Does Golf Cart Battery Repair Liquid Work (or Scam)

Does Golf Cart Battery Repair Liquid Work? (or Scam?)

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Whether your golf cart battery is frustratingly inefficient or completely dead, battery repair liquid is one of the things that is often recommended as a catch-all solution. You’re right to be skeptical about it because it works in very specific instances. So, does golf cart battery repair liquid work, or is it a scam?

Battery repair liquid can help if your golf cart battery is working inefficiently. If internal cleaning can boost the battery’s performance, then the repair liquid will work. Otherwise, you should get battery acid replacement fluid, which adds electrolytes to the battery.

In this article, you will learn more about the difference between both types of liquids and how they can improve a golf cart battery’s performance. You will also learn how to revive a golf cart battery and fix one that keeps leaking.

But first, let’s look at what battery repair liquid does in detail…

What Does Battery Repair Liquid Do?

What Does Battery Repair Liquid Do

Battery repair liquid dissolves corrosion and makes the current flow more efficient by cleaning the plates. Some battery liquids replace the depleted chemical contents of the battery, while others simply clean the build-up and corrosion that is responsible for poor battery performance.

You can recondition an inefficient golf cart battery with the help of battery repair liquid. Below are a few things you can expect when using a battery repair liquid for your golf cart batteries 12 volt:

  • Quicker charging time – Without the corrosion and deposits inside the battery, the energy input is registered quicker, reducing the overall time it takes to charge the battery. 
  • Longer lasting charge – Because less electricity is wasted, a clean battery retains its power for a relatively long period.
  • Higher speed – Since electric golf carts’ speed is contingent on the power input, a better-performing battery results in a better cart speed.

Battery Repair Liquid Alternatives: A Good Idea?

Battery Repair Liquid Alternatives A Good Idea
Source: energylast

Battery repair liquid is often confused with battery fluid replacement. Both aim to improve a battery’s performance, though battery repair liquid is considered a lower-footprint solution.

Battery liquid replacement is an alternative to battery repair liquid that improves a battery’s performance by replenishing its depleted sulfuric acid reserves. The liquid has a 37% concentration and is pre-diluted with water.

Both types of liquids have their own utility. The repair liquid is best for batteries that are worn out and nerfed by corrosion and deposits in their interior mechanism. The replacement liquid is better in instances where the cause of a battery’s poor performance is its low acid content.

The following table will help you differentiate the two liquids:

Battery Repair LiquidReplacement Battery Acid
ContentsVaries from product to productA mixture of water and sulfuric acid
GoalAid the battery in smooth operationMake operations possible with electrolyte replenishment
Method of operationRemoves corrosion and cleans battery platesAdds electrolytes to the battery
Key effectMakes the battery last longer and charge quickerRestores battery function and impact
Average cost$24 – $26$24 – $26
Where to get itAt a retail garage or golf supply storeAt a retail garage or golf supply store

As you can see, gold cart battery repair liquid and replacement battery acid are priced the same and can be found in the same stores. Since both require the same time and effort to get, you might wonder which one is the better option.

You should get replacement fluid (replacement battery acid) instead of the repair additive. The acid is more likely to work, has fewer mixed reviews, and can also remove corrosion.

Battery acid not only adds electrolytes to the battery but also removes deposits that can hinder their flow. On average, appropriate battery acid replacement is better than a cosmetic repair fluid, especially when it comes to reviving near-dead or completely dead batteries.

How Do You Bring A Golf Cart Battery Back To Life?

How Do You Bring A Golf Cart Battery Back To Life
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To bring a golf cart battery back to life, you should mix baking soda with water and clean the battery’s tops and terminals with the solution. You should also replace depleted battery acid with fresh replacement fluid.

If you check for leaks before you choose a solution, you’ll make the right choice. Any fluid meant to clean the battery won’t fix the issues caused by a fluid leak. And if the golf cart battery has a decent reserve of battery acid, then adding more of it might be counterproductive.

How Do You Stop A Golf Cart Battery From Leaking?

How Do You Stop A Golf Cart Battery From Leaking

If a golf cart battery runs out of liquid because of a leak, you can use replacement fluid. But before you replenish the liquid lost to a leak, you have to fix the cause of the leak.

Most golf cart batteries leak because of overwatering and not due to a hole or puncture in their interior mechanism. To fix obvious leakage, you should stop adding excess water to the battery.

If the battery liquid level keeps decreasing without obvious leaks or signs of spilling, then the loss can be attributed to evaporation. Charging the battery too frequently or simply maintaining a battery in a hot climate can reduce the water level of the battery.

Repeatedly replacing water increases the chance of dilution, which can lower the efficiency of the battery. So, you have to be mindful of the following when your golf cart’s battery starts leaking:

  • Minimize overwatering – If the battery keeps spilling liquid, then it has too much liquid, most likely because of overwatering. 
  • Decide if it is a leak or dryness – If the liquid seems to vanish without spill marks, then the water in the battery is drying up. 
  • Refill the battery with the right liquid – You need to add water to a battery that’s becoming dry, but you also need to maintain its internal acidity. Add acid replacement fluid when you feel like the battery’s contents are getting diluted.

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last?

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last
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Knowing the lifespan of an average golf cart battery can help you figure out when a battery is due for acid replacement and when it is due for a unit replacement.

Depending on how often a golf cart is put to use, its battery can last anywhere between 4 to 10 years. The 6-to-10-year range is common among privately-owned carts, and the 4-to-6-year range is for public-use carts owned by golf clubs.

If your golf cart battery hasn’t been in use for over four years, its performance issues can be fixed with cleaning and fluid replacement, so don’t replace the entire unit before you’ve tried using repair liquid or acid replacement fluid.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts
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Golf cart battery liquid works by removing deposits, corrosion, and build-up from the battery’s caps and internal mechanism. This results in more efficient operation, longer battery life, and slower charging duration.

But if the battery is clean enough and actually needs electrolytes, then an acid replacement is far better than a battery repair solution.