Golf Cart Dimensions (Width x Length With Examples) 

Golf Cart Dimensions (Width x Length With Examples) 

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Whether you are looking to purchase your own or just want to understand the logistics of traveling with yours, knowing the dimensions of a golf cart can come in handy. So, let’s get into some specifics about the size of a golf cart:

The average golf cart is about 48 inches wide (121 cm), 92 inches long (243 cm), and 75 inches high (191 cm). This is for a traditional two-seat golf cart and can vary based on the extra features the cart may have.

In this article, we’ll get into more detail about the size of a golf cart dimensions, including the size of the golf cart battery, and why it is important to know.

How Wide Is a Golf Cart?

How Wide Is a Golf Cart?

Golf carts come in many different styles and varieties, but the sizes remain relatively standard unless you find a golf cart that has a lot of add-ons or provides wider seats. 

Your typical golf cart will be around 48 inches (121 cm) or 4 feet wide. This allows plenty of room for you and a friend in the cart. This example by EZGO is a little wider at 49.5 inches (126 cm), but every two-seater is about the same unless you get a specialty cart. 

Some can come a little larger than standard to give you more space when seated, like this Coleman golf cart that is 53 inches (135 cm) wide. The exact size varies based on the brand and style, but overall you can expect two-seater golf carts to be around 48 inches (121 cm) wide.

The width of golf carts remains about the same, no matter how many seats are available. Four and six-seater carts remain about 48 inches (121 cm) wide because the additional seats tend to add to the length.

So, two, four, and six-seater golf carts each have about the same width with other dimensions differing greatly.

How Long Is a Golf Cart?

How Long Is a Golf Cart?

The length of a golf cart varies more than the width as you choose different styles and seating options. A two-seater golf cart is about 92 inches (234 cm) in length. This gives you two seats and some room in the back for carrying your clubs. 

Four-seater carts are longer to accommodate seats at around 110 inches (279 cm). These carts are a little longer, but they don’t need too much extra room because two-seater carts come with room in the back anyway. With four-seater carts, the room in the back extends slightly to accommodate seating rather than just storage. 

Six-seater golf carts are the longest. These are about 150 inches (381 cm) because they add a new row of seating to the back of the cart. This example from EZGO is 144 inches (364 cm) long, which gives each person a place to sit and legroom as well. 

Golf Cart Dimensions by Brand

Golf Cart Dimensions by Brand

Each brand of golf cart is a little different when it comes to style and dimensions. While you should always choose a brand that you trust, considering the dimensions of their golf carts can help you choose the right one for your needs. Let’s break down some different dimensions of popular golf cart brands to help you find the right one for you. 

Yamaha Drive 2 Fleet247 in (120cm)94 in (238 cm) 
YamahaDrive 2 Concierge 447 in (120 cm) 128 in (325 cm)
Yamaha Drive 2 Concierge647 in (120 cm)161 in (409 cm)
EZGOExpress S2249.5 in (124 cm)97 in (246 cm)
EZGOLiberty 448 in (122 cm) 107 in (271 cm)
EZGO Express L6649 in (125 cm)144 in (364 cm)
Club CarOnward 2 Passenger248 in (122 cm)92 in (234 cm)
Club CarOnward Lifted 4449 in (125 cm) 114 in (290 cm)
Club CarOnward Lifted 6649 in (125 cm) 143 in (363 cm)

As you can see, based on this table, the width of each golf cart only varies by a few inches. The length of the golf cart changes drastically based on the number of seats and the brand. So, keep this in mind when considering a golf cart. 

How To Store a Golf Cart

How To Store a Golf Cart

Now that you know the dimensions of a golf cart let’s talk about where you can store it.

First, you must make sure you have room to store your golf cart before choosing one. Because the width doesn’t vary much, you won’t need too much empty width for the cart.

The challenge with storing a golf cart comes with the length, as this varies quite a bit.

Where To Store Your Golf Cart

You can store a golf cart inside or outside, depending on your available space. Carts you store outside tend to be more difficult to care for as you expose them to wind, rain, sunlight, insects, and animals.

Simply parking the golf cart in your driveway or yard is not ideal. 

If possible, you should keep your golf cart indoors. This can be in a garage or a carport. The important thing is that you protect the cart from elements, animals, and potential theft. 

If you do need to keep your cart outside, consider a golf cart cover to help keep it safe. This [amazon link=”B07V9CNC8M” title=”10LOL Golf Cart Cover” /] (available on completely covers the cart. It protects it from rain, wind, sun exposure, and animals. This is an affordable option for those who can’t keep their cart indoors. 

Storing Your Cart in the Winter

Storing your golf cart during the Winter is more complicated than in the warmer months. You need to take care of the cart through the Winter when you aren’t using it to ensure it is ready to go next year.

