Golf Etiquettes: 10 Etiquettes You Should Maintain While Playing Golf

Golf is played in a very different environment than other sports. While, other sports involve pace, excitement, noise, Golf requires patience and calmness. People will not remember how well you played but how well you behaved. So, even if you suck at playing golf, make the best use of your money by developing good impression on and relation with people. Most importantly, do not be a player with whom no one wants to be in a group. Here are 10 important golf etiquettes that will not make you a great golfer but will surely make you a player with good morals.

Golf Etiquettes

10 Golf Etiquettes to Maintain

Let’s have a quick list of 10 golf etiquettes which you should start maintaining from today. Shall we?

Wear The Perfect Golf Attire

Golf is a game of discipline.Go to the golf course and you will find even the children wearing tucked in, ironed golf shirts with a cap placed properly on their head.So, tuck your shirt in, avoid wearing half pants or jeans that look too casual, wear golf shoes and your cap right. This shows that you are passionate about golf. Plus, with all that money you have to spend on Golf, you should not only be a golfer, you should be a classy golfer!

Control Your Temper

Golf swings are hard to master. Even the world best golfers mess up their swings from time to time. It only requires a few seconds of inattention and wrong strategy. And, once it starts, it does not end soon.You will keep missing the hitting point on your ball or the shortest distance to pin. Naturally, it will make you feel the urge to throw your club away, swear or shout. But don’t! It only shows how bad a loser you are and creates a negative impression on others about you. So if you are losing, lose with grace. Do not leave the field keeping your sulking face on the mind of your play mates.

Be Fast

Golf is a very lengthy game requiring around four hours for playing 18-hole. The groups of four players move sequentially. As a result, there is always a rush on the course. Of course, relax while playing as golf requires focus and you to be calm. But, do not take too much time taking aims or practice swings. Other players get irritated waiting for their turns and thus the flow of the game is ruined. You should take 1-minute maximum to hit your ball after taking aim. Enjoy the game, save time and let others enjoy as well. If you are playing slow, let the groups behind you pass and then take your time.

Maintain Silence

You are totally focused on the ball, you are about to hit it, you have taken your back swing but a person standing beside you talked right at that moment and your ball barely went a few kilometres. This is something that happens quite often in the course. Whatever you do, do not talk while other players are taking their shot! It may not be intentional but how will they know that your intention was not to ruin their game? After all, you are a competitor. Do not talk too much while walking to your ball either. Remember you are here to play not to gossip. You may like the idea of gossiping amidst nature but your partner might not. As a result, next time you might not find a partner at all.

Keep Your Phone Silent

After keeping your mouth silent, focus on keeping your phone silent. Because calls may come during the crucial time of your group mate taking a swing. Trust me, any sound during that crucial moment loosens the player’s focus and ruins the shot costing a stroke. So, make sure your alarms and calls are on silent. Aside from that, you are there to play with a number of other humans. It is common courtesy to give them attention, appreciating the time they are sharing with you. If you keep talking over the phone or keep checking your phone all the time, relationships might get hampered or not develop at all. 

Golf Etiquettes to follow

Repair The Ground You Play On

The golf club takes care of the green regularly, carefully and generously. They nurture it with their hearts and keep it as beautiful as it is. While playing it’s natural to get divots, soil off with your shoes and footprints on the sand bunkers. Do not leave it like that when you move on to your next shot. Fix the damage you created before leaving.

Respect Other Players

In golf, players of different countries, ages and professions play together in a single group. During the game, your age and position should not matter at all. Whether the person next to you is young or old, you should not show dominance or look down upon them. Respect the player because he is a player.

Blame Yourself

There will be instances when you will miss your shots because of other players not following the etiquettes. But, do not blame them during the game for your ruined game. Do not start bickering. This leads to unpleasant situations and damages relations. Be a good player, forgive the shortcomings of others and stay quiet. Blame yourself, try to improve and harden your focus. You will be able to win that way.

Don’t Stand In The View

Just a shadow will greatly hamper the direction of the ball when players take their shot. It is extremely callous of anyone on the golf field to stand on the view line of the players while they hit. It also shows that the person is totally unconcerned about the game. So, do not ruin other player’s mood or game by standing on the viewline.

Be On Time

A single golf course provides for the entertainment of a lot of people in a single day. Plus, it closes by evening. So, if you are late for your flight, it creates a lot of problems and stress on the managers. Also, players feel irritated as all of their games get delayed. It is played sequentially so you should always keep in mind that you should never be late for a golf game.

There are many other simple things you should maintain while playing. Like, not cheating, making the people in the path of your ball aware about the ball coming their way and much more. Try to follow as many of them as you can. Always try to help other players. Enjoy the game and make friends.


Golf Forums: 10 of The Best Ones Online

Are you crazy about golf? Do you have difficulty in keeping in touch with what goes on in the golfing world? Are you missing out on the gentle conversations of the gentleman’s game? Well look no further, because we have 10of the Best Golf Forums Online for Golfers just like you. Post your messages, interact with the experts and be the very best!

