This article is not just about golf bags, because we will give you a list of the BEST Golf Bag for a pushcart.

Talk to any seasoned golfer and you’ll instantly learn the importance of selecting your golf cart bag wisely.

Nothing is more exciting than stepping on to the golf course, slinging your golf bag on your shoulder, and head off to your first tee.

Probably, it is one of the best feelings as a golfer.


How long can you do it before you get to struggle to keep all your golf stuff all together at the end of each game?

We know how it feels, and that's why we are a STRONG believer in using pushcart golf bags.

For starters, the ideal golf bag should be large enough with several compartments for storing all sorts of equipment and should fit perfectly in the cart.

More than that, the bag should also be sturdy enough to hold everything in place when moving up down the golf course.

In this review, we’re solely focusing on the top 5 best golf bags for push carts instead of electrical riders.

Obviously, the market has scores of them but we've listed for you the best five based on convenience, durability, and fair pricing.

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The Test Winner After 14 Hours Of Research:

Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag

Our Honest Star Rating

Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag

Why is it better?

  • The multiple pockets make it perfect for travel.
  • The dividers enable you to carry many different clubs.
  • The external putter holder can accommodate large grips.
Our Score









Our top 5 Golf Bags For Push Carts:






Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag



Callaway Golf 2017 Capital Stand Bag



TaylorMade Golf Cart Bag 5.0



Ogio 2018 Shredder Cart Bag



Clicgear B3 Golf Cart Bag


1. Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag - Our Top Pick

Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag

Our Honest Star Rating

The Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag is what we would term as an avid golfer’s asset.

This features a very sleek design, while providing sufficient storage for all your clubs.

It has 14 dividers, so there's plenty of rooms for your golf clubs.

This is a bag that every golfer would dream of.

Most golf bags do not have the luxury of carrying more than five clubs at once, but the Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag is way too different.

Do you wanna know why?

This bag offers reliability and stability with its 14 full-length dividers, so no need to leave any necessary golf club and accessories behind.

It also features various pockets for your valuables, AND an insulated pocket for your drinks to maintain its temperature. 

Don't doubt if "Can this bag can carry ALL your golf tools?"

Definitely, YES.

With its robust design, we guarantee you that it can support the weight of all your clubs along with your other belongings without making it cumbersome. 

It also has multiple pockets with secure locking mechanism that will enable you to pack everything you need for the game - from Velcro gloves to at least one or two beverages. 

Additionally, the Tour 14 Golf Bag features an external tube so you can safely store your putter since it has bigger heads than other clubs.

It's also decent looking with the fur line, making it more aesthetically pleasing.

To top it all...

With a weigh of 5.3 Lbs, you will be surprised that it's relatively lightweight for a pushcart golf bag with 14-full length pockets.

This bag also gives you the options to choose in a variety of colors like blue, black, red or charcoal.


Should you buy this Tour 14 Golf Bag?

If you're after quality and great storage space, then definitely we would recommend that you to buy it. 

This bag gives you simple solutions of organizing your clubs, while providing maximum protection. 

Be rest assured that all your valuables and clubs will settle in perfectly if you do decide to purchase this bag.

Indeed, this is the go-to best golf bag for a pushcart in the market this 2019.

We have also reviewed the best xxx, so check them out as well.


  • The multiple pockets make it perfect for travel.
  • The dividers enable you to carry many clubs.
  • The external putter holder can accommodate large grips.
  • Features insulated pockets for your drinks to maintain its temperature.
  • Each space has multiple pockets with secure locking mechanism for added protection.
  • Lightweight, and easy to bring anywhere.


  • Despite the many dividers, the clubs can still tangle.

The Best Golf Bags For Push Carts - 2019

Now we come onto the the actual detail of the review - where we dig in a little deeper.

If you are still searching for more options, feel free to keep on reading.

We have four more BEST golf bags for pushcarts on our list, and we're POSITIVE that there's something that we can recommend for you.

Find out why we picked these pushcart golf bags.

We have listed below the reasons why we liked them, and the pros and cons of each. 

At the end of this article, you will be informed of what's HOT and FINEST options for your next golf bag.

Be ready to level up your game!

Within a few minutes, you should have a fairly GOOD idea which Golf Bag for pushcart is suited to your needs, and be confident making a purchase.

2. Callaway Golf Capital Stand Bag

Callaway Golf Capital Stand Bag

Our Honest Star Rating

Callaway Golf Capital Stand Bag is an all-weather bag.

The manufacturer must have had camping in mind when they worked on this design.

What is the biggest take away for us?

This bag comes with a dual and padded shoulder strap, a mesh towel hood and a rain hood.

This Callaway Golf Capital Stand Bag is stylish, and packed with premium features that every golfer would LOVE.

With its 5 pockets, 5 dividers, an apparel pocket, glove pocket, water bottle pocket, and valuables pocket - there's no way you can't include your essential golf clubs and accessories.

This bag is suitable for all professionals, amateurs , and casual golfers because it is comfortable padded straps, and huge storage space. 

With its weight of about 5 lbs and lightweight finishes, this bag is definitely easy to carrying.

This bag also has a Tech Strap System, and classic support for that EXTRA comfort.

One thing is for sure: You will not feel tired after carrying this bag.

Check out our review of the Best Golf Carry Bag for our top picks.

An HONEST Opinion by OB Golf

Video Transcript

Callaway’s backpack design gives it a cut above the rest.

