[year] Best Golf Rain Gear (Jackets + Pants)

2023 Best Golf Rain Gear (Jackets + Pants)

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As many avid golfers may know, the weather is not a hurdle to play. Rain or shine, golfers will take to the links to get in a game. With golf hardly being a quick sport, a day out on the course in the wet can get quite unpleasant if you need to be adequately geared up, but which golf rain gear is the best? 

The best golf rain gear is arguably the FootJoy HydroLite Men’s Jacket and matching FootJoy HydroLite Rain Pants. The kit is made from top quality high-end materials while still retailing at a very competitive price, making them compatible with every golfer’s budget.

Good rain gear should be able to keep a golfer warm and protect you from the wind and the rain while still allowing the maximum range of movement so as not to hamper those golf swings.

Breathability is another valuable benefit.

And, of course, good rain gear should always be stylish!

In this golf gear review, we will look at the best rain gear options available.

Best Overall Men’s Jacket: FootJoy HydroLite

The FootJoy HydroLite Golf Rain Jacket is the top contender when it comes to the perfect everyday rain gear that can withstand even hard downpours. What pushed it into the top spot on our list was its high-end quality at a highly reasonable price. 

The FootJoy HydroLite jacket has 2.5 layers to it and is 100% waterproof, made from high quality, advanced tech materials, and even the zip is waterproof. Adjustable waterproof cuffs and a roomy fit make it perfect for all-around movability, and your swing won’t be hampered in the slightest.

Another advantage to this jacket is that it’s not bulky and relatively light in feel and breathable; however, this comes at the price of warmth as it is a shell coat, so if you are looking for heat, you will need to add layers underneath it. The jacket comes in a variety of classic colors, ensuring that you will be able to remain stylish.

Sizing is on the larger side, so if you buy true to size, the jacket will be a bit roomy, but this does allow for added layers beneath it, which will be needed when the mercury drops.


  • Great value for money.
  • Durable waterproof material.
  • Waterproof zip and cuffs.
  • Waterproof scorecard inner pouch.
  • Windproof.


  • The jacket is just a shell coat, so it needs underlayers if the weather is cold.
  • The sizing is a bit larger than indicated.

Best Overall Women’s Jacket: FootJoy HydroLite 

The FootJoy HydroLite Ladies Rain Jacket is at the top of our list for the best overall rain jacket. It is a high-effect outer shell that will keep you dry, regardless of how heavy or driving the rain. 

Unlike the men’s version, the sizing is on point, and while the fit is excellent, there is still room to add that additional layer underneath in chilly weather. 

Made from 100% polyester, the rain jacket is breathable, seam-sealed, and has adjustable cuffs to ensure no gaps. This jacket is lightweight and folds into a compact size for packing.

The only downside is that it comes in two colors, grey and black. Other than that, this is a brilliant offering from FootJoy for the price, which is in the lower range.


  • Waterproof and windproof.
  • Lightweight.
  • This rain jacket comes at an affordable price.


  • There is a lack of color options beyond grey and black.

Best Overall Men’s Rain Pants: FootJoy Men’s HydroLite Rain Pants

The FootJoy Golf- Hydrolite Rain Pants Black LargeFootJoy Men’s HydroLite Rain Pants” / join the jacket at the top of our list as they are also manufactured from top-class materials and retail at a great price. 

These pants are 100 % waterproof in black and navy and offer complete protection from the elements, be it rain or wind. As outerwear, they have ample room for fitting a pair of shorts or slack underneath them and can still offer the maximum range of movement required for all shots.

The pants fold up nicely and don’t crease as many others do, so you will always look presentable on the green.


  • Lightweight.
  • Wind and waterproof.
  • The pants have a roomy fit for pulling over slack or shorts.
  • They are reasonably priced.


  • They’re an outer shell, so they aren’t warm on their own, and slacks, leggings, or shorts should be worn beneath them in cooler weather.
  • Only two color options are available.

Best Overall Women’s Rain Pants: FootJoy Women’s HydroLite Rain Pants

What makes the FootJoy Women's HydroLite Rain Pants our firm favorite is that in these pants, FootJoy has combined style, quality, and affordability in equal amounts.

These pants are gorgeous for an outer shell; they are styled just enough to be flattering while still providing enough room for underlayers without looking bulky. In addition to their sleek look, these pants are made from top-quality materials and are 100% waterproof and windproof. 

The sizing is spot on, and these pants offer functionality and comfort while keeping the price easily within an affordable range. As with the FootJoy jacket offering, the only downside is the lack of variety in color, as these pants only come in black.


  • Waterproof and windproof.
  • The sizing on these pants is sizing.
  • These pants are very stylish.
  • Affordable.


  • Lack of color variety.

Best Premium Men’s Rain Jacket: Galvin Green Action Jacket

Best Premium Men's Rain Jacket Galvin Green Action Jacket
Source: galvingreen

Unsurprisingly the best Premium men’s rain jacket comes from Galvin Green. This brand is synonymous with golfing gear thanks to its high quality and style, which the Galvin Green Action Jacket has in abundance. 

As a premium jacket, the price is high. Still, this jacket is made of high-quality materials that are waterproof, stretchable, and breathable, providing the ultimate protection and comfort while you play your round. 

GORE-TEX C-Knitโ„ข technology allows the jacket to move with your body as needed to provide a full range of movement thanks to the added stretch in the back and elbows of the coat. Techsteelโ„ข inserts on the shoulders protect against abrasive wear and protect your jacket from golf bag straps. 

Further features include water-resistant zippers and adjustable cuffs and collars, allowing you to get the best protection possible. The hem also consists of an elastic drawstring to keep out driving rain and wind.

Lastly, as with all Galvin Green products, the jacket is stylish and comes in various classic gray colors.


  • High-quality GORE-TEX materials.
  • Stretchable fabric
  • Waterproof and windproof.
  • Reinforced Techsteelโ„ข shoulder areas.


  • This jacket is costly, even for a premium offering.
  • The sizing is on the smaller side, so buy up a size.

Best Premium Women’s Rain Jacket: Galvin Green Aila Jacket

Best Premium Women's Rain Jacket Galvin Green Aila Jacket
Source: galvingreen

Our top pick for the best premium ladies’ golf rain jacket is the Aila Jacket from Galvin Green. Made from GORE-TEX Pacliteยฎ, this jacket is waterproof and windproof, with enough stretch to allow you to play your best game. 

The high-quality materials allow the jacket to be breathable while providing ample protection against the weather. The jacket will fold into a neat light package to be stowed away quickly when the sun appears.

What we love about the Aila Jacket is the variety of two-tone color combinations that allow you to match your jacket to your underlayers and pants. The jacket has a sporty but feminine feel and is a great stylish accessory to your golfing attire.

As with Galvin Green, the high quality comes at a price. However, the ladies’ jackets come in at a considerably lower price than the men’s. 


  • Superior, high-quality materials.
  • Waterproof and windproof.
  • A variety of classic two-tone color combinations are available.
  • Lightweight and flexible.


  • The jacket is on the high end of the ladies’ golf rain jacket price range.

Best Premium Men’s Rain Pants: Galvin Green Alpha Pants

Best Premium Men's Rain Pants Galvin Green Alpha Pants
Source: galvingreen

Coming up with the best premium rain pants as well in their Galvin Green Alpha Rain Pant, Galvin Green does remain at the top of premium golf wear. 

Using the GORE-TEX C-Knitโ„ข technology, these pants are stretchable, breathable, waterproof, and windproof. The pants have fleece-lined pockets and include a fly zipper. 

The fabric allows for a smooth fitting under layers, and the elastic waist provides good stretch. The pants come with an adjustable leg width allowing you to customize your pants based on your undergarments.

As a premium offering, these pants come at a premium price, which seems a bit pricey. The pants are also bulky looking and are less fitted than other offerings, which is a pity as they would otherwise be very stylish.


  • Waterproof and windproof.
  • GORE-TEX C-Knitโ„ข materials allow flexibility. 
  • Zipper fly.
  • Smooth, glide inner for easy fit over under layers.


  • These pants are very pricey, and even for the premium quality, it seems too much.
  • The pants seem bulk at the hips.

Best Premium Women’s Rain Pants: Zero Restriction Liv Rain Pants

Best Premium Women's Rain Pants Zero Restriction Liv Rain Pants
Source: zerorestriction

Zero Restriction has come up with a great offering in the ladies’ premium category in their Liv Rain Pants. The Zero Restriction Liv Rain Pants, as the name suggests, have been made to offer zero restrictions on your movement; these pants are made from %100 polyester; they are breathable, waterproof, and windproof and include lower leg zippers with rain gutters. 

One of the things we like about these pants is the articulated knee area, as this really does make a difference in the range of movement. 

Our one issue is the lack of shape to these pants; for the price, one would expect a bit more tailoring even for rain pants. Nonetheless, as a premium product, it’s a good one, and it’s on the lower end of the premium price scale, making these pants a good choice.


