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TopGolf Prices Guide: 2023 TopGolf Pricing

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TopGolf is such an Instagrammable version of golf that it is taking over social media. It looks good and is fun. More importantly, it looks expensive, but TopGolf prices are surprisingly cost-effective for groups of 4 to 6 people. TopGolf pricing structure: when you book a tee-time at TopGolf, you pay per driving booth (called a bay) and not per person.

How much does TopGolf cost in 2023? TopGolf costs $30 to $65 per group per hour. Because you can book more than one hour and can select VIP bays, the cost can go as high as $95 per hour in some locations. You should expect to spend $40 during your visit, which includes your share of the tee time payment alongside the cost of snacks.

This article is your complete guide to TopGolf pricing, and why it is considered one of the top golf courses in the world. In it, you will find the most expensive and the least expensive timings, locations, and driving areas in TopGolf in the US as well as abroad. You will also find out how many balls you get when teeing off and what the prices of food and beverages are.

So bookmark this TopGolf prices guide and continue reading!

4 Factors That Affect TopGolf Price

Factors That Affect TopGolf Price

TopGolf doesn’t have uniform pricing, which is why it can be hard to assess how much an event, outing, or tournament will cost. Knowing how TopGolf is priced can help you pick the slots, bays, and dates that work best for your wallet.

1. The Time Of The Day

Across all TopGolf locations, price depends quite heavily on how busy the facility is. To keep prices from being unpredictable, though, the providers assess their footfall, occupancy, and timings to come up with prices.

Pro-Tip: Generally, weekdays cost less than weekends, and morning slots are cheaper than evening slots.

In areas with a busy nightlife scene, post-evening to closing time slots can be cheaper as a bulk of the interest shifts to nightclubs and pubs. In dense cities, the post-10-pm slot remains just as expensive as the evening. All in all, the time of the day can add a 20% to 30% difference to your per-hour pricing.

2. The Bay

Most TopGolf facilities have common bays and a premium floor with VIP bays. The latter obviously costs more. Premium bays may also have expectations (rules) regarding dressing which can also contribute to the cost of your visit. But the experience you have is different as well.

You don’t just “hang out” at the premium bay. You invite high-profile connections who don’t have enough time to play 18 holes. Therefore, you won’t mind paying up to 7 times more than the common bay. Most premium bay or VIP bay experiences come with complimentary alcoholic beverages.

If you include the cost of bites that you’ll most likely order, you end up paying a square 1000% premium on the high-end version of TopGolf.

3. Extension Vs. Pre-Booked Time

The premium bays do not usually offer 30-minute extensions because extending an existing group’s tee time can bump into the next group’s time. This can affect the facility’s ability to offer bookings for the adjacent slot. In the common bays, though, extensions are offered, albeit at a premium.

Because the facility has to keep buffer time that it cannot make money on, just to offer you the option to extend your tee time, it will charge you more for 30-minute extensions. In large facilities that are not as busy, the 30-minute extensions have the same per-minute rate as the pre-booked 1-hour slots.

So you can expect to pay a 0% to 10% premium on the per-minute rate of your TopGolf experience if you acquire a tee-time extension.

4. The Facility’s Location

The most decisive factor in determining your TopGolf experience’s overall cost is where you go to tee off. It is more significant than the time and even the day on which you play.

One of the most expensive TopGolf facilities is the Las Vegas one, and it costs $95 to play on its 4th floor. In Albuquerque, TopGolf prices are almost 7x lower!

The facility’s location must check certain boxes for it to be expensive:

  • Densely populated – Vegas and Dubai TopGolf facilities are quite densely packed. 
  • High-priced in general – Vegas visits come with expectations of expensive experiences. 
  • High tourist footfall – Vegas is a tourist city 
  • Service-based economy – When a city’s economy is run by its hotels, its TopGolf pricing reflects the crowd it expects.

TopGolf Prices in the USA [Charge-by-Charge Breakdown]

TopGolf US Prices

You can pay $30 to $95 per hour per group by booking a bay. Each bay accommodates 6 people, which brings down the cost to $5 per person per hour on the low-end and $16 per person per hour on the high-end.

Considering $10 the average price of TopGolf for each person in a group of 6, TopGolf is a budget activity.

By now, you understand the factors that can bump up TopGolf’s price or can bring it down. In this section, you will find out the average price and the variation in rates across each factor.

So, let’s get started with something that does not change.

Membership Price – $5

Regardless of where you tee off in the US, TopGolf will charge you a $5 membership fee. This gets you your card, on which you can top-up your playing hours. The membership is valid in most of the US locations, so you can use your card at almost every TopGolf facility. In other words, it is not a recurring expense.

Morning Slots – $20 to $30

Most TopGolf facilities offer a very low price for their morning slots. Even the highly coveted and the most expensive Vegas facility charges $30 for morning sessions. Less populous cities don’t charge any less, either. So the price for morning slots in TopGolf is relatively stable at $30, with some coming down to $20 with promotional concession.

Evening Slots – $40 to $60

Evening slots are among the most expensive ones for each individual TopGolf facility. While different locations have different rates, they all charge more for the evenings. That’s because the facility has its highest demand after the workday timings.

Weekends are the only exception, where the price can always go up to $70 for some facilities. On average, you can expect to spend $60 as a group playing TopGolf in the evening.

