Best PXG Irons [year] (Gen 3 vs Gen 4)

Best PXG Irons 2024 (Gen 3 vs Gen 4)

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PXG irons design clubs for a player who is serious about golf and want to take their game to the next level. PXG irons do not come cheap, and when you consider the technology the brand use in their irons, it is crucial you consider every aspect before buying a set.

PXGs are great distance irons, but the design adds forgiveness and control to give you every advantage you need to improve your game. This post is mostly a comparison of PXG Generation 3 and 4 and ultimately helps you answer “which PXG irons set is right for me?”.

Best PXG Irons For Personalized Performance – PXG 0311 GEN4

  • GEN4 0311 T
  • GEN4 0311 P
  • GEN4 0311 XP
  • GEN4 0311 ST

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Best PXG Irons For Distance, Forgiveness, And Accuracy – PXG 0311 GEN3:

  • GEN3 0311 T
  • GEN3 0311 P
  • GEN3 0311 XP

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Best PXG Irons For Personalized Performance

PXG’s 0311 GEN4 IRONS feature XCOR Technology developed especially for its GEN4 Iron range. It is soft, has a high C.O.R., and allows for more clubface movement and a large sweet spot.

The GEN4 Irons combine forgiveness, blazing distance, and superb sound and feel to deliver a potent launch.

The GEN4’s club head is made from soft carbon steel separately forged, and its club head’s back surface is CNC milled, ensuring a thin-wall and high-performance design.

For various head weight configurations, the GEN4 Irons Precision Weighting Technology has a sizable adjustable weight placed close to the center of gravity on the rear of the club head. If you’re looking for the best golf iron brands, you may want to consider trying out the GEN4 Irons to improve your game.

PXG is pushing the boundaries of tailored performance with its three head designs to ensure golfers of all skill levels get the most out of their irons.

1. PXG GEN4 0311 T

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If you are a player that requires irons that will provide good performance, great workability, and optimal shot shaping, you should look no further than the [amazon link=”B0B5FV4STZ” title=”0311 T iron set” /]. The amazing GEN4 T irons design ensures golf players enjoy a relaxed yet explosive experience for 18 holes.

The PXG GEN4 0311 T Look

The aesthetics are out of this world, with a smooth finish and precision milling. When addressing the club, you can notice a blade length with little offset and a slender topline, and the back weight has a significant center weight.

The PXG GEN4 0311 T Sound And Feel

The XCOR System, a proprietary feature of GEN4 technology, is a perfect injectable polymer that would speed up the ball and improve the feel inside the club head. The huge changeable weight on the back of the GEN4 club head enables PXG fitters to adjust the swing weight to better suit the player’s preferences.

The PXG GEN4 0311 T Performance

The 0311 T GEN4 is a club for players. These irons are effective for low handicappers who desire some forgiveness along with their clubs’ capacity to launch balls low, send them sky high, or curve them either way on demand.

2. PXG GEN4 0311 P 

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The [amazon link=”B09S2HQBXH” title=”PXG 0311 P” /] set combines great ball distance, excellent club workability, and forgiveness, providing performance for various golfers.

The 0311 P iron set is ideal if you want great-looking irons to bring back fun and confidence to your game.

The PXG GEN4 0311 P Look

The satin coating has a stylish look and effectively reduces glare. You will not find anything that appears more player-friendly in terms of “game improvement” irons.

The top line is slim, and the club’s back has no bulky technology. With one huge weight now present in the center, the milled rear surface of the GEN4 irons significantly improves the aesthetics of the clubs.

The PXG GEN4 0311 P Sound And Feel

The new unique XCOR System, which injects polymer to improve ball speed, enhance feel, and provide a pleasurable sensory experience, is one of the major advancements of GEN4 technology.

The PXG fitters will adjust the GEN4’s big and customizable precision weight at the back of the club head to match the player’s preferences.

At impact, the incredibly thin face and the inside of the XCOR polymer create a controlled golf shot. It has a strong, supple, yet responsive feel all at once. Mishits will not result in a bad shot, but you will still be able to tell where on the face you missed it.

The PXG GEN4 0311 P Performance

A 2mph increase in ball speed over the GEN3 allowed the GEN4 to carry the ball an additional seven yards while maintaining the same club head speed and spin rate.

3. PXG GEN4 0311 XP

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The GEN4 XP’s is the ultimate iron set if you want forgiving clubs that boost performance and enhance game quality.

The 0311 XP gives you extra yards without expecting more from your natural swing speed and ensures confidence with every hole you play.

The PXG GEN4 0311 XP Look

The stepped, angular muscle lines and machined back surface of the GEN4 irons are absolute eye-catchers. The XP has a subtle exaggeration in terms of the size of the face, the length of the blade, and the offset, making it even more spectacular to look at than the P irons when compared to the T irons.

The PXG GEN4 0311 XP Sound And Feel

The latest exclusive XCOR System uses GEN4 technology. In the GEN4 range, the club heads get bigger and bigger, and the cavity contains more XCOR material. As a result, the XP GEN4 is amazingly soft and springy simultaneously, making hitting it feels great.

Mishits are less severe, and hand feedback is less audible than it is with the T and P irons.

PXG fitters can precisely adjust swing weight to better suit the player’s preferences thanks to the GEN4’s huge changeable weight at the back of the club head.

The PXG GEN4 0311 XP Performance

The XP iron’s lofts are approximately two degrees stronger than the P irons. According to OEM testing, they spin a bit slower than the P irons while having a slightly higher peak height and a carrying distance of about 8 yards.

The PXG XP should catch your attention if you normally use game improvement irons and are looking for a club that will provide the most distance and forgiveness.

4. PXG GEN4 0311 ST 

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The [amazon link=”B0B6DCCNJR” title=”PXG ST” /] is a pure tour blade designed that support the needs of advanced and seasoned golfers. The PXG 0311 ST Irons provide superior control, a low launch, and a high spin. Experienced players prefer the PXG 0311 ST irons because they include Perimeter Weighting Technology, a narrow sole design, and a compact blade length.

The PXG GEN4 0311 ST Looks

The pitching wedge and four iron of the 0311 ST iron set have a progressive and nearly identical blade length.

Because of suggestions made by Tour Staff to satisfy the requirements of the world’s greatest and most sensitive golfers, the brand designed the PGX 0311 ST.

Higher lofted irons in the ST 0311 series have pure blade backs, whereas lower lofted irons contain a little trapezoidal cavity near the top.

The PXG GEN4 0311 ST Sound And Feel

The 0311 ST blade irons from PXG have a strong feeling in your hands as they connect with the ball and every shot. The ST irons reward a good shot with a pleasant sensation that is low-pitched, silent, and extremely pleasing.

The PXG GEN4 0311 ST Performance

Experienced golfers can fly the ball high or low and bend it left or right with the PXG ST irons’ precision control over ball flight.

Even though the PXG 0311 ST GEN4 irons have a bit less spin, they still have more than enough to hold greens or shape shots.

The 0311 ST GEN4 is slightly simpler to hit than most blades because of a lower CG, which helps lift thin shots.

Best PXG Irons For Distance, Forgiveness, And Accuracy

Best PXG Irons For Distance, Forgiveness, And Accuracy
Source: mygolfspy

The PXG 0311 GEN3 Irons combines distance, forgiveness, and accuracy with a thin clubface that includes PXG’s Impact Reactor Technology. The 5-times forged and then milled PXG 0311 is the ultimate game-changer, and the forging technology finishes the irons to make it a unique experience.

The PXG GEN3 Irons add between five and six yards of distance, are 3 mph quicker than the Gen 2 Irons, and feature a reduced spin rate. The PXG line, which comes in three variations, pushes the boundaries of performance to give golfers the most out of their irons.

1. PXG GEN3 0311 T

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The [amazon link=”B09VLHHBB3″ title=”PXG 0311 T” /] is a favorite for many players because of its tour-inspired design. If you are looking for irons that provide good looks and all-out workability, you will find the GEN4 0311 T a blast.

The T irons from PXG provide unbelievable distance and simultaneously dampen unwanted vibrations.