  • Waterproof and windproof.
  • The pants have an articulated knee area for maximum movement.
  • The low end of the Premium price range.


  • A little shapeless.

Best Budget Men’s Golf Rain Jacket: Inesis Waterproof Golf Jacket

Best Budget Men's Golf Rain Jacket Inesis Waterproof Golf Jacket
Source: decathlon

When it comes to golf, most gear comes at a price. If you’re a beginner or on a strict budget spending, a lot may not be what you are yet willing to do; in this case, the Inesis Waterproof Golf Jacket is a great option and blows us away at its affordability, especially as the excellent price still comes with good quality.

This jacket offers warmth and water resistance for up to 4 hours, although in a heavy downpour, it will be less effective for as long. Nonetheless, for the price, this is a good jacket that offers breathability, flexibility, and style. 

It’s a more fitted style and comes in navy blue. The jacket comprises three layers, and the seams are watertight, as are the zippers; they are also very lightweight.


  • This jacket is very affordable.
  • Windproof.


  • Only waterproof for up to 4 hours which will become less in torrential rain.
  • Only one color is available.

Best Budget Women’s Golf Rain Jacket: Inesis Waterproof Golf Jacket

Best Budget Women's Golf Rain Jacket Inesis Waterproof Golf Jacket
Source: decathlon

Inesis are also our best pick in the ladies’ golf rain jacket category. The Inesis Waterproof Jacket is a clone of the men’s version but designed for women. 

The jacket is lightweight, with three layers that provide water and windproofing for up to 4 hours. The fabric allows a good range of motion, although it also means that sizes are on the smaller side, so it is best to buy up a size for optimum comfort and fit.

The Inesis Women’s Waterproof Golf Jacket only comes in one color, which is a pity, but the price makes one forget as like the men’s jacket, the ladies’ version is equally affordable.


  • Lightweight.
  • Very affordable at less than $100.


  • Only one color is available.
  • Waterproof and windproof but only up to 4 hours, weather withstanding.

Best Budget Men’s Golf Rain Pants: Fit Space Golf Climastorm Rain Pants 

fit space Golf Climastorm Permanent Rain Pants Waterproof 20K Lightweight Performance Sporty Trousers (Black Pro, Medium)
197 Reviews
fit space Golf Climastorm Permanent Rain Pants Waterproof 20K Lightweight Performance Sporty Trousers (Black Pro, Medium)
  • Weatherproof. This High-performance men's golf rain pants allows you to play in all weather conditions while keeping comfortable the entire time.
  • 4-Way stretch fabric, Achieves greater flexibility in all driection and is comfortable for any activity, Without the use of elastic fibers.

Regarding budget-friendly golf rain pants, the Fit Space Golf Climastorm Rain Pants easily fit the bill. These are lightweight waterproof pants made of a 4-way fabric that allows stretching for a range of movement. 

The pants have sealed seams to stop water ingress and have an inner mesh lining to help pull them over undergarments. The leg openings have adjustable Velcro-tab allowing you to seal off the elements. The pants have a built-in adjustable belt and an elastic waist, which is excellent as they look as stylish as regular trousers with waterproof protection.

It’s hard to fault these pants, though sizing may be a little on the large side.


  • Extremely budget friendly at less than $100, these are a steal.
  • These pants have a very stylish fit.
  • Waterproof.
  • Windproof.


  • The sizing is out.

Best Budget Women’s Golf Rain Pants: Puma UltraDry Golf Pants

Puma makes a comprehensive golfing range, and we have chosen their Puma UltraDry Golf Pants as our top budget pick. While maybe just skimming into the low-budget territory, these pants are still a good option thanks to their comfy fit.

Made from 10k waterproof material, these pants may not withstand a downpour, but they are more than adequate for an afternoon shower. They have double layers and are made from 100% nylon, giving them a lot of flexibility, so they perform exceptionally well in a range of motion.

They have an elastic waist and side zippers on the legs, so they are a cinch to get on and off on short notice, making them a great companion on the course when the weather is uncertain. 

Puma UltraDry Golf Pants are roomy, providing ample room for a pair of slacks or shorts underneath them while retaining a classic tailored look. 


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Nylon composition allows maximum movement.
  • Comfortable. 


  • Waterproof in heavy downpours.

