How To Fix A Golf Slice

What is really frustrating especially to first timers is overcoming consistent contact with the ball.  But once it becomes successful, it always feels good.  It takes a lot of practice and expertise to techniques in order to make a good shot. 

And what is really strived by golfers to fix? Golf Slice!

When you make contact with the golf ball and if the club face is open, this impacts a left to right spin.  The faster that your swing and the farther that you swing in or the more the club face is open, the thing that can happen is a slice.  This is very common to newbies or amateur golfers because of some techniques which were not yet mastered.  Basically, a slice is any shot that curves.  After hitting these shots, golfers often find themselves in the woods because their ball went to the wrong direction.

These are the basic steps to eliminate golf slice:

Step 1:  Try gripping the club with a stronger grip.  You should see 2 knuckles of the left hand that addresses.  Those who have big slice should strive to see 3 knuckles of the left hand.

Step 2: Chop on the club just slightly.  Put the ball in the middle of the feet. Feet close together to promote an upward strike of the golf ball.  Striking the ball upswing will help you produce a straighter flight and definitely a greater distance.

Step 3: Promote upward strike. To produce an upward strike, set up the ball with your head a few inches behind the ball.  At this position, you’ll have natural tilt in your shoulders.  The proper shoulder tilt at address will promote a good shoulder turn on the backswing.

Step 4: You should swing the club back until you see your left shoulder under your chin.  Once you get the left shoulder under your chin, your shoulder turn and backswing are complete.  You can swing the club down and produce an inside-to-out path with proper shoulder turn.

Step 5: Swing the club down on an inside-to-out path.  Turn the clubface into square position by rotating the toe (outside edge) of the club over the heel (inside edge) as you swing through impact.  Doing this eliminates an open clubface (something that contributes to a slice.  Rotate the toe of the club over the heel.  This will straighten out your ball flight or produce a slight right to left flight.

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