Best Golf Balls for Women

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Welcome ladies, this post is specifically for your golf game. Here are the best golf balls for women.

Maybe...The balls you currently use are just not good enough for where you're game is at right now and you need a change!

There are new balls being developed for every golfer (men, women, beginners, seniors) and released all the time. There is no reason why anyone should still be using balls that don't quite cut it for their game.

If you're unsure which golf ball is right for you, consider doing some research to find the best golf ball for me based on your skill level, swing speed, and other factors.

In A Hurry?

Perhaps like some of our readers you just want to get a quick recommendation without having to read the entire article! 

We compared our top picks to come up with the ultimate golf ball that would fit this bill and we're thrilled to say that we found it!

We give you the [amazon link="B00Z3F9WQK" title="Bridgestone Lady Precept Golf Ball" /]

These golf balls match the features of the other golf balls on the list.

However, as the name would suggest, they were designed and manufactured specifically for the ladies.

You can find a more detailed review below.

Our Test Winner After 40 + Hours Of Research:

Bridgestone 2017 Lady Precept Golf Balls

Our Honest Star Rating

Why is it the BEST?

  • They were designed with women in mind
  • Soft feel from tee to green
  • Ideal performance for moderate swing speed
  • The thin cover offers a higher launch and longer shots
  • Has seamless dimple design
  • Have a perfect solid construction
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Our top 5 Best Golf Balls For Women

1. Bridgestone Lady Precept Golf Balls - TOP PICK

Bridgestone 2017 Lady Precept Golf Balls

Our Honest Star Rating

It can be tricky to choose golf balls, lets face it there are just so many out there - this is why we're so excited about this lady specific golf ball...

Let’s talk more.

Bridgestone golf balls are among the top reputable balls for women golfers since they have unique designs that will meet most traits of women players.

Women tend to be slow to moderate swing speed, and Bridgestone golf balls are crafted in a way that women players can quickly moderate them. Generally, many women tend to be soft, and they are easily swayed by anything sweet.

These balls are considered to be softest in the market today; hence help women have the feel of the golf game. Majority of female golfers have reported that these balls bring the sense of soft feel from the tee to the green.

The most beautiful thing about these balls is that they have a thinner cover that facilitates the higher launch and longer shots for female golfers.

Let’s talk about design. These golf balls have a seamless dimple design, which makes them have high performance and appealing outlook. Besides that, these balls come in solid construction that makes them have a long-lasting feature hence reducing the cost of replacement after every tournament.

The balls come in different colours such as white, pink, and yellow; hence, they can meet the different tastes and preferences of women.

Bridgestone is the leading company in the golf ball industry that values the need for female golfers. The company has a reputation for producing top quality products that are reliable and dependable.

If you are a beginner in the golf game, then Bridgestone golf balls are the perfect choice for you since you will not feel like hitting a hard rock when playing.

This is the reason why these balls are crafted for slower clubhead speed. However, even advanced golfers have reported to love them.


  • They were designed with women in mind
  • There is a feminine colour available
  • Brings out that soft feel from tee to green
  • Ideal performance for moderate swing speed
  • The thin cover offers a higher launch and longer shots
  • Has seamless dimple design
  • Have a perfect solid construction


  • Do not add any significant yardage to shots

2. Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls Prior Generation

Our Honest Star Rating

An excellent golf ball that does not compromise the feel of the game is super soft golf ball offered by Callaway Golf Company.

The ball is long, straight distance, soft and have ultra-low compression to ensure they move in a fast speed.

The incredible thing is that they have a low spin and low drag, thus ensuring the golfer has a high-level performance in a tournament. Besides that, these balls offer a leading clubface since they are pillowy on contact.

The sensation is felt through the bag right down to the shortest putts.

Callaway supersoft balls are typically designed for golfers with slow clubhead speeds. Many players love its launch and hang time since it helps minimize the slices and hooks.

