The Callaway Big Bertha is a club most golfers have grown up with. When I say that, maybe you haven't owned one before, but I'm pretty confident you know of the club and its history — the original Big Bertha, released in 1997 revolutionised driver design. Moreover, in the article, we're going to be taking a look at the 2014 Big Bertha Alpha double black driver to help you make your next driver purchase decision.

In the review below you'll see a video review from Rick Shiels. If you are considering purchasing this golf club, we have also included a list of pros and cons and our standard rating table:



  • Feels fantastic off the face, although it's stiff, it does offer flex aswell. The club feels great.
  • Slightly smaller head so it won't suit everyone. 
  • Massive carry distance potential with this driver. Potential for huge spin rate with gravity core.
  • Probably suited to a lower end handicap player. Hasn't got the traditional callaway alignment symbol on the head.
  • Fully adjustable loft and weight settings. Changeable weights in the toe and the heel.
  • Higher handicappers will find the Alpha Big Bertha more satisfying
Build Quality
Control & Performance
Design & Appearance

Callaway Bertha Drivers Reviews

Video Transcription


Right then, as you know this review is for the Alpha Double Black Diamond Big Bertha. The club is set up for a lower handicapping player. It's less forgiving, but this means, for the higher performance player there is the far better length and power potential.

If you're pushing your handicap lower and are looking for a great new driver, then we wouldn't hesitate in giving this club our recommendation!

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