The PXG GEN3 0311 T Look 

The PXG T irons have a stylish aesthetic, and the form of the back is similar to the PXG ST irons, giving the club a muscle back appearance.

The mill marks that span the whole back of the club also look fantastic and resembles the ST when you look down the shaft at address. 

The top line of the T irons has a strong slant larger than the Gen2 series, giving it a slender appearance and a small blade length with minimal offset.

The PXG GEN3 0311 T Sound And Feel

The head of the GEN3 T irons has two distinct materials, one soft and one hard. These materials are part of PXG’s Xtreme DualCOR Technology powers.

The PXG T irons produce a discernible impact position based on feeling, and thanks to the extraordinary feedback, players experience a contrast between a soft and hard feel with the club.

The PXG GEN3 0311 T Performance

The PXG 0311 T GEN3 irons are exceptional since their ball speed has increased noticeably without increasing the loft.

The Gen3 T irons add seven yards and have a slightly higher landing angle while maintaining the same specifications as the Gen2 T irons.

The GEN3 T irons are at the top of their class in terms of forgiveness when compared to other irons of a similar size. The long irons became more playable because PXG did not enhance the lofts on the GEN3 T irons.

When using the GEN3 T 22.5-degree irons, you see noticeable gaps between each iron that produce crazy ball speeds.

2. PXG GEN3 0311 P

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The [amazon link=”B09S29163G” title=”0311 P Iron” /] is PXG’s new innovative design that helps golfers with their playability and much-needed forgiveness. Five-time forged carbon steel, surfaced, and CNC-milled completes every curve and angle perfectly.

The PXG GEN3 0311 P Look

The PXG P irons are more like the T irons compared to the GEN3 XP irons with the length of their blade and the thickness of their sole, but they have more game-improving features.

The P irons’ nickel surface is PXG’s signature aesthetic, making these irons desirable and lessens glare. PXG’s iron design is famous for its nine weights on the club’s rim and the back shape that gives it the look of a contemporary blade.

The PXG GEN3 0311 P Sound And Feel

DualCOR Technology powers the inside of PXG’s irons, including the 0311 P irons. It uses one material to produce a forgiving feel and another to give higher ball speed. The PXG GEN3 P irons provide excellent feedback and show the impact point on every stroke.

The PXG GEN3 0311 P Performance

According to the PXG designers, the GEN3 P irons’ length and forgiveness exceed its T iron counterpart. Due to a 1% stronger loft, the PGX P irons offer a 13% increase in MOI and produce a 2 MPH faster ball speed.

The PXG 0311 P irons offer strokes that will hold the green and provide better distance thanks to increased ball speed and decreased spin.

3. PXG GEN3 0311 XP

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The [amazon link=”B09VLHR7N2″ title=”GEN3 0311 XP” /] irons are for players who want comfortable clubs while providing excellent forgiveness and ball distance. The XP irons have a thin face and deliver long shots while reducing vibration. 

The PXG GEN3 0311 XP Look

The GEN3 XP irons are the largest and most accommodating in the GEN3 range, with the thickest top line.

The XP irons fit perfectly into the category of game enhancement because they have the broadest sole and biggest offset compared to their counterpart irons.

The XP GEN3 club’s back has the same-machined shape as the PXG ST blade, identifiable through its distinctive weights.

The PXG GEN3 0311 XP Sound And Feel

The PXG GEN3 XP is the softest of the GEN3 series thanks to its big interior cavity and high Impact Reactor Technology. Despite its huge head and high MOI, the XP nevertheless generates excellent feedback.

The PXG GEN3 0311 XP Performance

The PXG XP irons have the largest Impact Reactor, the longest stock shaft, and the strongest lofts, which result in exceptional ball speed and distance.

The XP irons are the longest and fastest clubs in the lineup, offering an additional eight yards of distance and a 4 MPH faster ball speed.

Compared to other irons in the GEN3 series, the XP averages 250 RPM less and has the lowest spin. Golfers who play inside a 12-yard margin on the course will enjoy the GEN3 XP irons because of the consistency and ball speed that they generate.