However, if you are on 100 plus mph club spend, you will realize that the supersoft ball has a bit shorter than the higher compression models. On the other hand, supersoft balls tend to perform well on between shots since they tend to drop more abruptly and stop very fast.

The only issue is that fast swinger will find it challenging to keep the ball down in the wind rather than to reiterate.

Another good thing about super softballs is that they tend to exceed the industry standard as far as their performance is a concern. For this reason, they offer great value for your money since they perform well on the spin, chips, pitches and bunkers.

Did I forget to mention about the versatility of the supersoft balls? Well, these balls feel fantastic to any club. They tend to shine on a delicate swing. If you are a golfer who wants to take your performance and skills to another level, then we recommend supersoft balls.

It also boasts of lots of reviews from golf forums and Facebook groups.

The speed of the ball will help increase the accuracy rate and also enhance the feel of the game while playing.


  • There are various traditionally feminine colours to choose from
  • They offer great value to the money
  • They deliver long and straight distance off the tee
  • There is high ball speed that enhances the accuracy
  • They are highly optimised to reduce drag and to improve lift
  • Has low compression


  • Not made in the USA

3. Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls

Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls

Our Honest Star Rating

Srixon offers the soft feel lady golf balls are designed specifically for female handicap golfers who want a smooth feeling when on course.

If you are a golfer who wants to improve your skills and performance in the golf game, then Srixon golf ball is a perfect choice for you.

These balls are pure and better, especially if you are a golfer who does not have much time to do the practice. The most beautiful thing about the balls is that they are designed to offer a slightly higher launch and reduced spin rate.

Besides that, the balls tend to find the green more comfortable, and they offer an incredibly soft feel to the golfer.

Therefore, this is the best ball that provides excellent value to your money. Srixon soft feel lady golf balls are soft, distant balls. They tend to have a low compression to offer a softer feel and increase distance.

Due to the improvement in technology, these balls are considered to be the world best hence loved by many professional lady golfers.

However, these balls are made for female golfers with slow swing speed, especially the beginners though some advanced professionals still prefer them. That’s not all.

These balls are also known for producing the best high launch angle, which results in increased yardage in all directions. If you are a golfer who loves to hit short and low, then Srixon soft golf ball is a perfect choice for you.

The ball has 336 dimple design pattern that helps to lower drag coefficient cut through the wind to enhance accuracy and consistency. Another fantastic feature is the soft and thin cover which facilitate more greenside spin and softer feel on all pitches, putts, and chips.

To enjoy some of the discounts and promotions that come with these balls, you will be required to buy about two to four dozens. Lastly, the core of the ball is engineered in a way that helps to promote increased acceleration and long distances.


  • There are various feminine colours to choose from.
  • It has a nice soft feel
  • There is low compression that helps reduce drags
  • The pink colour makes the balls quite visible
  • The price is quite affordable


  • Not ideal for male golfers with significantly higher swing speed.

4. Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Ball

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball

Our Honest Star Rating

If you are looking for the best value golf balls, then consider Nitro maximum distance golf balls.

The balls are ideal for those golfers who want to achieve long-distance shots.

Nitro is a company that has been in the industry for a couple of years, and they have the reputation of producing high-quality products for avid golfers.

The balls are designed from super reactive two-piece titanium core that gives them that stable construction outlook. The good thing about the balls is that they can maximize energy transfer from the clubhead to the ball.

The golfer will only need to spin less, but the ball will move to the much-required distance off your metal wood. This is the reason behind the popularity of the shots.

The balls are designed with aerodynamic and symmetrical dimple design which help to increase the lifts as well as drag. The general design of these balls has assisted many golfers in achieving higher and longer shots but with exceptional spin control.

But that’s not all.

The cut-off proof cover is made from Dupont Lithium Surlyn which enhance the balls to have long term durability and high performance. Also, the cover tends to give the balls that outstanding resilience and excellent resistant are to cuts or abrasion.

