How Much is TopGolf

How Much Does TopGolf Cost in 2023? (+Tips To Save)

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You may have heard about TopGolfing, or seen social media posts of friends partaking in the fun! 

But how much does TopGolfing cost in 2023? Don’t worry – we’ll give you all the details so you know exactly what to expect! 

TopGolfing will typically set you back about $30 to $75 per hour per group during the day but will become more expensive in the evening at around $55 to $90 per hour per group.

This article will delve into the factors that affect these prices, as well as outline some ways you can save money while still enjoying the game. In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • Factors that affect TopGolf price
  • The cost of TopGolfing in the US
  • The cost of TopGolfing internationally
  • Tips to save money when TopGolfing.

Factors That Affect TopGolf Price

Factors That Affect TopGolf Price

Let’s take a look at the specific factors that will affect the price you pay for a TopGolfing session.

1. The Time Of The Day

Across all TopGolf locations, price depends quite heavily on how busy the facility is. To keep prices from being unpredictable, though, the providers assess their footfall, occupancy, and timings to come up with prices.

In areas with a busy nightlife scene, post-evening to closing time slots can be cheaper as a bulk of the interest shifts to nightclubs and pubs. In dense cities, the post-10-pm slot remains just as expensive as the evening. All in all, the time of the day can add a 20% to 30% difference to your per-hour pricing.

2. The Bay 

Most TopGolf facilities have common bays and a premium floor with VIP bays. The latter obviously costs more. Premium bays may also have expectations (rules) regarding dressing which can also contribute to the cost of your visit. But the experience you have is different as well.

You don’t just “hang out” at the premium bay. You invite high-profile connections who don’t have enough time to play 18 holes. Therefore, you won’t mind paying up to 7 times more than the common bay. Most premium bay or VIP bay experiences come with complimentary alcoholic beverages.

If you include the cost of bites that you’ll most likely order, you end up paying a square 1000% premium on the high-end version of TopGolf.

3. Extension Vs. Pre-Booked Time

The premium bays do not usually offer 30-minute extensions because extending an existing group’s tee time can bump into the next group’s time. This can affect the facility’s ability to offer bookings for the adjacent slot. In the common bays, though, extensions are offered, albeit at a premium.

Because the facility has to keep buffer time that it cannot make money on, just to offer you the option to extend your tee time, it will charge you more for 30-minute extensions. In large facilities that are not as busy, the 30-minute extensions have the same per-minute rate as the pre-booked 1-hour slots.

So you can expect to pay a 0% to 10% premium on the per-minute rate of your TopGolf experience if you acquire a tee-time extension.

4. The Facility’s Location

The most decisive factor in determining your TopGolf experience’s overall cost is where you go to tee off. It is more significant than the time and even the day on which you play.

The facility’s location must check certain boxes for it to be expensive:

  • Densely populated – Vegas and Dubai TopGolf facilities are quite densely packed. 
  • High-priced in general – Vegas visits come with expectations of expensive experiences. 
  • High tourist footfall – Vegas is a tourist city 
  • Service-based economy – When a city’s economy is run by its hotels, its TopGolf pricing reflects the crowd it expects.

How Expensive Is Topgolf in the USA?

TopGolf US Prices

The cost of TopGolf in the US will primarily depend on the time of day you book and where in the US you are playing. 

Overall, the experience can cost you between $30 to $90 per hour, per group. In addition, TopGolfing requires a $5 membership fee for new members.

Slots in the morning will set you back between $30 to $50, afternoon slots will amount to between $45 to $75, and evening TopGolfing will cost between $55 to $90. 

However, each bay can accommodate up to six players. Therefore, once you’ve split the cost between you, it’s a relatively budget-friendly activity!

Here’s a breakdown of the prices of some of the most popular TopGolfing locations in the USA: [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

LocationMorning AfternoonEvening
Las Vegas$57$74$89
Los Angeles – El Segundo$55$65$75
Salt Lake City$35$47$58
Oklahoma City$33$45$56

Notable TopGolf International Locations and Their Prices

What about TopGolfing internationally? Again, the amount you will pay depends on the time of day you play and the day on which you go. 

TopGolfing is now possible in Dubai, the Gold Coast of Australia, the United Kingdom, Thailand, and China. Some up-and-coming TopGolf locations include Colombia, Indonesia, Portugal, and Spain.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the prices of international TopGolfing locations:

LocationMonday – ThursdayFridaySaturday – Sunday
Dubai$38 – $65$55 – $65$55 – $65
Gold Coast $32 – $45$45 – $58$58
Thailand$15$15 – $26$15 – $26
Glasgow$30 – $55$30 – $55$30 – $55

Tips for Saving Money at TopGolf

Taking all this on board, let’s look at some tips that will guarantee you save money while TopGolfing and still having a great time:

  • Visit at the optimal time of day! Weekdays will sometimes be cheaper than weekends, and the best time of the day to visit is the morning
  • Check for promotions. Before you head out TopGolfing, check your local TopGolf website to see if there are any promotional offerings. 

    This is a great way to still get the full experience while saving some dollars! Some common promotions include student discounts, seasonal specials, and buy a game, get one free.
  • Platinum Memberships. If you’re a frequent TopGolfer, consider investing in a Platinum Membership. A Platinum Membership will offer you unlimited playing hours, as well as discounts on food and drinks, and priority bay access
  • Group Discount. If you play as a group, this will cut costs significantly! Bring the whole family, or invite some friends for an inexpensive fun day out.
TopGolf Notable International Locations and Their Prices


How many balls do you get per hour at Topgolf?

You receive 20 balls per hour, per player in TopGolf. This should take a group of six players around an hour to play.

Can you play for 30 minutes at Topgolf?

Bookings for TopGolf are generally per hour, per group. However, it may be possible to play for 30 minutes, depending on the location of your TopGolf.

Can you bring your own golf clubs to TopGolf?

Yes, you can bring your own golf clubs to TopGolf if you wish. TopGolf will even store your golf clubs for you in designated areas to prevent you from having to carry them around.