9 Best Golf Course Wedding Venues in the US

9 Best Golf Course Wedding Venues in the US

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Have you ever found yourself standing on a golf course as the sun goes down, looking out over the rolling hills and thinking to yourself, isn’t this just beautiful? Well, you’re not alone, because most people wonder where are the best golf course wedding venues located?

So, what (and where) are the best golf course wedding venues? There are many amazing golf courses spread across the United States that would make great wedding venues. From the lush greenery of the West to the shining sun of the South to the crisp Autumns of the East—there is a course for every couple.  Here are some of the best golf course wedding venues in the country:

  • Oregon Golf Club
  • Bayonet and Black Horse
  • The Golf Club at Newcastle
  • Smithtown Landing Country Club
  • Fall River Country Club
  • The Villa at Ridder Country Club
  • The Hills of Lakeway
  • The Pleasant Hill Mansion
  • Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort

The views that many golf courses serve up is one of the reasons that they can make such a gorgeous wedding venue. You get the relaxing atmosphere of the outdoors without any of the unpredictable terrain. You can tie the knot on the green and party it up in the clubhouse.

What more can you ask for?!

So where is each of these best golf course wedding venues located?

Best Golf Course Wedding Venues on the West Coast

The West Coast is known for many things—its pleasant weather and soft sunshine, its picturesque coastal towns, its wide array of award-winning wineries. Along with all of these come some stunning golf courses, all perfect locations for your special day.

1. Oregon Golf Club


What is prettier than a golf course with a view of the Cascade Mountains? Not much, honestly.

This golf club is nestled among a collection of vineyards and provides the opportunity for some great photos with Mt. Hood in the background. You can choose to get married outside in the Rose Garden, then take the celebration indoors to the impressive Rose Pavilion which boasts impressive chandeliers, high ceilings and tall windows.

This club also provides the option for variety by permitting you to choose between a tented wedding on the premises, an indoor gathering in the large banquet hall or a romantic rose garden service.

2. Bayonet and Black Horse

What makes this golf club unique (other than its fantastic name)? The sweeping views of the Monterey Bay. Located in Seaside, California, this club has everything you need to create the wedding day of your dreams.

Not only will all your photos have an impressive background of the bay, you can hold your reception in the banquet hall or on the patio dining area after the ceremony.

There is room for up to 200 guests and everyone will be treated to a delicious dinner served up by the club staff. The kitchen is happy to help you put together a menu that is unique to your tastes and needs.

And we can’t forget the oak and cypress trees dotting the landscape! Friendly staff, gorgeous natural scenery and a variety of reception options? Can’t get much better than that!

3. The Golf Club at Newcastle

Ever dreamed of a fairytale wedding? Well, there’s no place like this golf club to bring those dreams to life.

The club itself is made in the style of old English Manors and is accompanied by all sorts of great places to snap the perfect photograph.

In addition to the clubhouse, there is a ballroom that can hold up to 350 guests, making this a great option for larger weddings.

You can also tie the knot on the Prestwick Terrace, which offers up one-of-a-kind views of Seattle.

In-house catering, stunning views and elegant decor make this Washington golf club the venue of storybooks.

Best Golf Course Wedding Venues on the East Coast

1. Smithtown Landing Country Club

This country club describes itself as a “pristine paradise on the Nissequogue River” and we have to say, we can’t argue with that. When it comes to elegance, this New York club does not disappoint.

From the dusted blue walls of the banquet hall and bridal dressing room to the flower-wrapped limbs of the gazebos, you’ll find yourself immersed in perfection from the get-go.

In addition to the beautiful ceremony amenities, you also have your choice of wedding package, outdoor or indoor cocktail and reception areas and in-house wedding planner.

If you are looking for a venue that includes it all, this is it.

2. Fall River Country Club

Established in 1895, this country club is an excellent wedding venue for any couple looking for a private location with breathtaking views.

With their one party per night policy, you can be sure that your special day will receive the attention it deserves.

A backdrop of the Taunton River from both the grounds and the clubhouse makes this the perfect spot for your New England dream wedding.

You can dine in the simple and elegant banquet hall or at tented tables along the river and dance the night away afterwards. After all, there’s nowhere like Massachusetts to make your dreams come true.

3. The Villa at Ridder Country Club

Another Massachusetts gem, the Villa at Ridder Country Club offers three different choices of location to ensure that your wedding has the ambience you want.

Your options include two ballrooms with differing decor and a romantic garden experience.

The Grand Ballroom says elegance, with chandeliers and a large fireplace to light up your night whereas the Madera Ballroom is a French-inspired space, with unique wooden beams and Tudor windows.

If you prefer an outdoor ceremony, look no further than the beautiful garden venue, where you can celebrate under a tent with an intimate view of the stars.

Best Golf Course Wedding Venues in the South

When you think of the South, you might think of hearty, deep-fried food with so much butter it melts in your mouth.

Or you might think of country music legends, with deep roots in their home towns. If you’re looking for a wedding venue, you might also be thinking of the wide variety of breathtaking golf courses scattered across these states.

With hot nights accompanied by a warm breeze, you can’t ask for a better place to hold an outdoor wedding.

1. The Hills of Lakeway

Nothing says Southern like a classic Texas wedding. A classic Texas wedding at an unforgettable golf club?

Even better.

The Hills of Lakeway has everything you need to make the bride the belle of the ball. Overlooking Hill Country, this club on the outskirts of Austin has options for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies, with varying capacities of between 150-200 guests.

The chances of catching a stellar sunset are high, creating the perfect background for all your photos.

With an executive chef and private event director by your side, you can’t help but create the perfect wedding.

2. The Pleasant Hill Mansion

If you’re looking to capture that romantic Southern charm, look no further than The Pleasant Hill Mansion at The Governor’s Club.

This Tennessee golf club is a picture perfect venue, complete with the choice of a large or small guest list and sweeping views of the course.

A former historical landmark, the mansion itself oozes with old-school elegance. From pictures under the gazebo to hand-in-hand walks down lanes lined with flowers, you won’t be able to imagine a more perfect place to say your vows.

With excellent service, beautifully maintained grounds and that friendly Southern feel, you can’t pick a better venue for your big day.

3. Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort

Whether you’re planning a large wedding or an intimate gathering, this North Carolina resort has you covered.

With the ability to accommodate up to 250 guests, you can choose to hold your ceremony outdoors with a view of the many pristine ponds or indoors with a choice of locations.

Not only is the venue itself gorgeous, it is driving distance from several quaint coastal towns and can double as the perfect destination wedding for you and your guests.

You’ll feel like you stepped into a classic romance novel as soon as you set food on the grounds.

What more can you ask for as you celebrate your love?

Conclusion: The Best Golf Wedding Venues (and Choosing the Right One for You)

Selecting the perfect golf course wedding venue for you will depend on your unique plans and desires. Each of these golf clubs provides a quality experience that can make your wedding dreams come to life.

With beautiful vistas, great service and indoor and outdoor options, there is something for every couple!

Best golf wedding venues in the Western US:

  • Oregon Golf Club
  • Bayonet and Black Horse
  • The Golf Club at Newcastle

Best golf wedding venues in the Eastern US:

  • Smithtown Landing Country Club
  • Fall River Country Club
  • The Villa at Ridder Country Club

The best golf wedding venues in the Southern US:

  • The Hills of Lakeway
  • The Pleasant Hill Mansion
  • Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort