Can You Golf in the Rain ([year] Rules)

Can You Golf in the Rain? (2024 Rules)

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The game of golf shouldn’t pause when the weather turns rough. It is one of few sports that you can play in almost anything. 

So, can you golf in the rain? You can play golf in the rain. And if you are going to play the game in wet conditions, you’ll need golf rain gear to help keep you dry, such as towels, a golf umbrella, and a rain jacket. In addition to this, there are some adjustments you need to make to your technique to play well. 

This article will discuss all the essential gear you need to play golf in the rain and some tips to help you perform well in inclement weather. Let’s get started.

9 Tips for Playing Golf in the Rain

9 Tips for Playing Golf in the Rain

Here are some tips that will help you play good golf when it’s raining.

1. Be Prepared

Before you head out, remember to check the hourly weather forecast. Evaluate the conditions you will experience on the golf course and make arrangements accordingly.

There is nothing terrible than getting wet on the golf course while your rain jacket hangs in your closet.

2. Rent a Cart

It is best to rent a golf cart if you know that it will rain. The cart makes it much easier to protect and handle your golf gear.

Most carts come with a cover on the back to protect you and your golf clubs from the elements.

3. Focus on Keeping Your Grips Dry

Keeping your grips dry should be your topmost priority when facing challenging conditions. Concentrate on your grips.

For example, if you are walking the golf course, put your golf umbrella on top of your bag so that it’s protected from the rain while you hit your golf ball with a putter. You will get wet, but your grips will remain dry.

Use your towels to wipe your grips and your hands. 

4. Cover Your Golf Clubs

Whether you’re walking or taking a ride in a golf cart, ensure to cover your golf clubs with the rain fly on the cart. You have a greater chance of getting a good score with dry clubface and grips.

5. Keep the Golf Ball Dry

The dimples of the golf ball fill up with water when the ball sits in the rain for some time. Consequently, you cannot make clean contact with your golf ball. Also, your golf ball will slip instead of roll. 

So, try to keep the golf ball dry for as long as you can. Use a marker to line up your putt rather than using the golf ball. Put the golf ball down when you are all set to stroke the putt.

6. Stay Positive

You will hit poor shots when there is heavy rain. Inclement weather will restrict your routine and your concentration on the golf course. But don’t worry about the poor shots and put your best effort into the next one.

7. Take More Clubs for Your Shots

Take one club more than you usually would for every shot. 

Rain increases air humidity producing thicker air which causes more resistance to the ball in flight. The ball will therefore not travel as far in wet weather.

Taking extra clubs will also let you swing easily. This will help you maintain a firm grip and good balance when it’s raining.

8. Hit the Golf Ball Lower

If you hit your golf ball lower, it will create a shallow landing angle, give more roll, and decrease the odds of your golf ball picking up mud.

9. Stay Hydrated

It’s vital to stay hydrated on the course to support brain functioning, reduce tiredness, and restore the water lost from the body. Dehydration is not good for your game and health. It impacts your decision-making abilities, which can affect your performance negatively.

So, drink water during your round, even though it’s raining.

Gear for Playing Golf in the Rain

Gear for Playing Golf in the Rain

If you like playing golf very much, you will not want the rain to get in the way. Hitting the golf course without the appropriate gear can turn an enjoyable round into a terrible one. Here are some must-have gear pieces for playing the game in wet conditions. 

1. Rain Jacket 

Depending on the temperature, playing the game in bad weather can make you feel cold and damp. It is essential to keep your core dry and warm. Hence, it would be best to buy a good quality rain jacket.

Ensure that the rain jacket you choose is waterproof. Not only a good rain jacket will protect you from bad weather, but it will also make the playing experience more enjoyable irrespective of the conditions. 

Good rain jackets stretch and move with your body freely so that your swing isn’t restricted irrespective of having several layers on. You can play golf with the usual freedom. 

2. Rain Gloves

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face when playing the game in bad weather is maintaining control of your golf clubs. 

Wet hands and wet gloves can make it very difficult to play. Rain gloves are a great option when playing golf in the rain. They are worn on both hands. The grip is the main reason for wearing a golf glove. The effect of golf gloves is reduced when they get wet. 

Consider rain gloves to help keep your grip steady. Take extras in case your first glove gets wet. 

3. Golf Umbrella

A golf umbrella is a must-have if you are going to play golf in the rain.

Its size is larger than a regular umbrella. The ribbed length is between 26 inches and 34 inches. In contrast, the ribbed length for regular umbrellas is from 21 inches to 25 inches.

Golf umbrellas come with several quality features. For example, they are large enough to protect you and your belongings. These umbrellas are impervious to wind and are robust. Plus, they are waterproof. 

4. Towels

Towels are a great way to keep yourself and your golf clubs dry. Hang these towels beneath your golf umbrella. The umbrella will keep them dry, and you can easily access these towels during the round.

Golfing in the Rain Recap

Golfing in the Rain Recap

Playing golf in the rain can be a challenging task. But it can be made a lot easier with the correct rain gear and using the right techniques on the golf course.

We hope that the above-mentioned tips will help you play golf well in the rain.