The size is just a perfect fit - not too large nor too small.

Its robust design and 5-way divider mechanism with full-length dividers ensures you that your golf clubs are safely stored, and perfectly organized inside this bag.

Additionally, this bag a has full-size pocket for balls that provides enough space in storing your golf balls.

This set-up offers convenience to keep playing without any interruption, and boost confidence to golfers knowing that they have enough balls in their bag and play for longer hours.

Another IMPRESSIVE feature of this golf bag is that is has a breathable Mesh Hip Pad that ensures additionally comfort in bringing it around. 

Plus, we actually liked the combination of blue, black and white gives it a beautiful outlook.

Designed with highly durable and extra safe finishes for full protection of your clubs, as well as your other golf tools and accessories.

OVERALL, this Stand Bag is made to meet all necessities and requirements of every golfers when it comes to carrying and bringing their stuff on the course.

Before you leave, why not check out our Best Golf Bags for Walkers guide - and see what our top picks are.


  • The backpack nature makes it easy to play as you walk.
  • The 2 cooler pockets add to its convenience as you can carry food and a beverage.
  • It has five different pockets including a full-size pocket for all your golfing stuff.
  • Designed with 5 way top divider mechanism to protect all your golf clubs.
  • Popular for its padded dual strap that makes more comfortable to carry.


  • A bit pricey compared to its peers.
  • Might be smaller compared to other golf bags.

3. TaylorMade Golf TM Cart Golf Bag 5.0

TaylorMade Golf TM Cart Golf Bag

Our Honest Star Rating

The TaylorMade Golf TM Cart Golf Bag 5.0 is what you might need.

If you want ample storage for all your golfing needs, then this bag is definitely for you!

For its price, you will get MORE THAN what you pay for.

For almost 50 years now, TaylorMade has consistently supplied golfers with sturdy, simple and durable gear.

They have mastered the art of golf and every product they make is a WINNER.

One of their EXTRAORDINARY products is the TaylorMade Golf TM Cart Golf Bag 5.0.

Exceptionally comfortable, and packed with great features to fit with every golfers need. 

This lightweight golf bag features a 14-way organizational top, with 7 pockets for tees, balls, drinks, and other valuables - this gives you sufficient storage for all your golf clubs.

It also has 3 full-length dividers that provides protection to all your golf clubs by storing it safely.

Additionally, this bag also features 7 multi-pockets comprising of 2 apparel ones for your tees, golf balls, drinks, and other golf accessories.

Here's the icing on the cake...

TaylorMade has added an auto–stand system to provide you with security in the contours.

PLUS, you also get pouches for your beverage bottle, and other valuables when you purchase this bag.

We were also impressed with its grip handle and one padded strap that makes this bag more convenient to carry, and use the zippers with no hassle.

To put the cherry on top...

This bag also has a cart optimized base construction and cart lock strap to ensure that your bag is secured as you go and hit your next shot.

If you want to get the best value for your money, this TaylorMade 5.0 Golf Bag is definitely a great option.

If this is still a no for you, don't worry and keep on reading because we still have options for you.

Be sure to check out our list of the Best Golf Bags To Carry for more great items like this.


  • Its light weight makes it easy and comfortable to carry.
  • It’s fairly priced that fits your budget.
  • Features 7 total pockets for all your clubs, and golf accessories.
  • It has a Push cart compatible base, perfect in pushing around the course.


  • TaylorMade need to add padding to the strap.

4. OGIO 2018 Shredder Cart Bag

OGIO 2018 Shredder Stand Bag

Our Honest Star Rating

The first impression we had for this bag was that it’s masculine.

But on a closer look, the design is reserved and stylish.

The size is perfect, it's what every golfer would want to have.

It’s not too large and not small either and and fit your kits and accessories perfectly.

The OGIO 2018 Shredder Cart Bag is a golf bag that defies expectations of every golfer.

It has perfect size and pocket that can store all your golf clubs, and accessories.

This features a 15-way organizational club management system to keep everything in place.

Additionally, the OGIO Cart Bagis an 8-way top bag meaning it has 8 dividers on the top of the bag.

Some players may complain about having just 8 dividers, but you DEFINITELY don't need more than 8 dividers.

Unless, you are Tiger Woods who needs to play in a very professional environment, and needs various clubs in different settings.

You don't have to worry even if this golf bag ONLY has 8 dividers.


Each divider is spacious enough to store all your golf clubs together. In fact, you can still sneak in one more putter into the the golf bag. 

We totally LIKED that it is lightweight and durable with padded straps that sit perfectly on the shoulder that can support the whole weight of the bag.

Only a sturdy reliability that stays with you from course to course.

It’s also complemented by multiple pockets to carry your balls and other valuables, with an addition of a beverage pouch and a holder for umbrella/putter.

This simply means that there's more space for you to store everything from extra tees, sunglasses, and your other personal valuables.

Though it carries a lot, it’s a lightweight compact golf bag.

In fact, it’s quite stable even when it’s fully packed.

Be sure to check out our list of the Best Golf Bag For Travel for more great items like this.


  • No shipping cost.
  • Fairly priced for its features.
  • It’s very easy to clean.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to carry.
  • It has a great design and feels luxurious.
  • Has comfortable carrying and lifting handles.


  • It’s not waterproof thus not good for rainy seasons.
  • Has no beverages insulated pocket.

5. Clicgear B3 Golf Cart Bag

Clicgear B3 Golf Cart Bag