Does TopGolf Have a Dress Code

Does TopGolf Have a Dress Code in 2024?

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It can be embarrassing to show up for a round of classic golf in clothes that don’t belong on the course. Golf enthusiasts are pretty specific about holing up the conventions and the dressing tradition of the sport. And many standard golf courses can refuse entry based entirely on one’s clothing and shoe choice. So, does TopGolf have a dress code?

TopGolf does not have a dress code, though it is advisable to select clothes that offer mobility yet look good. From the sport end of the spectrum to the casual end, most people choose to dress casually. When visiting TopGolf, you can wear whatever you’d wear at a casual hang.

This article answers other clothing-related questions for first-time TopGolfers which is one of the top courses in the world…for non-golfers, anyway ;-). These include whether you should wear your party clothes to the location and what to wear on a TopGolf date.

By the end of this post, you’ll know what to pick from your wardrobe or the nearest shopping outlet/mall, regardless of the context of your TopGolf visit.

Should You Dress up For Top Golf?

Should you dress up for TopGolf

TopGolf staff won’t refuse service based on your dress code, but does that mean it is okay to show up in your regular clothes? Well, dressing expectations are set socially. Fortunately, TopGolf hasn’t invited a pretentious enough crowd to produce a social expectation of dressing up.

You don’t have to dress up for TopGolf. Since many people post pictures of their time at TopGolf, pick something that you’re okay with going on social media. If your friends are all dressed down, you too can wear any clothes you’re comfortable in.

Once you enter your bay, you’re pretty disconnected from the rest of the groups and cannot see what they’re wearing. There will be booths where everyone is in Polo shits and Khakis. There will also be booths with men in shorts and women in jeans. How most of you should dress is ultimately up to your specific group.

TopGolf Dress Code: Clothes by Context

TopGolf Clothes by Context

Not everyone teeing off at a TopGolf facility is in the same situation. A couple might be going to TopGolf for a date. Someone might be getting their retirement party at the location. And someone might just be a regular who uses walk-in promo at off-peak hours. Below are the common contexts you might find yourself in, alongside how you should dress up in each one.

  • Casual get-together – Dress the way you want unless a is mentioned. 
  • Invitation for an event – Be safe with a pair of Khakis and a polo shirt. 
  • Weekend booking – Wear something that looks good but is fun and casual. 
  • A get-together at a premium bay – Dress up in your most expensive-looking casual wear.

TopGolf Premium: What to Wear?

TopGolf Premium What to Wear

Of all the situations you could be in when playing TopGolf, the most confusing one regarding dress code is TopGolf Premium. The experience is meant to be a high-end service, so the clothing expectations are similar to a fine dining restaurant. But your clothes shouldn’t get in the way of the game.

When teeing off at TopGolf Premium, your clothes should:

  • Look expensive – This shouldn’t be confused with formal, though you can wear a dress shirt to TopGolf. 
  • Be comfortable – If you’re not comfortable, the experience you’re overpaying for will not be very good. 
  • Not get in the way of your swing – Your pants shouldn’t be too tight, and your top/shirt shouldn’t be too baggy.

Given that this dress code is entirely optional, you can choose to ignore it if you don’t have a specific clothing article that fits the criteria. But if you’re invited to a TopGolf game by your boss, superior at work, or client, then you need to dress to make an impression.

The most golf-friendly attire for TopGolf for men is a high-end polo shirt, a pair of khakis, and a dinner jacket. The jacket can be removed when playing and can otherwise be put on to give a semi-formal appearance. This constitutes a business casual look, which works in almost every TopGolf context.

Alternatively, you can tweak this attire to match your closet or preferences. One of the most common business casual is jeans with a dinner jacket, which you might want to use for TopGolf as well.

Can I Wear Jeans to Top Golf?

Can I wear jeans to TopGolf

You can wear jeans to TopGolf, as the company doesn’t enforce the golf dress code. There is also no need to wear a particular type of shoes to the facility because you won’t be stepping on the green.

More importantly, you won’t be in the company of the country club crowd, who might negatively judge any deviation from standard golf attire. So wear your favorite denim and pull out a tank top to go with it if you want.

Does Top Golf Require Collared Shirts?

Does TopGolf require collared shirts

While collared shirts do good in TopGolf, you don’t have to wear them. The game doesn’t require regular golf attire. You can wear tank tops, crop tops, and other types of shirts.

TopGolf is also available internationally, and the rules for clothing in the UAE and China might differ from those in the US. Therefore, you must factor regional context into your dressing decisions. For instance, in the UAE, you cannot wear bikinis except on the beach.

Is Top Golf Good for A Date?

Is TopGolf good for a date

You can go to TopGolf for a date because it features entertainment areas alongside dining options and doesn’t require prior golf experience. Whether it is a good idea for a first date depends on who your date is.

Honest Golfers Tip: TopGolf premium, alongside a three-course meal and some alcohol, can be considered a top-tier date.

TopGolf Date: What to Wear

TopGolf Date What to Wear

If you’re going for a TopGolf date, remember to balance looking good with feeling comfortable. If you don’t feel comfortable, your partner might pick up the discomfort and assume you lack chemistry. Most people know what kind of clothes they feel and look good in.

Since TopGolf doesn’t have a dress code, the best thing you can wear for a date is something you find comfortable yet elegant. Men can wear chinos with a henley, while women can pair their favorite tops with a skirt. Your clothes don’t have to be golf-adjacent.

For men: True Classic Shirt

True Classic shirts are tighter around the arms and the chest and loose around the waist. This allows most guys to look their best. If you don’t need to hide your love handles/belly, then you can go with pretty much any henley shirt or tennis shirt.

For women: Fluttered Sleeve Jersey Top

H&M’s affordable tops have a little bit of design flair on the basic tanktop design. If you’re comfortable in tank tops, then you’ll be comfortable and looking your best in this or any tank top with fluttered sleeves. You can find similar products with different brands at different price points.

For Men: Amazon Essentials Wrinkle-Resistant Chinos

Amazon Essentials wrinkle-resistant chinos are ideal for most men. However, you must not sacrifice your comfort to fit into a pair of these. While they look good on the average guy, not everyone looks equally good in them. You can swap chinos with khakis and even jeans.

But the benefit of wearing Chinos to your TopGolf date is that you’ll look presentable and will be comfortable enough to play. These pants come in 16 color varieties and are eligible for Prime’s Try Before You Buy option. Because of the importance of comfort alongside appearance, the option to try it out is pretty valuable.

For Women: TopShop Tailored Mini Skirt

You can get pretty much any mini skirt from Nordstrom to go with your top. The Topshop mini skirt is a reliable classic that’s as good as any. Your date won’t notice the difference, even if the product belongs to another brand, though. Visually most black skirts are virtually interchangeable. But this specific skirt features a tailored fit and is pretty comfortable.

In Conclusion: Does TopGolf Have a Dress Code in 2024?

Final Thoughts

TopGolf doesn’t enforce a dress code, though the relevant regional clothing conventions/boundaries still apply.

In the US, you can wear pretty much anything to a TopGolf facility that you can wear to a public place, restaurant, or mall. Still, it is a good idea to be more specific about your clothing decisions.

Wear something comfortable that makes you look and feel good.