Titleist TruFeel Golf Ball Review ([year] Update)

Titleist TruFeel Golf Ball Review (2024 Update)

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You’ve probably already heard that Titleist makes some of the highest-quality balls on the market. So when the company announced its TruFeel release, players and enthusiasts were eager to try it for themselves. But do [amazon link=”B09MG9LJ42″ title=”Titleist TruFeel golf balls” /] truly live up to the hype?

The Titleist TruFeel golf ball offers a soft feel and great control around the greens, providing excellent value for its price. While most Titleist products are expensive, this release is surprisingly affordable. However, if you are a high-swing player, this might not be the best ball for you.

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In the rest of this article, I’ll go into a comprehensive review of Titleist’s TruFeel golf ball. I’ll take you through its most distinctive features, advantages, drawbacks, how they stack up against the best golf balls on the market and some insight into which types of players could benefit from it the most.

Features of the Titleist TruFeel Golf Ball

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While the Titleist TruFeel golf ball is marketed as designed for the average player, there are other options available in the market, such as TaylorMade golf balls, that can also provide excellent performance. Specifically, Titleist claims that their TruFeel golf ball is a reliable, long-lasting ball that players of all skill levels can use again and again. Judging from its features, the hype seems justified.


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TruFeel boasts a classic, timeless design that looks good on the course. It comes in three colors: classic white, yellow, and red. Senior golfers tend to prefer the colored varieties since they’re more visible. You may also prefer these other colors just because. 

Dimple Pattern

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Another feature unique to these balls is their dimple pattern. This is much more than a simple aesthetic choice: The one-of-a-kind pattern used on TruFeel balls is key to their impressive performance. The indentations make the ball more aerodynamic, allowing it to generate faster speeds while following a straight trajectory that’s easier to control.

The pattern also allows TruFeel balls to achieve greater heights — which, depending on your golfing style or the course you’re playing in, can be an advantage or a drawback.

The intelligent design allows the ball to simultaneously be fast and controllable, a difficult feat to achieve. Moreover, its trajectory allows the TruFeel to achieve greater distances, helping you improve your standing on the scoreboard.

However, the design also means TruFeel is best used by players with moderate swing speeds. Since the ball is designed to optimize speed and distance, a fast swinger might suffer as their shot would likely go farther than desired. 

Of course, you can try to change your playing style instead, but it’ll probably be easier to buy a golf ball that already suits your style to begin with.  

Soft Feel

The feature that sets this golf ball apart from all other models (including those released by Titleist itself) is its remarkably soft feel. The soft feel is due to a combination of a bigger core, faster rubber, and a slimmer cover. Together, these qualities contribute to an overall improved playing experience, which is why amateurs and seasoned pros seem to flock toward TruFeel.

Overall Value

Overall Value

Like all Titleist products, TruFeel falls on the more expensive side when it comes to golf balls. However, its features more than make up for the hefty price tag.

For one, TruFeel balls can be used indoors and outdoors without you having to worry about wear and tear. The fact that you can use the ball regardless of the setup means that the price-per-game will be reduced significantly. Ultimately, that’s a better measure of the value of a golf ball than the initial cost.

TruFeels also don’t require a lot of upkeep. You can expect to play with these balls for close to 15 rounds before the feel and gameplay start to take a hit. You can stretch their use a bit longer, though you should prepare to sacrifice some of your performance.

Every TruFeel set comes with a dozen balls, so you’ll be set for a long time before looking for a replacement.

Compression Level

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Compression level refers to the give of the material that surrounds the ball. It also indicates the shape into which the ball turns once hit. In other words, higher-compression balls are sturdier, allowing the player to exercise a greater deal of control over it, as the material won’t deform and wiggle around too much.

On the other hand, low-compression balls are more flexible and adapt better to the hit, reaching greater speeds and distances. 

