We have covered a bunch of different golf clubs, why you need them, and how to choose the best. Buying new golf clubs can be a real headache. The right clubs can make such a big difference to your performance so it's really important to get that decision right. We can't wait to show you which clubs we've picked depending on your needs, we have a raft of different criteria covered so no golfer will miss out!

Golf Clubs

Club Sets

Guess what? We have got some awesome, in-depth reviews for you here today. Just tell us what you're looking for and we're pretty darn sure we'll have it for you. Buying a full golf set can save a lot of time and effort in comparison to buying all clubs individually. Are you an intermediate player (or a beginner transitioning to an intermediate) looking for the best golf club set for an Intermediate player? Or maybe you're looking for a great set of clubs for the money? Either way we've got your back! We've also got reviews for kids clubs, left handers, women, seniors and beginners. You name it we've reviewed it!


My dad always used to bring out the big gun quote, that we've probably all heard before, "drive for show, putt for dough". We all know this is probably the most valid statement you could make about how the game of golf is lost and won. But it kind of gives driving a bad name, and we LOVE driving! There's no better feeling than hitting a drive sweet out of the middle of the club. And we've thoroughly enjoyed putting reviews together for the best golf driver for high handicappers, for mid handicappers along with the best drivers on the market today.


You know, a good wedge (and also using the right wedge) for the shot can make a huge difference to your round. Whether you're looking for the best golf wedges for mid handicappers‚Äč or the best sand wedge for your bunker play. Also, check out our post on the best wedge for your chip shots, you know those tricky shots from 100 yards out and under. Ouch, they can make or break your round, wouldn't you just love to be closing out from that position in 2 or 3 shots every hole.


Irons are a fundamental part of your club set, if you're like most players, you'll probably be using these clubs the most during your round. We have covered the full range of irons available but also focussed on what you can do to improve your game with our best game improvement irons of all time. Whether you're a mid handicapper (or just somewhere around a 20 handicap) or a senior player take a look at our in depth guides and help yourself make the right decision purchasing you're next irons.


Looking for a trusty set or single fairway wood to sweeten up your golf bag this golfing season? Look no further with our best fairway woods ever post.


Like we just said with our overview on the Driver posts we have for you above, putting is really the most critical part of your game when it comes to a good score. We've seen so many 'guranteed' putts 3 feet away from the hole turn into 3 putts. If you're a beginner get a head start and pick the best putter you can affort because they can make such a big difference to your performance on and just off the green. Or maybe you've been playing for a few years and are looking to treat yourself to one of the best putter of all time!

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