Do Golf Courses Have Dress Codes

Do Golf Courses Have Dress Codes?

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The attire is an important part of golf, perhaps more than any other sport. While it is not as mandatory as soccer or NBA, the golf dress code is considered an unwritten rule in many courses. 

The golf dress code can vary depending on the golf course and tournaments. Tournaments like the PGA or LPGA Tours may require a specific dress code for players.

But the commonly accepted dress code in golf courses is modest and business casual. 

Contact your golf course about the club’s dress code if you’re unsure about what to wear.



Collared shirts are still the most common shirts you’ll wear on any golf course in the world.

This generally means microfiber, polyester, or traditional cotton golf shirts. You may have a modern variation of golf shirts with a turtleneck style. 

The golf shirts need to be breathable to allow sweat to evaporate. During hotter months, cotton shirts are not recommended as they may get quite uncomfortable. But t-shirts are not what you’re looking for, even in summer. 



Golf shoes are a part of golf equipment as they help a lot in traction, stabilizing a player’s swing, and comfort during the game.

That said, the first version of golf shoes had spikes on the soles to provide stabilized movement. Modern golf shoes have a soft rubber sole for safety, although they provide the same stability. 

Other shoes are not necessarily allowed in golf courses except for running shoes and sneakers. Some laid-back courses will allow running shoes, but not always. Street shoes, boots, and sandals are not permitted on most courses. 



Golfers should consider long pants made of hybrid polyester or cotton, or get dress shorts that reach just at the tip of the finger. The shorts should have a flat or pleated front and not reach the knees. 

Women should wear dress shorts, long trousers, or capris. They can also wear golf skirts.

These clothes have a V-notch on the front or side to give space for movement during a golf swing. Undershorts are a must for these golf skirts. 

Jeans, basketball, or running shorts are not allowed on golf courses for men and women. 



Golf hats are not a requirement in golf courses and are not included in the universal golf attire. If you must wear a hat, consider baseball-style hats as they are excellent for sun protection. 

Straw hats are also a thing, particularly the Ben Hogan caps. Beanies, fedora hats, and gag hats are a no-no and considered inappropriate for a golf course. 



Socks are as crucial to golfing as other sports footwear. If you’re wearing shorts, consider ankle-length socks to keep your feet comfortable.

Traditional tube socks are also allowed, although you might need specific designs to keep you in the course for hours. 

Advances in fiber technology have made golf socks necessary wear, although it is not something likely to be specified in the dress code of a golf course.

But for heritage purposes, it’s nice to think of wearing socks that complement your golf clothing. 



While we often see colorful and plaid colors on PGA tours, it is an unwritten rule to wear accenting outfits.

A pair of neutral-colored shorts will go well with a brightly colored shirt. If you decide to be a little playful with patterns, stick to one plaid pattern. 

What To Wear On The Clubhouse?

What To Wear On The Clubhouse

What’s tolerable at the course and the clubhouse can be different. If your golf club has a spike bar then you’re lucky.

A spike bar allows you to walk into the bar with golf attires straight from the course, including the spiky shoes. 

Some high-end clubs have stricter dress codes for the clubhouse change depending on the time of the day. But it is always easier to change into clubwear as they have changing rooms for golfers.

Some posh clubs even have a different dress code for the dining area. 

What To Wear If You Don’t Have Golf Shoes?

What To Wear If You Don’t Have Golf Shoes

If you have paid for your membership and are wondering what to wear, don’t worry. The most important thing to consider is which golf course you’re heading to.

If it is a par 3 or pitch and putt course, you can wear anything you like as long as it is smart casual.

Of course, some exceptions like jeans and boots are not encouraged. If you’re enrolled in your local course, check with the management as they may have dress codes.

Private golf courses are more stringent on dress codes, and it may be mandatory to have golf clothing. 

Generally, if you don’t have golf clothes, you can wear similar alternatives avoiding bold prints and colors that may make you look like a clown.

Avoid wearing offensive prints and oversized t-shirts. Stick to clothes that are perfectly fit and plain. 

Jewelry is never encouraged in golf clubs, but if you must, choose dainty pieces and avoid long chains and necklaces. These restrictions are for your safety and prevent potential injuries.

Gloves are an ideal accessory as they give a nice grip on the golf club. Look for gloves with a tacky surface, ideally made of leather. 

Can You Wear Jeans To The Driving Range?

Can You Wear Jeans To The Driving Range

While there are restrictions to wearing jeans in the course, it is considered acceptable on most driving ranges.

But private courses and high-end courses may still not allow jeans even on the driving range. 

You can wear jeans to your local course if it has an actual driving range within the course. Casual clothing should be fine as long as it is your local course.

The only place where jeans are prohibited is on private courses which host tournaments and have a sense of heritage. 

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t consider jeans comfortable wear on a driving range. If you’ll be on the course for long, jeans may not let sweat evaporate and become irritating.

So, it is better to dress what you would wear on the golf course- something light and flexible.