7 Best Cavity Back Irons ([year] Golf Buying Guide)

7 Best Cavity Back Irons (2024 Golf Buying Guide)

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With cavity back irons taking over the market, it has become increasingly difficult to decide which ones are best suited to your game. The best cavity back irons are the key to better scores and improved rounds.

The best all-around cavity back iron is the [amazon link=”B08PDSFC82″ title=”Callaway Golf Apex DCB” /] (available on Amazon).  Its exotic appearance stands out, blending classic forged iron characteristics with a forgiving design to produce an exceptional club. It offers a high level of forgiveness every golfer needs.

The only instances where I would not recommend the Apex DCB are: 

  • If you’re looking for a club that helps you adjust launch angles and peak heights, you’ll be with the [amazon link=”B09LZCKYVN” title=”TaylorMade Golf Stealth” /] (available on Amazon).
  • If forgiveness is not your concern and you want to hit more consistent shots, then the  [amazon link=”B07YPF2Z19″ title=”Cleveland Golf CBX” /] (available on Amazon) can help you.
  • If you’re a low handicap golfer and want better control with the mid-to-short irons, the best option is the [amazon link=”B0823DJ492″ title=”Callaway Golf Marvik” /] (available on Amazon). 
  • If you want more accuracy and an excellent trajectory, the [amazon link=”B08BQFXSTD” title=”Callaway Big Bertha B-21″ /] (available on Amazon) should be your choice.
  • If you have a small budget and still want forgiveness and consistent spin, the [amazon link=”B07WSSQGRQ” title=”Cleveland Golf Launcher UHX” /] (available on Amazon) is ideal.
  • The [amazon link=”B08QNBG586″ title=”Cobra Golf Radspeed” /] (available on Amazon) is perfect if you are a high-handicap to mid-handicap golfer and want to improve your game.

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This article will take you through the best cavity back irons in different categories. I’ll discuss characteristics that make the Apex DCB the best choice for golfers, and I’ll suggest alternatives you can consider based on your needs and expertise. Read on for in-depth golf clubs iron reviews and find the best set for your game.

best cavity back golf irons

The Best Overall Cavity Back Iron: Callaway Golf Apex DCB

[amazon box = “B08PDSFC82″ template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

Extreme forgiveness and excellent distance improvement make the [amazon link=”B08PDSFC82″ title=”Callaway Apex DCB” /] the best choice for all golfers. It has exquisite looks and the feel of a forged players club, which you’ll always want even if you are a high-handicap golfer.

The forged 1025 mild carbon steel and its unique urethane microspheres provide great sound at impact. The sound and feel of these clubs are what most golfers enjoy, even if they are struggling with their game.

The enhanced sweet spot is engineered for an easy launch and longer distances, even with mis-hits. If you’re looking for the best golf iron sets to improve your game, this could be the perfect choice for you.

New versions like the Apex DCB are coming out with impressive AI integrations. It improves ball speed and increases spin, resulting in longer distances and more control than you have ever experienced. The 50g Tungsten Energy core helps position the center of gravity, giving you more forgiveness in off-center shots.


  • Exquisite look: The Apex DCB is known for its magnificent design. The deep cavity with a round toe in different colors looks perfectly ready to play. This exceptionally good-looking club will increase your self-confidence.  
  • Extended sweet spot: The iron’s extended sweet spots help you launch the shot more easily and for longer distances.
  • AI-integrated: AI integration in newer versions makes the Apex DCB family more accurate for all handicap levels.


  • Not for everyone: Even though it has a great feel and inspires handicap golfers, the Apex DCB isn’t designed to improve the game of lower handicap players or pros.
  • Forged iron is costly: You’ll probably want forged iron for its feel and looks, but that comes with a hefty price tag. 

Bottom line: If you’re looking for better forgiveness and longer distances, including the feel and performance of forged irons, then the Callaway Golf Apex DCB is the ideal choice. With AI integration and an unmatched sweet spot, this cavity back iron will allow you to experience wonders you never thought possible.

Most Consistent: Cleveland Golf CBX Full-Face

[amazon box = “B07YPF2Z19″ template=”horizontal” description_items=”3″]

Not everyone will go for looks; distance and consistency are usually what most golfers look at. If you’re looking for dependable clubs, the [amazon link=”B07YPF2Z19″ title=”Cleveland Golf CBX Full-Face” /] has become the best choice in this category.

