How to Build a Mini Golf Course Even if You Have No Knowledge

Ever fancied your own golf course? Craving to play golf but there isn’t a club around, or it’s too expensive? Would you like to build a miniature golf course for yourself just outside your house or in the backyard? If yes, we have the perfect project for you. You can build your own golf course even if you have limited or no knowledge. All you need is some building supplies of your choice or whatever is available. Bricks, wood, aluminum, anything or everything will work.

Due to larger balls and need for better control, a croquet set is used to play golf, but advanced players may prefer golf equipment and that is fine as well.

Requirements: A stack of cinderblocks that may be lying around your garage or some 2 by 4s are also ok. Going to a construction site could also help if they could spare some of the cast off masonry and lumber that they might have. For everything else, you will have to pay a visit to the nearest hardware store.

You may want to fetch a few extras.

The cost of the project will vary per individual and per project depending upon how you gather the resources, the targeted size of course and the structure and complexity of holes.

If you are looking to buy the common red bricks, you should buy at least 100; you will have to put in as low as 22 cents per brick. You may also consider buying some chicken wire that comes at roughly $5 a roll, about 20 gardening states and a few boards that will amount to a maximum of $15.

The success of your project depends greatly on the innovation you put in. Experimentation is what will work. One hole may take just 15 minutes for completion while the other may ask for more than an hour if you are trying to cut doors in a cardboard box or trying to align ramps.

You may also use a croquet stake or some duct tape to use as a hole if you don’t want to mess up the yard.

These are some designs that you could try:

The Maze: Par 5: this design doesn’t require any tools but about 43 brick and about five heavier cinderblocks.

Tunnel in the Sky: Par 4: this design will need wire cutters and a saw, nearly 50 bricks, six cinderblocks, some wood planks- two of three foot by 1 foot and one leftover.

Jump Ball: Par2: this design will require about 27 bricks, 5.5 cinder blocks, plywood and no tools.

There are many other ideas that you could try, like the bumper ball, the chute, the mousetrap, etc.

You may set up your own rules for playing and scoring; it is your game, your course and you make the rules. So enjoy your game at your own disposal.

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