Grit Golf Bag Review

Grit Golf Bag Review

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Can you remember the last time the golf industry had a meaningful change to the golf bag? Us neither, we had to look it up. It was Sun Mountain with their built-in leg stand bag in 1986. Then their dual strap carry bag 10 years later in 1996. So, we’re talking 25+ years.

Introducing the Grit Golf Tower…

Grit Inc. is headquartered in Ontario, Canada, and creates original golf clubs bag designs for the growing high-quality sporting goods carrier bag industry. They first introduced their Hockey Tower in 2006, and since then have released multiple carrier bags including the Skate Tower, Goalie Hockey Tower, Baseball Tower, Dance Tower, and most importantly to all of us, the Golf Tower.

GRIT Inc. – The Future of Golf Bags?

When the Grit Golf Tower arrived on my porch in late March, I could not wait to transfer my clubs and try it. But alas, April in Colorado did not exactly lend itself to many golf days, so it took me a while to put it to the test. 

As golfers, we should be able to know exactly where our things are at any given moment on the course.

With this in mind, Grit has redefined the core components of the golf bag, saying goodbye to large pockets that become bottomless pits, and has integrated a brand-new storage system on the front of the bag, allowing players to organize their gear and accessories on a shelving unit right in front of them.

The Top Storage feature is situated in an easy-access area for high-use items such as golf balls, tees, and ball markers. The Valuables Pocket is located on the outside of the front door. It is waterproof and felt-lined for storing items such as your phone and rangefinder.

But the two items that most excited us as “golfers of the people,” were the Removable Cooler Sleeve and the Speaker Slot.

The Removable Cooler Sleeve can be clipped to the inside or outside of the bag (we don’t condone bringing outside beverages on to the golf course, ha!) and will keep your drinks cold throughout the round.  It also prevents you from having to lug around an ice bag or cooler.

The Speaker Slot is a mesh pocket on the outside of the bag that is sizable enough to hold your speaker when you are utilizing the Golf Tower on a push cart.

Speaker placement is not a major issue when you have a power cart, but when you’re using a push cart, it’s huge.

Normally we either balance our speaker on the handle area of the push cart or in between clubs on the top of the golf bag.

How many times per round does that expensive speaker fall to the ground or to the bottom of your golf bag?

Often…….but no longer.

While we are on the topic of Grit Golf Tower features, see below for a full description:

  • Premium Ripstop Polyester material construction
  • One of a kind SQUARE shape style
  • Fits on all power carts and push carts
  • Front-Facing Systematic Storage design for equipment transparency
  • Magnetic Hinged Ball Pouch located near the top for easy access
  • Full Front Door leads to an internal shelving unit to store and organize various items
  • Waterproof pocket integrated into the shelving unit
  • Waterproof valuables pocket located on the front door
  • Removable embroidery panel
  • Removable Cooler Sleeve that can be clipped on the inside or outside of the bag
  • 15-way top divider with four full length internal club separators
  • Side Strap for transporting
  • Foam padding to provide comfort on the side of the body when carrying the bag
  • Dedicated Rain Hood pocket
  • External Tee holder slots
  • Secret Fallen Items pocket to retrieve items dropped inside the club column
  • Velcro glove attachment
  • Towel Ring
  • Card Sleeve
  • Umbrella slot

On the Course with the Grit Golf Tower

So, let’s get back to our actual on-course utilization of the Grit Golf Tower.

The SQUARE shape style is absolutely killer.

It fits so much better on a power cart or push cart than a standard golf bag, and while in transit, there is significantly less shifting of the bag itself and in turn, your golf clubs, which means fewer scratches, scuffs, and dings on your club heads.

Next, as described above, the Top and Front Storage components pair perfectly with both a power cart and a push cart. It prevents a player from having to yank their bag around to try to access the side pockets like on a standard golf bag.

Final Thoughts: Grit Golf Bags Review

Overall, Grit Golf Bags are not the bag for a golfer who likes to carry their clubs. But for the players out there who push or ride, the Grit Golf Tower is a serious step up in functionality, accessibility, and built-in features than the standard golf bag they’ve been playing up to this point.

We’ll just say…….Go Grit!