If you are a low budgeted golfer who wants to buy balls for once, then we recommend you consider Nitro maximum distance golf balls.

Besides that, these balls are known to have an excellent performance since they can move in all directions, the cover is responsive, and core offers optimal distance off the tee.

The balls also have a low compression design that brings out that soft feel around the green and enhances consistent ball flight. These balls are the perfect choice for those entries in the golf game since their features will make you look like a pro overnight.

Above all, these balls are quite affordable when compared to the most expensive balls outside there. The low price does not imply that they are of low quality.


  • It is quite affordable
  • It offers high-velocity long distance
  • It has a high level of performance
  • The balls are quite durable
  • Dimple design decreases drag and increase lifts


  • Customer support leaves a lot to be desired.

5. Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls

Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls

Our Honest Star Rating

Trusoft golf balls offered by Titleist are high-quality ball specially designed for beginners and even professional.

Read more below...

These balls offer some of the best benefits that are similarly provided by Titleist V1 Pro golf balls but at a much lower price tag. The low price does not imply that they are made of low-quality materials, but it is worth the value of your money.

The most beautiful thing about DT Trusoft balls is that they have low compression that allows the golfer to tee off with high speed in mind and sight on the green.

Besides that, the balls have the softest core and transparent ionomer cover to ensure precision putts and more accessible short game. But that’s not all.

The ball also has a unique Trusoft dimple design that foster consistency thus help the golfer to hit the same shot every time they swing. Did I forget to mention that DT Trusoft golf balls are designed for golfers who are looking for distance, soft feel, and spin?

The core is made up of the use of new modern technology which helps to aid in improved speed for longer distances and also maintain low spin in every shot.

The cover of the ball is made from the softest urethane elastomer, which is the reason behind the soft feel and greenside control. The only significant issue with these golf balls is that there are many counterfeits in the market and you are required to be extra cautious when buying them.

These balls are considered ideal for both seniors and professionals since they are consistent as well as high-level performance. Another factor that makes these golf balls quite accessible around the world is that they are suitable for both men and women golfers.

The one dozen balls are a perfect choice for those women who want to improve their performance around the greenside.


  • High quality and trusted balls
  • Has the softest compression
  • Offer impressive distance on full shots
  • Advanced aerodynamics design to enhance consistent flight
  • Ideal for short game
  • Deliver low spin in the long game


  • Outer cover prone to abrasion

Best Golf Balls For Women Buyer’s Guide

Now that you know all of the great golf balls that we recommend for the ladies. Let us consider some of the things that would come up at any time that golf balls are discussed.

This is the purpose of our buyer’s guide. It is written to be an aid in your journey to choosing the right product. It is designed to take you from a point where you are not knowledgable to one where you are familiar with the terminology and nuances that have been discussed in the reviews. You would be surprised at just how handy this knowledge will come when you are shopping for other golf gear.

People are a lot less likely to attempt to swindle you when they know that you may know what you are talking about. If you get nothing else, that is the key bonus that you can take away.

How to drive a golf ball further

There is no golfer who does not want to get as much distance as possible off the tee. It is a critical part of the game. Most professional golfers are known to hit the ball a fair distance away.

There is no reason why you should not also be getting a good amount of yardage on your shots. This is not to say that you are going to suddenly find yourself getting the same distance as PGA level players.

However, with the right technique and execution, you will undoubtedly see your golf ball going further than it currently does.

There are a few things that can be pinpointed and improved in order to get this extra distance. Let us consider some of them.

The first thing that you can work on is your stance. If you are looking to get as much distance as possible, you want to make sure that your striking stance is also as wide as possible leading up to the shot. The wider your stance is the more balanced you will be during your swing. This will mean that you can generate increased swing speed.

The second thing that you can look at is your ball placement. Once you have gotten the wide stance right the position of your ball leading up to the swing will also play a part. You want to ensure that the ball is stationed as central as possible between your legs. You also want to ensure that it is placed in an elevated position. Make good use of your tee.

