The Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver launched in 2016, below you will find our extensive review of the the driver. Where we tell you exactly how the club performed during our testing on the driving range by Adam, a mid handicapper who was looking for a new club to add to his bag.

If you are considering purchasing this golf club, we have also included a list of pros and cons and our standard rating table:



  • As you would expect with a Callaway club, the technology and build quality is high. It's a club designed for forgiveness over distance. 
  • We just didn't get the desired performance from the club during our testing. You need to make sure that you get this club fitted with your club pro.
  • A very modern looking club. Striking to look at in the bag and on the tee.
  • If you don't like a traditional looking golf club and prefer your club to look a little bit more flashy, this is probably the club for you. 
  • Booming sound from the strike of the ball. 
  • Ball flight was very lofty for us during testing. The club may struggle in windy conditions. Probably not suited to a lower end handicap player.
Build Quality
Control & Performance
Design & Appearance

Say Hello To The Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver...

It's the Big Bertha fusion driver that we're looking at today. We've got a couple of shaft options to test regarding the length, so we're going to hit some balls with the shorter shaft and some shots with the longer shaft and see what kind of difference it makes to the numbers. Also, as ever we'll give you an insight into the overall performance of the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion and our overall opinion on the club.

So we're going to start hitting some balls and see what kind of performance we can get! Right okay, we are all good to go, and we're going to start with the longer shaft option for the time being which is the 45.5-inch length. That's the sort of standard. So then we're going to swap this longer shaft for the shorter shaft and see what the change in performance is. The shorter shaft is all about getting a more consistent, straighter shot with a bit more control over the club head. That is a result of the short shaft length. However, what we're going to do is start with the longer shaft so let us get into it!

So the Callaway Big Bertha fusion, let us start as we always do with how this thing looks, I'll be honest it does look different. The club head is more pointed towards the back with a sort of crown shape at the end which is quite interesting. For me and I'm questioning my opinion based on my age maybe, I don't know, and perhaps this is aimed at the younger market because it's a bit flash for me. I would not say I like these patterns on the surface of the carbon crown. However, it's not just that at the back end there's a kind of a standard finish on the front half directly behind the club head and it's got this interesting pattern that fades out on the back end. It is a genuinely different shape compared to the traditional driver clubhead shape which I am used to which is a more conventional rounded club head.

This shape comes to very much a point which squares off at the back end so yeah from the top of the club all I would say is it's very, very different and for me - probably a little bit too different I'm afraid. However, then again like I said personal opinion. Underneath this carbon pattern continues with a few red marks to set it off. Moreover, still, it's probably a little bit more bold than the things that we've looked at in the past. Players out there that prefer a club head that attracts the eye then this is probably a club that would appeal to you.

You get two options as well regarding the weight inserted into the back of the club head. There's a five-gram weight that we've got fitted, and the five-gram weight is all about lower spin and looking for optimal performance regarding distance. Whereas there is a 12-gram weight which can be inserted into the head and that is probably to make the whole thing, in simple terms, more comfortable to hit the clubs ability to assist in launch angles from the strike.

How does the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Perform Off The Tee (long shaft fitted)?

So we're going to go with a 5-gram weight in this review, maybe that's a bit optimistic perhaps we do need that 12-gram weight in there - we shall soon find out! Shaft wise we've gone for a stiff recoil shaft, which is a standard option on this Big Bertha Fusion model.

Right, performance wise, you don't want to be addressing the ball with any negativity, and at the moment I'm just not too keen on this change in in the club head shape, but maybe that will change when I get a few decent balls hit. Let's see how we do concerning performance.

One thing I cannot understand about clubs in the last few years is the launch of the ball (don't forget this is supposed to be low regarding launch and it's certainly not). That launch angle was 14 degrees. It wasn't a great shot, and the performance wasn't high either. Ok so let's hit another and see if we can improve on that first shot! That's a better shot right there. The height on that shot was much higher again! The launch angle is way too for me. I need to take a look at the shaft options to correct the upper loft of the flight of the ball. Let's talk about performance after the first few balls we've hit. They're getting to the 230-240 yards mark concerning overall run out, so it's okay, it's reasonable. Let's put it another way if I'm hitting the ball okay, then I'd be looking at, with my current club, around the 260 yards mark, so that's my barometer. So, to put it bluntly, we're falling below that level. However, the one thing like I said before is that the ball is spinning at a low spin rate.

Let's try another ball. Well, we really need to change this launch, oh it's a higher loft than I was hitting with my hybrid! Two hundred forty again regarding overall performance, so it's acceptable I suppose concerning the driver. I'm certainly not getting a great deal out of this regarding performance!

Let me hit some balls.

I mean there's not a ball that's gone offline or anything. None of the shots I've hit has been far off being straight. I'm just leaking things slightly out to the right, which is not where I want to be. What I'm going to do is change to the other shaft.

So let's see, 242 yards was the longest drive we managed there, and in theory, when we go to the shorter shaft option it should mean that I'm straighter, but performance (distance) will probably be affected- so let's see!

How does the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion perform with the short shaft fitted?

First off I want to mention the sound of the club at a strike. It's got quite a bit of a bang to it! I'll be honest; it's altogether a bit strange for me. Like I've already said I'm just not quite getting this golf club. It's not quite clicking for me. I'm hitting the ball so high, it's unbelievable, it's got a long, long carry. It's not too dissimilar to pretty much every ball I've hit so far even with the change of shaft. I hit this ball 233 yards with the shorter shaft fitted so not a great performance at all, but I suppose like we said it's compromised concerning the distance, but it's a better ball flight.

Lets hit another. Ok, that's a better draw shape, that's the best ball in terms of shot shape, regarding the sound and probably the best ball of the middle of the club. That was a 230 yard shot with the shorter shaft fitted. I don't know whether I need to install a stiffer shaft, as we said, it's this recoil shaft which we have fitted, and it seems a little too whippy for me. I think we would have to change a lot of the setup of this club to give it a fair crack of the

I'm going to hit one more shot - ok, so it's carried about 260 yards out. It was the best ball that we've got today regarding performance to be brutally honest. I've recognised no difference whatsoever between the two shaft lengths performance-wise. Concerning the shaft, it probably felt like it was a little bit shorter throughout the swing but terms of performance again. The more shots we're hitting with, the shorter shaft, the better the performance seems to be getting. Maybe those swings just weren't quite good enough when I was hitting out with the longer shaft fitted. So give this one a go yourselves, I mean Callaway Big Bertha Fusion clubs. I've no doubt many people like these drivers, but for me, it hasn't ticked too many boxes. It's not a driver that I would consider putting into my bag, and that's just me being brutally honest. I'm afraid looks wise it's not my thing, performance wise I didn't get anything from the balls I've hit to persuade me to forgive the looks of the club which as I've mentioned a few times aren't to my taste. So no, not one for me I'm afraid this time. However, as I say this is just my opinion so hopefully you get to try this one out yourselves and see what you think! Where are all very different golfers after all!


If you've read the review of my hits with the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion above, then you know that I'm not the biggest fan of this club. Performance wise it just wasn't going my way. It didn't add anything to my driving game and to make matters worse, I didn't get on with how the club looked or how it sat next to the ball. These are things that can affect your game psychologically, and therefore it probably didn't help how I was hitting the ball. All in all, it's not a club for me but who knows, give the club a try, and maybe you'll get on with it much better than I did!

The Callaway Big Bertha Fusion is packed full of the latest golf club technology available today, we hope this review helped to enlighten you on the clubs performance under real-world testing! In summary this club is for forgiveness over performance, just keep that in your thoughts.

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