best wedge for chipping

Best Wedge For Chipping

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The best wedge for chipping will 

Maybe it's because...

1. You know the value of chip shots in your golf game. A good wedge delivers huge value to your scorecard.

2. Your current wedge looks about ready to hit retirement. It might be time to bring in a new shiny, technology packed wedge to help your game.


3. Your chipping game is just not up to scratch. A new chipping wedge is what the golf doctor's prescribed.

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A chipping wedge provides you with some things that you cannot get from any of the other wedges.

This is the ability to get over a short distance, avoiding obstacles and being able to stop. FAST with insane levels of control.

The ability to harness that drop-and-stop distance is one that goes a heck of a long way out on the course.

This is a key technique for any good player's game on and around the green / dance floor with a wedge golf club :).

Failure to use your chipping wedge well, or not having a good one will add unnecessary strokes to your score.

It's as simple as let us show you our top wedges for chipping.

Top 5 Wedges for Chipping

  1. Pinemeadow Golf Excel EGI Wedge (Best Wedge For Chipping)
  2. Extreme 5 Golf Wedge (Best Game Improvement)
  3. Cleveland Smart Sole Golf Wedge (Best Premium)
  4. Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge (Best Mid Range)
  5. Intech Golf EZ Roll Wedge (Best Budget)

In A Hurry?

Would love to read the article but haven’t got the time right now? We have heard you! All of us here would rather be out on the golf course than reading the content.

Both have a part to play. We’ll let you off easy this time! We took our top 5 picks to the task. We set out to find which one of them would trump the others if they were pitted against one another.

It is always difficult to separate impressive products. They are all packed with features that we love.

If we had to go with just one, it would be the [amazon link="B00UATTS0Y" title="Pinemeadow Golf Excel EGI Chipper" /]

It delivers impressive overall performance on the green. You will love just how accurate you can get your strokes to be. Did we mention that you can get up to 70 yards from it? Yeah, it delivers a fair amount of distance. There is a more detailed review below. 

Our Test Winner After 40 + Hours Of Research:

Pinemeadow Golf Excel EGI Chipper

Our Honest Star Rating

Why is it the BEST?

  • Works great around the green
  • Offers great putting stroke
  • Easy to use the chipper
  • The wedge is quite durable
Our Score





40 +




Best Wedge For Chipping 2024

Interestingly, the vastness of products and brands that are on the market make it difficult to know what a good chipping wedge is.

Some of the lesser products are carried by bigger brands. A better marketing budget will generally mean that the consumers are convinced that this is the best product.

What most of us do not realize is that there are small brands that deliver superior gear.

We set a goal to resolve the searching problem for you. Our aim was to find the very best chipping irons on the market. We would ignore brands and allow each iron’s performance to speak for itself.

The route we took is one that most of our readers are familiar with. Golfing forums, social media and manufacturers’ websites were scoured for chipping wedges that were impressing everyone.

We would read as much information about the features of each club, as well as the experiences that users had with it. The ones that we were convinced with would be shortlisted.

In the end, we were able to cut our total down to 5 incredible wedges.

1. Pinemeadow Golf Excel EGI Chipper

Pinemeadow Golf Excel EGI Chipper

Our Honest Star Rating

If you are looking for a chipper that offers thirty-seven-degree loft, then you can't go wrong with Pinemeadow golf excel EGI chipper.

The easy to use chipper allows the golfer to take a good number of shots, making it ideal for various options around the green...

The easy to use chipper allows the golfer to take a good number of shots, making it ideal for various options around the green.

Besides that, it has a great feel and a perfect balance to enhance the accuracy as well as precision when taking a shot off the green.

Also, the general design is quite impressive, especially the full sole, which is heavy to foster better impact and control. This gains lots of praise on many golf forums and Facebook groups.

The chipper allows you to shot with confidence up to 70 yards without the use of a gap or pitching wedge. What we love most is, it swigs like a putter which is suitable for improving the quality and accuracy of your strokes.

Are you having problems with your short game?

Well, EGI chipper will help you eliminate thin and fat chips shots, especially from the fringe as well as around the green.

The most beautiful thing is that the loft is slightly higher while the head face is broad to allow easy straight shots without the lifts. The golfer is not required to get used to it hence the reason why it is replacing a good number of clubs. 

