What is a Knockdown Shot (in Golf Terms)

What is a Knockdown Shot (in Golf Terms)?

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When it comes to golfing lingo, terms aren’t always as easy as they may sound. You really have to take the literal approach out of the equation for most terms. The same is true for the knockdown shot. It’s not a volleyball spike, and it certainly has nothing to do with kickboxing takedowns. So what exactly is a knockdown shot in golf, and why do you want to use it?

What is a Knockdown Shot in Golf? A knockdown shot refers to a style of shooting that keeps the ball low. It is especially useful in situations with strong winds or crosswinds, which could mess up your shot. It can also be utilized when you are trying to avoid low tree branches. Proper stance and swing speed are key to knockdown success.

If you have found yourself in a position where you’re struggling with winds on the green, then you might consider picking up the knockdown shot. This article shares everything you need to know about knockdown shots, from what it is to how to do it properly.

What is a Golf Knockdown Shot?

what is a knockdown shot in golf terms

A golf knockdown shot is a type of shot that will keep the ball lower to the ground, although not too low. The ball will not get as high as it would with a golfer’s typical swing.

The knockdown is accomplished by using a steadier, easier, and slower swing. This is just one of many golf words that describe the various shots and techniques used in the game of golf.

When To Use a Knockdown Shot

When should you use a knockdown shot? The most typical times for a knockdown shot to come into play are strong winds on the golf course or crosswinds. It may also be utilized when there are low tree branches, and you don’t want your golf ball to get intertwined in the leaves.

Is a Knockdown Shot the Same as a Punch Shot?

A knockdown shot is sometimes used interchangeably with a punch shot. That’s because each shot has the same goal in mind: to lower the trajectory. However, while the goals are similar, the swing is one key difference between a knockdown and a punch shot.

A punch shot has an abbreviated swing, while a knockdown shot still utilizes a full swing (although it is much slower than a regular swing). That is because a punch shot is trying to “punch” the ball out of trouble, while a knockdown is trying to go a longer distance at a lower trajectory altogether.

So, consider a punch shot “abrupt” – like a punch. A knockdown shot is slower – like a takedown.

How to Do a Knockdown Shot in Golf

When it comes to a knockdown shot in golf, the goal is to grasp full control of your rotation (speed). This can be a challenge for plenty of golfers as they are used to a single-speed when they swing and don’t stray from the tempo or rhythm often. 

Practice makes perfect when it comes to controlling your swing speed. You may want to consider practicing at a driving range before attempting a knockdown shot on the green. Use whichever club you’d like and practice going at different speeds – 100mph, 50mph, 70mph, etc. Learn the way it feels and how to control it ultimately.

When you feel confident in your ability to control your speed, follow these tips for a successful knockdown shot:

  • Use the right club. The right club will always be key to success. When performing a knockdown shot, you should pay attention to wind speed and add a club for every ten mph of wind. However, keep in mind that the club needs to be low enough to ensure the ball stays down.
  • Place the ball back a bit. Instead of being dead in the center, strategically place your ball to sit towards the back.
  • Proper stance is key. When choosing your stance, you want to make sure that your head and upper body are over or directly in front of the ball. Never try to shoot from behind the ball. Also, place the bulk of your weight on your front feet.
  • Choke down on the club. The more you choke down on the club, the more in control of the shot you will have. Since control is key to a knockdown shot, it’s no wonder why choking down is recommended.
  • Go slow. Remember the talk earlier about controlling speed? This is where it will come in handy. You want to use only around 70% of your full swing speed. Finish low, and you will accomplish a knockdown shot in golf.

The key with a knockdown shot is not to overthink it too much. Sometimes, relaxing and going with the flow is the best idea for nailing different types of shots in golf. As long as you have a slightly slower-paced swing, you should be able to lower the overall trajectory.

Here is a great video that shows you how to perform a knockdown shot successfully:

What is the most difficult shot in golf?

There are plenty of difficult golf shots. The plugged bunker shot, swing side of a tree, and 10-foot downhill putt is the most difficult. The good news is, the knockdown shot isn’t too hard to accomplish and can be successfully done by beginners with enough practice.

How do you hit half-iron shots?

To hit a half-iron shot, pay attention to where you’re holding the club. Choking down is necessary. Choke down around a half to a full inch to properly shoot a half-iron shot.

Conclusion: So, What is a Knockdown Shot in Golf?

A knockdown shot is necessary when the wind is especially strong, or there are tree branches in the way of your shot. All you need to do is have the proper stance and swing speed, and you can successfully shoot a knockdown shot in golf.