Let’s review some simple care tips to keep your cart like new. Here’s how to care for your golf cart in the winter:

  • Keep it covered and dry at all times.
  • Make sure it is completely off.
  • Run it a few times throughout the season.
  • Disconnect the battery cables.
  • Fully charge the battery.

The most challenging part of caring for a golf cart over the winter is keeping the battery alive.

Just like car batteries, golf cart batteries drain over time, especially during cold months. So, you must ensure that the battery remains charged even when you aren’t using it. If you don’t, your battery may be completely dead by next season.

How To Transport a Golf Cart 

How To Transport a Golf Cart 

If you have a golf cart or are looking to buy your own, you may be wondering how exactly you can transport it. While they are great for getting around a golf course, you can’t exactly ride a golf cart on the highway. 

The Safest Way

The safest way to transport your golf cart is to pull it behind your vehicle in a small trailer. This will allow you to take it just about anywhere you want to go as long as you can drive there.

If you want to invest in a golf cart, then we recommend investing in a small trailer to haul it around.

The good part about this is that golf carts aren’t that heavy. This means that you can tow a standard two-seater golf cart with most vehicles.

Always check the towing capacity of your vehicle and match it with the weight of the golf cart and trailer. If your vehicle can handle the weight, you won’t need any other vehicle to do the job.

Using What You Already Have

If you have a large truck already, you may be able to transport your golf cart that way. Strapping it in the bed of your truck can help you easily move it from place to place without the additional cost of a trailer. 

This can become more difficult if you have a small truck bed or invest in a larger golf cart. So, make sure you measure the cart and available space before deciding on this method. 

A Transportation Company 

If you don’t have the option to move the cart yourself or just don’t want to word about it, there are plenty of transportation companies that will move it for you.

This is not a cheap alternative, but it can help you ensure your cart gets to your destination in one piece without checking behind you every few seconds. 

Some companies will transport your golf cart just about anywhere you go. So, if you are going on vacation, you can have it sent directly to your location or even wait at the local golf course when you arrive. This is the most expensive option, but it also takes the burden off of you.

Safety Tips for Transporting a Golf Cart

When transporting your golf cart, be mindful of the following: 

  • Remove the windshield, so it doesn’t break.
  • Make sure all belongings are out of the cart.
  • Cover it if traveling long distances or through elements.
  • Tie the golf cart securely in place.
  • Remove the roof of your golf cart.

Why Own a Golf Cart?

Why Own a Golf Cart?

There are many benefits to owning a golf cart that doesn’t involve golf. Sure, you can use your own cart at any course you go to and avoid paying extra fees for renting one. However, there are many other benefits to consider. 

Save on Gas

If you live in a location with some local restaurants and stores, having a golf cart can allow you to travel shorter distances without your car. If you live in a small town with local stores, you may see neighbors traveling on a golf cart. This can help save gas money by allowing you to leave your car behind. 

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Replacing your car with an electric alternative can certainly help the environment and reduce carbon emissions. You can do this by walking to close locations as well, but golf carts allow you to travel even further without worrying about getting tired or carrying too much. 

Get Comfortable

When you have your own golf cart, you can keep your things in it without worrying about forgetting something. You can customize your cart in any way you’d like, from different colors to compartments for your personal items. Owning your own cart gives you the freedom to keep extra balls and tees in there for emergencies or even a cooler for hot days on the course. 

Other Uses

Not only will your cart get you through a course in no time, but it also serves as a great way to get to and from the beach when on vacation. Going to the beach is fun, but there are a few downsides. Finding a place to park near the beach can be a nightmare, and you may not be able to stay close enough to walk. 

So, having a cart can give you and your family an easy way to get to the beach while on vacation without getting in the car. It also allows you to take more items with you, like a cooler and chairs that would be difficult to carry for long walks. 

Easy To Clean

You can get dirty fast when going to the beach or playing golf after it rains. This is where a golf cart can really come in handy. Not only can they get you where you need to go, but they are easy to clean. Whether it is mud or sand, it will wash right off of your golf cart, leaving no traces behind. Getting mud and sand out of a car is nowhere near as easy. 

Little Maintenance

Golf carts do not require much maintenance to keep them running smoothly, especially if you take care of them. Covering the cart during the Winter or keeping it inside can help it last even longer. The most maintenance you may need to do is fill the tires regularly and keep them clean. Otherwise, there is very little care necessary to keep your cart going. 

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Knowing the dimensions is vital if you want to purchase your own golf cart. We recommend knowing how you plan to transport, store, and care for your cart before purchasing one. Otherwise, the varying dimensions can get in the way. So, plan and measure carefully before deciding on the right model for you.