Who wouldn’t love to hit a ball farther? Certainly, every golf player does.  A player might too excited for a game during the weekend and imagines the great shot in every swing.  

Of course, having a faster clubhead doesn’t achieve with just merely determination.  It requires a combination of strength, power, and stability… something that needs to be developed in every player.  Developing these traits from early stages of being a golf player is essential.  

Strength could be started with lifting weights.  Through lifting, our muscles adapt to be able to produce more force.  If lifting exercise will be reinforced quickly with other forms of exercise, then power will be improved.  Developing proper mobility too of certain joints could lead to good stability.  

These all three will definitely help you achieve a good golf swing.

Research show that having a good club head requires strength in the muscles, especially on the legs.  Muscles on the legs initiate the downswing before the upper body reaches the top of the swing.  This allows you for maximal clubhead speed.

The following are recommended exercises to increase one’s club head speed:

  1. Goblet dumbbell split squats
  2. Med Ball Rotational Throw
  3. Lateral Jumps

1. Goblet dumbbell split squats

Goblet dumbbell is done simply by grabbing a dumbbell and standing back to a bench or box.  With both hands, put the weight in front of the chest as elbows are pointed down.  The instep of one foot shall be on the bench or box.

Having done this position, lower the body as far as you can until the front thigh is parallel to the floor, and then push back up to a standing position.

2. Med Ball Rotational Throw

Simply hold a medicine ball at arm’s length while standing in front of a wall.  Rotate one’s torso to one side.  Stretch it more until you feel a stretch in your abs.  Throw the ball hard into the wall, and then twist back.  Do this move against a wall of brick or concrete, and not on a drywall.

3. Lateral Jumps

Lateral jump is done first by standing upright with legs and feet together.  Let arms hang at sides.  Feel your abdominal muscles tightens which will support your body during the jump.

With these exercises, your body will be ready and could stand to proper positioning that would help you increase club head speed.  Now if you’re ready, these two helpful techniques could be helpful when you’re already in the course.

Find A Good Timing

Some golfers are working on speeding up their swing without realizing that they are wasting a lot of energy in the process.  A golfer should always remember that timing is very important.

Fix your Grip

Gripping always contribute to everything you do in your club.  A proper grip allows you to release the club through impact.  It frees up the impact of the club head, helping you to achieve maximum speed at just the right time

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