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Cobra King LTD Driver Review

Every year companies compete to create a new, better, stronger clubs.

It can be daunting making a decision on what’s best for you if you’re a relatively new golfer and it can still be a rather demanding decision.

There is little reason to look further than the new Cobra King driver, pushing boundaries of innovation I strongly recommend the new King driver with its great impact feel, impact sound, trajectory, accuracy and distance.

Below you will find our hands on range testing review of the Cobra King ltd Driver.

If you are considering purchasing this golf club, we have also included a list of PROS and CONS in our standard rating table below.

You’ll also find our star rating for the club on Build Quality, Control and Performance and finally, Design and Appearance:

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Cobra King LTD Driver Review

Our Honest Star Rating

​Cobra King LTD Driver

Why is it better?

  • Cobra have integrated cutting edge technology which moves the CG really low to reduce the spin and raise forgiveness.
  • Optimal launch on center strikes.
  • Such a consistent driver! Those who are looking to perfect their driver accuracy and distance consistently should look no further.
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The Important Bits

Build Quality

Control & Performance

Design & Appearance

Cobra King LTD Driver Review

Cobra King LTD Driver Review

Our Honest Star Rating

Those older golfers with a little bit more life experience than other golfers may remember the original Cobra King driver made famous by Greg Norman in the 90s.

So, for Cobra to bring back this ‘King’ name they needed to once again push the boundaries and create a driver which transcends the performance of previous drivers.

Key Features of ​Cobra King LTD Driver

In my opinion Cobra have been greatly successful in this task. The technology employed by Cobra has been optimised for your quality of play to be the best one can expect.

The foremost innovation of the new Cobra King model is the use of ‘tech extreme carbon fibre. 20% lighter than the standard carbon fibre, the reduced weight on to top of the driver allows for the implementation of the new spaceport on the bottom.

Looking like a circular plug, Cobra enlisted the help of Space specialists to make this driver the very best it could be, weighing 16 grams it allows the King model to draw the weight to the bottom of the club. By drawing this weight to the bottom as well as the rear of the club the King Cobra lowers the CG and raises forgiveness.

This port can be manually removed and comes with a spiral lock designed to withstand the huge vibrations your driver will inevitably be subjected to. I’d recommend you do at least once just to see the internal technology of the elliptical face design.

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  • Cobra have integrated cutting edge technology which moves the CG really low to reduce the spin and raise forgiveness.
  • Optimal launch on centre strikes.
  • Such a consistent driver! Those who are looking to perfect their driver accuracy and distance consistently should look no further.


  • Some people prefer the pro model which has the lower loft setting ranging from 7-10 degrees.
  • Limited alignment assistance.
  • Pitching wedge shaft could use some improvements.

“A driver with an abundance of awesome features so good they will revolutionise your game”

After the rigorous testing by Cobra with an array of golfers, Cobra pin pointed nine spots on the face of the driver where golfer most regularly miss-hit the ball.

For us this means that Cobra have tailored the thickness of the face in these areas so if the ball has been hit on one of these points then we don’t lose as much speed on those off-centre hits.

The other interesting thing this spaceport has allowed Cobra to do is position the CG really low, if you imagine a line on the loft of the club face and then a perpendicular line to that extending from the middle of the club face through to the back of the club head this is the clubs neutral axis.

Traditionally CG locations of club heads and drivers have been positioned slightly above that line, well what Cobra say they’ve done in this driver is actually positioned the CG on the neutral axis.

So supposedly, if you are striking the ball above the neutral axis that’s going to give you a high launch with low spin which is a desirable characteristic from a good driver.

Theoretically, this driver gives you a larger surface area to create that high launch low spin combination that’s going to maximise distance.

The Cobra King Driver

The king driver also contains all the usual Cobra technologies that have been carried over from previous models.

For instance, you’ve got the smart pad on the sole which allows the face to stay nice and neutral depending on whichever loft setting you have.

Likewise, cobra have added their adaptable loft feature, so the standard Cobra King driver comes with a loft which can be adjusted from between 9 to 12 degrees.

This driver also contains three draw settings so if, as I tend to do, slice the ball there is a draw setting to help you compensate.

Finally, we’ve got the speed channel, so this like trench perimeter around the club that’s again going to help your ball speed off centre hits.

I’ve been having a hit with it over the last few weeks and I really enjoyed the performance of it. looking down the appearance of the driver it’s a very sleek looking driver and I think some golfers might struggle to align the face with the black face with the black crown but it’s a great shape.

We normally associate the design of a Cobra with fun and Colour this is very much the opposite of that very much down the more traditional route of a simple block colour club.

First thing you notice when you take a few swings is the light feel, like myself, I think a lot of golfers are going to benefit from that, helping them increase their club head speed.

Cobra King Driver

“Machine on the course”

After testing the driver using my Skytrak launch monitor, I decided to have it down at 9 degrees and found it tended to launch pretty high. I was certainly recording below average spin numbers with this driver looking at some shots 1800-1900 rpms of spin but for me, averaging around 2200.

Traditionally, Cobra drivers have been quite loud, I would say that this isn’t the case with this driver which is a bit more understated much like the colour.

Notably, the driver is still very powerful, and the actual feel is superb off the face, didn’t seem to lose too much distance or feel on different strikes across the face which was very impressive.

One of the cool things I like about this driver is that there’s not too many adjustability options here, you can just take it off the rack choose the loft that’s right for you get the right shaft and you should be able to experience some pretty decent performance from the off.

Combine that with a very traditional look and traditional shape the appeal of this driver is very wide. I think if you’re a fast swinger you definitely going to want to opt for the pro model there’s some lower lofts in there that I think it’s really going to help you optimise launch angle and distance.

Cobra King DriverFrequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Is the item durable?

Answer. Yes however, if you find your driver has a problem Cobra accepts returns of faulty products.

Question 2. Is this item easy to use?

Answer. Extremely, in my opinion one of the easiest drivers to use.

Final Words

By now, you’ve realised that I’ve really taken to this Cobra King ltd driver.

There is very little that I do not like about its lightweight feel and design simplicity are highly appealing.

The technology employed into the creation of this driver is as fascinating as it is efficient.

There is not an abundance of weights to slide or settings to choose from, one should simply need to choose their loft and shaft and you should experience splendid results from the offset.

Practically, this is a wonderful driver which has really helped improve the quality of my game, I’m sure it will do the same for you.

With the Cobra King driver in hand you are sure to dishearten your opponent.

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