The compression level on TruFeels falls somewhere in the middle of this range, though it does lean on the lower side. The ball is designed to be easily hit and reach great distances. At the same time, there’s a respectable level of control to it, which is why so many seasoned pros and low handicappers choose TruFeel over its competitors.

Titleist TruFeel Golf Ball: Pros

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Now that I’ve gone over some of the most distinct features that set Titleist’s TruFeel apart from its competitors, it’s time to discuss the ball’s advantages and drawbacks in more detail. Let’s start with the positives.

  • Great feel. This is arguably the biggest benefit this ball has to offer. True to its name, it has a soft, comfortable feel you’ll enjoy regardless of your handicap level. This type of feel possible also produces excellent sound, so the overall playing experience is always pleasant.
  • Extremely durable. Any golfer knows that balls that last more than ten rounds are rare finds. TruFeel can serve you for up to 15 rounds owing to the premium-quality material and precise manufacturing process used to produce these balls.
  • Great balance between distance and control. For golf ball manufacturers, finding that sweet spot between distance and control is a difficult task. Titleist has been able to strike that delicate balance, which makes TruFuel golf balls excellent for players of all skill levels.
  • Great value for the price. Though there are definitely cheaper sets of golf balls, TruFeels is a steal considering its quality and performance. Since they come in packs of 12 and each ball last 15 rounds — well, you can imagine how long you’ll be using them without much trouble. 

Titleist TruFeel Golf Ball: Cons

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As excellent as TruFeels are, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider before investing in them.

  • Not the best choice for players with fast swing speeds. Since these balls are low-compression, they don’t perform well under greater amounts of force. Instead, fast swingers should opt for a sturdier model. 
  • Not the best choice for experts. While some professionals are willing to oversee some of TruFeel’s drawbacks in favor of its great feel, others believe that the ball simply doesn’t offer enough control. Yes, the control it does provide is impressive, considering its other qualities. However, it’s simply not enough for most pro golfers.

So, if you’re trying to determine whether TruFeel golf balls are the right choice for you, keep in mind your unique criteria, preferences, and golfing style while going through their pros and cons.

Recap: Should You Buy Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls in 2024?

Final Thoughts
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If you’re a player with a low to medium swing speed, the Titleist TruFeel golf ball makes for an excellent investment. They can help golfers of all skill levels improve their game, and the feel they provide is comparable with their performance.

So, if you’re in the market for a reasonably priced, great-quality golf ball, I highly recommend giving these a try. However, make sure to read through the pros and cons above to make sure the build of the TruFeel is compatible with your preferences and playing style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Buy the Titleist TruFeel Golf Ball?

If you’re a player with a low or medium swing speed, you’ll enjoy using Titleist’s TruFeel. The ball is comfortable to use and allows you to achieve great distances and speeds without sacrificing a great deal of control.

So, if you’re a high or mid-handicapper looking to improve their game, I highly recommend giving the TruFeel golf ball a try. Low-handicappers can also use it, but the ball fares better with lower swing speeds and players who don’t need a great level of control.

Are Titleist TruFeel Good for Beginners?

Titleist TruFeels are good for beginners. While it feels softer than other golf balls, it can still withstand damage from players who lack control over their swings. Its ability to balance distance and control also makes it suitable for newbies.

Is Titleist TruFeel Good for Seniors?

Titleist TruFeel golf balls are good for seniors. Due to the way the balls are designed, they do not require particularly strong swing speeds to get far. As a result, seniors can get more enjoyment out of their game knowing they can score regardless of their distance from the hole.

Is Titleist TruFeel the Same As TruSoft?

Titleist TruFeel is not the same as TruSoft. While they are produced by the same company, TruFeel is essentially an improved version of TruSoft. Compared to TruSoft, TruFeel is softer. Also, the distance and control the latter gives you are better.

What’s Better TruFeel or Velocity?

Titleist Velocity is better in terms of distance covered and spin. In terms of softness and control, TruFeel has the edge. Performance-wise, however, both balls can go toe-to-toe with each other and with others in the Titleist lineup.