Oh btw, here are the golf forums that we think you must join:

golf forums

Top Golf Forums on The Internet

  • The Hackers Paradise
  • The Golf Subreddit
  • Golf WRX
  • The Sand Trap
  • My Golf Spy
  • My Online Golf Forum
  • Golf Simulator Forum
  • Golf Monthly
  • Greens Keeper
  • Golf Magic

The Hacker’s Paradise

The Hacker’s Paradise is one of the best sites for golf talk. You have a ton of information to go through. It is one of the most talked about golf forums in the world today. You can review courses and products alike and there are more. The Hacker’s Paradise is a highly active forum that lets you connect and share you views and ideas with golfers all around the globe. Talk about a variety of subjects, the clubs, bags, pitches, everything. Participate in contests on the page and win amazing gifts! What else can you ask for?

The Golf Subreddit

We all know what the Reddit platform is. Some of us, however, may not be well acquainted with The Golf Subreddit. With a vast range of information of the golfing world, this is one forum you need to be a member of. Not all forums ensure that you have a nice, gentle and civilized conversations. In some forum you come across people using abusive languages and inappropriate words. Reddit uses a strict protocol and guarantees higher standards of interaction for their members. So what are you waiting for? Strike up a golfing conversation on one of the largest golfing forums in the web today!

golf forums around the world


GolfWRX arguably may just be the largest and the best online golf forum. From videos to reviewing products, from courses to tours, the contents know no bounds. Explore the site, and experience the thrill for yourself. Much of the talk revolves around the gears the players use and how to play and use them. But then again, there are conversations about anything and everything. If you are a golf fanatic and have not already visited the site, you are missing out on a lot. From amateurs to pros, this site is helpful to all golfers alike. You can even make purchases or sell your gears as they provide a section for golfers to trade. This is one resource not many forums thought of coming up with, which is why GolfWRX is probably bigger and better than the rest.

The Sand Trap

The Sand Trap is one forum that has been growing impressively over the last few years and quite frankly has the potential to be the next best thing. You are bound to stumble upon this site at least once throughout the course of your golfing career. The forum also features a blog. Golfers share golf news and information on the blog which happens to be highly active. The interaction never seems to cease with plenty of members. There are new posts almost every single day. Get the news, the views, and be updated 365 days a year.

My Golf Spy

Another golf forum on the web is My Golf Spy. Even though it is not quite huge as the rest, it is great, fun, and easy to be a part of. The forum has a variety of contents to choose from. You even have a blog and can participate in conversation regarding golf equipment and lots more. Just like the Reddit, you have to maintain a strict code of conduct, the “Moral Codes.” This is only to maintain a standard degree of order and control in the forum, and to prevent the site from getting ugly and uncivil. The site is checked and cleaned of wrong doers, or rude and impolite users.

My Online Golf Forum

If you are looking for a place to discuss every tiny detail of golf, My Online Golf Forum is probably one site you ought to visit. From information and news to advices for the PGA pros to amateurs, this is must see forum for all golfers. Register and be a part of a worldwide community and help each other out and learn from one another.

Not all forums make an approach to maintain civility, but My Online Golf Forum does take that burden to ensure a safe and friendly environment for its users. Aggressive users are banned, making the site free of abusive people. With a variety of sections to choose from, namely, common golf information, golf gear, swing advice, and many more, this is an online heaven for golfers. Post a query and get a notification via email when someone answers. Thus the forum make sure that users stay up to date and stay connected with My Online Golf Forum.

Golf Simulator Forum

Talk about the equipment, talk about the brand, the launch monitors, the manufacturers, the tournaments and anything and everything of the golf universe at the Golf Simulator Forum. The forum also features a blog and an online shop for users to buy and sell their gears. The forum is also highly active and shows who is online and who is not. You can review products and also stay updated about upcoming tournaments. All you need to do is just sign up.

Golf Monthly

If Golf Monthly is not added to your list of forums, you should add it quickly. With a wide range of content to go through, the site makes certain that users are glued to the screens. There are blogs, videos, galleries, tips and much, much more. Visiting the site once a week will increase your golf knowledge. The site is easy to navigate through and therefore popular in the web. Even with most of the content are about improving your play, swing tips, strategy and fitness, there are also competitions which you can participate in and win amazing prizes.

Greens Keeper

Their motto, “Know before you go,” gives you a crystal clear idea of what to expect in the forum. Starting from special golf deals to golf course reviews, this site has it all. They even teach you how to maintain your course and what not. For the avid golfer, Greens Keeper is an online paradise. The site is full of useful golf tips and tactics that offer to improve your target and strategy just so you get that perfect shot. We will let their features and excellence speak for themselves once you visit the forum.

Golf Magic

Every other forum will tell you about how to stay fit and healthy but Golf Magic will certainly ensure that you are. A special section called the “30 Day Fitness Challenge” dares their users to be a part of it and once they are, they tend to me healthier and much more in shape. This is one of the prime reasons as to why Golf Magic stands out among the rest. They even have tips and instructions on the tiny details and play to make their members the very best at what they do. The forum has sections to instruct golfers from the beginning level and even teaches them how to drive, iron play, chip, bunker plan, putt and lots more. If you are new to the game, this is where you should start from.