Which PXG Irons are Best Suited to Improve My Golf Game?

If you have a little knowledge of golf clubs, you know that PXG irons are not cheap and are priced alongside some of the most expensive irons available today.

PXG’s technology with their irons is advanced, and their irons boast distance and exceptional forgiveness that more than justifies a heavier price tag.

PXG irons have the feel and beauty of traditional irons, and technology does make them expensive, but these brilliant irons do not suit everyone. If you are considering purchasing a set of PXG irons, it is important to know what you need from your clubs and which PXG irons will best improve your game.

Here are ways to identify what PXG irons will best suit your skill level:

How To Identify Your Golf Skill Level

How To Identify Your Skill Level

Knowing where you are with your skill level and what type of player you are will assist you in choosing which irons are best for you. The first part to consider before you buy a set of PXG irons is to ask:

  • Am I an all-around player, or am I considering playing in tournaments?
  • Am I into lowering my handicap, or do I want to play golf for fun? 

A common misconception for many golfers, especially those who are new to the sport, think they know what kind of player they are. Soon after playing for a while, many players realize that they perform better in some areas. Once you know in which areas you excel and where improvement is necessary, you can bring some focus to your game.

Taking a step back and looking at your total skill level will shed light on where your game needs to improve so that you can improve. Here are some aspects to consider before choosing a set of irons:

  • Your age plays a big role because many players’ swing speed starts to reduce when they get older, and in some cases, body movement starts to restrict their swing.
  • Without stating the obvious, choosing the right length club is important, and buying long clubs if you are short or the other way around will hinder your performance.
  • Determining your strength fits well with the age consideration. Strong players have no difficulty with heavier clubs, while others might consider lighter ones.

How To Determine Your Ideal Shot Shape

How To Determine Your Ideal Shot Shape

The ideal shape of a golf shot is determined by the distance you hit each club and what amount of loft it takes to get the ball up in the air. There are four categories under which all player fall, and these four will help you determine your shot shape:

  • A player that slice
  • A player that hook
  • A swinger 
  • A player that fade

You need to know your shot shape to determine which clubs suit you best.

Are you a straight hitter?

Are you an all-around good golfer?

Or do you only accelerate in one specific area?

Once you determent what golfer you are, you can decide what PXG irons will best suit your game.

Consider What Distance You Want From Each Iron

Consider What Distance You Want From Each Iron

The PXG irons are distance clubs, and it is important to consider what distance you wish to get with each iron. Choosing the correct set of PXG irons will increase the distance you get, but the wrong ones could have the opposite effect. Before deciding on a PXG iron set, know what type of player you are and what results you want.

PXG irons design is all about adjustment to help you get the exact launch and spin to improve your game. 

Know Your Overall Playing Style

Know Your Overall Playing Style

Your playing style is crucial to determine what PXG irons you need to improve your game. Do you hit the ball from the tee and want it to go straight with distance, or do you want more ball control? Consider these questions if you want the correct PXG iron in your golf bag.

Generally, there are two styles for golfers and their irons:

The first is distance Players: These players want to get the most distance from their irons and normally have high launch angles and ball speed. Large forged irons with good CG, low swing weights, and excellent forgiveness are popular for distance player because it produces golf balls that fly.

The second style is for control players. Control players choose their irons carefully and use the ones that produce better control. Small forged club heads with high COR produce control and distance and are often the go-to irons for control players, especially because it has better spin and control.

Players’ playing style is a crucial part that needs to be correctly analyzed, especially when they decide to buy PXG iron to use. Consider every aspect of your playing style before you purchase a set of PXG irons because they are as brilliant as they are expensive, and paying for the right results will make you a happy golfer. 

Conclusion: Best PXG Irons

Conclusion Best PXG Irons
Source: mygolfspy

Arriving on the golf course with a set of PXG irons will draw attention, although having a set that does not suit your skill can lead to a disappointing game.

PGX irons have various designs to offer golf styles, and the correct PXG iron in your hand will give you great distance, control, and confidence.

Ensure that you get PXG irons that best suit your skill level; otherwise, it may hinder your game.