The CBX Full-Face is a forgiving long iron. Its user-friendly shapes and stunning visual variety make it appealing to beginners as well. This exceptional club gives you a forged feel without sacrificing your performance. 

You’ll be amazed to see the ball speeds produced by the new version of Cleveland Golf CBX clubs. The hollow back offers additional precision at impact. It also has a TPU insert which improves your swing feel on most shots.


  • Eye-catching design: The hollow cavity back makes these clubs appealing to look at.
  • More consistent: The Ulti-Zip grooves ensure you hit consistent shots every time. These irons are also lighter and more powerful.
  • Impressive sound: Hot metals with Ulti-Zip grooves and the hollow cavity provide exceptional sound and accuracy on impact.  


  • Not for high-handicap golfers: These clubs were designed for mid to low-handicap golfers as it’s more for shot-making and offers less forgiveness.

Bottom line: The attractive design, consistency, and impressive forged feeling are some of the factors that appeal to many golfers who choose the Cleveland Golf CBX Full-Face. It may be helpful if you’re a mid-handicap golfer, but it isn’t consistent enough to be used by scratch golfers.

Best Adjustable Irons: TaylorMade Golf Stealth

The [amazon link=”B09LZCKYVN” title=”TaylorMade Golf Stealth” /] iron set has been popular with golfers with higher handicaps and faster swing speeds. With high-quality graphite shafts, these clubs allow more shot flexibility. 

This iron set is also very popular with everyday golfers because it performs well in all the important categories. More mass in the club’s sole provides a higher launch and increases forgiveness on off-center strikes. Additionally, the Thru-Slot speed pocket improves shot speed and distance.


  • Consistency and accuracy: The new club mass distribution makes the TaylorMade Golf Stealth more consistent and accurate.
  • Tech-integrated: Integrated with speed pocket technology, it provides impressive ball speeds and distance. 
  • Great sound and super feel: It produces an excellent sound at impact, which is what every golfer desires.


  • Too big gap between irons: The gap between irons in this set may be too big, which isn’t good for distance control.

Bottom line: I would highly recommend the TaylorMade Golf Stealth to you if you’re a high-handicap golfer with a fast swing speed and you aren’t really looking for forgiveness. Some skilled golfers would choose these clubs only for their cool design and the consistency they provide.

For Low Handicap Golfers: Callaway Golf Marvik

If you’re a mid-to-low handicap golfer who wants more control over mid-to-short-range shots, then the [amazon link=”B0823DJ492″ title=”Callaway Golf Marvik” /] best serves this purpose. Made with AI, its compact head provides distance precision, and the grooves provide consistency at impact. 

The Marvik’s softer face features a Flash Face Cup design, allowing for more contact space on the face. It returns greater energy to the ball, resulting in the ball going further.

Most golfers who want to enjoy a classic design with more forgiveness will be fascinated by the  Marvik iron. This club provides enhanced ball flight control as well as greater sheer distance. 

If you’re a lower handicap golfer and have perfected your swing, this iron is ideal. Higher handicappers can also use it, but only if they have decent swing speed. 

The AI-oriented design has made it possible for golfers to take their game to the next level—by creating a club tailored specifically for their individual swing. 


  • Distance control: The Flash Face Cup design, combined with an enhanced sweet spot, generates more energy and ensures a longer distance. 
  • High-tech design: The AI-oriented design takes your game to the next level by creating a club tailored to the perfect golf swing. You’ll notice an improvement in your swing, especially if you’re a low-handicap golfer.
  • More face contact: The additional volume provides a larger perimeter and allows more insert, making it softer and more energetic. 
  • Better distance: If you love to hit the ball far and don’t prioritize forgiveness, the Marvik iron is ideal. 


  • High offset: The offset balance might be excessive if you’re sensitive to power on liftoff.
  • Low forgiveness: These clubs don’t offer the best forgiveness and aren’t designed for average to high handicap golfers.

Bottom line: The Callaway Golf Marvik serves you best if you are mid to low-handicap player and want more distance control with your irons. Lower handicap players may also enjoy these clubs as they are very consistent and allow for good ball control.

