8 Best Golf Rangefinders to Consider

8 Best Golf Rangefinders to Consider in 2024

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Over the last few years, golf rangefinders have become exceedingly prevalent among junior, amateur, and professional players due to their incredible benefits. Traditionally, golf rangefinders were exclusively used by top-ranked professional players to fine-tune their games before major competitions; however, modern devices have evolved into near necessities.

Despite numerous high-quality, practical, and useful golf rangefinders currently being offered, the best overall device is undoubtedly Bushnell’s Pro XE edition. Most revered golf rangefinders contain various unique and distinguishable qualities, which can result in unnecessary confusion.

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Modern golf rangefinders allow players to precisely measure the distance to fairways, flags, and greens while simultaneously alerting users to upcoming hazards.

Appropriately utilizing an advanced golf rangefinder will result in players selecting the best club and shot for each hole, dramatically enhancing their overall game; however, choosing a suitable device is challenging.

Golf rangefinders have developed into an essential tool for amateur and professional players, with the device allowing users to precisely measure how far they must hit the ball.

Modern golf rangefinders mainly utilize advanced laser technology, allowing players or their caddies to accurately measure the optimal distance they should hit the ball from their current position. In addition, the precise laser technology enables users to measure the yardage of the green, the flag, the pin, and any other hazards such as bunkers, water, trees, or surrounding built-up areas.

While non-professional golfers may not fully understand how important measuring critical yardages can be, correctly utilizing a golf rangefinder enormously assists with critical playing aspects.

Golf rangefinders are vital for selecting the appropriate club for the upcoming shot, how full the swing should be, general planning, and where the best position to hit the ball would be.

The recent popularity explosion of golf rangefinders is due to the indisputable and numerous advantages they offer golfers of any playing level. An appropriate golf rangefinder will give the player an exact understanding of the hole, yardages, and hazards, removing the most assumptions usually associated with golf shots.

Most golf experts agree that when used effectively, modern rangefinders will dramatically and instantly enhance their overall game as it increases the likelihood of producing an outstanding shot or landing close to the green.

Professional and amateur golfers can use their golf rangefinders for slightly different purposes, although the device will undoubtedly improve their distance control while lowering their usual scores. Most of the golf rangefinders currently available will make the entire playing experience easier, faster, and significantly more enjoyable.

Judging distances around any golf course are incredibly challenging for all players, especially amateurs. Fortunately, golf rangefinders reduce most of the stress and frustration associated with playing golf rounds.

Choosing the best device for your requirements can be tricky due to the numerous high-quality options major global golf brands offer.

If you have decided to purchase a golf rangefinder but find it challenging to select the most optimal model for your needs, you have arrived in the right place. This guide will review, compare, and suggest the best golf rangefinders for players with varying skill levels and budgets.  

1. Best Overall: Bushnell Pro XE

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[amazon link=”B07NYVC7SC” title=”The Bushnell Pro XE” /] is, by quite some distance, the best golf rangefinder money can buy. While other golf rangefinders may offer some unique features, the Bushnell Pro XE’s overall offering cannot be beaten.

After an extensive testing process throughout several competitive rounds, we can decisively state that the Bushnell Pro XE is an exceptional piece of equipment. Over the last decade, the Bushnell brand has become synonymous with high-quality, industry-leading, and often pioneering golf rangefinder technology.

Previous golf rangefinder iterations offered by Bushnell were revered and desired by a major part of the global golfing community, with the Bushnell Pro XE no exception. Bushnell’s latest golf rangefinder model, the Pro XE, demonstrates a significant improvement in most critical areas, with it being clear the company has continued to invest heavily in product research and development.

Importantly, the Bushnell Pro XE produces incredibly accurate yardage calculations by precisely incorporating experienced temperatures, altitude, and barometric pressure. The Bushnell Pro XE golf rangefinder can accurately read various important external factors, which its advanced internal software utilizes to consistently produce exceptionally accurate yardage or distance readings.

Bushnell Pro XE’s internal vibration mechanism and red optical flash are distinguishing features. The golf rangefinder uses vibrations and flashes to indicate that the user has successfully locked onto a specific target, which can be the upcoming green, the flag, or other notable hazards.

Most competitive golfers or enthusiasts are familiar with Bushnell’s previous rangefinder, the Pro X2, which was known for its reliable accuracy and operational speed. The Bushnell Pro XE does not disappoint and is a definite improvement from its predecessor.