The elevation will help you get a clean strike. The ideal situation is that your strike does not lead to the clubhead rubbing against the ground. When this happens, you may find that your swing speed decreases. You unnecessarily lose yardage.

The third thing to check is the point of impact. You want to consider the position at which you are striking the golf ball when you swing. The ideal place for your strike would be in the middle. You’d ideally want to have your impact as you clubface start to ascend through the stroke and follow-through.

The final thing that you should check pertaining to technique is your swing. Consider your swing pattern. A smooth swing pattern gives you a faster swing speed. There is no magical potion to it. If your body moves in unison during your swing, you will undoubtedly see more distance on your shots.

Start with a slow swing which would allow you to analyse the swing pattern. 

As you see a good pattern you can begin to crank up the speed to match it. Your shoulders should not come out of the posture as you swing your club. They should remain anchored in place. The same goes for your feet.

Now that you have all the basics right in regards to your technique you can move onto the gear that you are using. Depending on the level at which you are playing, you want to have a club that has a large sweet spot when looking for distance. Alternatively, you would want to identify the sweet spot on your club and just make sure you hit the ball with it each time.

You can also look at getting a golf ball that has a higher rate of compression if you realise that your swing speed is letting you down. The compression level will compensate for some of what is lacking in your swing speed.

How to hit golf balls straight

Some of the same techniques that we mentioned when going through swing speed will also apply to hitting your shots straight. You want to start with the ball in a central position.

You would then want to align your clubface with the direction that you are looking to hit the ball. The clubface should not be twisted. You should rather have your stance altered to ensure that the clubface does not need to do this as well. This is because your stance is more solid once it is set than the clubface would be when it is in motion.

Once you are set take a few practice swings through the air. This gives you the chance to check the direction of your swing. Try to follow the clubface as it comes from behind you into eyeshot. You just want to make sure that it is not twisting. The last thing that you can look at is your grip. What you are looking for is a steady grip. You want your grip to not become twisted as you swing the club. This keeps your shots straight.

How many golf ball dimples

Golf ball dimples have become a common subject to discuss for golfers and enthusiasts from all walks of life. Over the last few decades, they have become a more staple feature of all golf balls. Manufacturers are constantly trying to push the envelope to see just how much further they can go where ball performance is concerned.

There is no fixed number of golf dimples that you will find on every golf ball. Each manufacturer will tell you how many they have managed to put on their ball. This is not even consistent from one ball to another, even when they are made by the same brand.

What golf ball should I use

There are thousands of golf balls that one can choose from nowadays. To be able to recommend one, you would need to have told us your personal circumstance. These ought to be factored into the recommendation. The best place to begin the ball selection is by understanding and defining what you are looking for in a golf ball.

What is it that you are looking for as far as the performance of the golf ball is concerned?

You may be looking for a ball that gives you more distance. In which case we would recommend that you look for a soft ball that is not overly compressed. It would also need to be a ball that has minimal side spin off the tee.

You may be looking for a ball that performs well once you get onto the green. In which case you would be looking for a ball that is responsive and allows you to generate spin once you are on the green. The contrast between the speedball and one that performs well on the green makes things very interesting. One would need to give off little to no spin on the long shot. Yet, we desire that spin once we get onto the green.

Final Words

We have presented you with some stellar picks for golf balls that are suitable for the ladies. All 5 picks are balls that we would proudly stand behind. If you spent time reading our reviews you will understand why.

None of the balls is without fault, as you would have noted from the reviews. There are things that could have been done better. It is up to you to take the balls and consider them in their entirety before settling for one.

You would have also come across our buyer’s guide. It offers you an insight into some of the things that we took into consideration when picking the balls that we picked.

You probably have a favourite ball by now. Go ahead and buy it. If you are having cold feet, go with our top pick. It won't let you down. Happy Golfing!