Better Accuracy and Trajectory: Callaway Big Bertha B-21

Most golfers find the [amazon link=”B08BQFXSTD” title=”Big Bertha B-21″ /] visually attractive for its tour-inspired look. Moreover, its Flash Face Cup technology provides maximum speed and distance control. The result is improved accuracy and an excellent trajectory.

Despite having a smaller sweet spot, Big Bertha B-21 clubs have great forgiveness and can take the ball a long distance. The urethane microspheres and AI face design give players greater control over the ball’s trajectory. 

The Callaway Big Bertha B-21 offers the best feel among most irons, and the trajectory of most shots is often unmatched. 


  • Great look and feel: The thin topline combined with the forged face gives it an exotic look and great playability. 
  • More progression: The Flash Face Cup technology has improved its forgiveness and accuracy giving you more control over most shots. 


  • It’s not for low handicappers: Despite the smaller size and structural simplicity, the Big Bertha B-21 iron isn’t for lower handicap golfers as it won’t improve their game.
  • Less distance control: The increased accuracy and better feel seem to have taken off some of the distance advantages that previous versions used to have. 

Bottom line: Callaway Big Bertha B-21 irons have become the favorite choice for those who are skilled with shots and are seeking a better trajectory. It may seem ideal for the low handicap golfers, but it won’t improve their game since they need more accuracy and forgiveness and not the extra trajectory.

Budget Pick: Cleveland Golf Launcher UHX

Clubheads with deep cavity grooves, like the [amazon link=”B07WSSQGRQ” title=”Cleveland Golf Launcher UHX” /], not only produce consistent spin rates but also provide greater control and forgiveness compared to other budget clubs. They provide a mid-to-high launch as a result of the custom grip. 

The sound of the impact of these clubs isn’t very loud and exciting. But one of the best things about these clubs is that they increase distance precision even on mis-hits. You can easily launch and make faster swings with its supportive size and lightweight nature. 

The Cleveland Golf Launcher UHX is the best option for you if you are a beginner and looking to hit consistent shots but aren’t very concerned with distance and forgiveness.


  • Lower priced than other top picks: Lower-quality material and tech integration make these clubs low-priced, and it becomes the best choice for those who want to enjoy golf on a low budget.
  • Easy launch and forgiving: The smaller size and lighter weight enable an easy launch, and you may be surprised by its forgiveness compared to other low-budget clubs. 
  • Increases confidence: Its impressive design instills confidence and can help high handicappers improve their game. 


  • Does not have forged iron feel: Despite struggling with forged clubs, most golfers love to experience that forged iron feel, but they can’t have it with the Cleveland Golf Launcher UHX. 
  • No impressive distance control: To make it affordable to many golf aspirants, no AI or advanced technology is integrated into the Cleveland Golf Launcher UHX, affecting its distance control.

Bottom line: Although it has inspiring looks and an impressive design, low forgiveness and distance control make the Cleveland Golf Launcher UHX a less desirable option for scratch or low-handicap golfers. However, it’s the ideal iron set to start on a low budget. 

Factors To Consider When Buying Cavity Back Irons

Factors To Consider When Buying Cavity Back Irons

Cavity back irons are used by over 70% of pros on tour, and most casual golfers prefer them over blade irons. Here are some factors to consider when buying cavity back irons:

  • The club feel: While most manufacturers will prefer accuracy or distance, you should choose a club that offers the best overall feel. Look for something that allows you to hear that sweet cracking shot sound that inspires confidence in your game. 
  • The shaft quality: Remember to check for both club head quality and shaft quality. Some clubs come with amazing clubheads, but they aren’t ideal since the shafts mess up your swing. If you’re a beginner, get a more flexible shaft option. 
  • Brand quality: While so many second-grade brands claim to offer effective options at lower prices, it’s best to spend a few extra dollars for a premium brand. You’ll be 100% sure that you’re getting hi-tech equipment and the best quality clubs. 

Final Thoughts: Best Cavity Back Golf Irons for 2024

Final Thoughts

Cavity back irons are taking over the iron landscape in golf. They give you more distance control and are better than hybrids in many ways.

Considering these factors, the best cavity back iron is the [amazon link=”B08PDSFC82″ title=”Callaway Golf Apex DCB” /]. If you’re avoiding your irons because of swing issues, the Apex DCB will help improve your iron game.