While some note the Bushnell Pro XE is slightly heavier than the Pro X2, the additional weight dramatically improves its durability and longevity. The enhanced longevity is a vital improvement since the Bushnell Pro XE is pricy for most golfers, costing $550.

Despite the relatively high price, the Bushnell Pro XE golf rangefinder will appeal to numerous dedicated, professional, sponsored, and die-hard golfers due to the enormous number of unmatched built-in features. Most Bushnell Pro XE golf rangefinder owners are satisfied with their purchase as it continuously and effortlessly produces measurements within a yard of the target. 


  • The golf rangefinder is incredibly accurate when accounting for various temperatures, extreme altitude differences, and usually tricky yardage calculations
  • The golf rangefinder precisely records and incorporates various barometric pressures around the course, which is a crucial metric for exact yardage calculations
  • The golf rangefinder has a built-in vibration mechanism, which functions seamlessly with the industry-leading red optical flash
  • The golf rangefinder can instantly be linked with Bushnell’s world-class golf app, allowing users to record and analyze their playing data once they have finished their round


  • The golf rangefinder is relatively expensive compared to other major competitors, with some claiming that Bushnell’s utilized its long-standing reputation to increase the price point
  • The golf rangefinder is heavier than previous Bushnell models, yet it remains one of the lightest iterations currently available

2. Best Vision And Optics: Nikon Coolshot ProII Stabilized

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[amazon link=”B091VQS214″ title=”Nikon’s Coolshot ProII Stabilized” /] golf rangefinder is an exceptional device, with the company’s latest iteration providing an exceedingly clear display combined with the best optics seen to date.

Nikon’s successful entry into the golf rangefinder industry does not come as a surprise to many people. The enormous and established global firm is famous for its various industry-leading video cameras, still cameras, and premium optical tools.

After extensive testing, the Nikon Coolshot ProII Stabilized golf rangefinder performs well under any given circumstances and easily exceeds even the highest expectations. The Nikon Coolshot ProII Stabilized is a high-quality, durable, pioneering, and practical golf rangefinder, its design seamlessly aligning with the company’s other world-class product offerings.

While the Nikon Coolshot ProII Stabilized displays outstanding performance in all key areas, the golf rangefinder’s best-in-class display and optical capabilities allow it to instantly distinguishes itself from any current competition.

Despite the $450 price tag being slightly high for most non-professional and beginner golfers, the golf rangefinder’s build quality, features, and advanced technology make it a worthwhile long-term investment. Importantly, the Nikon Coolshot ProII Stabilized rangefinder comes standard with an uncomplicated display, complementing the device’s unparalleled automatic stabilizing technology.

The Nikon Coolshot ProII Stabilized will alter you when you have selected the best club for your upcoming shot, which the golf ranger does by producing a distinct visual notification on the screen and an unmissable vibration.

In addition, the Nikon Coolshot ProII Stabilized golf rangefinder is waterproof, a feature rarely found on other pricy competing devices. The waterproofing will enhance its usability and usefulness as the device will induce the same benefit despite facing inclement, cloudy, and even rainy weather.


  • The golf rangefinder comes standard with Nikon’s unique, premium, advanced, and user-friendly display, which features best-in-class stabilizing technology
  • The golf rangefinder possesses incredibly clear, consistent, and stable optics, offering enormous benefits to players of all skill level
  • The golf rangefinder has a visual jolt function, which is directly responsible for reassuring players an accurate reading has been obtained and recorded


  • The golf rangefinder’s outstanding stabilizing technology is one of its most prominent selling points, although it can be challenging for beginners to become accustomed to
  • The golf rangefinder is among the most expensive currently available for purchase, although the numerous high-quality built-in features and technology make it worthwhile

3. Best Value For Money: Blue Tees Series 3 Max

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The [amazon link=”B09LXQTMHJ” title=”Blue Tees Series 3 Max” /] golf rangefinder is not as established as other devices mentioned on this list; however, its low price and exceptional capabilities on the course undoubtedly make it a bargain.

While the Blue Tees Series 3 Max golf rangefinder deservedly received the best value for money label, the device is significantly more capable than most are willing to give it credit for. It should be noted that the Blue Tees Series 3 Max has not been available to consumers until two years ago, which can potentially deter potential buyers.