The materials used to design the chipper are of high quality, and this makes it last for a couple of years without replacement.

Pinemeadow Golf Excel EGI Chipper
Pinemeadow Golf Excel EGI Chipper

Above all, the chipper comes with a nice handle that provides a comfortable grip that matches perfectly with the weight.

Also, if you lean the handle forward, you will create a putter face, and when you strike the ball with a putter stroke, the ball rolls which is ideal if you want to putt through a fringe.

Therefore, if you are looking for a chipper that will take your game to another level, then consider EGI chipper.


  • Works great around the green
  • Offers great putting stroke
  • Easy to use the chipper
  • The wedge is quite durable


  • Not ideal for beginners

2. Extreme 5 Chipper

Extreme 5 Chipper

Our Honest Star Rating

This is another excellent arsenal golf gear to include in the golf bag due to the superb design that it comes with.

The full sole and offset hosel design is quite ideal for cutting down shanks this help to foster soft-touch...

The full sole and offset hosel design is absolutley ideal for cutting down shanks this help to foster soft-touch, especially for those short and challenging shots around the green.

The head is made from stainless steel which gives it a long-lasting effect, and this will save you a couple of bucks in replacing it. Besides that, the full sole has a capability of gliding through the rough with scuffing the turf enabling the golfer to take a perfect shot.

The incredible thing is the offset hosel design, which helps to increase the active face area that promotes solid contact with the ball.

Also, it is built with Apollo straight stepped putter shaft, which is reinforced with Rexton Velvet standard rubber to offer a maximum and comfortable grip.

The comfortable grip makes the chipper to be ideal for taking shots up to 60 yards out without experiencing any difficulty. The chipper has a forgiving 36 degrees that make it easy to chip the ball from a tight spot or bump and runs.

Extreme five chippers also come with a shaft of about 33, 34 or 35 inches in length which is quite ideal for taking any shot. However, the golfer is required to use a putter stroke when using the chipper, and this also gives them confidence around the green.

Another great feature of the chipper is the ease to control and hitting the ball. This is something many fervid golfers love most.

Unfortunately, if you are a left-handed player, this chipper is not for you since they only come in right-handed.

Besides that, you are not allowed to return the chipper after making sale hence not suitable for a beginner to avoid making mistakes of buying.


  • Offset hosel design helps eliminate the chances of shanking the ball
  • Has forgiving 36 degrees loft that help get the ball out of a tricky spot
  • Has excellent alignment lines for better shots


  • Limited to right-handed players

3. Cleveland Golf Men's Smart Sole

Cleveland Golf Mens Smart Sole

Our Honest Star Rating

Cleveland golf chipper is one of the leading chippers in the market today, and they are quite popular.

The good thing about the club is that they are available for both left and right-hand golfers.

This happens to be the reason behind its popularity in the golf industry.

Besides that, the shaft is made of either graphite or steel, and this gives the club a long-lasting feature.

The most beautiful thing is that the three-tier sole has the capability of cutting through different turf efficiently and offer a clear as well as an accurate shot.

The design wedges of Cleveland is specifically meant to meet the higher handicap golfers since it has a single, smart line. Also, there are other wedges design by Cleveland technology to help the beginners and average players around the green.

The feel balancing technology offers the centre of gravity closer to the centre of the clubface, which results in better forgiveness and accurate shots.

The shorter shaft and chipper wedges are specifically designed to help golfers improve their setup position and make clean contact when hitting the ball.

The club has 42-degree loft to offer a more upright lie angle that promotes better technique and improve ball contact.

Aside from that, it has a fantastic weight with the face of about 78.8mm making it ideal as a significant game-changer in short game. The chipper also helps in executing a bump and run shot mainly if you are short of the green and fairway.

However, the lofted wedge will help in higher launch and soft landing in case of tough turf.

One thing that scares many people is the pricing of the chipper since many golfers believe it is too high. However, the quality and design make it fabulous the value of your money.

Therefore, if you are looking for something that will take your game to another level, then consider Cleveland smart sole chipper.


