Do you want something new and dynamic in your golf driver? 

Try the Cobra 2018 Golf Men’s King F8 Driver. This golf club has a CNC Milled face first ever of its kind.

Sounds great?

Well, for us it's one of the most amazing golf clubs we've tried.

What does a CNC Milled face do? It's a new technology concept for drivers, and possibly is the solution for hitting distant and straighter shots.

The driver can give you a ball speed of over 1.5 mph for off-center hits.

Ready for more information? Then go ahead and read until the end.

Continue reading further into this review if you want to get more breadth of view about the club.

What you're about to read might actually change your game...

If you are considering purchasing this golf club, we have also included a list of pros and cons, and our standard rating table.

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In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Reasons To Buy

Cobra 2018 Golf Mens King F8 Driver

Our Honest Star Rating

​Cobra 2018 Golf Men's King F8 Driver

Why is it better?

  • Accurate CNC Milling that can control curves in your every hit.
  • Provides increased launch, extra gear effect, and lower spin that helps in accurately hitting the ball higher and further.
  • The combination of revolutionary 360 degree Aero TechnologyTM and COBRA CONNECT™ delivers the fastest, most accurate and smartest drivers today.

Our Score









The Important Bits

Build Quality

Control & Performance

Design & Appearance

Cobra 2018 Golf Men's King F8 Driver Reviews

Cobra 2018 Golf Mens King F8 Driver

Our Honest Star Rating

The Cobra 2018 Golf Men's King F8 Driver gives us better feel and more consistent shots.

Don't worry even if you may not have the fastest swing speed, the Driver will still help you hit further than what you expect.


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Video Transcription

Our First Impressions

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Full Review

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Final Words

This driver has been one of the most hi-tech golf clubs we’ve tested. So if you want an impressive driver, we highly recommend that you include the F8 on your list.

A very powerful and forgiving driver with better sounds.

Take note, that the Cobra F8 Driver is the only driver in the market that records data on your shots for every drive you hit - such a better way to improve your game.

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