, Garia Soleil de Minuit Golf Cart is still so expensive, yet people buy it. 

If you decide to buy a golf cart, we recommend getting it from the manufacturer, although it may not find flexible deals as from online vendors.

Original manufacturers have their websites where you can talk with a direct representative. 

Vendors like Amazon, eBay, or Craigslist may sell golf carts, although you are more likely to find used golf carts. The cheaper alternative is to go to the third-party online stores and grab a used model. 

All in all, the price remains a mystery to many folks not accustomed to golfing.