  • Made with impressive feel balance technology
  • Has three-tier sole for better contact
  • Great set up position and consistent shots


  • Ideal only for beginners and high handicappers

4. Wilson Men's Harmonized Golf Chipper

Wilson Harmonized Wedge Review

Our Honest Star Rating

Wilson harmonize chipper is another brand new product of Wilson company, and it is considered to be a great club for gold in recently.

The company has been in the industry for over some decades to offer quality golf equipment that enhances performance and overall enjoyment among golfers.

The harmonized chipper is considered to be perfect for those in-between shots in the rough turf of the green.

The revolutionary vertical seam offers the most comfortable grip with a slightly larger diameter for a great feel when taking the shot. Unfortunately, the club is only available for right-handed and higher disabled golfers.

However, the feature has not limited its popularity in the market. The shaft is made of durable stainless steel which gives it a long-lasting feature, and it has a length of 35 inches that enhance better performance.

Besides that, the club has a hybrid design with a loft of 7-iron, which is quite helpful when dealing with balls in tight lies around the green. The club heads have an anti-glare feature that makes it ideal for playing with during sunny days on the course.

The most beautiful thing about the chipper is the alignment aid, which makes it easy for quick setup and also enhances consistency. The pricing is also quite affordable when comparing the quality that the chipper comes with and the value of your money.

The possible issue we found out about the harmonize chipper is that the clubhead tends to be quite heavy, and this can interfere with taking shots. If you happen to get used to the chipper, you will find it challenging to deal with other chippers in the market.

Besides, the shape and the dynamics brought about the club heads tend to be tricky, making it ideal for more experienced players.


  • Perfect for tight spots around the green
  • Proper alignment that facilitates easy setup
  • Round grip foster versatility
  • Putter design makes it easier to hit the ball


  • Only available in right-hand steel shaft

5. Intech Golf EZ Roll Chipper

Intech Golf EZ Roll Chipper

Our Honest Star Rating

An excellent golf gear that comes with the effective alignment of features which help an avid golf player to focus on the target.

The good thing about Intech golf EZ roll chipper is that they come both in the left hand and right-hand orientation to suit every player.

Besides that, the back weight design enables the golfer to have better performance while manoeuvring the shots on the green.

Also, the weight allows you to maintain balance with the swing and after that have one of the most excellent shot ever.

Let’s talk about design.

The chipping wedge has the state of art design and comes with a thirty-five-degree range which is quite comparable to the loft of 7-iron.

The shaft design is also excellent, and it has some similarities like that of the traditional putter shafts at thirty-five inches. It has a full sole design that is curated, and it looks like a hybrid.

EZ roll chipper has an excellent grip that will allow you to have firm hand placement and easy adjustment while making a shot. Did I forget to mention that the grip can be adjusted to match the height and golf stance?

Looking for a shooting range, EZ roll chipper is designed to shot up to a range between five to ten yards. It also allows the player to shot off the green or adjust the chipper to shot the ball up the hill.

The cutting edge has an impressive alignment that helps to ensure accuracy and precision when taking a shot.

The weight and great arrangement will help you see some significant improvement in the quality of shots. Another fantastic thing about the chipper is that it is among the most affordable gear in the market today.

The design and quality of the chipper are worth the value of your money. If you are a recreational avid or a beginner in a golf game, then this is the ideal thing for you.

It will help you get good practice and improve the quality of your shots.


  • It has a great and comfortable grip
  • It is quite affordable
  • Awesome back weight integration
  • It is durable


  • Not ideal for 30 plus yards

Chipping Wedge Buyer’s Guide

Got one eye on a chipping wedge yet? We have some stellar choices on our list.

The reviews would have provided you with insight into each of them. To provide you with some of the things that we took into consideration when choosing these products, we have the buyer’s guide. 

It is designed to answer some of the questions that may have arisen while you were reading through the reviews. We have also covered some of the most commonly asked questions regarding these products as well as chipping in general.

What is the difference between a gap wedge and a lob wedge?

The gap wedge exists between the vacuum left in between the pitching and sand wedge.

This means that it has a loft in the region of 44 and 50 degrees. Most golfers hit gap wedges between about 90 and 110 yards.

The golf ball should fly high when properly struck with a gap wedge. Gap wedges do not come with a standard set of golf clubs. Before selecting a gap wedge, look at the loft of your pitching wedge and sand wedge.

