1977 Augusta Co-Founder's Tragic End.

1977: Augusta Co-Founder Clifford Roberts commits suicide by Ike’s Pond

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Clifford Roberts 1894 – 1977

Clifford Roberts was the image-maker, the co-founder along with Bob Jones of Augusta National Golf Club, who liked everything so neat and tidy that it contrasted with reality. He walked out on to the course, pulled a revolver and killed himself, but not before visiting the clubhouse barber for a haircut.

A year after stepping down, Roberts committed suicide by gunshot in 1977 on the banks of Ike’s Pond on the Par-3 course at Augusta National. At age 83, he had been in ill health for several months with cancer and had a debilitating stroke. Both of his parents had also committed suicide.

Several weeks later, a bronze plaque in his honor was unveiled at the clubhouse entrance