Despite the Blue Tees Series 3 Max being a recent edition into the highly competitive and lucrative golf rangefinder market, the device effortlessly withstood everything thrown at it during our thorough testing process. The golf rangefinder initially feels slightly lightweight or flimsy, although it is substantially more durable, capable, and functional than most would assume.

Importantly, the Blue Tees Series 3 Max golf rangefinder is straightforward to operate, even for inexperienced users. The device can easily lock onto any flag it points at and send a quick yet distinctive vibration through your hand once the virtual link has been established.

The low price should not be a deterrent, as the golf rangefinders quality is among the best. In addition, players can conveniently connect the Blue Tees Series 3 Max golf rangefinder to their bag due to its unique and well-thought-out design.

For a golf rangefinder that costs $270, the Blue Tees Series 3 Max sports an advanced auto-ambient display, which periodically adjusts itself automatically to account for changing daylight levels.

The Blue Tees Series 3 Max is the best golf rangefinder for beginner golfers or financially restricted players, coming standard with a quirky and durable leather case. Critics argue the Blue Tees Series 3 Max’s optics are less clear than more expensive alternatives; however, the difference is negligible, and the low price renders it worthwhile.


  • The golf rangefinder features an industry-leading pulse vibration function, which is activated when users successfully lock onto the flag they are playing towards
  • The golf rangefinder comes standard with a rugged, practical, and desirable metallic exterior, allowing users to effortlessly attach it to their golf cart or bag
  • The golf rangefinder has an advanced auto-ambient display, enabling users to view crucial live information without pressing buttons or moving the device
  • The golf rangefinder possesses an incredible amount of advanced technology, features, and functionality despite being among the cheapest devices on the market today 


  • The golf rangefinder has sufficient built-in optics and tracking technology, although the features are not as premium compared to pricier alternatives
  • The golf rangefinder is new to the market, leaving some customers concerned as they are not yet familiar with the Blue Tees brand and its reputation

4. Best Accuracy: Cobalt Q6 Slope

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The [amazon link=”B0B1H1JFXJ” title=”Cobalt Q6 Slope” /] has disrupted global golfing communities due to its unmatched and absurdly precise yardage readings.

Despite costing a hefty $450, the Cobalt Q6 Slope golf rangefinder’s numerous exceptional characteristics, features, and performance have led to the device flying off the shelves at an unprecedented rate.

Throughout our testing process, the Cobalt Q6 Slope golf rangefinder consistently produced precise yardage readings, most of which were within a tenth of a yard.

The Cobalt Q6 Slope’s reliable yardage readings are seamlessly integrated with a high-quality vibration mechanism, immediately activated once the device has digitally locked onto the flag. In addition, the golf rangefinder is fully waterproof, meaning it can be used every day of the year despite inclement weather conditions.

Cobalt’s latest golf rangefinder offering produces consistently vibrant optics combined with incredibly fast readings. The golf rangefinder’s phenomenal optics can be incrementally adjusted depending on the availability of light by carefully manipulating Cobalt’s SmartSwitch.

The Cobalt Q6 Slope golf rangefinder’s price tag makes it a pricy expenditure for most players. Yet, the overall performance, technology, and features allow the device to rival more established names within the industry.

It should be noted that players using the Cobalt Q6 Slope must view two separate screens to obtain the precise yardage and the adjusted yardage. While searching through two screens to obtain different yardage readings can be inconvenient, it’s unlikely to cause significant frustration during rounds, with the device’s countless superb features unquestionably justifying the initial cost.


  • The golf rangefinder is currently thought of as the most accurate device money can buy, with experts noting it can produce consistently precise results to within 1/10th of a yard
  • The golf rangefinder has a unique vibration mechanism, allowing players to know exactly when they have successfully locked onto the upcoming flag
  • The golf rangefinder comes standard with vibrant, responsive, and clear optics, with the built-in technology being responsible for the device’s unmatched accuracy


  • The golf rangefinder is expensive for beginner or non-professional players to purchase despite the enormous array of advanced features it comes without the box
  • The golf rangefinder has a relatively complex display system, resulting in users being forced to open multiple displays to obtain their adjusted and actual yardages readings

5. Best Battery Life: Decathlon Inesis Golf 900

Best Battery Life Decathlon Inesis Golf 900
Source: decathlon

The Decathlon Inesis Golf 900 golf rangefinder is a new addition to the market, yet it has developed into a popular option for golfers due to its $200 price tag and unparalleled battery life.