Best Intensive Men’s Golf Rain Jacket: ProQuip Stormforce Pro PX7 Waterproof Jacket

Best Intensive Men's Golf Rain Jacket ProQuip Stormforce Pro PX7 Waterproof Jacket
Source: scratch72

For those looking for ultimate rain protection, we have found the ProQuip Stormforce Pro PX7 Waterproof Jacket, our best buy for intense weather conditions. These jackets come with a lifetime waterproof guarantee, so you know there is no chance of getting wet in this jacket.

Made from a 4-ways stretch fabric, the jacket allows entire natural movement, it may be a bit bulkier than other jackets, but it is also a lot tougher. And it is thermoregulatory, so there is no need to fear overheating. 

We love the silent-swing technology, and the jacket does not make unnecessary swishing noises during movement. Another great thing about his jacket is the price; for a Premium ultra-waterproof coat, it is very reasonable and quite affordable. 


  • Well priced and affordable.
  • Durability and a lifetime waterproof guarantee.
  • The jacket can thermos regulate, keeping you comfortable.


  • It’s bulkier than other jackets.

Best Intensive Women’s Golf Rain Jacket: Sun Mountain Women’s Stratus Golf Rain Jacket

The Sun Mountain Women's Stratus Golf Rain Jacket is our top pick of rain jackets for intense weather.

The Stratus jacket offers a two-year waterproof guarantee. It also has a 20k waterproof rating as well as a 20k breathability rating, making it 100% waterproof while ensuring the wearer does not overheat.

The jacket has a packable hood, which is needed when the rain gets heavy, and a two-way zipper. A cinched waist provides shape and prevents bulk, while adjustable cuffs keep water out.

Added to this, the jacket is lightweight and has ample stretch for optimal movement. The price is highly competitive, and for what you get, it’s affordable.


  • Waterproof and windproof.
  • Breathable.
  • Stylish.


  • The hood may become an encumbrance if not stowed away.

Best Intensive Men’s Golf Rain Pants: Sun Mountain Monsoon Golf Rain Pants

Sun Mountain 2020 Monsoon Golf Pants - Black (M)
2 Reviews
Sun Mountain 2020 Monsoon Golf Pants - Black (M)
  • Elastic waist with drawstring
  • Deep lower leg zippers for easy on and off

Sun Mountain's Monsoon Golf Rain Pants are the best option for extreme wet weather. These pants are 100% waterproof and come with a two-year waterproof guarantee.

Made from stretch fabric that allows for full motion, the pants also have an elastic waist and leg zippers for ease of use. The style is simple, but the fit is superb, and the pants sit positively.

The Sun Mountain Monsoon pants may be off the premium end of products, but they deliver exceptional quality at affordable prices.


  • Affordable.
  • Waterproof and windproof.
  • Easy to get into and get out of.
  • Soft feel.


  • They could offer more color options.

Best Intensive Women’s Golf Rain Pants: Sunice Womens Waterproof Golf Pants

The Sunice Womens Janie Zephal Flextech Waterproof Ultra-Stretch 2.5 Golf Pants were made for very wet weather conditions.

The pants have a RepelTX coating that allows water to bead off the fabric surface, and the pants are waterproof, windproof, and still breathable for optimal comfort.

Using a four-way stretch fabric, the pants provide a full range of natural motion, ensuring that your game will not be hampered while offering the best protection from the elements. 

The pants have a good fit with anti-grip lower leg areas to ease getting them on and off as required. Comprised of 2.5 layers, the pants offer some insulation but are best worn with undergarments. 

What we like about these pants is that they are very lightweight, and the wearer does not feel like one wearing rain pants. An adjustable waistband adds to overall comfort, as does a fly zipper for easy fit over trousers or shorts.

Sunice offers a three-year waterproof guarantee, another big plus in favor of these pants.

While the style is classic and sculpted as rain pants can be, the need for lower-leg zips makes removing or getting into the pants over golf shoes quite an issue.


  • Reasonable price.
  • 100% waterproof and windproof.
  • Good fit.
  • Lightweight.


  • The pants lack lower-leg side zippers.

Recap on the Best Rain Gear for Golf

Recap On The Best Golf Rain Gear
Source: golfmonthly

Golfing rain gear needs to be able to handle seriously inclement weather, be it heavy rain or buffeting wind. You want to have full confidence that you will have complete protection from the elements out on the course and naturally also remain in top style.

In addition to protection, golfing rain gear has to provide a maximum range of movement, allowing golfers to exercise full swings easily.

Breathability is another must, as overheating and sweating provide discomfort while out on the course. Fortunately, with modern materials, most golfing rain gear available can provide everything one needs to enjoy your game regardless of the weather conditions.