Ray Cook, an avid golfer himself and an inventor, has been investigating and designing putters since the 1960's and the Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR600 Limited Edition Green Putter may be his best putter yet!

All his years of experience and work with putters means that the brand has come a long way in terms of innovation, functionality and performance. The fact that Ray Cook putters are not just regularly used in Tours, but have also bagged as many as 200 awards including four major ones just highlight how popular and useful they are. 

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Ray Cook  now has a lot of competition from emerging brands and the question remains whether it can come out unscathed from the battle of modern putter brands. These putters are of premium construction, great feel, optimum putting consistency and ideal for those eager to improve their putting skills and take it towards perfection, all these at an unbelievably affordable price.

Ray Cook Golf Limited Edition Silver SR600 Putter


Offset: Double Bend Full Shaft Offset

Head weight: 360 Grams

Hand Orientation: Right

Shaft Length: 35 Inches

Lie: 70 degrees

Loft: 3 degrees

Length: 35 inches

Putter Grip: Midsize

Weight Distribution: Heel Toe

Putter Type: Progressive

Alignment: Triple Line Sight

Finish: Green

Comes with a head cover to match the color of the product

For right handed putters

Heavier Head For Stability

At a weight of about 360g, the head is heavier, making it very well balanced, stable and responsible for accurate putts. The heavier head produces a pendulum-like effect making shots accurate and strong and results in perfect distance control. The model also helps keep alignments during strokes.

Mid Sized Grip

The grip is mid-sized, making it very comfortable. The alignment and lines are great too. This works best for short putts.

Golfers: New And Experienced

This putter is ideal for those newly trying out putting shots, with a view to train and improve their skills. It is excellent for a regular game, especially if you want to correct your misfit shots, learn, and develop your skills. It’s hard not to score with this putter.

The market is also dominated by a number of premium, very expensive putters, costing anywhere between a large spectrum of $200 and $500.

For a lot of golfers, investing so much money in a putter is not worth it, especially if you get equal or better performance from a putter priced one-eighth or tenth.

Ray Cook Putter is one such. Years of experience and innovation of making putters is evident from its top-notch performance.


The Silver Ray Series has other color variants including one with a red finish and one with a charcoal black. It has classy, age old, trusty merged with modern outlook, which works wonders.

The green and red variant may seem a little less attractive for some golfers who would prefer a matte black, white or neutral putter for perfect glare reduction.

Also, the paint chips and wears away very quickly, and this is something a lot of users have complaints about.

Ray Cook Golf Limited Edition Silver SR600 Putter 1

Customer Reviews

Most users of this putter have termed it as “efficient” putter that works really well.

A few have claimed to be a believer of the mantra that money doesn’t make a good putter and Ray Cook putter, which is about one fourth or fifth the price of expensive putters performs remarkably.

The grip and heavy balance are “praiseworthy” while the putter makes a “soft, ping sound” upon contact which is desirable to some, and annoying to a few. The stocks grips are termed as “mid-sized, colorful and tacky”, making the putter a steal for the deal.

Some find the putter heavier than a blade and mallet putters so believe it requires getting used to before one can improve. The putter is excellent value for money.

Click here to see the latest price on Amazon and read user reviews.

A lot of people have compared it to TM Spider putter (costing an insane amount of $300) whereas the Ray Cook putter costs just $40 and they claim both the putters to bear a very close resemblance in terms of performance

Similar Products

The product can be compared to a product which falls in the same price range as this one. The Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge performs very similar to the Ray Cook SR500 putter, and is priced slightly lower than it.

It is good for skill development and accurate strokes. People who are looking for a cheaper alternative might be interested in this.

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The Ray Cook, with years of experience and modern technology, has produced a wonderful putter that performs exceptionally well on the course.

It is ideal for people who want to train and master the skills or beginners who are very new to golf. Experienced players may also benefit from the perfect aiming and improvement it provides. It may require some getting used to, due to a heavier head and click sound. Also the paint wears off pretty fast.

Ones who do not want to invest large amounts of money on expensive putters and are seeking performance will benefit greatly from.

It feels excellent, putts great and the alignment is perfect too. It is for right-handed putters. At such a low price, it is excellent value for money and a must-have item for every golfer.

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