Despite being one of the cheapest golf rangefinders currently available, the Decathlon Inesis Golf 900 is an exceptional piece of technology. The golf rangefinder has an astounding big 5000 measurements battery life that can effortlessly last several rounds.

Big-name golf rangefinders commonly come with a sufficient battery, although the devices must be charged after it intensely for one or two rounds. Conversely, the Decathlon Inesis Golf 900 golf rangefinder consistently lasted five or more rounds throughout our detailed testing process.

The Decathlon Inesis Golf 900’s best-in-class battery life is conveniently combined with a remarkably low price tag, rendering the device an exceptional value-for-money offering. However, the low price tag should not deter potential customers as the golf rangefinder is uncomplicated to correctly utilize and will undoubtedly offer immediate benefits to players of any skill level.

The Decathlon Inesis Golf 900’s is highly customizable, meaning it will operate optimally in most severe weather conditions and changing light conditions. In addition, the golf rangefinder is slope-enabled, allowing it to continuously display a clear picture of all the challenges players could potentially face.

While the Decathlon Inesis Golf 900 is not as technologically advanced and does not offer some premium features found on more expensive devices, it will easily perform any user’s requirements by accurately indicating how far they are to the green, flag, or any other hazard.

We highly recommend the Decathlon Inesis Golf 900 golf rangefinder to all golf enthusiasts, especially beginners, financially strained, convenience-orientated players.


  • The golf rangefinder possesses outstanding value, with the devices number of high quality, desirable, and practical features usually costing significantly more
  • The golf rangefinder offers users consistently exceptional accuracy, with many experts considering the device to easily rank among the most precise
  • The golf rangefinder’s battery life is unmatched and can effortlessly last several rounds without being charged
  • The golf rangefinder offers users exemplary value for money, making it an ideal iteration for beginner and non-professional golfers
  • The golf rangefinder’s software and hardware are remarkably easy to operate, reducing any hassle, frustration, or time wasting during even the most challenging rounds


  • The golf rangefinder’s brand recognition remains in its infancy, resulting in potential customers being wary of the device’s intrinsic qualities
  • The golf rangefinder struggles to consistently handle significant changes in barometric pressures or altitudes around the course

6. Best For Beginners: GOGOGO SPORT VPRO GS24

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The [amazon link=”B0BJ2PTQG8″ title=”GOGOGO SPORT VPRO GS24″ /] golf rangefinder currently retails for $120, making the device perfectly suitable for beginner and budget-conscious players.

Despite being significantly cheaper than most big-name golf rangefinder brands, the GOGOGO SPORT VPRO GS24 has numerous unique, if not superior, features. The golf rangefinder comes standard with a continuous scan mode, with the distinct feature enabling users to obtain exceptionally precise yardage readings even if the object is persistently moving.

Importantly, the GOGOGO SPORT VPRO GS24 golf rangefinder can automatically lock onto the targeted flag, which is indicated through an audible notification and a quick vibration. Once the target has been identified, the device will conveniently display important data such as distance to the hole and potential hazards.

The GOGOGO SPORT VPRO GS24 distinguishes itself from most big-name competitors with its pioneering speed mode, allowing players to automatically lock on, track, and accurately measure any moving object.

It should be noted that the GOGOGO SPORT VPRO GS24 has a lightweight yet assuringly rugged design. The thorough testing process confirmed the golf rangefinders claims to be accurate to within less than a yard over a distance in the region of 700 yards.

While critics claim the white-colored exterior can pick up and display signs of dirt during muddy conditions, the GOGOGO SPORT VPRO GS24 golf rangefinder’s surprisingly inexpensive price tag, combined with the device’s numerous premium features, make it a worthwhile investment.