Your gap wedge should have a loft that is between the two. Gap wedges are more commonly made of steel. Steel is more durable than its graphite counterpart, and a steel wedge can help to control the shot. Graphite gap wedges provide the extra distance for a golfer while eliminating shock from the shot.

Gap wedges give a higher amount of bounce (6 degrees or more) that will help hit off hard and dry fairways or soft fairways.

Like gap and sand wedges, lob wedges are not included in most golf club sets and as a result, must be purchased separately.

They have the most loft of any of the wedges--between about 60 and 65 degrees--and are most useful in situations around the green that call for precise shots.

Golfers generally hit lob wedges about 70 yards, and they are designed to send the ball high into the air.

Lob wedges also are useful in situations in which golfers need to hit the ball and have it rise into the air quickly. Lob wedges have the most loft of any golf club.  

Lob wedges are the easiest clubs to use when the situation calls for a high trajectory and a soft landing

Is more bounce better for wedges?

Bounce is the group name for the elements involved in sole design: the bounce angle, sole width, leading-edge, rocker and camber of a wedge.

Wedge bounce is the angle created between the leading edge and the lowest point of the sole or trailing edge. This is the area of the club that impacts the ground as it strikes the ball.

Wedges with a bounce angle of 4 to 6 degrees are classed as low-bounce. Wedges with minimal bounce are best suited to players that sweep the ball and in firmer turf conditions and heavy coarse sand in bunkers or bunkers with not a lot of sand.

Wedges with a bounce angle of 7 to 10 degrees are considered to be mid-bounce wedges.

These are the most versatile as they are suited to a wider range of surfaces, conditions and swing abilities and types. High bounce wedges have more than 10 degrees of bounce.

This means that the leading edge sits higher when the sole is rested on the ground. These types of wedges are best suited to players who dig at impact and softer terrains like parkland courses and bunkers with deep fine sand. 

Ultimately, golfers that want to maximise their ability to score well should definitely consider their bounce angles. Recreational golfers should not bother with the technical side of bounce.

How do I choose a sand wedge?

Choosing your sand wedge, while it may be critical, is not difficult. There are a few things that you would need to take into consideration from the beginning. If you get them right, you are all set.

The first thing that you would want to do is make sure that you get the ideal bounce. Most sand wedges have a bounce rate of between 0 and 10 degrees. The lower end of the angle will usually mean that there is a more intimate interaction between the sole of your club and the ground. As you go higher in bounce, the shots become cleaner.

Your club increasingly “bounces” off the ground allowing you to take uninhibited swings without digging into the ground.

Your sand wedges ensure that you get great bunker shots, Chipping shots as well as some full shots. This is what makes it a staple club within your golf bag. Some golfers would argue that you can always open the face of other clubs to perform just as well as the sand wedge.

The problem with this approach is that you are essentially going out of your way to create an unnecessary complication for yourself. Our golf courses already have enough of those.

You can also look to ensure that the loft, as well as the lie of your sand wedge, matches the rest of your golf set. It makes for a smaller learning curve.

Final Words

If you are not already sold on the virtues of the sand wedges that have been presented to you in our list, there is no telling what it would take. You have been presented with some brilliant sand wedges that would make great additions to your golf bag.

Most golfers are utterly gobsmacked at the improvement that their execution sees once they have purchased a good SW. There is no wisdom in you not becoming one of these grateful people.

Each of the products that we recommend is accompanied by a review. They are critiqued on various aspects that we think are important to most golfers. You are encouraged to take the time to read through the reviews.

Once you have read a few reviews, you will be in a position to make product comparison to find one that is suitable for your needs.

Our buyer’s guide adds more information to your golfing knowledge. This should hopefully move you to a position from which you would be able to confidently settle on a sand wedge. There is not a single wedge that we would peddle as being “perfect”. The good thing is that in this case, you get to know the flaws before you make a purchase. There are no nasty surprises along the way.

There is an entire section that has been dedicated to making sure you know some own the things that you should be looking for when picking your wedge.

If you get these ticked off your list, you will have increased peace of mind in knowing that you are well on your way to bringing home a club that you will adore. If all of this is a little too much for you, have a look at our top pick. This is a safe option.

We have vetted it and found it to be worthy of a place in our golf bag, as it should have in yours.