What Is A Sunday Golf Bag

What Is A “Sunday” Golf Bag? (2024 Update)

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Weekend golfers don’t need to carry as many golf clubs as serious amateurs who play more often. Where a pro might have 14 different clubs to cover every inch of the course, including wedges, putters, drivers, and multiple woods and irons for the fairway, a casual golfer might just have 4 to 7 clubs.

What is a Sunday golf bag? A Sunday golf bag is a bag meant for the weekend golfer but is also used by serious golfers during practice and experts who don’t need as many clubs for casual games. It is either the main golf bag for a Sunday golfer or a supplementary bag for a serious amateur.

Note: There is a brand called “Sunday Golf” that specializes in “Sunday bags”. There are also other golf brands who make “Sunday bags”. Are you confused yet?! 😂🤯⛳

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In this article, you’ll find out how to pick the right Sunday bag for you and whether a Sunday bag is right for you. But first, let’s debunk a common myth about Sunday golf bags, and also explore some golf terms and meanings.

Can You Use A Sunday Bag On Weekdays?

Can You Use A Sunday Bag On Weekdays

Sunday bags aren’t called Sunday bags because they are exclusively used on Sundays. You can use a Sunday bag on any day of the week. However, these bags are relatively small and carry only a limited number of clubs.

How Many Clubs Can Fit In A Sunday Bag?

How Many Clubs Can Fit In A Sunday Bag

You can fit 7 to 9 clubs in a Sunday Bag, depending on the space in the specific one you buy. Before stuffing a bag with as many clubs as the space allows, though, you should check the manufacturer’s recommendation. Complying with club capacity guidelines ensures longevity.

Should You Buy A Sunday Bag?

Should You Buy A Sunday Bag

You should buy a Sunday bag only if you need to carry less than 9 clubs at a time. It is compact and light, so you can easily carry it on the course and keep it at home. As an additional purchase, it is a no-brainer, but as a primary golf bag, it can be limiting.

So, if you have your main golf bag and don’t mind spending on a compact supplementary one, then you can get one with no significant drawback. But if you want to make the Sunday bag your main bag, then you have to understand its pros and cons.

Pros of a Sunday bag:

  • Easier to carry – Sunday bags are lighter than regular golf bags, primarily because they’re not as stuffed. 
  • Easier to store – Sunday bags require less storage room because of their relatively smaller size.
  • Easier to explore – Because these bags have less space, they fit fewer clubs, making them easy to fetch.
  • Easier to buy – Sunday bags can cost 50% to 75% less on average compared to regular golf bags.
  • Easier to travel – Sunday bags are also good for those who travel and want to bring their clubs with them.

Those perks make a Sunday bag great for anyone who needs an extra golf bag. But golfers who use it as their main bag can find it limiting. So before you make one your primary club-carrying accessory, be sure to know about its drawbacks.

Cons of Sunday bags (as primary golf bags):

  • Less space – Because Sunday bags don’t have as much room as regular bags, the number of clubs you carry will be lower. 
  • Less protection – Many people get Sunday bags to travel with their clubs, but many Sunday bags aren’t designed to offer significant protection for their contents.
  • Fewer pockets – Sunday bags don’t limit just the clubs that you can carry on the course. With fewer pockets, they also limit other gear that you can bring along.
  • Fewer options – Standard golf bags are more popular and hence widely manufactured. There isn’t as broad a variety of Sunday bags as there is of regular ones.
  • More Judgement – Unless you walk the course, having a Sunday bag invites judgemental glances. How one is viewed matters a lot in golf, which is a very status-conscious sport.

What To Consider When Buying A Sunday Bag?

What To Consider When Buying A Sunday Bag

The intended use of your Sunday bag will dictate what you should consider when buying one. Even when you get one as your second bag, you must consider a few things. In this section, you’ll find the key metrics on which you can judge a Sunday bag.

  • Weight – Look for a lighter bag as it will be easier to carry. 
  • Size – Generally, the smaller a Sunday bag, the better. But if you want it as your only bag, then look for one that can fit 10 clubs.
  • Lifespan – Most golf bags are reviewed shortly after they are purchased. So, before you get too excited about a positive rating, look at how durable the bag is.
  • Stitching and Zippers – If you shop for golf bags in a physical store, check the quality of stitching and the firmness of the zippers.
  • Comfortable straps – Your Sunday bag might bite into your shoulders if it doesn’t have well-padded straps. The thinner the strap, the more it digs into your skin. 
  • Pockets – Remember that the bag isn’t meant to carry out your clubs. Check if there are enough pockets and space for gear, including gloves, tees, and balls.
  • Aesthetics – Finally, make sure that the bag looks good. When you find your bag aesthetically pleasing, you’ll feel good on the course.

Best Sunday Bags On The Market

Best Sunday Bags On The Market

Most people resort to buying the bag that looks the best to them, when in fact, the appearance is the last thing to consider. By now, you know what to look for aside from the looks alone.

Here are the best Sunday bags on the market, alongside how they rank across each factor.

1. Sunday Golf Loma Bag

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This Sunday bag comes with a stand, so it is evidently designed for golfers who want to walk the course. It is relatively spacious and has decent padding.

It is one of the lightest Sunday bags for its padding level and space. Fitting up to 7 clubs, it has half as much room as a regular golf bag.

  • Weight – 5/5 
  • Size – 4/5 
  • Lifespan – 4/5 
  • Stitching and zippers – 4/5 
  • Comfortable straps – 5/5 
  • Pockets – 4/5 
  • Aesthetics – 5/5

2. CHAMPKEY Professional Golf Sunday Bag

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This is one of the best Sunday bags to get if you’re looking for a supplementary bag to carry around on Sundays or whenever you’re practicing.

It is not a great standard bag, though. Even though it can technically fit 9 clubs, carrying more than 4 starts testing its strength.

However, you should probably get it for a 9-hole game or practice sessions, where you can play with 6 golf clubs. You can also use it with 9 clubs if you use a golf cart. Carrying 9 clubs and walking the course with this (or any other bag) isn’t a great experience.

  • Weight – 5/5 
  • Size – 5/5 
  • Lifespan – 4/5 
  • Stitching and Zippers – 4/5 
  • Comfortable Straps – 4/5 
  • Pockets – 4/5 
  • Aesthetics – 4/5

3. Orlimar Pitch ‘n Putt Sunday Bag

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This bag is a walk-the-course style Sunday bag with a stand-to and a detachable strap. Its 1.95-pound build makes it very easy to carry on the course, and its 7-club capacity ensures that its contents aren’t too heavy. Its lifespan can vary based on how it is treated. 

You can expect it to last a couple of seasons, even with rough use, though, due to its stitching quality. The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap, but it is not sufficiently padded for comfort. Another potential drawback is that it has only one pocket.

  • Weight – 5/5 
  • Size – 5/5 
  • Lifespan – 4/5 
  • Stitching and Zippers – 3/5 
  • Comfortable Straps – 2/5 
  • Pockets – 2/5 
  • Aesthetics: 4/5

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

A Sunday golf bag is designed to carry half as many clubs as the standard one. Some Sunday bags can carry 9 clubs too, and these are great for people who want to own only one bag.

If you get a Sunday golf bag in addition to your regular one, pick one that has a 7-club capacity. It will be lighter and easier to store.