Standard Bays – $30 to $40

Standard bay rates are lower than premium or VIP bays. In some locations, this difference is evident in floors, with the highest floors having the highest price.

Standard bays are usually the first and the second floors, and their rates can range from $30 in less busy locations to $70 in higher-traffic ones.

$100 per group is often the recommended budget range for TopGolf. The assumption is that you’ll go for the standard bay and will grab something to eat or drink. So, this budget recommendation holds up for lower-floor bays.

Premium Bays – $80 to $95

If you want to level up your TopGolf experience, then you have to tee off from the highest point.

And that comes with a price.

Usually, that price is the highest possible price a facility can charge for a bay. You can expect to spend $95 to $300 when teeing off at a high-floor bay, depending on the location.

As you can see from the averages, premium bays can kick up your overall playing budget by well over 100%.

Notable TopGolf International Locations and Their Prices

TopGolf Notable International Locations and Their Prices

As mentioned earlier, TopGolf is an International franchise with facilities in multiple countries.

Now that you know how TopGolf is priced in the US, you can see what great deal foreigners and international travelers have. And if you are a frequent flyer, you might want to check one out of these international TopGolf locations:

TopGolf UAE – $38.12 – $63.35 per hour, per bay:

  • Prices are higher on the weekends 
  • Prices are higher for the evening slots 
  • The lowest price is for morning slots on weekdays 
  • The membership fee is $5.45

TopGolf Thailand – $17 – $82 per hour, per bay:

  • Prices are higher for the VIP Bay 
  • Prices are higher for the weekends 
  • Prices are the highest for the evening slots before 10 pm 
  • You should book a general bay on a weekday, in the morning or after 10 pm, to get the lowest price per hour. 
  • The membership fee is $4.45

TopGolf Australia – $33.62 – $60.52 per hour, per bay

  • Prices are higher on Fridays and highest on weekends
  • Highest priced slots are between 2 pm and 5 pm 
  • The lowest price is for morning slots before 2 pm, excluding Fridays 
  • The membership fee is $3.36


Which TopGolf Facility Is The Cheapest?

While TopGolf hasn’t officially declared any of its facilities as the cheapest, TopGolf Albuquerque is considered the least expensive to visit. At one point, it cost as low as $20 for some groups. Now that the prices in the facility are around $30 per group, which can be as low as $5 for one person.

Regardless of how per-bay booking is priced, first-time visitors can spend more than their initial estimates because of the membership fees, poor calculation of the playing time required, and the attractive menu at the facility.

How Much Does A First-Time Visitor Spend On TopGolf?

On average, a first-time visitor spends $40 on TopGolf with friends, most of which goes towards snacks. Because the price of the bay’s rental is split 6-ways, the general price per head comes down to $10/hour even in medium-priced TopGolf Locations.

First-time visitors need to get a membership, which costs $5. Most walk-ins are surprised by this expense. Many are also surprised to learn that TopGolf offers food and beverages. When you visit TopGolf, you should check the specific facility’s menu.

How Much Is The Food At TopGolf?

You can get a large portion of shareable snacks at TopGolf for as little as $10. But if you want to dine at your local TopGolf Facility, you should probably set aside $100 for a decent 3-course meal.

Because TopGolf’s food and beverages menu is pretty broad, you can spend as little or as much as you want. It features all-American classics, including burgers, battered onion rings, wraps, salads, and wings. Its drinks menu features beers, wine, and cocktails.

How Much Is It Per Person At Top Golf?

TopGolf doesn’t take per-person bookings, so the per-person cost can be anywhere between $5 and $15, depending on how many players are in a group and how expensive the slot is.

A group of three friends will spend $10 each for TopGolf, while a group of six will spend half as much. Sometimes, a specific TopGolf facility might run a promotion with a per-head target price for its morning slots. During a promotion, you can spend as little as $3 to drive from a standard bay at TopGolf.

Do You Get Unlimited Games At Topgolf?

You can get unlimited play at TopGolf Holtsville, Las Vegas, Ontario, Renton, and San Jose as a local of the respective cities for as low as $20 with a few conditions. To avail of the unlimited play offer, you have to be a walk-in, must pay before 11:15 am, and should wrap up your game by noon.

The opening-to-noon offer is one of very few promotions that deviated from TopGolf’s hour-limited and bay-based pricing model. And just like most promotions, the unlimited play option is not available during public holidays and on weekends.

Does Top Golf Offer Promotions?

Notable TopGolf Promotions Include:
Seasonal beverages – The cocktail menu can have a few additions during spring or close to Christmas
Gift card bonuses – Offered during Monther’s Day and Father’s Day months, alongside other public holidays.
Lyft promos – Depending on the location and time, Lyft customers can get a discount by showing a receipt of travel from the same day.

Do You Have to Pay for Balls at TopGolf?

Balls are included in your TopGolf bay booking. While you’re loaded up with 20 balls, you can always request more at no cost. As long as you’re within your booked time, you get unlimited balls at TopGolf.

Do You Have to Pay for Your Golf Clubs at TopGolf?

Golf clubs are complimentary at TopGolf. You need to pay for the bay booking only.

Key Takeaways: 2023 Top Golf Pricing

Final Thoughts

TopGolf is an expensive-looking hang that can become expensive if you want it to be. Otherwise, it is a $20/per-head game that can last for 3 to 4 hours if you have enough friends and don’t order food while playing.