  • The golf rangefinder comes standard with a unique feature known as continuous scan mode, making it effortless for first-time users or beginner players to operate
  • The golf rangefinder has built-in speed and golf modes, making it an ideal device for beginner golfers to utilize to rapidly improve their overall games 
  • The golf rangefinder offers golfers of any skill level, especially beginner players, unmatched value and benefit


  • The golf rangefinder’s built-in optics are sufficient for beginner players, although it cannot compete with the clarity, consistency, or functionality of higher-quality devices
  • The golf rangefinder can only be purchased in white, which can quickly become dirty if users do not consistently clean its outer shell
  • The golf rangefinder’s battery casing has been known to occasionally open while players are attempting to finish their rounds

7. Best Technology: Precision Pro R1 Smart

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Costing $320, the [amazon link=”B09SNLRTNP” title=”Precision Pro R1 Smart” /] is a relatively budget-friendly golf rangefinder and sports some of the most advanced technology ever seen in golf rangefinders.

Precisions’ Pro R1 Smart golf rangefinder is stacked with world-class features resulting in it being one of the most popular devices among the world’s best players. The Precision Pro R1 Smart golf rangefinder comes standard with easy-to-use and advanced functionality, with many of its features currently exclusive to the device.

The Precision Pro R1 Smart golf rangefinder accounts for barometric pressure and slopes around the course to generate the most precise yardage readings possible. The combination allows for incredibly precise distance readings, with the golf rangefinder manufacturer seamlessly combining vital external, environmental, and personal data to produce distances within half a yard.

The individualized feedback feature offered by the Precision Pro R1 Smart golf rangefinder is exclusive and has a distinctly premium feel. Interestingly, the device has a built-in magnetic mount making it one of the more convenient iterations. If the golf rangefinder is misplaced during play, the internal GPS will give off intermitted notifications directly to users’ mobile phones.


  • The golf rangefinder contains advanced built-in technology, allowing the device to accurately account for alternating barometric pressures and sloping courses in the crucial yardage calculations
  • The golf rangefinder has best in class feature known as MySlope, which utilizes complex yardage calculations and artificial intelligence to recommend personalized feedback
  • The golf rangefinder contains a stand-alone GPS, enabling users to instantly locate their device to within a few feet if they happened to misplace it while playing


  • The golf rangefinder requires users to manually insert their required personal data every time before hitting their first shot
  • The golf rangefinder has a rugged and practical design, with some players noting it to be slightly bulkier than they were accustomed to

8. Most Futuristic: Garmin Approach Z82

[amazon box = “B085T56B2X” template=”horizontal” description_items=”2″]

Despite the exorbitant price tag, the outstanding [amazon link=”B085T56B2X” title=”Garmin Approach Z82″ /] golf rangefinder has gained notable traction throughout the industry.

Throughout our extensive testing process, it became clear that the Garmin Approach Z82 golf rangefinder was different than other big-name brands. Essentially, the device can be considered a digitally automated yardage book as it provides valuable course information while playing.

Competing golf rangefinders are expected to produce accurate yardage readings; however, the Garmin Approach Z82 is significantly more capable as it allows players to continuously identify the distance to bunkers, penalty areas, wind conditions, and current barometric pressure.

The Garmin Approach Z82’s pioneeringly unique design is predicted to dramatically disrupt the competitive golf rangefinder industry despite some claiming the device is complicated to use. However, after some practice, we view the device’s complexity as enormously beneficial since it enables anyone to obtain live, important, and accurate data from many different yet crucial readings. 


  • The golf rangefinder contains a video screen, which can display accurate, appropriate, and informative live data to players during their rounds
  • The golf rangefinder replaced the traditional optical viewfinder with an advanced, unique, and pioneering video display, which instantly distinguished the device from competitors
  • The golf rangefinder’s advanced technology and design enable users to obtain enormous amounts of crucial information regarding their current shot and upcoming hole
  • The golf rangefinder can consistently and effortlessly provide users with wind direction and speed no matter where they are located on the course, allowing them to hit a more precise shot 


  • The golf rangefinder is incredibly expensive for beginner or amateur players due to its outstanding array of pioneering features
  • The golf rangefinder records, contains, and presents a significant amount of crucial information, which can be challenging for inexperienced users to fully comprehend

Recap: Best Golf Rangefinders to Buy in 2024

Recap Best Golf Rangefinders
Source: callawaygolf

Golf rangefinders have developed into a near-essential accessory for millions of players globally. Due to the devices increasing popularity, competition throughout the industry has importantly increased.

While we consider the Bushnell Pro XE the best golf rangefinder overall, the number of premium, beneficial, and unique devices are countless, making them a must-have for most players.