Now that you know where to get your reviews and news, tips and information, and how to improve your gameplay and strategy, what are you waiting for? Join the conversation. Add your thoughts and ideas to the discussion. Show the world you true potential and be the golf pro you always wanted to be!

9 Common Golf Injuries: Know Before You Get One

Golf injuries! That’s what we are going to talk about today. You see, knowing about golf bag, club or rangefinders are never enough. Well, they are important but we often ignore the most basic topics at times with the power of reviews.

That’s not going to happen today.

Today, we are going to look at the most common golf injuries that you might have to face and how to stay away from ’em. We will talk about the precautions, the measures that you can take to stay safe and obviously, we will also talk about how to get out of injuries if you already have one.

The good news for you is the fact that we have already prepared an infographic that should solve a lot of problems. Our designers wanted to make sure that you get a visual image which will cater to the common golf injuries and their solutions. So here, you go.

Enjoy the visuals.

Golf injuries


Share this Image On Your Site

So the image is self-explaining and it has a lot of information for you. However, we are going to break down everything for you. So, there are 9 major common golf injuries that you might have to suffer when you are a golfer. Please understand that it doesn’t matter whether you are an expert or a beginner, you might get attracted to some of these injuries anyways.

What are the common injuries?

  • Back pain
  • Rotator cuff
  • Wrist injuries
  • Knee pain
  • Hand & Finger injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Foot & Ankle Injuries
  • Hip injuries
  • Sunburn

We won’t be talking about all of them as the infographic is pretty clear. We will only talk about the top 4 which are mostly common among newbies.

Common Golf Injuries & Your Solutions

Now, we have already talked about a lot of stuff in the infographic. There is no point in rewriting them again. Therefore, in this section of the article, we are going to dive even deeper to help you recover from these injuries. Also, we wanted to tell you that we will talk about solutions that you can most likely perform at home. Obviously, you can go to a doctor for any issues. That’s common sense. Alright, Let’s start.

Back Pain

Back pain is more common that you can imagine. Almost everyone that you know or their friends have had or will have back pain at one point of their life. This is just a fact. This is going to happen for many reasons. However, we will stick to golf as that’s what we are talking about here.

If you are affected by back pain, here’re some solutions that you can immediately start applying.


Do regular stretching. From next time, whenever you are thinking about playing golf, go for stretching first. Stretching will help you relax those stiff muscles of the back which will eventually ensure that you have a strong back when you are playing golf. Again, this is more important than most of you realize. A regular stretch of five minutes can make a huge difference.

Here’s a video about how to do stretching before you start a golf session. This is not a golf specific stretch module but hey, it works fine.

Rotator Cuff

The rotator cuff is again, very common among golfers. Fortunately, there are a ton of solutions that you can start implementing immediately to make sure that you are fine. We will talk about some of the easiest solutions that you can implement right away.

Heat & Ice

The easiest method to get rid of the rotator cuff is to use either heat or ice. The idea is simple. Heat helps your tissues to have better blood flow. Also, when you apply heat on your tissues, they get more flexible as they expand a little inside. Therefore, you get an immediate relief from pain. Sometimes, golfers also use heating pads for around 20 minutes before they start playing golf every time.

On the other hand, when you apply ice on your affected area, you get an immediate relief from pain. You will have to use ice around 12-15 minutes a day to make sure that you are actually healing. Different studies at different times proved that if you use ice regularly, you can reduce the pain comes from rotator cuff up to 50%.

Wrist Injuries

Wrist injuries are more serious than rotator cuff or back pain. You use your wrist a lot so it is not like you will stop playing golf for a month and everything will be normal again. When you have a wrist injury, it is important that you take care of it as soon as possible.

Now, the first indication that you have a wrist injury is if your pain doesn’t go away after one week of rest. Golfers have a tendency to keep playing even with the pain. You should not do that if you want to cure your wrist.

Unlike the first two cases where you could easily solve the problem at home, you will now have to go to a wrist doctor who will most likely do an x-ray of your wrist to figure out the problem.

There are different types of wrist injuries when it comes to golf. The most common one is Tendon injury.


Before we finish this article, we will actually be talking about sunburn a bit. The reason that it is important to talk about sunburn is that this is more important than what people think of it is. The sun is always out there and it does not seem like a danger, does it? That’s why it is important that you actively think about the sun when you are playing golf.

Getting rid of sunburn is not difficult. First of all, take enough precautions. Always wear your hat and make sure that you are applying sunscreen before you are out there.

If you still get sunburnt, it is time to use creams, aloe and menthols to get cured.

Caution: If you see that the sunburn is going away after a few days of using creams, you will not have to do anything else. On the other hand, if you see that you are experiencing high fever, pain, dry mouth or dizziness, you should consult a doctor immediately.

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